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Network Marketing Business Binary Plan


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The most popular plan in direct selling business is binary plan. Refer to this presentation to know about the direct selling business binary plan.

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Network Marketing Business Binary Plan

  2. 2. BINARY PLAN STRUCTURE  Binary Plan is type of Compensation Plan in Multi-Level Marketing among various other plans.  As the name implies, in this plan, each distributor can have only two frontline distributors. A B C D E F G
  3. 3. SPILL  If the distributor above you i.e. in your upline has sponsored more than two, then they will be placed at levels below you i.e. in your downline. This is called Spill.  Here D is the Spill of A A B C D E F G
  4. 4. STRUCTURE  As each distributor can sponsor only two distributors, its structure has two legs.  They are called “Right or left legs” and “Strong and Weak legs”. A B C D E F G
  5. 5. STRUCTURE (CONT.)  The Right leg or the Strong leg, is the leg in which you are joined and the spills of the distributors above you.  Hence Right leg will be longer and hence stronger.  The Left leg or the weak leg is the leg where you start adding directs under you.  This is the leg which you will build, hence it is called weak leg or the short leg as it does not spills of your upline. A B C D E F G Right Leg Left Leg You Spil l
  6. 6. STRUCTURE (CONT.)  Because of the spills, which will be considered under you, this plan is considered very good.  You are being paid in addition, from the spills of your upline placed in your strong leg.
  7. 7. ADVANTAGES OF BINARY PLAN  In this plan, you can get to earn from the spill of your up-line, as they are adjusted in your Right leg. This is because of the binary plan principle of having only two frontline distributors.  Since your Right leg is built by the spills, you need to build only one leg, i.e. left leg.  But your income will almost be double than the number of directs you place under you.  This plan is of unlimited depth. While no plans pay up to unlimited depth, binary plan has the potential.  This plan has the capacity to grow faster.  Because of its simplicity in understanding the plan, it is favoured by start-ups.
  8. 8. DISADVANTAGES OF BINARY PLAN  You can earn from the spill only if your sponsor is strong.  If he is not recruiting that many directs then you will not benefit. You will have to work harder to build your weak leg.  Some compensation plans have their terms and conditions like they will pay you only if there is a certain balance in both of your legs. For an e.g. 25% on weak leg and 75% on strong leg or 50% on both the legs. Hence it is of utmost importance to understand the plan properly.
  9. 9. TYPES OF BINARY PLANS  First is Simple Binary  It involves  Pair formation: This is the first step towards income calculation for simple binary plan. While forming pair we have to consider total left and right count available in payout period.  Income Calculation  Capping: Pre-defined Amount by administrator  Payout Analysis: This is a report related to detailed information of incoming and out-going binary fund per payout.  Simulation: Pre-defined Amount by administrator  Other types are Hyper Binary, Australian Binary, Level Binary and Daily Binary
  10. 10. CONCLUSION For more information on Binary as well as other Plans, contact our expert consultants not only for software consulting but as well as for insights on various types of compensation plans.
  11. 11. CONTACT US Sankalp Computer & Systems Pvt Ltd Srv No 440/441, First Floor, Narpatgiri Chowk, Mangalwar Peth Pune, Maharashtra, India 411011 Ph.: (91) 2041062300 Email: Web: