ASKQANCE 2012 Sports Quiz prelims_for upload


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Sports Quiz Prelims at KQA's 29th Anniversary (2012) - by Thejaswi Udupa and Venkatesh S

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ASKQANCE 2012 Sports Quiz prelims_for upload

  1. 1. Prelims with AnswersQMs: Thejaswi Udupa and Venkatesh S
  2. 2. *1. While many people believe his doctoratewas honorary, it was not. He earned it afterfour and a half years of work under Dr.David M Kopp for his thesis titled TheDuality of Humor and Seriousness inLeadership Styles. Who?
  3. 3. Answer is…
  4. 4. Answer Dr. Shaquille O’Neal
  5. 5. 2. Identify the man in the picture, a 1976 Olympic Gold winner.
  6. 6. Answer is…
  7. 7. Answer Bruce Jenner, who won the gold medal for decathlon in the Montreal 1976 Summer Olympics
  8. 8. 3. What is thesubject of thiscriticallyacclaimed book?
  9. 9. Answer is…
  10. 10. Answer Football hooliganism
  11. 11. 4. In 1959 Alan Sillitoe (one of the Angry Young Men)wrote a story about Colin, a poor Nottingham teenagerfrom a dismal home in a blue-collar area, who has bleakprospects in life and few interests beyond petty crimewho turns to a particular sport for succour.In 1962, the story was adapted to film starring Sir TomCourtenay in the lead role. The story has influencedmany songs as well, most notably the one you hear here.Name the common title shared by the story, film, andsong.[AUDIO REMOVED: song by Iron Maiden]
  12. 12. Answer is…
  13. 13. Answer The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
  14. 14. *5. A common practical joke played bythis cricketer the first time he meetssomeone is to deliberately say somethingcompletely incomprehensible that theother person would mistake for hisaccent, and bursting into loudrambunctious laughter after the fewseconds of uncomfortable silence thatfollows.Who?
  15. 15. Answer is…
  16. 16. Answer Chris Gayle
  17. 17. 6. This foul-mouthed perfectionist claimed tohave played first team football for the legendaryScottish club Rangers F.C., but there is no proofand Rangers historians insist that he was nothingmore than a young lad who tried out with theteam but failed to make the cut because of aweak knee.Who?
  18. 18. Answer is…
  19. 19. Answer Gordon Ramsay
  20. 20. 7. On the same lines as the 4-minute mile,what time limit is now being touted as theholy grail for the sport of marathon?
  21. 21. Answer is…
  22. 22. Answer 2 hours
  23. 23. 8. Identify the two people playing basketball inthis home video.[VIDEO REMOVED]
  24. 24. Answer is…
  25. 25. Answer John Lennon Miles Davis
  26. 26. 9. Exhaustive list. Thankfully short. What?• Francisco Lazaro (Portugal), Marathon (1912, Stockholm)• Nicolae Berechet (Romania), Boxing (1936, Berlin)• Knut Jensen (Denmark), Cycling (1960, Rome)
  27. 27. Answer is…
  28. 28. Answer People who died in competition at the Olympics
  29. 29. *10. He helped Hitler win the vote for theBerlin Olympics. To return the favour,Hitler gave his construction company thecontract to build the German Embassy inUSA. This was the first of the manycontroversies he was involved in over afour-decade period. Who?
  30. 30. Answer is…
  31. 31. Answer Avery Brundage
  32. 32. Answer is…
  33. 33. Answer Kickball
  34. 34. 12. This statue inCarpi, Italy showsthis athlete in amuch better lightthan what we areused to seeing himin photographs.Who?
  35. 35. Answer is…
  36. 36. Answer Dorando Pietri
  37. 37. 13. In field hockey and soccer, it is‘goalkeeper’ – what is the equivalentin ice hockey and lacrosse?
  38. 38. Answer is…
  39. 39. Answer Goaltender
  40. 40. 14. Identify this athletetaking part in the archeryevent at the StokeMandeville Games.
  41. 41. Answer is…
  42. 42. Answer Abebe Bikila
  43. 43. *15. What 4-lettered sportingterm was originally spelt‘hockey’?
  44. 44. Answer is…
  45. 45. Answer Oche (the throwing line in darts)
  46. 46. 16. What significant rule changedid IAAF make in the sport ofhigh jump in 1936?
  47. 47. Answer is…
  48. 48. Answer That athletes did not have to clear the bar leg-first.
  49. 49. 17. For what specific reasondid the USA boycott the 1980Moscow Olympics?
  50. 50. Answer is…
  51. 51. Answer USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan
  52. 52. 18.In 2010 MCC established new Honours Boards forboth batting and bowling. The entries as on dateare:Year Batsman Runs1912 C Kelleway 102 W Bardsley 164Year Bowler Runs2010 S.R. Watson 5-40 M.J. North 6-55What are these honours boards commemorating?
  53. 53. Answer is…
  54. 54. Answer Honours Boards for achievements in neutral tests at Lord’s (Aus vs SA and Aus vs Pak)
  55. 55. 19.This person’s connection to India goes beyondinbound flights or plans to set up budget hotels.His father was Goan, studied at La Martiniereschool in Kolkata, played cricket and football atMohun Bagan and hung out at "CalcuttaSporting Club" with Vece Paes.An accountant by training, he is today theprincipal owner of multiple sporting teams,apart from the ASEAN Basketball League.Who?
  56. 56. Answer is…
  57. 57. Answer• Tony Fernandes, who also owns stake in the QPR and the Caterham F1 teams
  58. 58. *20.Five athletes from India made it to the finals ofthe athletics events in the 1984 Los AngelesOlympics. Two were Chand Ram and VandanaRao.Name the other three who all hail from the samestate (no part points)
  59. 59. Answer is…
  60. 60. Answer PT Usha, Shiny Abraham and MD Valsamma – the 4*400 women’s relay race team along with Vandana Rao
  61. 61. 21.Two golfers were among the winners of the LaureusAwards 2012 for achievements in 2011In the “Breakthrough” category was a 23-year oldwho won a major tournament last year with arecord score.In the “Comeback” category was a 42-year old whowon a major tournament after 20 years of being onthe circuit.Name both
  62. 62. Answer is…
  63. 63. Answer• Rory McIlroy• Darren Clarke
  64. 64. When the whistle blows and the floodlights glowThen the X fans will put on a showWhen the stands vibrate and the rafters ringWell be doing the bouncy, and youll hear us singI am a blue nose, loyal and trueIm proud to wear the red white and blueStrong as a rock with standards highI am a teddy bear till the day I dieNow the greatest game is on new year’s dayWhen the boys in the hoops come along to playBut well send them homeward shedding their tearsAs they hear this chorus ringing in their ears22. Fan Song of which football club? “the boys in thehoops” are their rivals – name them as well
  65. 65. Answer is…
  66. 66. Answer• Glasgow Rangers• Celtic F.C.
  67. 67. 23.Air Marshal Nur Khan, as the head of the PCBhelped organise the 1987 Cricket World Cup inIndia & Pakistan.However, he is better remembered for his stintas head of the Pakistan Hockey Federation.What was his enduring legacy to hockey,which took shape in 1978?
  68. 68. Answer is…
  69. 69. Answer• Champions’ Trophy Hockey Tournament
  70. 70. 24. Evolving from tennis, table tennis took off in1900, and at this juncture, Jaques and Son werejust one of several manufacturers producingversions of Ping Pong / TT.Which well known brand/company got a patentfor TT under the trade name of ‘Whiff Whaff’?
  71. 71. Answer is…
  72. 72. SlazengerAnswer
  73. 73. Rev. Frank Marshall: “Oh, fie, go away naughty boy, I dont play with boys who can’t afford to take a holiday for ____ any day they like!” Miller: "Yes, that’s just you to a T; you’d make it so that no lad whose father wasn’t a millionaire could play at all in a really good team. For my part I see no reason why the men who make the money shouldn’t have a share in the spending of it."*25. An 1890s cartoon lampooning what eventual split?
  74. 74. Answer• The split between Rugby Union and Rugby League (amateurs and pros)
  75. 75. 26.In 1983, who became the only player to win aboy’s Grand Slam?He is also the only player ever to win both ATPPlayer of the Year (1990, 1991) and ATP DoublesTeam of the Year (1986).Who? What achievement? (2 points)
  76. 76. Answer is…
  77. 77. Answer• Stefan Edberg
  78. 78. 27.“Modern Pentathlon Gets a Little Less Penta”– was a headline from the New York Times inNovember 2008, because of a rule change /combination change in the event, somewhatmirroring another event in the Winter Olympics.What was the change?
  79. 79. Answer is…
  80. 80. Answer• Shooting and running combined into a single event, like the biathlon in Winter Olympics where cross- country skiing and rifle shooting is one single event
  81. 81. 28.1. _______________, Hungary2. Yifan Hou, China3. Anna Muzychuk, Slovenia4. ________________, India5. Xue Zhao, ChinaWorld Top 5 list in a sport. Fill in both the blanks
  82. 82. Answer is…
  83. 83. Answer• Judith Polgar• Koneru Humpy
  84. 84. 29.At the age of 48, representing Slovenia shemissed qualifying for the 2008 SummerOlympics by 0.28 seconds. This would have beenher record 8th Olympics appearance.She already holds the record for the maximumappearances (7) by any woman track & fieldathlete, winning 3 silver and 6 bronze medals,while representing another country.Who?
  85. 85. Answer is…
  86. 86. Answer• Merlene Ottey
  87. 87. 30*.An artist’simpression of a planecrash at the hill ofSuperga that killedalmost all the teammembers of theleading Serie A clubat the time, whichhad been the last towin the title beforeWW II.Which club?
  88. 88. Answer is…
  89. 89. Answer• Torino FC
  90. 90. 31.The Grewal Sports Association sponsors andruns a hockey academy for schoolboys, apartfrom promoting various other sports.What did the doyen of the group, Inder SinghGrewal start in 1933 that continues to this day, ata location 15 kms south of Ludhiana? Name theevent and the location
  91. 91. Answer is…
  92. 92. Answer• Kila Raipur Rural Olympics
  93. 93. 32.In the recent Anand-Gelfand match, if the rapidgames had not been able to produce a result, thenext tiebreak would have been two blitz games.If these had also been tied, a method would havebeen employed where White would have beengiven 5 minutes and Black 4 minutes. If the gamewas drawn, then the player of the Black pieceswould be declared champion.What 10-letter word, signifying that it was theultimate end game describes this?
  94. 94. Answer is…
  95. 95. Answer• Armageddon
  96. 96. 33.This is the AdidasSilverstream, the official ballof the Euro 2000. The titleand design of this ball werededicated to the rivers ofthe host countries, to whichthey owe their prosperity.The locals nicknamed thesewaterways “silver streams”due to the way theirsurfaces sparkle brightly inthe early morning sun.Who were the co-hosts?
  97. 97. Answer is…
  98. 98. Answer• Belgium• Holland / The Netherlands
  99. 99. 34.“It was a wish on my part to do something as atribute to the memory of my great father. I thoughtif he was first in something then I should also befirst in something related to cricket. The chancecame to me when I was asked to do the cricketcommentary for a match in Indore”The lady making this quote was captain of theMadhya Pradesh women’s team in the 1970s andlater became the world’s first woman cricketcommentator when she broadcast the MCC vsBombay match at Indore in 1977.Name her / her father
  100. 100. Answer is…
  101. 101. Answer• Chandra Nayudu, daughter of CK Nayudu
  102. 102. *35.Only these two sportspeople in India have wonthe ‘triple’ of the Arjuna, Khel Ratna andDronacharya Awards. Name both
  103. 103. Answer is…
  104. 104. Answer• Cdr. Homi Motivala• Pullela Gopichand