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5 ways of_android


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Android OS comes with the beauty of being an open source operating system giving the leisure to individuals
as well as companies to use, or add, or even modify the source code depending on their needs. Android is
growing at a speed unimaginable

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5 ways of_android

  1. 1. 5 Best Ways to Learn Android App Development International Data Corporation (IDC) highlighted in the third quarter of 2013 that Android has created a new milestone – With 211.6 million smartphones being shipped, android has moved ahead of the 80% count in shipments. In the third quarter of 2013, android made a record of 81% shipments in a short span of time. Unbelievable, but true to the hilt, android is taking up the maximum space in the mobile market. Saturation may be feared, but there is no way android is slowing down. In the face of such scenario, android app developers are being the most sought after by big companies. If you are a developer and have not yet got yourself trained in android development, its high time you quit everything and get on with it. There are ways more than one to learn android development. Although resources are abundant, lets take a look at the best 5 ways in which you can learn android development. Learning Android App Development (1) The first step is to learn Java. Trying to learn android without knowing java is like jumping to ride a Ferrari without learning to drive in the first place! For Java lessons, you can hop in here:     Tutorial to get started with Java – A beginner’s guide to Java Programming. Tutorial for beginners. You can also read up Jolt Award winning book: Bruce Eckel’s Thinking in Java, 3rd edition. (2) Once you are acquainted with Java essentials, you can get going with android development tutorials. Here’s a list where you can start off with your android learning: Before anything else, every aspiring android developer should go through the blog post “Resources every android developer should know” by Sergy Povzner.
  2. 2.  Official Developer Tutorial- This has been created by open source developers and android community. This is the best place for a beginner to start.  At HelloAndroid you can avail some good articles along with useful snippets of codes.  Another good place is Script Tutorials. (3) Next you can search for good video tutorials so that you can have a visual and hands-on learning. You can do a random search on Google and/or YouTube; or go through the following links:   Video by Android User groups Video by XDA Developers (4) Every theoretical knowledge needs practical implementation. If you have grasped what android programming is all about, then its suggested you start building an application based on your learning. After all practice makes you perfect. You can revert to all the above tutorials and also skim through few eBooks like:    Android tutorial App Inventor eBook Andbook For answers to all your queries, you can look at (5) For a thorough learning of android development, you can take up Android App Development Course at Venturesity. It is a 2 months’ course divided in 8 modules. Best industry experts teach students from zero! Interactive virtual classes and hands-on training are the key highlights of this course. Students can pick up project ideas from the database provided at Venturesity and complete the same under proper guidance. The best part is, Venturesity gives its students ample scope to learn and experiment. So, what are you waiting for? Time’s slipping by. Before others pick up the best jobs, get yourself trained and be a contributor to the android world.