TMG Sales Conference Case Study


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TMG Sales Conference Case Study

  1. 1. After another good sales year TraderMedia came to us to help them withtheir sales conference in June 2010450 highly motivated, young and rowdysales people needed to broughttogether to understand the targets forthe next 12 months and beyond.They wanted a UK venue that wouldsuit their audience with a good centrallocationThis was an opportunity to celebratethe successes of 2009-10 and focusattention on the year ahead.
  2. 2. exciting innovative challenging memorable The client was very clear about the agenda for the event. We needed to find a central location that could accommodate 450 delegates and then have the space to deliver an engaging format to focus the attention of the high energy sales guys. They needed to live and breathe the 5 year sales strategy that the leadership team had agreed upon. They wanted to become a premium brand and had to energise their sales team to perform accordingly. and we had one day to get this message across. They work hard and they play hard and we know it..
  3. 3. When coming up with the identity for the event we had to keep a couple ofthings in mind - The company’s core business was shifting more and moretowards the electronic platform and the sales targets for 2010-2011 werechallenging - so we needed to reflect this in our ideas – we came up with an tolifeedgy identity that suited the business message and would engage with theage of the audience coming
  4. 4. The stage set was crucial – it needed to give the right impression –imposing and impressive – the perfect backdrop to the messages ofgrowth and clear communication across all strands of the business.The lighting was equally important – by clever use of LED technology wewere able to create atmosphere and enhance the message wherenecessary.Clear sound ensured everyone heard with ease.This stage backdrop turned, at the touch of a button, to the perfectenvironment to party in the evening – with the quick and easy addition of tolifea dance floor, the evening was underway. coming
  5. 5. nothingoverlooked Our challenge was to undertake every strand that would bring this event to life – from invitation to evaluation. Once the theme was agreed, it was updated to the evening and an urban club created. The entertainment was original – a stomp style group, the atmosphere was “graffiti” grunge to suit the “play hard” attitude of these hard working sales professionals. The room turned around within 2 hours with lighting effects and props to develop the theme. Delegates were amazed that the transformation was possible. Our team were imaginative, efficient and clever to design maximum effect with the minimum of fuss.
  6. 6. message content delivery The presenters were notoriously difficult to engage with before the event, flying around the world with time at a premium. So we designed a format that allowed Newsroom style large screen graphics with the ability to overlay Powerpoint information. By doing this we were able to keep the presenters in their comfort zone while still presenting a format that was fresh, new and exciting – unlike anything they had seen before. We understood them, we lived their message and we delivered a style that everyone was comfortable with. Once we knew how we were going to deliver the event, we could find a venue that worked.
  7. 7. Chesford Grange, Warwickshire was chosen – QHotels, a reliable brand, great access by road, rail and air. The conference space worked well – it allowed us to create theIt had the initial WOW without the breathtaking cost. Great service and environment we wanted – a conference and exhibition space. facilities that would suit all the delegates. Where delegates could mix and mingle, chat and remember. Let’s not forget the food – because everyone always remembers that and Chesford Grange delivered on the nail. We turned the room into a high octane engagement environment that thrilled all present. Better still it came in on budget. chosen venue
  8. 8. Everything we suggested kept a close eye on the business messages and key results wanted. The venue suited the location requirements, the production suited the presenters style and desire to reflect future technology and the evening event came seamlessly from the day and gave the delegates a chance to kick back and celebrate successes. It was obvious the company invested in and valued them and their reaction was uplifting. By having clear communication within the team, we were able to ensure that whilst immersed in the detail we never lost sight of the bigger picture. Our team became part of their team with one result in mind This teamwork and wary eye for detail enabled us to develop a compelling event for a challenging audience, that was imaginatively fordetail eye
  9. 9. From he first impression by their custom designed website, the delegate management, to both the day and evening events – the reaction from the delegates and management alike was conclusive. The best event they had ever done. “Venues Event Management really impressed us with their creative proposals for this event, and followed through with very efficient pre and onsite event management. The event worked very well as a follow on from the Leadership Conference by cascading our strategic business messages to the sales force”The ultra-wide screen result Ligia Kowalska - thefinal
  10. 10. measurementReturn on investment is crucial and we measure everythingwe do and share the results to constantly improve. Theresults for Trader Media were the best they’d ever hadresultsOverall experience - 53% said it was excellent and 42%said very goodStandard and quality of the venue - 23% said it wasexcellent and 47% said very goodContent - 56% said it was excellent and 42% said verygoodEntertainment - 40% said it was excellent and 41% saidvery goodacid test
  11. 11. If you require further information, please contact: Tel: +44 (0) 1793 790003 E-mail: