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Venturezilla is a Technology Company based in Mumbai, India. We are predominantly working in EdTech segment. However we are also fascinated by technology applications in other areas. We are always finding ways to solve problems using sustainable innovations. We are a technology company based in Mumbai, India.
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We have built a great ERP solution for managing training businesses, eduZilla. Find more details here -

We have recently launched a learning app for students, Study Gadget. Find more details here -

We are soon launching two more interesting products:
KinderZilla - An app for parents and Kids.

Widget Matrix - An easy to use cloud based smart CMS tool to build websites and more.

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  1. 1. Building Sustainable Innovations
  2. 2. World’s Smartest CMS on Cloud Philosophy ● Driven by vision and passion of building disruptive and market dominant tech solutions ● Aiming to build meaningful and sustainable innovations by frugal means ● Focused on building intrinsic value than the market valuation ● Building products by listening to our customers
  3. 3. World’s Smartest CMS on Cloud Our Products Product Description Progress eduZilla SaaS based ERP for Training Industry - EdTech Launched in Aug 2015 Study Gadget Student App - EdTech Beta Launched in Nov 2018 KinderZilla App based community for Kids & Parents Planned Launch in Mar 2019 Widget Matrix SaaS Based Website CMS Planned Launch in June 2019
  4. 4. World’s Smartest CMS on Cloud eduZilla ● ERP For training Industry ● Targeting private training providers ● SaaS based offering ● Clientele from major cities across India Website:
  5. 5. World’s Smartest CMS on Cloud eduZilla USPs ● The software architecture has limitless flexibility. It is the most flexible software available in market in this segment ● Can be tweaked easily to meet virtually any requirement ● Building new linked products for additional revenue streams and expanded market reach ● Constant enhancements which is highly appealed by clients ● Exceptional after-sales support
  6. 6. World’s Smartest CMS on Cloud Study Gadget ● App for students to connect with training providers ○ Offline classes ○ E-Learning ○ Video Lectures ○ MCQ Tests ● Interest based discussion groups ● News & Updates Website:
  7. 7. World’s Smartest CMS on Cloud Study Gadget USPs ● One app for all study needs ● Making technology for wide range of education providers and students ● Acting as a neutral technology platform for education industry ● Roadmap to build it for wider demographics
  8. 8. World’s Smartest CMS on Cloud KinderZilla ● App targeting parents and kids ● Kids target age - 3 to 13 ● Offerings - ○ Entertainment ○ Studies ○ Extra curricular ○ Offline activity centers Website:
  9. 9. World’s Smartest CMS on Cloud KinderZilla USPs ● Dedicated platform for parents and kids ● Values - ○ Dedicated brand for kids ○ Online toy store ○ Curated content for kids ○ Activity centers for alternative schooling
  10. 10. World’s Smartest CMS on Cloud Widget Matrix ● Content Management System for building websites ● SaaS Based offering ● Multi layered go to market strategy Website:
  11. 11. World’s Smartest CMS on Cloud Widget Matrix - USPs ● There is sheer need of a product built for end users ● Multi user & group access control ● Existing technology solutions are overkill ● Conceptualized with a decade’s experience in building websites using multiple CMS
  12. 12. World’s Smartest CMS on Cloud Thank You Venturezilla Pvt. Ltd. Thane, Maharashtra, India 400615 Email: Website: