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Outside Insight


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Outside Insight is a quick review of your business plan from an experienced entrepreneur.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Outside Insight

  1. 1. Outside Insight BUSINESS PLAN REVIEW from Venture Founders
  2. 2. SPEED the process of preparing your startup
  3. 3. GET AN EXPERIENCED ENTREPRENEUR to review the essentials of your business plan
  4. 4. THE PUZZLE will fit into place using through focus on critical pieces
  5. 5. IT’S A STRETCH to get the value proposition in the right shape
  6. 6. THE BUSINESS MODEL needs a detached supportive critique to bring clarity
  7. 7. YOUR STARTUP STORY MUST grab the emotions first
  8. 8. ONCE THE AUDIENCE is hooked, then
  9. 9. PEOPLE MUST BE CONVINCED with compelling evidence
  10. 10. REDUCE THE RISK OF BUSINESS FAILURE Make sure your team has a business plan that works, by contacting Will Keyser of Venture Founders to carry out a Outside Insight business plan review in seven days for $299.