Best Android Application Development Tutorials for Beginner


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Are you a beginner who has just begun your expedition towards learning how to develop
android applications? Then, definitely you would be in search for a guide or a tutorial that
would make you travel through this whole new world of Android and the various aspects of Android application development.

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Best Android Application Development Tutorials for Beginner

  1. 1. © VH Education Services Pvt. Ltd.http://venturehire.coBest Android Application Development Tutorials for BeginnerAre you a beginner who has just begun your expedition towards learning how to developandroid applications? Then, definitely you would be in search for a guide or a tutorial thatwould make you travel through this whole new world of Android and the various aspects ofAndroid application development. If so, then this post can help you select from a variety ofresources that will help you kickstart your Android Development journey.What is Android?Before we start discussing on the main topic, we first need to have a brief idea about whatAndroid is. Android is a Linux-based operating system which is mainly designed foroperating devices that are handled with touch like the smartphones and tablet computers.Its numerous advantages are that it is cheaper and lighter as compared to other operatingsystems and its features can easily be changed to suit your desires and needs and thus it isthe preferred choice of high-end devices.What can you Learn?This blog is meant to help you get the details about each of the concepts and aspects aboutdeveloping your first Android app. After delving deep into the details of the appdevelopment through the tutorials provided in this blog, you will not only understand howto develop applications using Android but you can also scan through and shortlist some ofthe best tutorials which can help you even further.Welcome to Android Application Development
  2. 2. © VH Education Services Pvt. Ltd.http://venturehire.coAndroid applications, most commonly referred to as Android apps, are applications whichare developed using the Android operating system. Now, the question arises as to how todevelop these apps. Few days back we posted List of Free Android App DevelopmentTutorials and now, we are here with a list of tutorials which will present you with thecomplete procedure of developing an android application from scratch.So, here we start with the list of tutorials and the list of essential features they provide.1. Java Dzone Android TutorialsAbove link provides a number of tutorials for the sole purpose of making it easy for you tolearn how to develop android applications if you are a beginner and have a knowledge ofjust the basics. Here, we would like to make further simplify your task by briefing youabout the different tutorials and what you can expect to find when you refer to that link.- OpenGL ES 2.0This is the first tutorial that you will come across. This tutorial will be of great help to youin terms of the fact that it will teach you how to create a simple Android application usingthe OpenGL ES 2.0 API. Another important fact to be known is that these applicationswhich will be created can only be used to perform some basic graphics operations.- Android Development TutorialThis tutorial, as the name suggests, will teach and help you understand how to developandroid applications but the difference in it is that it will help you to learn how tocreate Android applications using Eclipse. In this tutorial, you can expect to find a detaileddiscussion over the various aspects of Android app development thus helping you improveyour understanding further and better.- Android SDK Tutorial – Learn how to install Android SDKThis is the third tutorial which describes, in a step by step procedure, how to install theAndroid Software Development Kit (SDK) and thus explains how to set up yourdevelopment environment for the first time, considering that you are a beginner.- Using Facebook SDK in Android development
  3. 3. © VH Education Services Pvt. Ltd.http://venturehire.coThis tutorial will teach you how to create an Android application which, when you log intofacebook, will help you to get the facebook ID. This can prove useful to you in cases whenyou want to roll out advertisement on facebook which is aimed at targeting a specific groupof people.- Drawing with Canvas in Android,Saving your drawingsThe importance of this tutorial is that it will help you learn how to execute drawings withcanvas on Android.- Android Google Maps TutorialThis is the sixth tutorial in content. When creating an Android App, we need to make itmore innovative and effective by incorporating several new and interesting features in it.So, following this rule, this tutorial will teach you how to insert or incorporate Google Mapsinto your Android App.- Android location service exampleUsing location services in an Android app makes it even more effective and useful as perthe requirements. Thus, catering to this need, this tutorial will teach you how to start usinglocation services, translate these locations into addresses and also how to use Google Mapson Android.- Working with Android ContactsThis tutorial helps you learn as to how to work with the Android contacts database. It isalso expected to share the basic knowledge of accessing SQLite in Android along with theuse of cursors.- How to calculate the distance between two GPS coordinatesThis tutorial will teach you how to incorporate a simple function in an Android applicationi.e. it will take two GPS coordinates as inputs and will give the distance between these twocoordinates as the output.- How to create Android Live WallpaperThis is a step by step procedure to help you learn how to create live wallpaper from thecomplete beginning. This live wallpaper would output TV test pattern on your homescreen.
  4. 4. © VH Education Services Pvt. Ltd.http://venturehire.coNow we come to the end of the discussion of our first tutorial. The second one,undoubtedly, will give a tough competition to the first one. The second tutorial is asfollows:2. CodeProject Android TutorialThis tutorial is also considered one among the best for helping beginners learn the art ofAndroid application development. It begins with the teaching about how to install AndroidSDK (Software Development Kit) with Eclipse ADT Plugin and make a simple projectwhich ,as this tutorial mentions, is the “Hello World!” project. This tutorial has tried allsteps to make learning through it as easy as possible. Thus, it has been divided into 3 mainsteps. The first step teaches you how to install the Android SDK. The second part is aboutlearning how to install the Eclipse ADT Plugin. The third part, as we discussed above, is thecreation of the simple project named Hello World!Now, we need to discuss about the prerequisites for learning through this tutorial. In thistutorial,the operating system used is Windows 7. So using other operating system mightneed slight changes. Secondly, you have to make sure that you have the latest JavaDevelopment Kit installed in your system before applying what is written in this tutorial.And lastly, you have to make sure that you are able to understand the basic JavaProgramming.3. XDA Developers Android Tutorial for LinuxThe link given above is the third best tutorial for teaching the Android applicationdevelopment to beginners. This tutorial is divided into a number of sub-parts, where eachone of them is aimed at handling different parts of this long-drawn but interestingprocedure of an Android app development. The first part of it handles the section ofAndroid programming which is further subdivided into 3 parts. The first part takes youthrough the process of creating a basic 30 second countdown application which displays anumber on-screen. The second part helps you to learn how to add a drop-down menu
  5. 5. © VH Education Services Pvt. Ltd.http://venturehire.coto the counter to allow for the adjustments to the timer. And finally, the third partintroduces the List-view class and replaces the drop-down with a Listview.Now,the second half of this tutorial handles the portion of building an Android app.It isagain further subdivided into 5 parts. The first part deals with the setting up of Eclipse andthe Android SDK. The second part teaches you how to write a Root App. The third part isabout the android development, the fourth part deals with the portion of illuminationSoftware Creator and the fifth and the last part deals with Android ADK which in otherwords means working with digital outputs.With this, we come to the end of the discussion about our last best tutorial.4. AllDroid Android app Tutorial for BeginnerThis tutorial can be considered as one among the top ranked tutorials because of its severaladvantages which gives it an upper hand as compared to the others. These advantages willbe revealed to you shortly as you go further through this blog. The first among them is thefact this tutorial believes in starting from the roots. Simply put this tutorial will focus on allthe fundamental concepts along with the teaching so that it becomes really helpful forbeginners like you. It will explain to you the fundamental concepts within the Android SDKand will also explain how to carry out the same tasks using Eclipse. Another very bigadvantage of it is that you need not have an understanding of the Java programminglanguage, unlike other tutorials. This tutorial helps beginners to create an Android app inEclipse using the easiest method.The initial idea that you require before using this tutorial is that you would be creating anapp named Hello World which is explained in a step by step procedure with utmost detailin it. This tutorial has presented a detailed description about the task that you are going toundertake and thus it makes it very convenient and easy for people to grasp the concepts ofthe task at hand. It has also very efficiently handled the situation and problems which thebeginners might come across while executing the task and has also offered a detailedsolution to them.The precautions and the care which must be taken while creating yourown Android app have also been mentioned and referred to beforehand.
  6. 6. © VH Education Services Pvt. Ltd.http://venturehire.coWith this, we come to the end of our detailed discussion about some of the best tutorialswhich can prove to be of great help for beginners like you and through which you can get ahands-on experience of how to create an Android App. We have tried our best to includeeverything in this blog which would assist you and ease your search for learning as to howto create an Android app. Hope that all the readers found this useful and any suggestionsor feedback on improvement in any section is thoroughly welcome.Attain Android Course in BangaloreAttain Android Class in Chennai