asKQAnce 2013 Travel Quiz Finals for upload


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Finals of the asKQAnce 2013 Travel Quiz for teams of 4 by Ochintya Sharma and Venkatesh S

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asKQAnce 2013 Travel Quiz Finals for upload

  1. 1. asKQAnce 2013 Hoarse Latitudes The Travel and Culture Quiz Finals Quizmasters: Ochintya Sharma and Venkatesh S
  2. 2. Stamp-ede! – Written Clockwise – 8 Bharat Rail – Written Clockwise – 8 Seen In a Scene – Written Anti-clockwise – 8 Do I see a game somewhere – Written ? Anti-clockwise – 8
  3. 3. Stamp-ede! 6 questions All written +5 for each, +5 bonus for getting everything, no negatives
  4. 4. Hand in your sheets Answers follow… …after this slide.
  5. 5. 1. A set of stamps celebrating their famous Tanna Island coffee – which country issued it?
  6. 6. Vanuatu
  7. 7. 2. Name this tourist attraction. Give a 3-word answer.
  8. 8. Sea of Galilee / Lake of Gennesaret
  9. 9. 3. If you travel to NZ, you are bound to come across this flavour of ice cream consisting of plain vanilla ice cream with small, solid lumps of honeycomb toffee that dates back to the 1940s. Name it
  10. 10. Hokey Pokey
  11. 11. 4. The Austurvollur is a prominent park/square in the centre of which national capital city? – it has become a prominent place for public protests
  12. 12. Reykjavik
  13. 13. 5. Name please
  14. 14. Everglades
  15. 15. 6. Which place in Spain are all these about?
  16. 16. Altamira Caves
  17. 17. X first saw Y from the window of a train while travelling from Vernon to Gasny. He had been living in Poissy in north France, looking for a change of residence after the premature death of his first wife, and the beginning of a relationship with Alice Hoschedé. He liked what he saw from the train window so much that he moved to Y in 1883 with Alice and their eight children. After buying a house there, X redesigned his garden using Japanese principles. The garden and water body are inextricably linked and identified with X and are a major tourist attraction. Name X and Y AUDIENCE – 1
  18. 18. X – Claude Monet Y – Giverny
  19. 19. 1. Charles ______ Casalasco’s father, Jacques _______ was owner of the Hotel Anglais in Monte Carlo, where Charles worked as a pageboy. At the height of his success after coming to New York, Charles sold out and entered a joint venture with a group of Wall Street financiers, most notably Otto Kahn, E.F. Hutton and Walter P. Chrysler and built this hotel at a cost of $15 million and opened it in Oct 1930. YSL first debuted his couture collection in America here. In the Cotillion Ballroom, Al Pacino tangoed his way to an Oscar in Scent of a Woman. Name this iconic hotel and also give it’s current owner
  20. 20. ANSWER
  21. 21. The Pierre New York A Taj Hotel
  22. 22. 2. This was developed by Seiichi Miyake in 1965. It was first introduced in a street in Okayama city, Japan, in 1967. Its use gradually spread in Japan and then around the world and has now become a standard. The colour is chosen in a way that it contrasts visually with adjacent walking surfaces, either light-on-dark, or dark-on-light. You will now find this in public transport areas like Metro stations, bus termini, sidewalks and so on. What is it?
  23. 23. ANSWER
  24. 24. To guide or warn the visually impaired pedestrians - the oblong raised pattern indicate places, and in what direction, it is safe to walk confidently. The “warning” blocks with the round raised dots indicate edges, corners or other places where greater care or caution is required. So, these tactile cues help everyone stay clear of train platform edges, crosswalk drop-offs, and other related hazards.
  25. 25. 3. This is a traditional South American herb infused drink, particularly in Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and the southern states of Brazil. It is prepared from steeping dried leaves of yerba herbs in hot water. It is served with a metal straw from a shared hollow calabash gourd. The straw is traditionally made of silver and called the bombilla. What friendly name does it have in Argentina?
  26. 26. ANSWER
  27. 27. Mate, pronunced Mahtay
  28. 28. 4. It was once one of the most important cities in Europe. The Roman emperor Augustus chose it as the naval base for his eastern Mediterranean fleet in the first century, making the city an important boom town on the Eastern trade routes. Some 400 years later, Emperor Honorius moved his capital from Milan to here. Later, it became the seat of the Byzantine government in Italy, and thereby the most important city in the Eastern Roman Empire after Constantinople. The architectural legacy of this period includes a unique collection of early Christian mosaics housed in eight buildings that have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Name it
  29. 29. Galla Placidia mausoleum A mosaic of emperor Justinian
  30. 30. ANSWER
  31. 31. Ravenna
  32. 32. 5. In the early 17th century, the city X did belong to the French. Around 1535, the explorer Y had claimed it for King François I of France when he sailed across the Atlantic to the New World in search of gold. But as he recorded in his diary, there was no gold here, only “stones and horrible rugged rocks”. A few decades later, because of a fashion accessory coming into vogue, the French realized that there was great profit to be made and a group of French pioneers led by cartographer Samuel de Champlain landed here and chose X as their capital, and it remained in French hands till 1759. If you travel to this city even today, the French influence is unmistakeable. Name X, Y and the fashion accessory
  33. 33. ANSWER
  34. 34. X – Quebec Y – Jacques Cartier Z – Beaver fur hats
  35. 35. 6. On the left is the Royal Pavilion and on the right is the Chattri Memorial. In which seaside town in England will you find it? What was the Pavilion used for in the 1910s and in a related fashion, who was the memorial for?
  36. 36. ANSWER
  37. 37. Brighton Royal Pavilion was used as a hospital for wounded Indian soldiers in WW1 The memorial is for the Indian soldiers who died in WW1
  38. 38. 7. Three monuments in three different parts of the world (Asia, Americas and Africa) that all have the same name – denoting the founders / rulers of the respective places or in one case, a Biblical tale. What’s the common name and name any one of the locations?
  39. 39. ANSWER
  40. 40. Three Kings Monument Chiang Mai, Thailand Puerto Rico Gaborone, Botswana
  41. 41. 8. This book and its film adaptation by Ryu Murakami is set in this iconic location and was also filmed here. It is also believed that the last wild tiger in this country was shot dead in this location after escaping from a nearby show. The lasting claim to fame of this place was something that was ‘created’ here between 1910-1915. Name the place and the creation.
  42. 42. ANSWER
  43. 43. Raffles Hotel Singapore Sling
  44. 44. In the Southern Hemisphere, you will come across phenomena called the Roaring Forties, the Furious Fifties and the Shrieking Sixties – named by sailors who benefited from them. What are they and why are they so named? AUDIENCE – 2
  45. 45. ANSWER
  46. 46. Strong westerly winds Degrees of Latitude where they are found
  47. 47. AUDIENCE – 3 The Battle of Curzola was a naval battle which was fought at the end of the 13th century between the fleets of Genoa and Venice, in which the Venetians suffered a heavy defeat. According to one unverified legend, what was co-written by Venetian prisoner Rustichello da Pisa?
  48. 48. ANSWER
  49. 49. The Travels of Marco Polo
  50. 50. Bharat Rail 6 questions All written +5 for each, +5 bonus for getting everything, no negatives
  51. 51. Hand in your sheets Answers follow… …after this slide.
  52. 52. 1. In the pre-2011 4-digit numbering system, the first digit in any Indian train number represented the Railway region that runs it. Trains starting with the number 0 belonged to which railway organization in India?
  53. 53. Konkan Railway
  54. 54. 2. This is a station on the Arakkonam-Renigunta section of the Southern Railway (the first station after Renigunta towards Arakkonam (just within the AP border). The station code is VKZ. What is its distinction?
  55. 55. Train station with the longest name Sri Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta
  56. 56. 3. The easternmost broad gauge railway station in India is also the point where the Stillwell Road, which was used by the allies to transport arms in the China-India- Burma corridor during World War 2, begins. In fact, this village lent its name to the earlier name of the Stillwell Road. Name it
  57. 57. Ledo (in Assam)
  58. 58. 4. This Shatabdi Express is the fastest train in India today. It has a maximum speed of 150km/h on the Faridabad- Agra section, and 130km/h between Agra and Jhansi. It has the highest commercial speed for any train in India – 89.87 km/h, and covers the 704 km stretch in 7 hours 50 minutes. Which two cities does it connect?
  59. 59. New Delhi – Bhopal
  60. 60. 5. In the tentative list submitted for the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, India has nominated two more entries to an existing set of three. The existing three are in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh. The new ones are in Maharashtra and Punjab/Himachal. Name the two new entries
  61. 61. Matheran and Kangra Valley - Mountain Railways of India
  62. 62. 6. Which is the only train in India that runs (more than 100 km) with just two coaches?
  63. 63. There are only two coaches in the Fairy Queen: fifty seats in the air conditioned first coach and the second coach which is the pantry car.
  64. 64. This is a Super Fast express train, running between Kanyakumari and Hazrat Nizamuddin covers a distance of 2922 km making it one of the longest running Super Fast trains in the country. One of the few trains named after a literary work, what is it called, possibly influenced by a tourist attraction at one of the termini? AUDIENCE – 4
  65. 65. Thirukkural Express
  66. 66. Which Indian detergent brand shares its name with a now-defunct national airline of a European country? AUDIENCE – 5
  67. 67. Sabena
  68. 68. 9. This is the Souk Zrabia, the main carpet market in one of the major cities in North Africa. Due to their intricate designs and their comparisons to expensive art, these carpets are given a name that combines the name of the tribe that makes these along with the name of a famous artist. Which city will you find this in? What are these carpets called?
  69. 69. ANSWER
  70. 70. Marrakech Berber Picasso
  71. 71. 10. The term ______ __ _________refers to an event in Greek history involving a mass suicide of women from Souli and their children during the Souliote War of 1803, near this village in Epirus, Greece. During the Souliote War in Dec 1803, the Souliotes began evacuating after their defeat by the forces of the local Ottoman-Albanian ruler, Ali Pasha. During the evacuation, a small group of Souliot women and their children were trapped by Ali's troops in Epirus. In order to avoid capture and enslavement, the women threw their children first and then themselves off a steep cliff, committing suicide. According to the legend, they jumped down the precipice one after the other while singing and dancing. The incident soon became known across Europe. What is this monument called?
  72. 72. ANSWER
  73. 73. Dance of Zalongo Zalongo is located in Epirus in Northern Greece
  74. 74. 11. One of the most important tourist attractions in Colorado, it was controversial when built in 1963, it is now regarded as an icon of modernist architecture. It hosts more than half a million visitors every year. It has six different sections for use by different people. What is it and who is it built for?
  75. 75. ANSWER
  76. 76. Cadet Chapel for the United States Air Force Academy - The Protestant nave is located on the upper level, while the Catholic and Jewish chapels and a Buddhist room are located beneath it. You can also find the All Faiths room and Falcon Circle for followers of Earth-Centered Spirituality,
  77. 77. 12. A famous temple for Parvati and a GI-indicated sari from a town in East India. Name the town, the name by which the goddess is known and the sari
  78. 78. ANSWER
  79. 79. Bishnupur Baluchari Sarees Chinnamasta – the one with the severed head
  80. 80. 13. This is the map of which city? The main road here is named after a feted army general, Gatot Subroto. What does Gatot (a common first name in this country) stand for?
  81. 81. ANSWER
  82. 82. Jakarta Gatot is the short form for the warrior Gatotkacha
  83. 83. 14. This National Park covers more than 2.5 million hectares in the east of the country, at the centre of the “Pamir Knot”. It consists of high plateaus in the east and, rugged peaks to the west, some of them over 7,000m high, and features extreme seasonal variations of temperature. The longest valley glacier outside the Polar region is located among the 1,085 glaciers in the park, which also has 170 rivers and more than 400 lakes. The park also shelters nationally rare and threatened birds and mammals. Name the country where it’s located. What is unique about the Pamir Knot?
  84. 84. ANSWER
  85. 85. Tajikistan The Pamir Knot are a mountain range in Central Asia formed by the knot of the Himalayas, Tian Shan, Karakoram, Kunlun, and Hindu Kush ranges.
  86. 86. 15. Given below are the name derivations of areas that make up which remarkable place? Also, identify X i. Sir Bartholomew James Sullivan – lifelong friend of X ii. X iii. Viscount Samuel Hood iv. King Ferdinand II of Aragon v. Juan José Flores, the first President of Ecuador vi. Genoa, Italy vii. Queen Isabela viii. Friar Antonio Marchena ix. English nobleman, Lord Hugh Seymour (2) x. the Pinzón brothers xi. Earl of Abingdon / Spanish for the Pint xii. the convent of Rábida xiii. the patron saint of seafarers, St. Christopher xiv. Holy Cross in Spanish xv. Santa Fe – a city in Spain xvi. Equivalent to St James in English xvii. German geologist Theodor Wolf
  87. 87. ANSWER
  88. 88. Galapagos Islands Charles Darwin
  89. 89. 16. In 1768, while in England as a deputy postmaster of the British American colonies, he heard a curious complaint from the Colonial Board of Customs: Why did it take British packets several weeks longer to reach New York from England than it took an average American merchant ship to reach Newport, Rhode Island, despite the merchant ships leaving from London, while the packets left from Falmouth in Cornwall? In the fall of 1768, he discussed this with his first cousin Timothy Folger, captain of a Nantucket whaling vessel. What was charted and named thus? Who is the person?
  90. 90. ANSWER
  91. 91. Gulf Stream Benjamin Franklin
  92. 92. Don’t just book it. _________ _________ it. Fill in the blanks in this famous ad campaign AUDIENCE – 6
  93. 93. Thomas Cook
  94. 94. The birth place of Lal Bahadur Shastri, it is one of the termini of the Grand Chord section that starts from Asansol. Located 16 kms from Varanasi, it possibly has the longest freight yard in Asia. Name it AUDIENCE – 7
  95. 95. Mughalsarai
  96. 96. Seen in a Scene
  97. 97. You will see 6 movie clips. (unfortunately, all videos removed!) Questions need to be answered in writing. Each question has two parts. 5+5 marks for A+B parts. No Stakes, No Differentials, No bonus, No other scoring bullshit.
  98. 98. Hand in your sheets Answers follow… …after this slide.
  99. 99. 1. You will see a popular song. It is picturized in two locations not very far from each other. Name both.
  100. 100. ANSWER
  101. 101. Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary and Balmuri Falls near Mysore
  102. 102. 2. What is the name of the Railway Station that is featured in the video? This place is also the start point of a “Numero Uno” road. Where does that road terminate?
  103. 103. ANSWER
  104. 104. 3. When this song from a 1970 movie became popular, as with many other cases, tourists started discovering this lake. Not long after, boating here became a honeymoon ritual. Which lake? According to local myth, the lake is filled through a subterranean connection with which water body?
  105. 105. ANSWER
  106. 106. Nainital and Manasarovar
  107. 107. 4. The name of this park in Utah with such a spectacular landscape points to what “expired animal”? What is the black line that is meandering through?
  108. 108. ANSWER
  109. 109. Dead Horse and Colorado River
  110. 110. 5. This is an enactment of the _____ Festspiele, one of the world’s most prestigious classical festivals. It is held every July and August on a specially made stage on Lake Constance in Austria. Fill the blank. Identify the opus being enacted.
  111. 111. ANSWER
  112. 112. 6. This place earns merit in Myth for two reasons. One, this is where Parashurama vanquished King Kartavirya Arjuna. This is also where, in Valmiki’s ashram, Sita delivered Luv and Kush. (A) Film crew are also discovering another location, (B), 30 km southeast of (A), whose two main residential areas are called Robertsonpet and Andersonpet. Name A and B
  113. 113. ANSWER
  114. 114. Kolar Hills and Kolar Gold Fields
  115. 115. 1. There are more than 600 of them, all managed by the Gormost. The first Perekhod came up in Smolenskaya in 1935 and the longest, in Paveletskaya. Each of the major ones has its own speciality. Teatralnaya with good acoustics is for musicians. Kitai-Gorod is a drinking hole and the one in Pushkin Square has the best DVDs. Kurskaya is for modern art. Between Gorky Park and New Tretykov gallery, it is for Russian paintings. Manezh Square even has a movie theatre. What is a Perekhod?
  116. 116. ANSWER
  117. 117. Underground Pedestrian Crossing
  118. 118. 2. This is a memorial to a 20th century leader designed by the ROMA design group and sculpted by the Chinese artist Lei Yixin. The specific manner of its construction is a dedication to what?
  119. 119. ANSWER
  120. 120. Line from Martin Luther King Jr.’s I have a dream speech: “Out of the Mountain of Despair, a Stone of Hope”
  121. 121. 3. The 86th floor observatory in the Empire State Building is open till 2AM every night. Thursday to Saturday, 10 PM to 1 AM, there is a jazz saxophonist doing the rounds. You can pay him extra and he will play your song. Flooded with what demand, did the ESB employ these motley folks?
  122. 122. ANSWER
  123. 123. Marriage Proposals. The Observatory Deck at the ESB is the venue where maximum marriage proposals happen in the US. There were floods of request for surprise music!! I'd like to propose at the Empire State Building. Is that ok? Absolutely! We recommend proposing when our saxophonist is on the 86th floor Observatory (Thursdays-Saturdays, 10PM–1AM). You may request your special song to help set the mood. Afterwards, celebrate with a champagne toast at The Empire Room, located in the building on the main level on 33rd Street. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests to close down the Observatory for proposals.
  124. 124. 4. If you were an itinerant traveller in the mid 1800s, what you saw in the visual would have caused you quite an irritation. The fact that it was made of Indian Plum and other prickly shrubs would cause the irritation to be even more literal. In reference to another such grand project, historians now call this “The _____ ______ of India”. (A) The officers of the East India Company and later the Crown, who extended the original A, called it by a more officious name : “Inland (B) Line” alluding to the function that was provided. A and B please?
  125. 125. ANSWER
  126. 126. 5. The building of the Beijing - Shanghai high speed railway consumed two times the amount of concrete used in the Three Gorges Dam. The train reaches a max speed of 300 kmph, and the 1300 kilometre distance is scheduled to be covered in around 5 hours with just a single stop at Nanjing South. However, very often, the journey takes well upto 7 hrs. The reason for this delay is a large number of sudden and emergency stops the train makes. Why does the train stop in the wayside places?
  127. 127. ANSWER
  128. 128. In ordinary Chinese trains, smoking is permitted in vestibules. The High Speed G train is a total non-smoking train. Addicted Chinese comrades try to light up, mostly in the bathroom. This sets up the fire alarm which triggers automatic emergency brakes. The train doesn't start till the bathroom is identified and the system is resanitized!!!
  129. 129. 6. This is a standard souvenir from a familiar wonder of the world. What artistic license have the local artists applied to the actual scenery, to justify what legend?
  130. 130. ANSWER
  131. 131. The relative heights of the hills are manipulated so that the picture looks like a human face. The face is supposed to be that of the Emperor Pachucuti. Machu Pichu was built as an estate for him.
  132. 132. 7. The word Porajmos is used to describe the attempted genocide of these people X during World War 2. They survived and have flourished. In country Y, X is written with a double consonant so as not to create any local confusion. In France, the belief was that X came into their country from the east, and hence the French called them Z. In the late 19th century, with the upsurge of a French cultural movement, the adjective Z came to common usage. Solve for X, Y, Z
  133. 133. ANSWER
  134. 134. X= Romani Y= Romanian Z= Bohemian
  135. 135. 8. The area around Malvan is a popular tourist destination with multiple beaches, temples and forts in vicinity. In recent years, a small island, a few kilometres from Malvan has been attracting tourists in hordes. Situated in the back waters of Tarkarli, this sand bar is now a hub for water sports like jet ski, banana boat rides, kayaks, and the likes. Critics deride this loss of peace and pronounce that the island was not formed overnight as claimed by the local tourist machinery. They find the name chosen for the island as cheap and sad publicity. But it is precisely the much publicized name that is bringing in the tourists. What is the name of the island?
  136. 136. ANSWER
  137. 137. Tsunami Island Created during the Tsunami of 2004
  138. 138. The Motihari town is the headquarters of a historically important district of Bihar. A massive opium warehouse faces the most important and popular house in the town, which is now a protected monument. A tourist trail of sorts brings thousands to this house every year. By a quirky coincidence, the reason for fame was tracked down in the year 1983 – not a year too early. The district, which borders Nepal, is important since Mahatma Gandhi led the first Satyagraha revolution here. Why is the house famous? Give the name of the district AUDIENCE – 8
  139. 139. ANSWER
  140. 140. George Orwell’s birthplace Champaran
  141. 141. Do I see a game somewhere?
  142. 142. There are six questions. About travel locations connected to some sport/pastime/act of leisure (all videos removed) Questions need to be answered in writing Each question has two parts 5+5 marks for A+B parts No Stakes, No Differentials, No bonus, No other scoring bullshit
  143. 143. Hand in your sheets Answers follow… …after this slide.
  144. 144. 1. This movie clip was shot at a location which was naturally endowed for this sport. But no local had ever bothered about it. It was the gear brought by the film crew that pioneered this sport here. Today, it draws thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world and even hosts a major championship. What sport? (A) Where? (B)
  145. 145. ANSWER
  146. 146. (A)Surfing (B)Baler Bay / Aurora Philippines
  147. 147. 2. Where will you see this statues? (A) And whose statue is on the right? (B)
  148. 148. ANSWER
  149. 149. (A)Royal Ascot (B)Frankie Dettori
  150. 150. 3. In 1950, when the Mexico government completed building its section of the world’s longest road, it wanted to showcase its road building prowess and also attract international travellers. Thus, this race was born. Covering a distance of 2200 miles and an elevation range of 300 ft. to 10,000+ ft., it quickly earned notoriety of being the “most dangerous race” in the world. What is this event? (A) And what popular nickname has this race now caught on, that may remind you of a defunct airline? (B)
  151. 151. ANSWER
  152. 152. (A) La Carrera Panamericana or the Panamerican Road Race (B) Pan Am
  153. 153. 4. Because of its extensive canal network, (A) is often compared to Venice. It draws more than 10 million tourists every year and for a long time, it was considered the most favourite destination for American college students to spend out their spring break. Its annual show, - the 54th Edition this year - draws close to 100,000 tourists every October. For all its influence, be through its unique geography or the large number of moneybags with large toys, it called “The (B) Capital of the World”. Tell us A and B.
  154. 154. ANSWER
  155. 155. 5. This is the “Image of the World” square. Measuring 505 metres by 160 metres, it is one of the largest city squares in the world. Since early 1600s, it has been a hub of entertainment, commerce, and social gatherings in which city?(A). Additionally, what sporting purpose was it used for? (B)
  156. 156. ANSWER
  157. 157. (A) Isfahan (B) Polo Field
  158. 158. 6. (A) is a large country home in Gloucestershire dating from the 13th century. It came to the possession of the Earl of Somerset and finally to the _____ (B) during the late 17th Century. The large manor has multiple sporting traditions. One, it is the venue for the prestigious A Horse Trials. Secondly, it is Britain’s major centre for fox hunting. However, quizzers know more about an “invention/ re-introduction” by the children of the family in the Grand Hall during a unusually harsh winter spell of 1863. Fill A and B.
  159. 159. ANSWER
  160. 160. (A) Badminton House (B) Duke of Beaufort
  161. 161. This National Park has perhaps the widest diversity of habitats of any of South Asia's major areas. It’s altitude ranges from a mere 200m in the plains to a lofty 4,570m in the easternmost tip of the Himalayas, providing an impressive altitudinal range. It is probably the only place in the world that has the tiger, leopard, clouded leopard and the snow leopard. It is also a birding paradise with more than 400 species, some found only in this part of India. Name it AUDIENCE – 9
  162. 162. ANSWER
  163. 163. Namdapha National Park
  164. 164. 9. With its history running back to 1895, The Henry Wood Concerts are organized by the BBC every summer in the Royal Albert Hall for eight weeks. Historically, as these concerts were to be performed in _______s, they are also called the BBC ____s. Now, the verb ______ing is used to refer to this massive phenomenon of queuing up for cheap tickets, spending long nights in those queues, and cheering loudly from the cheap stands. British media trumps this as the most democratic cultural festival in the world. What is this phenomenon?
  165. 165. ANSWER
  166. 166. 10. The overriding rule: You are not to think you're anyone special or that you're better than us. is derived from these 10 rules: You're not to think you are anything special. You're not to think you are as good as us. You're not to think you are smarter than us. You're not to convince yourself that you are better than us. You're not to think you know more than us. You're not to think you are more important than us. You're not to think you are good at anything. You're not to laugh at us. You're not to think anyone cares about you. You're not to think you can teach us anything. This doctrine is called “The Law of Jante” Or “Who-Do-You- Think-You-Are” law. This explains the social and community based behaviour of which region of the world?
  167. 167. ANSWER
  168. 168. Scandinavia
  169. 169. 11. What is common to the following buildings? Westminster Cathedral, London Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York
  170. 170. Super Power Building, Clearwater Ajuba National Palace, Lisbon New Zealand Parliament, Wellington
  171. 171. ANSWER
  172. 172. Buildings left incomplete
  173. 173. 12. A. Part of the Reserva Nacional los Flamencos, west of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. B. Ischigualasto Provincial Park, famous for multiple dinosaur fossil discoveries in South-western Argentina. C. Part of the Pedro Domingo Murillo, just 10 Km from downtown La Paz in Bolivia. D. A 1.8 Billion years Stony basin carved out by the San Miguel river near Chapada dos Veadeiros in the Brazilian highlands All these places have all adopted the same nickname. What would be the English version of that nickname?
  174. 174. ANSWER
  175. 175. Valle de la Luna Val da Lua Valley of the Moon
  176. 176. 13. The resort is referred as “The Village” and the manager, the chef de village. GO, Gentils Organisateurs, serve customers who are called GM, Gentils Membres (Gracious Guests). Through the day, GOs and GMs play, dine, drink, and dance together. Across all the resorts, GOs do a communal dance – crazy signs – a dance that is improvised/invented every season. What holiday experience is this?
  177. 177. ANSWER
  178. 178. 14. A few years back, researchers at the Cornell Centre for Advanced Computing (CAC) using a novel methodology, number crunching media analytics and some statistical tweaks, established that (surprise!) the Eiffel Tower was the most photographed location in the world. In late 2012, another team of researchers, operating on a different set of data established that (surprise, surprise!) Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport has taken that elite position. What is the methodology applied? And what was the difference in the two approaches?
  179. 179. ANSWER
  180. 180. The methodology was to analyze pictures shared onto internet. The Cornell scientists downloaded nearly 35 million Flickr photos taken by more than 300,000 photographers and analyzed them. The other study was conducted by Instagram of pictures posted by their 100 million users worldwide!!
  181. 181. 15. In 1963, Jim Hole, A British special effects specialist and Paul Avellino, a construction manager, devised a 300 feet shallow water tank for shooting naval sequences. The next year, this was used for the naval war drama, “The Bedford Incident”. Producers who came for the tank soon noticed other things in the neighborhood that has always been calling in tourists: blue lagoons, unspoilt forts and devout worshippers. In 1978, the Mediterranean Film Studios was formed and today it has a proud portfolio of top-notch period blockbusters. Now there are as many long queues at the left-behind sets as there are in the medieval forts. Where on earth?
  182. 182. ANSWER
  183. 183. Malta
  184. 184. 16. Some attribute the name of this festival to Geography. Others attribute it to a famous 1848 short story. The most iconic images of the festival in the place of origin are the ones below: Over the years, the festival has spread far and wide: Paris in October, Iceland on June 24th, Helsinki in August, Melbourne in Feb and Chicago in May. What festival? Where did the festival originate?
  185. 185. ANSWER
  186. 186. Final Scores and Winners!