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Bolter miner @ Russia


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Bolter miner @ Russia

  1. 1. BOLTER MINER Study Tour @ Russia Team Wise to resolve, patient to perform… Prepared by Venkat
  2. 2. Presentation Profile • Objective • Details of the Visit • Russia – Mining Scenario • Bolter Miner Details • Mine visits – Salient Features • Maintenance • Things to be implementable • Conclusions • Pics of Bolter Miner
  3. 3. The Objective • Background – SCCL future depends only on the successful implementation of bulk capacity Longwalls. – Company is in advance stage of introduction of high capacity Longwalls in few mines at first and on a large scale later. – From past experience it is clear that the panel development is one of the critical activity in Longwall success. – Now, it is the time to change ourselves from age old Road headers to Bolter miners to have rapid progress in roadway development including safety. • A team of three executives were selected to visit Russia to study, observe and analyze the operation of Bolter miner in different mines at different geo-mining conditions. The same can be compared with and if possible can be implemented in our longwall mines.
  4. 4. Visit Particulars • Total Period - 10th to 23rd April 2010 • Mines Visited - Four • Surface visits include - Manufacturing plants
  5. 5. Training Schedule - 2010 DATE ACTIVITY Mon 12th April Arr Novokuznetsk am, transfer to hotel, meeting at Joy Kuzbass office pm. Tue 13th April Underground visit to Kotenskaya mine to see Joy Bolter miner development Wed 14th April Underground visit to Raspadskaya mine to see Joy development and Longwall Thur 15th April Underground visit to Raspadskaya Koksova mine to see 12CM30 Fri 16th April De-brief meeting at Novokuznetsk office Sat 17th April Dep Novokuznetsk am, free time in Moscow. Sun 18th April Sightseeing in Moscow Mon 19th April Depart Moscow for Vorkuta, arrive Vorkuta 12.50 Tue 20th April Underground visit Vorgashorska mine to see Joy Bolter miner development. Wed 21st April Meeting at Vorgashorska mine am.Depart Vorkuta 13.50 arrive Moscow 16.40 Thur 22nd April De-brief meeting in Mosow office Fri 23rd April Depart Moscow for return home - EK 134,Moscow(DME) 1755
  6. 6. Russian Coal Industry World Coal Reserves • Fifth largest producer of coal in the world. • 2nd largest proved coal reserve in world. Russian production for last 15 years 350 300 250 200 O/C U/G 150 100 50 0 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
  7. 7. Russia Coal Map
  8. 8. Svalbard, Norway Arctic Ocean Bering Barents Sea Sea Sweden Joy/P&H Moscow Vorkuta coal reserves PECHORA BASIN YAKUTIA BASIN Moscow Elga project EAST Joy/P&H SIBERIA Kuzbass KUZNETSK BASIN BASIN Kazakhstan China Kuzbass coal reserves Japan Mongolia Russia Coal Market Overview
  9. 9. Top 10 Russian Mines by Production Customer Name Production Raspadskaya 10.6 MT Zarechnaya 5.1 MT Kirova 4.5 MT Kotinskaya 3.9 MT Salek 2.9 MT Polosukhinskaya 2.8 MT Alardinskaya 2.6 MT Taldinskaya-Zap-1 2.5 MT Taldinskaya-Zap-2 2.2 MT
  10. 10. Kuzbass Coal Market Overview Territory Coal Reserves = 91.2b tonnes Total Region Population = 3M VORKUTA DONETSK - - 9.2Mt 7.6Mt FAR (4) (3) EAST - 32.5Mt (5) 4.8Mt - URAL EAST SIBERIA - 73.6Mt (2) 180.0Mt - KUZBASS (1) KUZBASS 57 % OF TOTAL COAL PRODUCTION KUZBASS 75.5 % OF COKING COAL PRODUCTION No of U/G Mines = 58 No of Operating LW = 64 Joy Machines in Operation = 93 units
  11. 11. Bolter Miner Details
  12. 12. CM + BM population - 2008 Total Population Apprx. 1600 units = 1400 CM and 200 BM
  13. 13. OEM suppliers of Bolter miner
  14. 14. Machine Type Vs Operation heights
  15. 15. Market Share of various OEMs World
  16. 16. Bolter Miners in Russia SERIAL No & OE PLANT M/C TYPE CUSTOMER STATUS JM 5601 PINXTON UK 12BM15 Yzhkuzbassugol Installed June 06 Ulyanovskaya Mine JM 5602 PINXTON UK 12BM15 Yzhkuzbassugol Installed June 06 Ulyanovskaya Mine JM 5606 FRANKLIN US 12CM15 WHBM Suek Kotenskaya Mine Intalled Sep 06 JM 6708 MOSS VALE AUS 12CM30D Raspadskaya Group Installed July 07 Muk 96 JM 6709 MOSS VALE AUS 12CM30D Raspadskaya Group Installed July 07 Muk 96 JM 6710 MOSS VALE AUS 12CM30D Suek Taldenskaya Mine Installed Sept 07 JM 6711 MOSS VALE AUS 12CM30D Suek Kotenskaya Mine Installed Oct 07 JM 6712 MOSS VALE AUS 12CM30D Suek Taldenskaya Mine Installed Jan 08 JM 6723 MOSS VALE AUS 12CM30B Vorkutaugol Installed Dec 08 Vorgasorskaya Mine 1005 m during Aug 09
  17. 17. Bolter Miners in Russia SERIAL No & OE PLANT M/C TYPE CUSTOMER STATUS JM 6727 MOSS VALE AUS 12CM30B Vorkutaugol Installed Apr 09 Vorgasorskaya Mine 1212 m during March JM 6725 MOSS VALE AUS 12CM30D Raspadskaya group, Installed Nov 08 Koksova mine JM 6726 MOSS VALE AUS 12CM30D Raspadskaya group, Installed Sept 09 Koksova mine JM 6736 MOSS VALE AUS 12CM30B (5.4 width) Raspadskaya group, Installation Planned For Raspadskaya mine June 2010 JM 6737 MOSS VALE AUS 12CM30B (5.4 width) Raspadskaya group, Installation Planned For Raspadskaya mine June 2010 Totals • 2 x 12BM15 •1 x 12CM15 WHBM •11 x 12CM30
  18. 18. 12CM30 - Overview • The Joy bolter miner system fully integrates the early installation of high strength roof bolts close to the face with the latest JOY continuous miner drivage system, incorporating the latest improvements in machine design and roofbolting technology. • Single pass machine • Cutting range : 2.4 to 4.5 m • Standard width : 5.2 m (Options, 4.8, 5.0 & 5.4m) • Hydraulic cutter head extensions reduce the width by 600 mm(800mm with 5.4m head)
  19. 19. 12CM30B with HFX 280 Standard cut dimensions
  20. 20. 12CM30B with HFX 280 deep cut dimensions Extreme Case, with undercut Outbye Facing Rigs - Deep Undercut -
  21. 21. Mine Visits Salient Features
  22. 22. Raspadskaya mine • This is a Longwall mine currently producing 7 mil.tonnes of coal per year from 5 nos longwalls. • Mine contains two JOY machines 12CM15 and 12CM18 installed in 1997 supported by JOY Shuttle cars. • Bolting operations carried out by Joy WOMBAT hand held bolting machines. • Till now, 12 CM 18 machine has done about 18 Kms of drivage and 12 CM 15 done 17 kms with no major overhauling except failed components replacement/repair. • The roadway dimensions are 5.2 M (wide) x 2.5 M (height) with 6 bolts at every 1 M length and 2.6 M to 2.8 M in to roof with resin capsules. • An advance rate of at least 6-8 M per shift of 6 hours is being achieved.
  23. 23. Kotinskaya mine, SUEK (Siberian Coal and Energy Company)
  24. 24. Kotinskaya mine, SUEK (Siberian Coal and Energy Company) • This is a longwall mine currently producing 5 mil. tonnes per year from one longwall at 300 M depth with face dimensions 230 M X 4000 M and seam thickness 4.5 mtrs. • This mine has two Bolter miners used for longwall gate road development averaging 5 Kms of development per year per Bolter Miner. • Bolter Miners are operating at 12 deg dip gradient and 3 deg cross gradient. • The roadway dimensions are 5.5 m(wide) X 4.5 M (height) with 6 bolts in to roof at every 1 M length.
  25. 25. Raspadskaya – Koksovo mine • This is a new longwall mine in development stage. • The Bolter Miners (2 no.s of 12CM30) are used for all mine development roadwaysworking on 13 deg to 16 deg gradient cutting roadway of 5.2 M (wide) x 4.0 M (height) in a seam height of 5.5 M leaving about 1.5 M coal in the floor and sand stone roof. • Current roadway visited where Bolter Miner was working is at 600 mtrs depth and is backed up by 20 T Shuttle car working in these gradients with an average progress of 10m per day. • Roof bolting goes up to 3.4 M in to roof and Rib bolting 1.8 M to 2.2 M is being done for side stability.
  26. 26. Vorgashorskaya Mine 2 (Vorkutaugol Group) • This is a longwall mine with two sets of (Russian) longwalls operating each set producing 1.5 MTPA with of 250 mtrs face length with 1.2 to 1.3 km long. • This is a shaft mine with 2 no.s of 12 CM 30 Bolter Miners, which have been lowered in completely dismantled condition and assembled in underground. • This mine has got the privilege of driving 1200 mtrs of roadway from one 12 CM 30 machine, during March 2010, which is considered to be a record for Russian mine roadway development. • The roadway dimensions are 5.2 M(wide) x 3.6 M (height) and the machine is able to cut a perfect rectangle with clean floor. 6 nos. bolts of 2.4 M deep @ every 0.5 M and rib bolting of 1.8 M being practiced with “W” straps and wire netting in to roof and ribs.
  27. 27. Vorgashorskaya Mine 2 (Vorkutaugol Group) • Cable bolting up to 5 M in to roof being done at every alternate row of standard bolting. • This mine also currently have few Russian and Ukrainian Road headers, with manual bolting and achieving a maximum of 9 M per day. • Each 12 CM 30 Bolter Miner on an average achieving 35 M progress per day. • In spite of driving > 16 Km of roadways the 12 CM 30 machines are found to be as good as new machines devoid of any small leakages.
  28. 28. Maintenance
  29. 29. Maintenance Practices • Maintenance of equipment is being carried out in separate maintenance shift of six working hours. After completion of maintenance job the maintenance personnel start machinery for production and handover the face to the production shift crew in running condition. • Planned preventive maintenance practice is being followed. • Service contract is given to JOY for regular maintenance of the equipment in one of the mine (Vorgashorskaya Mine). • Other Mines, their own maintenance crew is carrying out the maintenance job with the guidance of JOY.
  30. 30. Maintenance Practices • Service Engineers of the JOY are closely monitoring the performance and also recording the mean time between failure (MTBF) i.e service lives of all the components of the equipment for better guidance. • Based on the recorded MTBF of components, floats of Sub-Assemblies are being maintained right at the Pit Stores. • However, replacements of components are being done only on failure for achieving optimum life of the component.
  31. 31. Maintenance Practices • Maintenance practices are being followed very religiously. • Machinery is being thoroughly cleaned with water before taking up maintenance job. The best example is the feeder chain of Hydraulic bolter is being thoroughly cleaned with de-greaser to clear off the rock/coal dust present in the lubricant from the chain before doing the daily lubrication ,which results in longer service life of the Seals.
  32. 32. What we learnt from the Russia Trip …
  33. 33. Notable Points • Bolter miner is a single pass, robust machine capable of bolting both Roof & Sides. • With the elimination of Gathering Arms, it is possible to bolt the Roof at distance of 1.0m from the face and if required first row of bolts can be fixed at a distance of 0.6m from the face by sumping the drum into the face. • There is less number of hoses & Rotary gathering arm thus eliminates the maintenance difficulty.
  34. 34. Notable Points • The least progress from Bolter Miner is 300m, the average progress is 600m and the best is 1200m per month. • Transport of work persons to the face on Man Riding (Chair Lift/Chair Car/Diesel Monorail and Men transport FSV) is a must, which will be useful for material transport too. • Very good ventilation (Quality & quantity) is a must to avoid discomfort for maintenance of Diesel FSVs.
  35. 35. Notable Points • Maintenance contract with OEM is worth trying with such high capital intensive equipment. • It is better not to try driving the machine in cross gradients for better and faster progress. • 4” x 4 “Wire mesh with 5mm dia rod is be procured instead of 2”x 2” GI Chain link fence. • 150 x150 x 6mm thick Bearing plates are to be replaced with 300 x 300 x 10mm thick for effective Roof control.
  36. 36. Conclusions
  37. 37. Conclusions • 12 CM 30 Bolter Miner is capable of Working in gradients of about 13 Degrees. • First row bolts can be fixed at a distance of 1.0m from the face. • Further shortened distance from the face can achieved for effective roof control in weak roof condition. • The average progress that can be achieved from the machine is about 400m per month. • Maintenance CONTRACT with the OEM is very much essential.
  38. 38. Few Pics of Bolter Miner
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