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OfficeCentral Product Profile for SMEs


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OfficeCentral is an online enterprise management solution specially designed for SMEs. Comprised of HRMS, Payroll, Accounting, CRM and POS. Accessible from anywhere, anytime.

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OfficeCentral Product Profile for SMEs

  1. 1. OfficeCentral SME PRODUCT PROFILE
  2. 2. OfficeCentral Profile 2 | P a g e Table of Contents 1.0 Read this first......................................................................................................3 2.0 Summary ............................................................................................................5 3.0 What is OfficeCentral?.........................................................................................7 4.0 Accounting Module ...........................................................................................16 5.0 Mobile Module..................................................................................................27 6.0 Finance Module.................................................................................................30 7.0 Human Resources Management Module ............................................................32 8.0 Payroll ..............................................................................................................35 9.0 Customer Relationsip Management (CRM)..........................................................38 Customer Service......................................................................................................40 Time (andeffort) saving ............................................................................................40 Increasedinsight.......................................................................................................41 Creating stellar salespeople.......................................................................................41 Internal communication............................................................................................42 10.0 How much does it cost?.....................................................................................52 12.0 Your Action .......................................................................................................53 13.0 Our Contact Details............................................................................................54
  3. 3. OfficeCentral Profile 3 | P a g e 1.0 Read this first OfficeCentral isaproductdesignedforenterprise andsmall business management. Thousandsof companiesfromsingle entrepreneuroperationtocompanieswiththousands of staff are usingOfficeCentral. Itincludesthe keyapplicationslike Accounting,GST Accounting,HumanResource ManagementSystem,Payroll ManagementSystemand CustomerRelationshipManagement.OfficeCentral alsoprovidesyouwithsmaller supportingmoduleslike Finance ( advance,claims, paymentvouchers),Purchasing, Inventory,Pointof SalesandDistributionmodule. OfficeCentral alsohave specialised module forContractingworksandDistributionBusiness. All thesemodulescanbe used individuallybutcanalsobe integrated.The integratedsystemgivesyouthe maximum benefitfromsingledataentryandintegratedreporting. You can benefitextensivelyif youuse the OfficeCentral mobile appsasanextensionof the cloudOfficeCentral.There are four Mobile Apps thatyoucan use.The OfficeCentral Mobile Apps Staff isdesignedtohelpyourstaff intheirdayto day operationlike leave,claims, meeting,salaryslip,leadsandcheckin/outattendance.The OfficeCentral MobileCRMwill helpyoursalespeople tomanage theirtasksefficientlyusingtheirphone.Yoursales personcan make theirquotations,orderacceptance,deliveryorderandinvoicesabd receiptsusingtheirmobile phone. Theycanalsolookat theirKPIand graphs.Theycan organize meetings,manage leads andmanage their salesfunctions.The mobile appsalso include OfficeCentral forOutsourcing.Youcansendthe invoicesandbankstatementsto your remote accountantusingthe mobile. Noneedtosendpaperstoyour accountant. All data and imagesmove directllytothe appropriate groupinthe account.You are provided withchat ala Whatspps. Youcan alsobenefitfrom OfficeCentral Pointof Sales MobileApps where youcan do yoursaleskiosktransactionsonyourhandphone ortablet.Yoursalesis automaticallyrecorder,youraccountingdataisaavauable instantlyandyourinventoryis updatedinstantly.The beautyisyoucando yourbusinesswhenthe internetisconnected and youcna also doyour sellingwhenthe internetisdown. What ismore importantisthe Officecentralisthe winnerof NEFAwani Awardasthe best solutionforSME. The OfficeCentral isalsothe winnerfor2016 AsiaPacificICTAward ( APICTA Award).Thisshowsthatthe productis the leadingproductinitsniche,i.e cloud and mobile solutionsforenterprisesandSMEs. There are thousandsof usersusing OfficeCentral andthe companyAuthenticVenture isthe winnerforSME100 Award,the top 100 fast movingcompanyinMalaysiain2016. You can see the rave review of the companyand the product inmanyleadingmagazines,newspapers,online portal andTV and radioinMalaysia.
  4. 4. OfficeCentral Profile 4 | P a g e Now OfficeCentral have officesinKualaLumpur,JohorBahruMalaysia,Jakarta Indonesia and Chennai India. OffficeCentral alsohave distributorsinalmostall majorstatesin Malaysialike KL,Selangor,Johor,Terengganu,Kelantan,Pahang,Perak,Negeri Sembilan, Saawakdan Sabah. OfficeCentral alsohave distributorsinJakarta,Bandung,Surabaya, Medan,Jombang,Lampongand Batam. OfficeCentral have alsostartedtobringin distributorsinIndiaespeciallyinChennai. The distributorsare trainedtoassistyouin deployingOfficeCentral.Theycanhelptrain your staff andtheycan helpto handheldyouduringthe initil deploymentstage.We know that thisisthe time youneedgreatesthelp. Whenyoupurchase the OfficeCentral license,youmaypurchase Accounting,Finance,HR, Payroll package orCRM package or CloudPOS package or Distribution.Whenyoupurchase the Acounting-Finance package,you are authorisedtouse the accountingmodule includingthe GSTaccountingmodule andthe finance module. Howeveryoumay alsouse othermodules inthe systemforfree for30 days.You will be able toexperience how integratedmodulehelpsyouinyourcompanyoperation.How theyincreasesyour efficiencyandeffectiveness.How datacan be sharedbetweendepartments,andhow informationissharedinstantlybetweenrelevantstaff. Thisdocumentisdividedintomajorchapterscorrespondingtothe majormodulesin OfficeCentral.Youcanjumpto the relevantchaptersif youare onlyinterestedtoknow aboutthat certainmodule. We wishyousuccessinyour businessandwe encourage youtogive usyourfeedbackon waysthat the product can be improvedsothat itgivesyouthe maximumbenefit.We alwaysuploadproductimprovementandnew featuresbasedonfeedbackfromthousands of ouruserson at leastmonthlybasis.Keepreadingthe updatedproductprofile tokeep track to all the latestfeaturesinOfficeCentral.
  5. 5. OfficeCentral Profile 5 | P a g e 2.0 Summary The trend is very clear globally. The growth of cloud adoption is more than 50% annually. Many SMEs have moved to cloud solutions to manage their company operation. The following are the reasons why these entrepreneurs and managers have chosen cloud solutions for their companies:  Access from any device (mobile, laptop, computer)  Access anytime from anywhere (wherever you are)  Collaboration (all staff can collaborate with each other using the cloud solution)  No need for capital budget (cloud concept of paying a small amount monthly)  Low cost (cloud concept of cost-sharing alows fantastic features at low user cost)  Powerful andmanymodules(youhave almostall of the modulesrequiredtorunyour company efficiently and effectively)  Alwaysthe latestversion (noneedtodownloadanything;yourversionwill bethelatest version when it is made available)
  6. 6. OfficeCentral Profile 6 | P a g e Informationisveryimportantwhenyouare tryingtorunyouroperationefficientlyand effectively. You need to make decision, and making decision fast based onavailable data. OfficeCentral providesyouwithrelevantcompanyinformationfasttohelpyoumore successful.
  7. 7. OfficeCentral Profile 7 | P a g e 3.0 What is OfficeCentral? Thousands of users have benefited from using OfficeCentral. OfficeCentral is one of the leading cloud based solutions for SMEs. OfficeCentral is also the winner for NEF-Awani Award 2013for the best solutionfor SMEsand one of the leading solutionsunder the MSC Cloud adoptioninitiative. OfficeCentral isalsoawarded the AsiaPacific ICTAwardin2016. The same year the company was awarded the Top 100 SME’s in Malaysia. This is in recognition of our strong performanc and fast growth rate. Modules in OfficeCentral: OfficeCentral provides you and your staff the following modules:  Accountingmodule (benefitfromthe powerful featureslike multi locationaccounting, financial ratio trends and data import from other modules)  Accounting GST module (immediately launch the GST version when you start GST implementation)  Human Resource module (lookathow your company increases operation efficiency)
  8. 8. OfficeCentral Profile 8 | P a g e  Payroll module (save a lot of time managing your payroll and preparing various government forms)  CustomerRelationshipManagement(CRM) module (manage yoursalesandmarketing activities effectively, monitor your sales staff KPI progress).  CRM module also include Inventory and Distribution module.  Purchasing Module (manage all your purchases, suppliers and monitor your cost)  Point of Sales (manage your POS using the cloud, monitor from anywhere) You will also get access to OfficeCentral mobile applications.  OfficeCentral Mobile forstaff (where youcanoptimize the use of mobile foryourstaff day to day operation).
  9. 9. OfficeCentral Profile 9 | P a g e  OfficeCentral Mobile forField Salesstaff (where you cando yoursales functionslike quote, invoice etc using your mobile.)  OfficeCentral Mobile forOutsourcing(where youcantransferaccountingdocuments using the mobile for your outsourcing team.)  OfficeCentral Mobile - Point of Sales ( where you can manage your retail sales from your kiosk using your mobile even without internet access). When you become an OfficeCentral user, youwill be able to getaccess toall the modules above. On top of the fantastic modules, as mentioned earlier, OfficeCentral provides you witha number of OfficeCentral mobile modulesfor youand yourstaff. OfficeCentral mobile for staff enable yourstaffsto applyforleave andotherthings.The mobile appswill provideyou with additional features that use the GPS and camera functions. You can check-in to the office,check-out,orcheck-inatmeetinglocation.Youcansubmitclaimsusingyourmobile device whereby you can capture the receipt and immediately submit your claim without having tocome backtothe office.Thiswill save alotof yourstaff’stime giventhatitisvery efficient. Yoursalesstaff canreportsalesmovementandcapture salesprospectnamecard using the camera and assign your staff to follow up; everything from your mobile device. You can save a lot of time and money using the mobile module. There are another three fantastic mobile apps that you can benefit from OfficeCentral.
  10. 10. OfficeCentral Profile 10 | P a g e What makes OfficeCentral better thanthe competitors Afterreadingaboutall the featuresandfunctions,youmaywantto know more detailson the advantagesandstrengthsof OfficeCentralascomparedtoher currentcompetitors. Whenwe designedthe OfficeCentral,we thoughtabouthow we canprovide anICT solutionthatisdifferent,more powerful andwillhelpthe CEOsandtheircompanytobe more successful.We lookata numberof thingsthatwill helpthemtremendously. You needa powerful systemwithall the necessary modules to manage your company operation successfully. Traditionallythe ICTisonlyusedasa back endsystem.Youdo your businessandsend all the documentto the accountingsectiontoprepare the ProfitandLoss Statement and Balance Sheeteverymonth.Thisisnomore sufficientintoday’scompetitive environment.The CEOsneedimmediate accesstoall companyoperationdata. Not onlyaccountingbutall the otheraspectsof companyoperationlike sales,human resource,payroll,fnance,purchasingandothers. Mostof our competitorsproductwill helpyouinyour accountingonly.Thisisnotenoughinthe competitive environment nowadays.YouneedCustomerRelationshipmanagementtobe integratedinyour system.Youcan have customerdata, provide quotation,DOandissue invoice onthe go. The invoice datainOfficeCentral canbe integratedintothe accountingdata withoutthe difficultyif youare usingadifferentsystem. OfficeCentral isthe systemthatwill helpyoutomanage your companyoperation significantlybetter.Yourstaff will collaborate witheachother,theyare workingfromthe same database.The companyis managedbya certainprocessflow.The reportis
  11. 11. OfficeCentral Profile 11 | P a g e instantaneous.Yougetyourreportas the transactionisdone and at anytime youwant. Thisis so muchbetterthanbefore. As a CEO youhave a lotof responsibilities.Youwill spendasignificantamountof time outside the office.Meetingswithcustomers.Discussingwithpartnersanddistributors. Howeveryoumustalsomanage and control yourcompany operation.Youneedthe operationtobe efficient.Responsive.Tiptop.OfficeCentral will give youthe toolsto achieve this. You will use a product withfar superior technology In the last twentyyearsthe PCbasedapplicationswere dominatingthe industry.However withthe cloudtechnologythere are manymore applicationsandfeaturesthatare now possible.Itwasimpossibletohave before.OfficeCentral providesyouwithaccessfrom anywhere,mobile application,multiuserwithaccessfromanylocation,collaborationwith staff,integratede-mail andSMSand manyothers. If you are still usingthe oldtechnologyyouare missingalotof things.Whatif your competitorsare more efficient, alotmore fasterandrunningat lowercostthan you?.Try thisnew technologyandsee how youcan take advantage of superiortechnologytohelp youmore sussessful.
  12. 12. OfficeCentral Profile 12 | P a g e What isyour competitorsare usingthe mobile technoogy.Theycansendquotationonthe go, immediately,while youwill needtogoback your office todoit. Probablyone daydelay as comparedto yourcompetitor. Your competitorcanuse mobile phone toreceiveorder, make deliveryorder,updateinventoryimmediatelyandreceive orderimmediatelywhile youneedto go back to youroffice tocheckyour customerinvoice data,inventorybalance etc.You will lose. Your use significantly better technology andthe cost is lower If you are alreadyusingaPC basedtechnologyforyourapplication,youwill notice thatyou have paidclose to RM2,000 for youraccountingCD. Single user.Onlyaccounting.Evenyou cannot accessto it.Onlyaccountant.This ishow you have beenrunningyourcompanyfor manyyears.If youwant Payroll software,thenyouneedtopurchase anotherCDand pay aroundRM2,200 forthe CD. Single user.Install onone PC.Youraccountant will runthis. You onlygot once a monthmonthlyreport.Youwant inventory,yougetanotherCDand pay anotherRM2,400 forone user. You may thinkyouare OK withthis.But lookat yourcompetitors.Theyare usingcloud basedtechnologyandmobile technology.Theyruntheircompanyfromanywhere they are.They have accounting,GST accounting,Payroll,HR,Payroll,Finance,CRMandPointof Sales,all inone system.Staff are sharingdata.Monitoringisinstantaneous.Reportingis instantaneous.Theirsalesstaff needjustafew secondstoprepare their quotation.Report
  13. 13. OfficeCentral Profile 13 | P a g e to theirbossisimmediate.Theylookattheirstaff KPIviaa Dashboardand can immediatelysense theirperformance.Take immediatecorrectiveaction. You are using the best product inits niche. OfficeCentral isthe leadingproductinitsniche.OfficeCentral was awardedNEFAwani Awardfor the bestsolutionforSMEs.
  14. 14. OfficeCentral Profile 14 | P a g e OfficeCentral alsowasawardedthe prestigiousAsiaPacificAward(APICTA Award) in2016. Thisshowsthat OfficeCentral isthe BESTinher class. You are using the best product from the leader inits niche. Withthe successof OfficeCentral,the productownerAuthenticVenture SdnBhdwas awardedthe prestigious2016 SME100 Award, top 100 fast moving companies in Malaysia.Ths is inrecognitionof the successof the companyin Malaysia.
  15. 15. OfficeCentral Profile 15 | P a g e On topof that AuthenticventureandOfficecentral receivesrave reviewsinmany magazines,newspapers,portal,TV andRadioinMalaysia.
  16. 16. OfficeCentral Profile 16 | P a g e 4.0 Accounting Module All applications that you need to manage your company accounting are provided in OfficeCentral. You get lots of it:  Profit and loss (Dashboard and reports, comparisons)  Business Intelligence ( Dashboard for Financial ratios and monthly trends, insights)  ProfitandLoss(includinglocationbased,businessunitand ProjectAccountingaswell as subsidiary and holding company accounting)  Automatic bank reconciliation ( you save tonsof staff time since probably 95% of the reconciliation is done automatically)  Compliance to Private Entity FRS ( Financial Reporting Standard).  Your systemwill complywithyourcountryrequirementslike Malaysia,Indonesiaand India.  Balance Sheet (at any time, comparison)  Cash Flow ( Detailed money transactions to all your Bank accounts and Cash flow reports)  Debtor Aging ( Click direct to actual invoice that are in the ageing table)  Get system that is complying to MPERS reporting.  Get system the that is complying to SAGA reporting.  Sales Report (by product, by period, detailed listing, comparisons, ratios)
  17. 17. OfficeCentral Profile 17 | P a g e  Importtransactionsfromothermodules(save time,nodouble entryanddataaccuracy)  Intelligentselection(the systemwill give youproperselection,sothatyouwillnotmake mistakes)  Multi language ( English, Indonesian, Malay, Tamil)  Multi Countries ( the systemwill process and provide forms and reports accordingto the country selection)  Multi Currencies ( you can operate in many currencies)  Aging. Can see aging groupedin months and canimmediately view the exactinvoice from the aging report. Look at your sales and profit trend Get your summary Profit and Loss report here
  18. 18. OfficeCentral Profile 18 | P a g e See your company ratio trend Financial Ratios (monthly trend) You can have a numberof financial ratios,activityratios,profitabilityratios,viabiltyratios and liquidityratios. Youwill notice thateventhe previouyearsdataare available toyouto analyse online.
  19. 19. OfficeCentral Profile 19 | P a g e Get yourprofitand lossdashboardhere: OfficeCentral Accountinghave manypowerful featuresthatmostcompetitorsare not providing:
  20. 20. OfficeCentral Profile 20 | P a g e Accounting – Profit and Loss for Overall, Business unit, Location and Project Accounting.. Most of our competitors out there will give you the Profit and Loss statement for your company.Howeverif youare havingmore thanone office,probablyafew branchesorafew businessunitsandyouwanttoknow the profitability of the variousprofitcentres,youwill be disappointedwithourcompetitors.InofficeCentral we provide youwithall of that.Your staff at the different location can do accounting transactions and you can see the overall result. You can also configure that the location A user cannot see location B user data. Notonlythat we alsoprovide youwiththe projectaccountingfeatures.Youcanknow each projectprofitabilitybyusingourfeatures.
  21. 21. OfficeCentral Profile 21 | P a g e You can get the summaryand all the wayto the verydetailed listingof all transactions. Accounting – Viewyour Revenue andExpense details from anywhere. Mostof ourcompetitorsoutthere will give youthe summaryof the revenue andexpenses. Even that mostly in printed copy prepared by your accountant. In officeCentral youhave accesstoall yourdetailedrevenue andexpensesatanytime you want, in full detail, in original look and feel. Every documents from quotation, order acceptance, delivery order, invoices and receipts are available in detail to you.
  22. 22. OfficeCentral Profile 22 | P a g e
  23. 23. OfficeCentral Profile 23 | P a g e 5.0 GST Accounting Module The GSTaccounting module isan extensionof the Standardaccountingmodule. Once you setthe settingasGSTcompany, youwill gainaccesstoall the extraGSTtransactionmodules and features.You will get the following:  GST transactions – all relevant transactions, required selections and calculations  Invoicing – Full Invoice, Simplified Invoice  Input tax, Purchase report  Output tax, Sales report  Credit Note, Debit Note, Bad Debt, Delivery order 21 day rule  GST03 report  GST Audit File If youare indifferentcountrythe GSTsystemwill complytothe countryrequirements.For example if you are in India you will get the following reports:  GST in India– Central GST, State GST, IntegratedGST  GSTR1 report,GSTR2 report,GSTR3 Reportup to GSTR8 report.
  24. 24. OfficeCentral Profile 24 | P a g e Sample GST Audit File automatically generated by the system GST Accounting – Upload from Excel There are manysoftware available outthere thatcando GSTaccounting.Most of themare using the PC based technology. Singe user. Install on one PC. However if you run your operation with another PC based Point of Sales, you must copy the transactions to the accounting for the GST-03 report and GST Audit report. Since the system do nothave excel upload function,then you need tokey in again all the transactions. Not possible. Too much work. OfficeCentral providesyouwiththe excel uploadfunctions.YoucandoGSTtransactionsin another systemand we can processthe GST-03 reportand AuditFile usingExcel interface. For those with larger system, we can also do API integration.
  25. 25. OfficeCentral Profile 25 | P a g e Other country Acounting –Indonesia If you are usingOfficeCentral inothercountries( defaultisMalaysia) ,youneedtosetthe settingforthe country. Do the settingin Global Setting– Company Profile – Language and Culture.2 All the requiredformatforIndonesiawill be setup:  Currency( defaultRupiah)  Use of dot and comma  GST report forIndonesia  Importfrom CRM( rupiahformat) Other country Acounting –India If you are usingOfficeCentral inothercountries( defaultisMalaysia) ,youneedtosetthe settingforthe countryin thiscase selectIndia. Do the settingin Global Setting– Company Profile – Language and Culture.2 All the requiredformatforIndonesiawill be setup:  Currency( defaultRupee)
  26. 26. OfficeCentral Profile 26 | P a g e  Use of dot and commaand position.  GST report forIndia– GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3  Importfrom CRM( Rupee format)
  27. 27. OfficeCentral Profile 27 | P a g e 5.0 Mobile Module You can downloadOfficeCentral Mobilemodulefromthe Google Store andenjoy the fantasticfeatures. Youwill save alotof time andmoneyusingthis Mobile module. You may use onlycertainpart of the mobile Appsif youare purchasingcertainmodule only inOfficeCentral. There are fourmobile Appsavailable:  OfficeCentral MobileAppsfor Staff  OfficeCentral MobileAppsforOutsourcing  OfficeCentral MobileAppsfor FieldSalesStaff  OfficeCentral MobileAppsfor Pointof Sales The followingmodulesare provided inOfficeCentral StaffMobile Apps:  Leave module  Check-inandcheck-outforoffice  MovementModule  Claimsmodule  ProspectModule  Meeting
  28. 28. OfficeCentral Profile 28 | P a g e Mobile Applications for Staff Yes,everybodyuse mobile now.Soyoumustgetaccessto your companydata fromyour mobile.Nobodyleavehome withoutit.OfficeCentral have developedanextensive listof modules andfeaturesonthe mobile.
  29. 29. OfficeCentral Profile 29 | P a g e Use thisandbecome betterthanyourcompetitors.More efficient.More vigilant.We have nochoice.If we lax thenwe will die.Trythe module.Uploadyourprospectnamecardonline, assign staff tofollow up.Checkin usingthe mobile atyourmeeting location.Trytosubmit your claims immediatelyafter yourdinner. Noneed to come back tooffice. Approve staff leave while you are travelling.Approve theirclaims forprocessing.There are manythings that you can do now with the mobile. Read more details of other mobile modules in separate chapters.
  30. 30. OfficeCentral Profile 30 | P a g e 6.0 Finance Module You can use the Finance Module to helpyoumanage yourcompanyoperationtightly.In the Finance Module youwill getthe following: All yourmoneyinand moneyout can be managedusingthe Finance Module.Itinclude:  Staff Advance  Staff claims  Paymentvouchers  Paymentrequisition  Pettycash vouchers You alsocan use the followingspecialisedmodules: 1. ClaimsforMedical – limitbystaff group,annual limit,type limit,rate basedon group 2. ClaimsforTravel – limitbystaff group,type limit,rate basedongroup 3. ClaimsforMedical – limitbystaff group,annual limit,type limit,rate basedon group.
  31. 31. OfficeCentral Profile 31 | P a g e For the Overtime claimsyouwill have: a. Overtime application b. Overtime InstructionbySuperior c. Overtime reportandclaims d. Overtime Approval e. Calculationaccordingtolocal laws( normal day,holiday,publicholiday). The Finance modualsoprovidesyouwithanumberof Dashboardstohelpyoumonitorthe companyoperation: You can use the mobile appsforstaff to the varioustraansactions:
  32. 32. OfficeCentral Profile 32 | P a g e 7.0 Human Resources Management Module You will find that this module makes your company operation much more smooth and efficient.All your staff profile and data are in the HR module. The modules provided are:  Staff profile (all information about your staff is in this module)  Leave management ( the system efficiently manages your staff leave)  Training (manage your staff training here)  Staff AdvancesandClaims(youcanmanage your staff advancesandclaimsefficiently)  CompanyOrganisationchart( the systembuildyourorganisation chart automstically)
  33. 33. OfficeCentral Profile 33 | P a g e You can use the OfficeCentral mobile viewtorun your company from your handphone. Human Resource –OrganisationChart Look at how the OfficeCentral provide you with your company organisation chart automatically.Noneedtomake yourorganisationchartusingmanual method.Justmodify the staff profile and automatically the organisation chart is updated. Lookatthe Dashboardforyourleave management.Youcanhave overall reportandalsofor individual staff. No need for you to wait the monthly report from your HR manager. Everything is automated. Save you a lot of staff manhours.
  34. 34. OfficeCentral Profile 34 | P a g e The Dashboard will give you incredible insight in your company. If you look at the leave dashboard,youwill see thatyoucansee overall leave chartforyourcompany.Youcanlook at the previous year chart ( Yes!! it is online). You can alsolook at the leave record of any individual staff. You can use the mobile appsforstaff to your staff functions:
  35. 35. OfficeCentral Profile 35 | P a g e 8.0 Payroll ManyCEO’slike thismodule because itsavesalotof time forthe company.Somecompanies saveup to 95% of the time compared to when using manual systems. You wil get the following functions from our Payroll Module:  Staff salary profile  Processing and automatic generation of government forms  EPF, SOCSO, Zakat, PSMB, EA form  OfficeCentral can build the payroll text file that you can send to the bank. No need paper submission.  Print own salary slip  Dashboard and reports All government forms are automatically generated by OfficeCntral Payroll Dashboards give you a fast overview
  36. 36. OfficeCentral Profile 36 | P a g e Payroll for Other countries When you are usingOfficeCentral in othercountries you can setthe OfficeCentral forthe country. Use the country setting to select the correct country and language. If you select Indonesia, the rules for Indonesia will be put into the OfficeCentral logic. SalaryReport– Formulir21 PPH ReportforTax
  37. 37. OfficeCentral Profile 37 | P a g e BJPSKesihatan BPJSKetenagakerjaan If you selectIndiathenthe payroll willhandleIndianrequirements:  EPF calculationandthe file requiredtobe uploadedtothe EPFboard  Employee Insurance calculationandthe file requiredtouploadtothe Employee State Insurance Scheme.
  38. 38. OfficeCentral Profile 38 | P a g e 9.0 Customer RelationsipManagement (CRM) Most entrepreneurs know that they need a CRM system to help them become more effective intheirsalesespeciallyinmanagingtheirsalesteam.However,veryfew actually used the CRM system. You should start using this system for the sake of expanding your company. All ourcompetitorsin PCbased systemforSMEs haveignored theCRM function.Thisis due to the factthe CRMfor salespeople by naturemustbe mobile and accessiblefrom anywhere.Thecloud technology and themobile technology makesthispossible. CustomerRelationshipManagement(CRM) systemsare swiftlybecomingessentialpractice for manycompanies of all shapesand sizes.As arelatively easyway forcompanies tostay ontopof theirgame andkeepcustomersonside,CRMsystemsshouldbe commonpractice for everybusiness. Youcould be in tradingor distributionor manufacturing. The CRMwill help you become more successful. OfficeCentral providesyouwithanumberof modules:  OfficeCentral CRM– KPI management.Setyoursalesstaff KPIandtracktheir progressandachievement (orfailure).Tracktheirleads,meetings,quotationsand invoices.  OfficeCentral CRM– Leads management.Addandupdate yourleads.Convert themto Account.  OfficeCentral CRM– Account management.Addandupdate youraccount (customersorqualifiedprospects).Keepinhistoryall yourcontactswiththemlike quotations,orders,invoices,receipts,complaints,emailsSMSs.Manage the contacts and builddatabase of contactsinthe company.  OfficeCentral CRM– Salesprocessmanagement.Buildyourquotations,orders, invoices,deliveryordersandreceiptusingthe system.Everythingisina database.  OfficeCentral CRM– Inventorymanagement.Addandupdate yourinventory.The systemlinksthe POSandOrdersand DeliveryOrderstothe inventory.  OfficeCentral CRM– Pricebook.Addandupdate yourproductsand prices.Control fromcentral.  Special Module - OfficeCentral CRM– DistributionManagement.If youare managinga distributionbusiness,thenthis module willhelpyoutoincredibly increase yourefficiencyandeffectivenessinmanagingthousandsof products, thousandsof customersand you’re manysalesstaff.
  39. 39. OfficeCentral Profile 39 | P a g e If you are in Distribution industry, you are in an industry with unique concerns from customer base and fast changes in technology. You distribute your goods to retailers, dealers, wholesalers and even direct to the end user. But customer satisfaction is, and always will be, king.There are countless distributorsout there and unlessyourcustomers are completelysatisfiedwithyourlevel of service,they’ll be off toyourcompetitionbefore you know it. CRMholdsanimpressive amountof tractionfordistributors, helpingsalespeopletobecome opportunistic, proactive members of your team, rather than the traditional reactive, transactional order takers. The value thatCRMsystems canprovide fordistributorsis huge,despite thembeingoften perceived by salespeople as another way for managers to tighten the leash and play big brother. Once the system has proved its worth and become a credible tool for your salespeople, they’ll wonder what they ever did without it.
  40. 40. OfficeCentral Profile 40 | P a g e Customer Service This one is a no brainer. Putting all of a customer’s information at your fingertips in easy to use dashboards and record cards that provide everything from account sales and previous orders through to any complaints or troubles they have had will make every call more productive. This information is then visible to everyone across the business, from warehouse staff and operations through to finance, marketing and of course, your salespeople and management. Time (and effort) saving Too many companies continue to rely on manual processes, reams of paper and countless files to service their customers. These mundane tasks can be streamlined and automated with the implementation of a CRM system. Companies can increase productivity and reduce time spent creating customer reports with the introduction of a CRM solution. Before you know it, you’ll be spending less time on admin and more time selling.
  41. 41. OfficeCentral Profile 41 | P a g e Increased insight If you’re distributingtowholesalers,retailers,endusersordealers,youwill be awareofthe varying expectationsheld byeachof these consumer groups.How are youmanagingtheir buying preferences? You’ll soonhit a wall if you treatthem as one mass market. Eachwill needtobe targetedasaspecificsegment,eachwithhisorherownneedsandexpectations from you asa supplier. Offeringa promotionto an individual end user will be differentto offeringapromotiontoanationwide wholesaler.A CRMsystemwill helpyoutomanagethe preferencesof yourcustomersefficiently with all the information you need in one place. Creating stellar salespeople Salespeople thatare usingaCRMto manage theiropportunities,pipeline andcustomeror prospect interactions have been proven to optimize their performance and productivity. While managementwill have amore accurate view of forecasted business,withpotential revenue andanexpectedclose date,salespeople will have afull picture of wheretheystand with each prospect in their pipeline.
  42. 42. OfficeCentral Profile 42 | P a g e Internal communication CRMcan be the facilitator for improved communication across any business. Often, the larger the business,the poorerinternal communicationgets. Distributorsare notimmune to this and things can get lost in translation,in the ether or just forgotten about. It isvital that orders are satisfied and customer promises are kept. This can become difficult, particularlyfordistributorswhomayhave tofulfill ordersfromthe enduserwhomayhave a simple one-off orderthrough tothe chain of retailers thatyouneed toget ashipmentto before the endof the month.Whenusedeffectively,a CRMtool allowseverydepartment to see every interactionwithevery customer,whatstage theyare inandwhatactionsmay need tobe taken.This will help the level of service you provide your customersandallow the entire business to work as a proactive team to satisfy every customer. The OfficeCentral CRMmodule provides you with the many features. The followingCRM module handles the typical CRMfunctions in sales environment:  Contact module,Prospect,Account  All functionsfromquotation,orderacceptance,invoice,DOandreceipts  You can see overall dashboardsoryoucan see eachand everyone of the documents indetail.  SalesTracking  Manage yourleads
  43. 43. OfficeCentral Profile 43 | P a g e  Manage youraccounts  Use the fantastictoolsforsalesprocesslike quotation,orders,delivery,invoicesand receipts.  Customerfeedbacktracking  Email and SMS marketing  KPIfor salesstaff.Monitorthe KPIprogress  Dashboardfor customerdistribution(map-basedcustomerdistribution) Use CRMModule fromQuotationto Invoicing Use CRM functions to increase your staffs’ success
  44. 44. OfficeCentral Profile 44 | P a g e Look at your customers from Map point of view Look at your Sales Dashboard Monitor your salesperson KPI’s:
  45. 45. OfficeCentral Profile 45 | P a g e Look at cumulative figures CRM System – Look at your customers location on a map This isanotherfeature thatyoumayfindhelpful.Imagine thatyouhave customersall over Malaysia,orall overthe world.Withthisfeature youcanactuallyknow where theyare ona map.
  46. 46. OfficeCentral Profile 46 | P a g e The OfficeCentral will mapyourcustomerlocationonthe mapautomatically.Youonlyneed to use the CRM module and fill up their address. The rest is automatically done by OfficeCentral. The technologyof cloudallowsustoprovide thisfantasticfeatures.The oldtechnologywill not be able to give you this feature. CRM – Monitor your sales staff performance andKPI achievement We know that asaCEO yourcompany successdependssignificantly onthe successof your salesteam.We understandthatyouneedcertaintype of monitoringtosee if theyaregoing according to plan or they are way out of target, at any time you want. No need for you to wait for the monthly report that is likely a few weeks late. OfficeCentral CRMgivesyouall of that.Anytime youwant.Atanylevel of detailsyouwant.
  47. 47. OfficeCentral Profile 47 | P a g e Are theymeetingtheirtarget: CRM – Get your sales teamactivity details anytime youwant.
  48. 48. OfficeCentral Profile 48 | P a g e We know that as a CEO you may need to see the details of what is going on in your sales department. You mayeven wantto see the Quotation, orOrder Acceptance or Invoicesin the original forms. OfficeCentral provides you with all this requirements. Look at detailedquotation: You will find all these features very helpful in helping you to manage and control your company better. We will help you to be more successful.
  49. 49. OfficeCentral Profile 49 | P a g e We have enhancedthe CRMmodulestohelpthe salesdepartmenttobe more efficient and more effective.The followingare new featuresthatyoucan use: 1. You can Set the customer calls / customer meetings for your salesman. You candothisinthe webor usingthe OfficeCentral CRMmobile application.Your salesman will immediately see the tasks and immediately take action. More meetings can be done. More sales for you. 2. You can look at the map where the customers are. The same thing can be seenin the OfficeCentral CRMMobile. The customerlocationsare plottedonthe map.Your salesman can plan the visit using the shortestdistance. You save travellingclaims cost. 3. You can track if they actually meet the customer. Your salesman will use the MeetingCheckInfunctiontosendtheirlocationdata.Thisinfowill be updatedinto the meeting list and updated in the map plot. You may have experience before where yoursalesmandidnotactuallygotothe customerlocation.Youlose sales.By using the OfficeCentral CRM, you will see big improvement in your sales. 4. Youcanalsotrackthe crisscrossingroute thatyoursalesmantook.Youcansee how efficientisyoursalesmaninhandlingthe customercalls. Youreduce yourcost.More meetings can be done by being effficient. 5. You canuse the CRMMobile tobuild quotationtocustomer.Of course youcan use the web quotation module also. Quotation on the mobile will give your the efficiency that you do not have before. 6. Fromthe CRMsystemyoucansee the customerhistorywithyourcompany.Alldata available inthe webaswell asinthe OfficeCentral CRMmobile apps. Noneedtocall the office forthe history,Youcanmake betterdecisionwiththe informationatyour fingertip. 7. You also can see the invoices and the status of the invoices. Your salesman can collect paymentduringtheir round.Noneedto waste time coming tothe office to get the latest update. 8. You can update the system on the payment received from Customer. Immediate update into the system. 9. From the OfficeCentral CRMmodule you can see your KPI target and the actual progress.Youcanmonitorall the KPIthatyousetforyourstaff.Asforstaff theywill see the KPIforthemselvesandtheirachievementuptothe day.The KPI’sare leads generation, meetings, quotations ( no and value), invoices ( no and value), and dealers. 10. The CRMsystemalsoislinkedtoPricebook.Youcansetthe latestprice here andset the commission or discount level.
  50. 50. OfficeCentral Profile 50 | P a g e 11. The CRMalso have inventory module. Youcan check inventory level as andwhen you need to. This will help the sales people to immediately confirm order. 12. Te warehouse canaccessthe customerorderandcan startdoingthe packingwhile the salesmen are still doing their round.This will reduce the turnaround bymore than 80%. This efficiency will be very appreciated by your customer. 13. Productreturncanalsorelayedimmediatelytothe warehouse.Thiswill enablefast response to your customer. 14. The packingmodule will enable anotherpersontododelivery.Itspeedsupdelivery. Your customer can receive their goods faster. More sales for them. The followingare some of the screenshotsforthe OfficeCentral CRMMobile apps. No need to bring yourlaptop anymore. You can buildyour quotation efficiently usingthe CRMMobile Apps on the go. You can do Order Acceptance, Delivery Order, issue Invoice and issue receipt using the mobile.
  51. 51. OfficeCentral Profile 51 | P a g e All ourleads andcustomer dataarae available instantly. Make the call or e-mail fromyour mobile.
  52. 52. OfficeCentral Profile 52 | P a g e 10.0 Howmuch does it cost? We have groupedthe modulesintological groupssothatyougetthe maximumbenefitfrom the pricing structure. Our Module User license cost is very competitive and you can get access to yourselected modules. They are grouped into the following:  Accounting – GST Accounting – Finance  HR – Payroll Management  Customer Relationship Management – Purchasing- Inventory  Point of Sales Youcanselectthe productandbenefitfromthe verycompetitive prices.We guaranteethat yourbenefitiswayhigherthanthe price youpayforthe productandservices. Youcansave a lotof moneyif you purchase all mainmodule access like accounting,Finance,HR,Payroll and CRM.Pease refer to OfficeCentralwebsitefor thedetailed costof themodules.Youwill find a huge cost savings where you can derive the maximum benefit from an integrated system and use of all key modules. This isone of the lowestcosts youcan findin the market. Testdrive ourfantasticmodules and you will find why thousands of users say‘wow! ’ to the solutions. Not only that,your staff candownloadthe mobile module toincrease yourcompanyeffectiveness.Thiswillsave a lotof time andmoney foryou.You will notfind othersolutionsthat offerthese fantastic values. If youhave manystaff thatare onlyusingstaff functionslike leave,advance,claims,payslip etc,thenwe give you special price forthisstaff.Thislicense iscalledstaff module andcosts a fraction of the full module cost. We alsoprovide a3-DayTrainingonusingthe Officecentral andthe GSTaccountingmodules at very competitive prices in our office. The training is available every week.
  53. 53. OfficeCentral Profile 53 | P a g e 12.0 Your Action As an entrepreneur, we want our venture to be successsful. We want to make sure our operation is efficient and effective. We want our staff to do their work efficiently. Data should be made available to you instantly so decisions can be made quickly. We cannot afford delays.We cannot affordbeingleftin the dark. We needtosettarget andKPItoour staff. We needto monitortheir progress.Are theydoing the quantity thatis required?Ae they achieving their target? OfficeCentral is the tool that will help you achieve your dream. We have designed and optimized it for you. We have thousands of users that use the system everyday and we receive a lot of suggestions for additional modules and features that will help further improve the system, directly from the users’ point of view. You will receive all their improvements and additional modules and features for free. Contact us and let us know if we can help you further in your quest to be successful. If you need people to do the accounting and payroll for you (PAYROLL and ACCOUNTNG OUTSOURCING), we alsoprovide the services.We understandthatyouwantedtofocuson yourcore businessandbyoutsourcingthe back-endfunctionstofully trainedprofessionals you will get the maximum benefit of professional services and yet you save money. Do not hesitate to contact our services.
  54. 54. OfficeCentral Profile 54 | P a g e 13.0 Our Contact Details AUTHENTIC VENTURE SDN. BHD. (AVSB) No.906B Level 2 BlockD, KompleksDiamond,Bangi BusinessPark, 43650 BandarBaru Bangi,Selangor,Malaysia Tel : 03-89221 493/ 03-8920 2175 / 03-8920 0672 Contact Person: Ir. AzizIsmail Designation : Chief Executive Officer Hand phone : (6019) 310 9559 E-mail : Contact Person: KhairunNisaAziz Designation : Chief OperatingOfficer Hand phone : (6019) 368 7768 E-mail : Contact Person: Mohd Haslan Junior Designation : BusinessDevManager Hand phone : (6018) 313 5691 E-mail : Contact Person:MohamadEzwan Zulkiflee Designation:BusinessDevelopmentExecutive Hand Phone : (60189807433) E-mail : Contact Person: Amir Designation:BusinessDevelopmentExecutive Hand Phone : (60145008069) E-mail : P.T Solusi Awani Asia The Plaza Office Tower,level 41 JalanM.H Thamrin,Kavling28-30 Jakarta Pusat. Contact Person: Rezki Rochmayani Designation : CountryManager Hand phone : +62 813 1417 9965 E-mail : Contact Person: Zulkifli Aziz Designation : General Manager Hand phone : +62 812 1649 3170 E-mail :