Castrol AIME Case Study


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Castrol AIME Case Study

  1. 1. thegreeklesson Early in 2011 we staged an international leadership meeting in Athens, for AIME Industrial. It was arguably one of the most successful meetings we have done for you, with delegate satisfaction scores reaching unprecedented levels.
  2. 2. abrilliantvenue Brief event overview This was the first time that this group of They requested our full event people (Europe & Aspac) have been management and production services. brought together. So from day one our team set to work to bring this event to life The conference took place over 3 days – opening on the evening of Monday Our creative team suggested creating a January 24th, with an informal dinner, and 21st century Agora . This theme was closing on the evening of Thursday perfect for this group of delegates. January 27th 2010. Delegates arrived on Managers with equal responsibility and the evening of Monday 24th and left on value yet diverse ideas, experience and the morning of Friday 28th. background. Athens was the perfect place. The Astir Palace provided the The venue we recommended was the backdrop for all the day and evening Astir Palace, Athens. activities. The client embraced the idea and the whole team set off on their journey to deliver.
  3. 3. aneyefordetail Detail While our creative crew were hard at work, the logistics team swung into action. The website was designed and went live, site surveys took place, dinner venues were agreed. Every detail was gathered on the website and the team kept the client informed at every stage. We couldn’t go to Athens without the chance to look around the old town so this was woven into the agenda to give guests a well deserved afternoon out and the opportunity to make their own videos that were shown the following day. All travel arrangements were gathered over the website and transfers seamlessly arranged. For the gala dinner on the last night, we moved to the hotel next door and a traditional Greek evening enthralled the guests. Over our 22 year history we have developed minutely observed processes that leave no stone unturned – a very keen eye for detail.
  4. 4. thedelegatejourney We designed for this project a clear identity in its own right. This identity was created to visually engage the delegate, instill partnership and confidence, and to complement the brand identity. It appeared throughout the event in print, electronically and in merchandise to both guide the delegate and reinforce the message.
  5. 5. theagoraprincipal The Greek agora was the precursor of the Roman forum. As such, every boardroom, chamber, congress and parliament is based on the idea of a space that allows freedom of debate and expression.But the agora was not just a meeting place and debating chamber; it was also a place of entertainment, amarket place and a place to just relax and chat.
  6. 6. physicsandphysicalWhen we began the design and build of the agora, we discovered it had two magical acoustic and geometric properties. Standing in the centre with circulartiers all round, the speaker could hear their own voice reflected back, and the audience could easily hear every word. Anyone in the space could talk without amplification if they wanted to. In addition, with only 4 rows of people, we could accommodate 160 people, with the back row being only 7 metres from the stage. By adding just one row the numbers would go up to 220, with a fifth row ORIGINAL ISOMETRIC DRAWING increasing exponentially to 360.
  7. 7. comingtolife EARLY 3D RENDER
  8. 8. comingtolife Speak to most people, and they would describe the structure as circular. In fact it was a polygon. The reasons for this method were simple: Cost and practicality. The bulk of the structure is made out of standard staging sections. Triangular “fillets” create thecurved effect. The finishing materials were designed to look a part of the room. This was not a showy set, but anatural space that was both functional and inviting; apparently permanent, but actually temporary.
  9. 9. thesetup People took immediately and naturally to presenting in the round. PowerPoint was used very rarely, and then only in a very simple TV graphic form. The audience also took naturally to participating and taking the stage.This shot is taken from the back row in a room of 140 people To introduce the whole concept, wescripted, cast and produced a drama with three actors. To begin with, we staged a spoof conference in traditional rows in an adjoining room. A classical Greek actor interruptedthe proceedings, telling the audience they were in the wrong place and transferring them to the agora. There, two “embedded actors interrupted the actor from theaudience. It was all done with lots ofhumour and entirely relevant content in order to set up the style for the week.
  10. 10. thefinalresult Finally, the rest of the hotel – every space – was used for one to ones, small presentations, a market place, and learning rooms in an “open space” principal.The faces of the delegates said it all – the feedback was the best our stakeholder had ever received She described us as “the dream team”
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