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Innoventures Case Study


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Innoventures Case Study

  1. 1. caseSTUDY Client: Castrol Event: innoVentures Group Size: 37 Delegates to each location Agency: Venues Event Management Date: May/June 2012 Venue: Marina Bay Sands – Singapore Yotel – New York
  2. 2. caseSTUDY The Brief The objective of Castrol innoVentures is to invest and act now to shape Castrol’s future by building material businesses beyond today’s lubricant products. The Insight Workshops are part of Castrol’s on-going approach to learning and building value by engaging with experts outside their industry. This approach helps uncover trends, forces and build market perspectives. Three venues were proposed for Singapore as there are limited venues in Singapore that would fit the clients brief. Hannah Pollock, Senior Project Manager says: “The Arts House Singapore was considered as it is not a typical meeting space but exceeded the budget. For that reason it was decided to go with The Marina Bay Sands. This venue has been used many times before by Venues Event Management and although the meeting rooms had no natural light, the foyers around the meeting rooms are light and spacious and the venue is a landmark in Singapore.”
  3. 3. caseSTUDY Five venues were originally proposed for New York as much more of a selection was available for this destination. Hannah continues “following a Familiarisation (FAM) Trip a colleague went on I was recommended to Yotel as a possible new venue due to more research in New York destinations being carried out. The venue has funky furniture with glass walls and met the clients brief in regards to natural light and innovation.”
  4. 4. caseSTUDY Execution Each of the workshops brought together Senior Castrol staff with insights into relevant topics, and external guests with similar interests. 2/3 of the delegates were BP employees and the final 1/3 of delegates were external. The Singapore workshop ran for 2 days and the New York workshop for 1.5 days. Delegates were greeted by Venues Event Management on arrival where room allocations were made and at New York luggage were stored with the hotel robot –Yobot.
  5. 5. caseSTUDY Once delegates were settled, welcome dinners were organised on open terraces at both hotels and at Marina Bay Sands this was on their 57th floor roof top. On the second evening off- site dinners were arranged. In Singapore the dinner was held in Ming Jiang at One North and in New York the Castrol delegates went to Tribeca Grill.
  6. 6. caseSTUDY Delegate Management Venues Event Management was asked to take on the delegate management for each of the events including pre-event liaison, booking of flights for external guests. Hannah commented, “We created a dedicated website for each of the events where delegates could register online, see the program outline, gather information about the hotel and links to their support team. From this website we then sent out confirmations to each of the delegates.” Using the database generated from the online registration, Venues Event Management created name badges for each of the delegates that were then issued on arrival with welcome packs.
  7. 7. caseSTUDY Challenges Hannah commented regarding the challenges she faced when managing the project; “there were only two main challenges that we really faced with the project; firstly, health and safety is a major priority for Castrol and Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSEE) is not always so well known worldwide so it wasimportant to ensure each of our suppliers were compliant to meet these requirements. Secondly, a New York hotel did let us down on the original meeting room that was secured which then led to a new venue search which was great timing with the recent FAM trip we could go being confident with experience and knowledge we had gained as a company”.
  8. 8. caseSTUDY Verdict “Both events were really successful and I am really pleased with how well they ran. Each of the venues worked well for both of the workshops and the staff were extremely helpful and supportive with the delegates by ensuring arrangements were in place upon arrival and then creating a smooth process throughout the duration of the event. Having worked at Marina Bay Sands numerous times we have a great relationship. Due to the agenda only BP delegates went on the offsite dinner at Tribeca Grill in New York, however everyone who attended the dinners appeared to enjoy themselves in both fantastic venues and the service was excellent.” Hannah Pollock Senior Project Manager Venues Event Management
  9. 9. caseSTUDY Testimonial “This is just a quick note to say how impressed I have been with your teams support during our insights workshop in Singapore. Hannah Pollock has done an excellent job in managing the event for us, which has made it so much easier for us organisers. Everything has gone like clockwork and all HSSE fully covered without us having to get involved. Similarly in the lead up to event.” Jens Andersen Castrol innoVentures