Impact of FDI on Indian Banking Sector


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Impact of FDI on Indian Banking Sector,Benefits of FDI,Statement of the Problem ,Objectives of the Study ,
Research Methodology

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Impact of FDI on Indian Banking Sector

  1. 1.  Today Indian Banks are as technology savvy as their counter parts in developed countries.  The competitive and reform force have led to the emergence of internet, e- banking, ATM, credit card and mobile banking too, to let banks attract and retain customers.  In recent times economy is been pushing to increase the role of multi-national banks in the banking sector.
  2. 2.  Innovative Financial Products  Technical Developments in the Domestic Markets  Problem of Inefficient Management  Non-performing Assets  Financial Instability  Poor Capitalization  Changing Financial Market Conditions  Customized products and services  Value added services and features
  3. 3. In today’s economy FDI plays an important role in each sector. So it is important to understand the concept and trends of FDI, therefore in this study an attempt is made to find out the impact of FDI on Indian banking industry. Hence, the present study.
  4. 4.  To find out the Impact of FDI on Indian banking services.  To Analyze the Impact of FDI on Indian banking Technology  To understand the Impact of FDI on Indian banking Infrastructure.  To check out customer satisfaction towards FDI.
  5. 5.  Research Type: - Analytical Research.  Sampling Technique: - Simple random sampling  Sample Size: - 50 Respondents,  Sample Population: - Bank Customers.  Research Tools: - Percentage and Correlation  Plan of Analysis: - The collected data analyzed and interpreted by using tables and statistical tools.
  6. 6. Statement: - “There is a strong linkage between Technology and Customer Satisfaction” RESULT The statement pertaining relationship between satisfaction and technology. It is inferred that the correlation between said variables are strongly linked to each other. The result at 0.01 significant level (2 tailed) Pearson correlation is .918. In this study customer satisfaction is depended on modern technology adopted by Indian banking industry through FDI. Therefore, banking industry is making customer delightment by providing various innovative technological services like ATM, Mobile banking instant transfer and so on.
  7. 7.  It is found that only 36% female respondents are having bank accounts.  Majority of the respondents belonging to 18-35 age groups.  It is found that the length of experience of 56% belongs to1-5 years.  It is found that most of the respondents approve FDI will increase banking services  It is found that most of the respondents feel that FDI will help the banks to provide innovative banking facilities to customers.
  8. 8.  In Indian context females are not encouraged much and not given independency to have bank accounts. It is suggested that female should be given more social freedom, encouragement and independency to participate in banking activities. It is known that females are more cautious about money management. Hence, priority should be given to females.  India is known for youngsters in this study majority of the age group who have participating in banking activities are youths. It is suggested that country like India not only consist of youngsters but also other age group with different experience and exposure should participate in banking activities.
  9. 9.  The boom of LPG Era attracts more customers to participate in banking activities by providing various segment features for different segmented customers. It is suggested that banks should continue the same rapport with the customer and try to introduce some creative and innovative feature for minors also.  FDI creates a competitive zone among banks by inculcating services like increases of working hours, systematic procedures, discloser of information, on time delivery and reduction of malpractices. Hence, it is suggested that all banks should continue the same.
  10. 10.  At the outset, foreign direct investment is playing a important role in case banking industry by providing investment, modern technology, best practices, innovative ideas, creative atmosphere and so on.FDI also extended its interest towards banking employees to feel free, work without stress, good ambiance, and job satisfaction. FDI also facilitate banking management to take right decision at the right time through best guidelines. Eventually, FDI must take care of social responsibility of the society.