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Job Hunter for Low Wages Workers

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Job Hunter for Low Wages Workers

  1. 1. Job HunterA platform for low wages workers Value Proposition
  2. 2. Value Proposition Hypotheses• Problem Statement - A platform for low wage workers which will provide information about different and suitable job opportunities.• Market - Market is very large - there is no single platform that provides information about job vacancies to low wage workers. There are skilled and talented workers in rural area in India but do not have access to suitable job opportunities. Also, this platform will help companies hire suitable skilled and talented workers.• Competition - Local contractors who controls 90% of this market.• Platform - Job portal that will be used by Employers and Toll free phone number that will be used by job seeker for submitting bio data.
  3. 3. ExperimentsMarket Research- On-site interview: Interviewed employees from differentindustries.- Interviewed low wage workers from different industries.
  4. 4. Interview QuestionnaireCompany Owner- What is the process of low wages workers recruitment?- How do they define the job requirements for low wagesworkers?- What kind of problems they face during the recruitment process?- What kind of problems they face after the recruitment?Workers- Are they happy with their current job search techniques? Ifnot, what are the problems they face?- What kind of problem they face in case they get job throughagent?- Are they satisfied with their current job? How about, if theycome to know about new opportunities frequently?- How about getting a chance to enhance yourknowledge/education while working?
  5. 5. Key Findings• Most of the companies are interested and job seekers are quite excited about the platform. They feel need of such a single platform.• Need to find better ways to capture job seeker information through phone.• Job seekers information verification and reliability are major concerns.• Workers face problem due to their involvement with contractors, sometimes they pay part of the amount they get.• Due to poor education, companies and contractors deceives them sometimes and pay less.• Reliability of people doesn’t depend upon the documents, there should be a way to test the originality of such documents.