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Eastern visayas


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report ni maam posas

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Eastern visayas

  1. 1. *Total Area.Province Capital PopulationArea(km²)Pop. density(per km²)Biliran Naval 161,760 555.4 291.2Eastern Samar Borongan City 428,877 4,339.6 98.8Leyte Tacloban City 1,567,984 5,712.8 274.5Northern Samar Catarman 589,013 3,692.9 159.5Samar Catbalogan City 733,377 5,591.0 131.2Southern Leyte Maasin City 399,137 1,734.8 230.1
  2. 2. *Get up-close to the majestic Ulan UlanFalls (ulan is the Filipino word for rain) tohear and feel the thunderous sound of aheavy downpour.
  3. 3. The Surf Camp is an idyllic tropical getawaysituated in „abcd‟ beach, Calicoan Island‟s primesurfing area. The eight luxuriously appointedcottages are inspired byThai, Balinese, Indonesian and Filipinoarchitecture. All are equipped withairconditioning, hot water, satellitetv, minibar, safety deposit box and intercom.The resort features an infinity pool with anunparalleled view of the Pacific Ocean.
  4. 4. *The people of Northern Samar were previouslycalled the "Ibabaonons". Generally, they aremembers of the "Waray" or "Waray-waray" or"Waraynon", the people of Eastern Visayas orSamar-Leyte region.
  5. 5. *Discovery*The explorer Ruy López de Villalobos, firstcame to the island in 1543 and named it LasIslas Felipinas.
  6. 6. *it is the longest bridge in thePhilippines spanning a body ofseawater. It is considered one of themost beautifully designed bridges inPhilippines. The bridge has 43 spansand medium size boats can passbeneath its large main arch the top ofwhich rises 41 meters above the sea.Construction commenced in 1969 overSan Juanico Strait fromCabalawan, Tacloban City to themunicipality of SantaRita, Samar, with completion in 1973.
  7. 7. *The Agas-Agas Bridge is situated in SouthernLeyte, the highest bridge ever built in thePhilippines. The bridge straddles between twomountains involves the construction of a 350linear meter bridge, with a mix of steel andconcrete, supported by two piers from theground and has a height of 292 feet aboveground.
  8. 8. * Events/Celebration:
  9. 9. Kadayaw Festival - JanuaryPambujan, Nothern Samar- Thanksgiving for God‟sblessings during the firstfull moon.
  10. 10. Sinulog sa Malitbog- January 15Malitbog, Southern Leyte- Religious streetspageant as homageto the Holy ChildJesus.
  11. 11. * Homonhon Landing -March 16Homonhon, EasternSamar- Reenactment ofthe discovery of thePhilippines in 1521 byFerdinand Magellan.
  12. 12. * Karayapan Festival - MarchGuiuan, Eastern Samar –A colorful festival depicting howthe early Guiuan Townsfolkenjoyed nature’s bounties, richmarine life, fertileland, verdant forest. It is also athanksgiving to theirPatroness, the Blessed VirginMother.
  13. 13. *Turugpo Festival -Holy WeekBarangayCamansi, Carigara, Leyte -Carabao Fight (Pasungay)and horse fight (Paaway)on Black Saturday.
  14. 14. *Sanggutan Festival - Oct 18Barugo, Leyte - Honoring theage-old process of coconutwine making. a dance of“tuba” lovers.
  15. 15. *Pasaka Festival - August 15*Tanauan Leyte, Legend has it thatTanauanons witnessed the assumption ofBlessed Mother into Heaven. After seeingthis great Miracle, they rejoiced andcelebrated the event with dances.
  16. 16. *Buyogan Festival - August 19*Abuyog, Leyte - "Buyog" (bees)dancers, depict the origin of thetowns name in a wellchoreographers dance.
  17. 17. *END