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The mx

  1. 1. Technical Description of Mechanism The MX-WM60-2000B Matrix Washing MachineThe MX-WM60-2000B Matrix Washing Machine is one of the newest types ofwashing machine with new advanced better current design, employing a newtype of big wavy wheel and the small wheel making the clothes cleaner andvarious choices of soft and standard adjuster. It looks like a plastic minirefrigerator. The washing machine’s overall length is 38 inches in height and27 inches in wide. The body of this washing machine is basically rectangular,high-quality of plastic with 6.0 kilograms of washer and foldable top. TheMatrix washing machine consists of ten main parts: (a) the panel, serves asthe covering part of the machine, (b) wash selector, it contain three adjusterthe soft, standard and drain. , (c) filling water, it contains the hole that directswater into the machine, (d) washing timer, this is where you set the time youthink that enough to clean your clothes, (e) dehair device, it serves protectionfrom hairs, feathers, animal hairs, etc. going into the engine, (f) wary wheel, ithas a big and small wheel, (g) washing tub is the main body of washingmachine, (h) plug is the one you will put into a socket to have energy, (j) thesupport, this the supporter of whole part of the machine like feet, and (k)discharging tube, it is look like a hose, it will discharge the dirty water outsideof the machine.The Panel. It is a simple square with the length of 10 inches by 17 inches. Ithas safety feature that prevents children from using the machine. When ChildLock is on, buttons dont respond. It is also foldable and made it from a high-compact plastic. You can cover the machine anytime you want.The Wash Selector. It is located at the upper side of the machine with thewashing timer, filling water. It has only one adjuster but three choices. Turnthe soft mode if your clothes are light enough to gain below 2.4 kilograms,standard when it is heavy to gain above 2.4 kilograms and drain when you aredone.The Filling Water. A hole near with washing timer, it is the way of your cleanwater to get inside without being messy.
  2. 2. Technical Description of MechanismThe Washing Timer. It is a timer how long you think enough to clean yourclothes. It will last 1 to 5 minutes of cycle.The Wary Wheel. It is compose of big and small wheel.The Washing Tub. It is the main part of the machine where the process ofwashing is happening. It is supported by the supporter.The Dehair Device. The main purpose of this device is to block all the hairy orsmall things that unexpected in the machine.The Plug. The plug is the one you will put into the socket for electricity andoperate the washing machine.The Support. It is the part where all parts lean to. It serves as the feet of thebody so it will not out-balance when the body is shaking.The Discharging Tube. It allows you to release water outside the machinewithout being messy. It will flow straight directly to the place where you wantit to go.For fine wooden fabric, the purely made of rabbit long hairs and wool. Don’twash them directly in the tub. Washing pure woolen blanket and electricblanket are absolutely forbidden. Water is not allowed to enter the inner partof the machine directly. Otherwise, the electric motor will be conducted byelectricity. This is the real reason why sometimes that electric shock mayhappen. Gavino, Arvenz C. ENG104