BITS Apogee 2013 Sci Tech Quiz finals


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Finals of the Sci-Tech Quiz conducted by Nexus at Apogee 2013

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BITS Apogee 2013 Sci Tech Quiz finals

  1. 1. presentsScience & Technology Quiz Welcome to the Finals
  2. 2. Researched and hosted by Nexus Consulting Bangalore@funwithfundas Your host for today: Venky
  3. 3. WRITE TO START 8 visuals to be answered in writing 5 points per answer Bonus of 10 for getting everything correct
  4. 4. 1. Stamps commemorating?
  5. 5. 2. Identify
  6. 6. 3. Centenary of?
  7. 7. 4. 150 years of which organization?
  8. 8. 5. Identify the animal
  9. 9. 6. Designed in 1963, commissioned in 1970.What and where?
  10. 10. 7. What was Paul Karrer instrumental inestablishing the formula for?
  11. 11. 8. Identify
  13. 13. 1. Stamps commemorating?
  14. 14. Answer follows…
  15. 15.  The Great Trigonometric Survey of India
  16. 16. 2. Identify
  17. 17. Answer follows…
  18. 18.  Vikram Sarabhai
  19. 19. 3. Centenary of?
  20. 20. Answer follows…
  21. 21.  Indian Institute of Science
  22. 22. 4. 150 years of which organization?
  23. 23. Answer follows…
  24. 24.  Geological Survey of India
  25. 25. 5. Identify the animal
  26. 26. Answer follows…
  27. 27.  Mudhol Hound / Caravan Hound
  28. 28. 6. Designed in 1963, commissioned in 1970.What and where?
  29. 29. Answer follows…
  30. 30.  Ooty Radio Telescope
  31. 31. 7. What was Paul Karrer instrumental inestablishing the formula for?
  32. 32. Answer follows…
  33. 33.  Beta-carotene (Vitamin A also fine)
  34. 34. 8. Identify
  35. 35. Answer follows…
  36. 36.  Carl Sagan
  37. 37. CLOCKWISE 16 questions 10 points per answer on direct or pass on infinite bounce First strike on buzzer for +15/-10, pounce for +10/-10 Unlimited pounces/buzzes per team Pounce open for 5-10 seconds
  38. 38. 1.Which place? Also what’s this video showing?
  39. 39. Answer follows…
  40. 40.  Museo del Prado; The video shows Google’s digitization of the works at the Prado
  41. 41. 2.Monochromes dominated around 900 A.D. withattempts to include more detail. For the next400 years the focus was on blue and white,although for many years during this period thequality was quite poor. In later years theyturned to rough-pink and coral red.What were these, aided by processes such asreduction cooling? And how do we explain theblack, blue and red?
  42. 42. Answer follows…
  43. 43.  Ceramics or more specifically Chinese Ceramics. Black was through carbonising, blue from cobalt, and the red through clay firing.
  44. 44. 3.Baron Loránd Eötvös was a pioneer in the fieldof physics, and has the CGS unit forgravitational gradient named in his honour.He has a close connection to certain events ofOctober 1956. The event and its aftermathattained huge political significance. It often putsin a cameo as a member of a set of triviarelated to TIME magazine.‘Put fundas’ as they say.
  45. 45. Answer follows…
  46. 46. The university where Eötvös researched and taught for more than 30 years was renamed after him in 1950.In October 1956, students at Lorand Eotvos University started a revolt that spread to workers, and became the Hungarian revolution.
  47. 47. 4.A: is from Greek meaning “tribe of hairy women”B: has a species name which is Greek for “cave-dweller” and has an English name from a Bantulanguage of AngolaC: is thought to be a misspelling of the name of atown on the Congo river. May also be “ancestor” ina Bantu language.Name A, B and C
  48. 48. Answer follows…
  49. 49.  The African great apes  A – Gorilla  B – Chimpanzee  C – Bonobo
  50. 50. 5.It is an autoimmune disorder that leads to whitepatches on the skin. It is not contagious, butthe patches often lead people to confuse it withanother illness. In Tamizh Nadu, ignorance alsoleads to people terming it as “ven kushtam” inreference to the latter illness.Name both – the disorder, and the illness withwhich it is confused.
  51. 51. Answer follows…
  52. 52.  Leucoderma or Vitiligo Leprosy
  53. 53. 6.This is a view of Porthcurno, a sleepy little town 5 kmfrom the western most point of the English mainland.This resort town became famous in 1870. In theinter-war years, the office operated as many as 14simultaneously. The office lasted exactly a centuryafter the first ‘landing’ before it was closed, but thetown continues its link even today.With what?Larger pic follows.
  54. 54. Answer follows…
  55. 55.  This was the town which received the first submarine telegraph cable As a major international submarine communications cable station – Porthcurno is where many of the undersea cables terminate on the European side.
  56. 56. 7.‘A study in abstract’ perhaps as Sir ArthurConan Doyle might pen it? Not.ID the artist, connect and explain the scientific(biological) reasoning behind thedevelopments.
  57. 57. Answer follows…
  58. 58.  All are paintings by Claude Monet. He had a peculiar habit of painting the same subject several times over the span of his life. Monet developed cataract as he grew older. As a result he was unable to see greens and blues well and his vision slowly tended towards the yellows and browns
  59. 59. 8.The name of such devices, usually in heavymachinery, refer to the fact that the personoperating the equipment is no longer able tobecause s(he) is incapacitated.What name, and how do they work?Larger image follows.
  60. 60. Answer follows…
  61. 61.  Dead Man’s Handle – the handle must be kept pressed down by the hand to continue contact, so that if the operator is incapacitated, contact is broken and the machine stops
  62. 62. 9.Some of these trees and others in the regionare reputed to be thousands of years old.This fact is difficult to verify.What species, and why is it an arduous taskto check the age?Larger pic follows.
  63. 63. Answer follows…
  64. 64.  Baobab wood does not produce annual growth rings
  65. 65. 10.The advantages of basing them upon an aspectratio of √2 were noted in 1786 by the Germanscientist Georg Lichtenberg. Nobel prize-winningchemist Wilhelm Ostwald also proposed amethod in the early 1900s, a rectangle which,when folded in half across its length, retains thesame proportion, and forms the next smallestsize. It became a standard in 1922.What?
  66. 66. Answer follows…
  67. 67.  Paper sizes A0, A1, …
  68. 68. 11.Why is Kumbakonam ‘degree’ Coffee calledthus?
  69. 69. Answer follows…
  70. 70.  The co-operative societies test the purity of milk using a lactometer, which has markings like the degrees on a thermometer. Only freshly churned cow’s milk that is not diluted with water will stand below the red line marked as ‘M’ for milk. Any dilution, and the reading shoots up.
  71. 71. 12.Connect and explain.
  72. 72. Answer follows…
  73. 73.  The connection is Formula 1  Anti-slip wellies, whose soles are based on the treads on F1 tyres.  Knee supports from hydraulic dampeners  Baby Pod inspired by the driver’s cockpit  The man in the picture is Ron Dennis (the McLaren team chairman)
  74. 74. 13.Identify this animal. What is its veryauspicious species name?
  75. 75. Answer follows…
  76. 76.  Stegodon ganesha
  77. 77. 14.In Feb 2013, why did this tweet and thisInstagram photo by Jean H Lee, anAssociated Press reporter create history?
  78. 78. Answer follows…
  79. 79.  First ever tweet and Instagram photo from North Korea, after they recently launched a high-speed 3G network, which only foreigners can access
  80. 80. 15.What is referred to in this poem? The poet, Ruth Padel is adescendant of which famous name in science?None if it’s true. White Wildernessfaked the scene with illegal petsbought from Eskimo childrenflown in from Hudson Bay, put to runon a snow-covered turntable.Tight camera anglesturn them to a massrace over tundrathen _____’s film crew throw themoff a cliff. Over they goyou can see them stillfalling in celluloid aspic…..
  81. 81. Answer follows…
  82. 82.  The Disney wildlife program that perpetrated the myth that lemmings commit mass suicide Ruth Padel is a descendent of Charles Darwin
  83. 83. 16.John BardeenMarie CurieFrederick Sanger______________What connects?Who is missing from this exhaustive list?(pic given)Why is his achievement special?
  84. 84. Answer follows…
  85. 85. • Linus Pauling• All are double Nobel Prize winners• Pauling is the only one to win two unshared prizes
  86. 86. VISUAL CONNECT 10 visuals Points mentioned on each slide (there are negatives!) An exact answer (2 words) will fetch you the points shown; a close enough answer explaining the concept will get you half the points Unlimited attempts per team
  87. 87. +25/ -12.5
  88. 88. +25/ -12.5
  89. 89. +20/ -10
  90. 90. +20/ -10
  91. 91. +15/ -7.5
  92. 92. +15/ -7.5
  93. 93. +12/ -6
  94. 94. +10/ - 5
  95. 95. +8/ - 4
  96. 96. +5/ -2.5
  97. 97. +3/ 0(1 attempt)
  101. 101. ANTI-CLOCKWISE 16 questions 10 points per answer on direct or pass on Infinite Bounce First strike on buzzer for +15/-10, pounce for +10/-10 Unlimited buzzes/pounces per team Pounce, open for 5-10 seconds
  102. 102. 1.DFTD (____ Facial Tumour Disease) is a rare formof aggressive non-viral transmissible parasiticcancer, that possibly originates in Schwann cells.First encountered in 1996, it is said to be responsiblefor the near extinction of a rare species and spreadsby biting.Recent research reports suggest a cure is in sight,possibly saving the largest carnivorous marsupial inthe world since 1936.Fill in the blank OR name the affected species.
  103. 103. Answer follows…
  104. 104.  Tasmanian Devil
  105. 105. 2.More familiar to us in a blood transportingcontext, this term is used in geology todescribe a sheet of crystallized mineralswithin a rock created by hydrothermalcirculation of the minerals constituents. Theresult of crystals growing normal to the wallsof a cavity, it is used in the context ofdiscovery of metals.What term?
  106. 106. Answer follows…
  107. 107.  Vein
  108. 108. 3.In 1900, inspired by a wine spill on arestaurants table cloth, JacquesBrandenberger decided to create a materialthat could repel liquids.He began experimenting with sprayingwaterproof coating on viscose, addedglycerin and perfected the product after 10years.What resulted?
  109. 109. Answer follows…
  110. 110.  Cellophane (from the words cellulose and diaphane)
  111. 111. 4.In 1802, he began using Johan Akerblads demoticalphabet to study the Egyptian hieroglyphicalphabet and attempted to decipher the RosettaStone. In 1818, some of these conclusionsappeared in the "Egypt" section he wrote in theEncyclopaedia Brittanica.Which British polymath, whose contributionsextend to the fields of energy, physiology,music, solid mechanics and optics?
  112. 112. Answer follows…
  113. 113.  Thomas Young
  114. 114. 5.The PGM-11 Redstone was the first large Americanballistic missile and a direct descendant of the GermanV-2 rocket. It was nicknamed the “Army’s workhorse” andwas primarily built to counter concerns of the Soviets’growing military might during the Cold War years.In 1957, the US army tried to allay fears among citizensby installing this missile at an iconic public location. As atestament to this legacy, the government has to this dayensured that a certain feature of this location is notrepaired so citizens can feel pride.What location and what feature?
  115. 115. Answer follows…
  116. 116.  Grand Central Terminal The ceiling of the terminal has a hole so the rocket could be lifted in an emergency, and has not been repaired to this day
  117. 117. 6.Up until the 1840s, morphine was the preferred oraldrug for pain suppression and as a generaldepressant. Two things upset its dominance: The first was an 1849 invention by Scottish physician Alexander Wood that helped other drugs be used, and with much more powerful results. The second was an accidental synthesis of an acetylated form of morphine that was more potent and was promoted by Bayer.Name both developments.
  118. 118. Answer follows…
  119. 119.  Wood invented the Hypodermic syringe – that led to direct ingestion of drugs into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive processes Heroin was derived from Morphine
  120. 120. 7.The British addiction for tea was near universal in the18th century, to the point that much of British bullionreserves were being utilized in paying the Chinesefor meeting the demand.The British East India company came up with twosolutions to this problem, one of which wasestablishing rival tea plantations in British India bysmuggling C. sinensis seeds.The second solution, also involving India was muchmore sinister and led to a triangular form of trade.What?
  121. 121. Answer follows…
  122. 122.  British established poppy plantations in Bengal to cultivate opium. The tea purchased from China was redeemed against opium exported from Bengal, thus fuelling the opium addiction in China.
  123. 123. 8.Spanish conquistador Hernando De Soto regarded pigsas so important for human survival that when heventured into Florida in 1539 with 600+ men and 200+horses, he also took 200 pigs.During his 3 year progress through many of the Southernstates, many of these pigs escaped, seeding localpopulations of wild boar.The resulting progeny still abound in the US and are alsoimmortalized in the names of sporting teams such as theUniversity of Arkansas.What are they called? Pics on next slide
  124. 124. Answer follows…
  125. 125.  Razorbacks
  126. 126. 9.Please bear in mind that these are lesser knownsuspects in an otherwise well known connection.What connects? (non-exhaustive list)
  127. 127. Answer follows…
  128. 128.  Same genus and species name  American Bison – Bison bison  Common Green Iguana – Iguana iguana  Spotted Hyena – Crocuta crocuta  White Stork – Ciconia ciconia  Eurasian Badger – Meles meles
  129. 129. 10.Edred Corner, a British botanist who spent much ofhis life in South East Asian tropics proposed atheory that shed light on Charles Darwin’sspeculations about angiosperms (flowering plants).In this theory, he talks about cycads, trees thatmastered the trick of pollination using insects bypackaging their fruits to be red and odorous toattract the right visitors who would carry the seedsfar and wide.What did Corner, fittingly call his theory?
  130. 130. Answer follows…
  131. 131.  Durian Theory
  132. 132. 11.In 2006, early concepts of this were based on theAtmel ATmega644 microcontroller. A trustee namedEben Upton assembled a group of teachers,academics and computer enthusiasts to devise acomputer to inspire children.Inspired by the Acorn’s BBC Micro of 1981, its logo isunmistakable. Name the device
  133. 133. Answer follows…
  134. 134.  Raspberry Pi
  135. 135. 12.British research chemist William Henry Perkin triedto synthesize quinine to treat malaria. However, hecame up with the synthetic dye aniline purple.His accidental discovery resulted in the first massproduced artificial dye, which he named _____ ,also the name of his autobiography.Fill in the blankPic on next slide
  136. 136. Answer follows…
  137. 137.  Mauve
  138. 138. 13.In 1892, his curiosity was piqued by Lord Rayleigh’sobservation that the density of nitrogen extracted fromthe air was always greater than nitrogen released fromvarious chemical compounds. He set about looking foran unknown gas in air of greater density, which he foundand named _____.While investigating this newly discovered gas, hediscovered another gas, which had earlier brought thetown of Guntur to the news in 1868. This seconddiscovery led him to suggest the existence of a newgroup of elements in the periodic table.Who? And which two gases did he discover?
  139. 139. Answer follows…
  140. 140.  William Ramsay Argon, Helium
  141. 141. 14.Simon Newcomb, a Canadian-American mathematicianbecame superintendent of the US National Almanac. Hisprevious interests motivated him to to place planetary andsatellite motions on a completely uniform system, therebyraising solar system studies and the theory of gravitationto a new level. He largely accomplished this goal with theadoption of his new system of astronomical constants atthe end of the century.However, he is largely credited for being the first to comeup with something that took its name from the Greekwords for “diary” or “journal”.What?
  142. 142. Answer follows…
  143. 143.  Ephemeris/Ephemerides – a table of values that gives the positions of astronomical objects at a given time
  144. 144. 15.It is the term given to electrical discharge, usuallyappearing in spherical shape that, unlike its regularcounterpart, tends to linger awhile.Its exact origin remains a mystery and a scientistwrote “I never saw fire balls but as compensation formy disappointment, I succeeded later in determiningthe mode of their formation and producing themartificially. ”Eventually, he used a generating apparatusthese about 1½ inches in diameter and playedwowed onlookers.What phenomenon and which scientist?
  145. 145. Answer follows…
  146. 146.  Ball Lightning Nikola Tesla
  147. 147. 16.In 2001, when the Baltimore Ravens and the NewYork Giants faced off for SuperBowl XXXV in Tampa,a new video technology that had nothing to do withinstant replay or game technology made its debut.The technology created huge controversy with onemagazine calling it “Snooper Bowl” while anothermagazine published an article saying “Don’t Tampawith My Privacy”.What was the purpose of the technology thatdrew such extreme opinions?
  148. 148. Answer follows…
  149. 149.  Facial Recognition – that matched faces in the crowd with a database of criminals/troublemakers to apprehend them in advance
  150. 150. GET BUZZED 10 questions Answers will start with one of the letters – BITS APOGEE (not in order) On the buzzer +10/-10 If team buzzing misses it, others can try in writing for +5/-5
  151. 151. 1. Logo of which institute recognised as a in1959, and started in PresidencyCollege, Kolkata?
  152. 152. Answer follows…
  153. 153. • Indian Statistical Institute
  154. 154. 2. Identify this extinct type of large wild cattlethat inhabited Europe, Asia and North Africaand survived in Poland till 1627
  155. 155. Answer follows…
  156. 156. • Auroch
  157. 157. 3. Which bird that takes its name from theFrench word that means both "silver heron"and "brush," referring to the long filamentousfeathers that seem to cascade down its backduring the breeding season, is categorised asGreat, Intermediate, Cattle, Little, EasternReef, Snowy and Reddish among others?
  158. 158. Answer follows…
  159. 159. • Egret
  160. 160. 4. In 2006, which was the first (and only one tillnow) of the Millennium Prize problems to beconclusively solved by the person in the picturebelow?
  161. 161. Answer follows…
  162. 162. • Poincare Conjecture
  163. 163. 5. Identify this member of the dog familythat is an integral part of Japanese folklore(see next slide for a few examples)
  164. 164. Answer follows…
  165. 165. • Tanuki / Racoon Dog
  166. 166. 6. This is a tree found inthe tropical SE Asianforests, called Metroxylonsagu. The sap from this isoften used in preparationof dishes along withanother starch extractedfrom the root of plantsnative to South America,thereby giving the latter itsname in Hindi/Urdu.Give both names
  167. 167. Answer follows…
  168. 168. • Sagudana / Sabudana, the name for Tapioca
  169. 169. 7. Identify this industry body logo from the mobile world
  170. 170. Answer follows…
  171. 171. • Open Handset Alliance
  172. 172. 8. Since 1995, this research firm has used atechnique called hype cycle to characterize theover-enthusiasm or hype and subsequentdisappointment that typically happens with theintroduction of new technologies. These alsoshow how and when technologies move beyondthe hype, offer practical benefits and becomewidely accepted.Which research firm?
  173. 173. Answer follows…
  174. 174. • Gartner
  175. 175. 9. Which two familiar terms from the world ofmedicine come from the conjunction of Greekwords for “upon people” and “within people”?
  176. 176. Answer follows…
  177. 177. • Epidemic and Endemic
  178. 178. 10. The endangered animal shown is found inparts of northern or central India and takes itsname from the local words for “12-tined orhorned”, although a mature stag can haveanywhere between 10-14 antlers. What animal?
  179. 179. Answer follows…
  180. 180. • Barasingha
  181. 181. Final Scores and Winners!