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Settings and locations [repaired]


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Published in: Education
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Settings and locations [repaired]

  1. 1. Settings and locations Where we would like to film and why?
  2. 2. School Classroom • One of our potential locations is in a school classroom. We want to use this location for the first and second verse as we want the story to progress as three friends who are shown in day to day boring life, (school) and contrast it with what they do outside of school. • The classroom will help us to create the image that they are trapped in day to day life and whilst they are in detention they daydream about what they could be doing outside of school.
  3. 3. Southend • Southend is one of our other potential locations. This location allows us to do many different shots of us three having fun and being young, as there is a lot of different settings at our disposal. • Our ideas in this location is to shoot at the theme park, arcade, water fountain and beach. We intend to do location scouting to find other places that are suitable for the music video of our chosen genre.
  4. 4. London • We have chosen this location to be another place to potentially film for the chorus parts as there is also lots of different settings that we can use, and also many tourist attractions. • There are also rundown areas such as, Camden which fits the genre of our music video which is pop/rock. This will help to make our visuals correspond with the music to make it appear more realistic. • We also want to include popular locations such as the London Eye and the Tower Bridge because it will fit the pop genre which our chosen song fits into