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AngelList Press Presentation, Oct 12 2015

Announcing CSC Upshot, AngelList SPVs and Jobs for iOS.

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AngelList Press Presentation, Oct 12 2015

  1. 1. AngelList
  2. 2. Oct 12 7am Pacific Time E M B A R G O E D U N T I L
  3. 3. AngelList is the world's largest marketplace for and jobsstartup investing
  4. 4. startup investing
  5. 5. $205M raised online in 2 years $13M $27M $40M Q3 2013 Q1 2014 Q3 2014 Q1 2015 Q3 2015
  6. 6. Metrics Raised online In last 2 years $205M Active syndicates In last 12 months 165 Startups funded 650 Investors 4,400
  7. 7. Why this works: Syndicates Syndicates are pop-up, online, venture funds LPs invest one deal at a time LPs can opt out of any deal Online closing and tracking Designed for scale: 165 syndicates pop-up online venture funds Deals by experienced angels & VCs Often founders, close to startup community Leads earn carry— no mgmt fees LPs are individuals or institutions
  8. 8. $175k allocation PATIENTS KNOW BESTElad Gil $25k $150k Elad syndicate Close in 5 days 15% carry to Elad 5% carry to AngelList No management fees 38 investors $150k BACKED BY How syndicates work
  9. 9. Syndicates vs Traditional VC No 10-year lockup v Hire and fire partners anytime No management fees—syndicates invest 97% of capital Invest in the partner, not the firm Skin in the game—leads provide 16% of capital Fast online pro ratas Online closing and tracking
  10. 10. 165 active syndicates Elad Gil Foundry Group Dave Morin Zynga, Sendgrid, Pantheon, Chute, VigLink, Path Former VP Twitter, Google INVESTOR Airbnb, Square, Pinterest FOUNDER Color Genomics, Mixer Labs TEAM INVESTOR INVESTOR Nest, Dropbox, Slack FOUNDER TEAM Facebook Platform & ConnectFG Angels SYNDICATE
  11. 11. 165 active syndicates Paige Craig Scott & Cyan Banister Tom Fallows Uber, Zappos, Thumbtack Wanelo, SpoonRocketLyft, Twitter, Postmates INVESTOR FOUNDING PARTNER TEAM Arena Ventures Paypal, Postmates INVESTOR BOARD MEMBER Head of Uber Global Expansion Mercantila, Google Express INVESTOR FOUNDER TEAM US Marine Corps Ironport, Topsy FOUNDER
  12. 12. 4,400 syndicate investors—many founders Joshua Schachter Founder of Steve Case Co-founder of AOL Othman Laraki Co-founder of Mixer Labs Stephan Paternot Co-founder of Jared Kopf Founder of AdRoll Ben Davenport Co-founder of Beluga
  13. 13. 650 startups funded Tim Ferriss SYNDICATED BY $748K RAISED ONLINE $150K RAISED ONLINE Rick Marini SYNDICATED BY $500K RAISED ONLINE
  14. 14. 650 startups funded Naval Ravikant SYNDICATED BY $779K RAISED ONLINE $163K RAISED ONLINE Jenny Rooke SYNDICATED BY $615K RAISED ONLINE
  15. 15. Follow-on rounds from top VCs $141K $65M FOLLOW-ONS Bessemer RAISED ONLINE INCLUDING $748K $60M FOLLOW-ONS Kleiner Perkins RAISED ONLINE INCLUDING $150K $57M FOLLOW-ONS Accel Partners RAISED ONLINE INCLUDING
  16. 16. Follow-on rounds from top VCs $163K $31M FOLLOW-ONS Bessemer RAISED ONLINE INCLUDING $225K $30M FOLLOW-ONS Kleiner Perkins RAISED ONLINE INCLUDING $500K $20M FOLLOW-ONS Redpoint RAISED ONLINE INCLUDING
  17. 17. Honk syndicate closed in like 30 mins–simply amazing. Paige Craig @paigecraig Syndicate leads love it · Mar 2015
  18. 18. Syndicate leads love it I credit @AngelList for giving me the platform from being an angel to a fund overnight that has brand and reputation. Firms are noticing. Sumon Sadhu @sharpshoot · Feb 2015
  19. 19. @tferriss' syndicate is a built-in network of advocates, acting like a megaphone on our behalf. Shyp @shyp · Dec 2014 Founders love it
  20. 20. The @AngelList investment process is so easy. Investing in startups literally feels like placing an order on Amazon. Jeff Morris Jr. @jmj · Apr 2015 Investors love it
  21. 21. Can you love a company? @AngelList just let me make a pro-rata investment in a deal in the same 45 seconds as initial. Seriously awesome! John Danner @jwdanner · Feb 2015 Investors love it
  22. 22. Funds complement individual investors $25M MAIDEN LANE INDIVIDUAL INVESTORS $13M SELECT FUNDS $5M ACCOMPLICE BOSS
  23. 23. Larger investments Faster closings Guaranteed capital for good deals Funds new syndicates Funds complement individual investors
  24. 24. A N N O U N C E M E N T S
  25. 25. $ 4 0 0 M S E E D F U N D
  26. 26. $400M seed fund Invests in the top syndicates Based in U.S. & independent of AngelList Largest seed fund ever Activates new syndicates
  27. 27. Veronica Wu E D U C A T I O N Yale, B.S. Applied Math Berkeley, Ph.D. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Huoy-Ming Yeh E X P E R I E N C E Managing Director, Education and Enterprise, Greater China, Apple Vice-President, China, Tesla E D U C A T I O N Wellesley, B.A. Physics USC, Masters Electrical Engineering MIT MBA E X P E R I E N C E Technical Staff, Sun Co-Founder, PacRim Venture Partners Managing Director, SVB Venture Capital, Asia Engineers with long careers in technology and venture capital
  28. 28. China Science and Merchants Capital is fund’s largest LP Founded in 2000 Top 3 PE firm in China with $12B under management Investing areas include information technology, new materials and clean energy
  29. 29. Mr. Shan Xiangshuang Founder, Chairman and CEO Co-Chairman of the China Venture Capital Association Widely regarded as a pioneer in Chinese venture capital
  30. 30. N E W F O R E A R LY- S T A G E I N V E S T I N G N E W F O R L A T E - S T A G E I N V E S T I N G AngelList SPVs
  31. 31. AngelList SPVs Allows early-stage investors to raise capital for late-stage investments For VC firms and angels with pro ratas & special opportunities Capital comes from their existing limited partners and relationships Completely private All online · Uses AngelList back office SPVs can request additional capital from funds like CSC Upshot
  32. 32. AngelList SPVs * Names used with permission 4 DEALS IN 2015 4 DEALS IN 2015 $35M RAISED TO DATE 11 DEALS IN 2015 5ANGELS
  33. 33. AngelList SPVs: Costs No cost to VCs and angels No cost to startups LPs pay carry to VC or angel LPs pay no carry to AngelList LPs pay ~ $10K out-of-pocket costs AngelList earns carry if SPV requests capital from funds like CSC Upshot
  34. 34. AngelList is the world's largest marketplace for investing andstartup jobs
  35. 35. startup jobs
  36. 36. Metrics Active candidates Last 30 days · Over half are engineers, designers or product managers 49,000 Active companies Last 60 days 8,100 Matches per month 52,000 New candidates per month 41,600
  37. 37. 52,000 matches per month 5K 10K 15K 20K 25K 30K 35K Mar 2012 Feb 2013 Jan 2014 Dec 2014 Sep 2015 United States India Rest of world
  38. 38. Why it’s working Simple, Tinder-style matching See salary and equity information upfront No recruiters—candidates are connected directly to startups Apply to thousands of jobs with one profile Apply privately—your boss won’t know Free · Fun
  39. 39. Over 7,000 companies recruiting Twitch Tinder Asana Greylock Partners Yelp Instacart Shyp Coinbase Sequoia Capital Uber
  40. 40. Candidates love it I want to give a huge shoutout to @AngelList during this job search. Best site I've ever used, hands down. David Turkell @DavidTurkell · Jun 2015
  41. 41. Candidates love it I wish every company would use @AngelList for recruitment. Much more convenient. Michael Xander @michaxndr · Jul 2015
  42. 42. Startups love it Applicants on @AngelList are ~10x better than @LinkedIn so far on average. And the cost? AngelList = Free. LinkedIn = $300+ Eric Jorgenson @EricJorgenson · Jul 2015
  43. 43. Startups love it If you are a tech company not recruiting talent on @Angellist, you're doing it wrong. Daniel Pearson @DanielPearson · Jun 2015
  44. 44. A N N O U N C I N G
  45. 45. Jobs app for iOS
  46. 46. Jobs app for iOS Universal iPhone and iPad app In-app chat for companies and candidates Group chat for company teams Filters for location, role, full-time Undo if you swipe right by accident :)
  47. 47. Thank you