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Published in: Travel, Self Improvement
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  1. 1. kama.sastry@gmail.com ªË¨ü 1 ©Á ¤ÂÁÏÿË. þ ¡Ê§ÁÅ ªË¨ü. ‚ÏýÍì ¥ÁÅžÁÅâÂ £Å£Äì €þà ¡Ã¨Å³Âà§ÁÅ.ClOse friends £Å£Äì €ÏýÊ ¥ÃÃ¨ÃþÁ ©Á§ÁϜ ªË¨Æ€Ïý§ÁÅ. ¥ÄÁÅ ‡¨ÂþÁúÃÖœÊ €¨Â ¡Ã¨ÅúÁōÍÏ™Ã. þÊþÁÅ ú¨¥ÁÏúà ¢Ê¥Ã¨Ä ¨Í ¡ÁôýÂÛþÁÅ. ¥Á  œÂœÁ¦Áê ŠÁ ¥É¬Áà§Áų̋ÃýīæÁþ÷, ÂþÄ Dad ýËÏ ¨Í only business œÍþʬÁ§Ã¡ÉýÅۍÁÅþÂä§ÁÅ. þÁÅ œÉ¨Ã¬Ã ¥Á  mum, Dad ÁÏýÊ¥ÁÏúà œÁ¨ÃìœÁÏ™ÁÅë¨Å ‚ύÁ ‡©Á§ÁÆ ©ÁôÏ™Á§Ê¥ÉÂ. ¥Á žÄ¥Áé™Ã ÁÅýÅÏ£Ï. ‚žÁâ§ÁÅ £Â£Â¦¨Å ¡ÃþÃä¨Å, ŠÁ €œÁ( à¥ÉŏÁÅ™ÁÅ ©Ã™ÃúáÉýÂÛ§ÁÅ) ‚ÏÍ ‚žÁâ§ÁÅ €œÁà¨Å. ¥Á ÁÅžÁÁÓ§Á¨Í ‚®ÁÅò. €ÏžÁ§Ã ¬ÁÏœÂþÁÏ œÍ ú¨ ¬ÁÏžÁ™ËþÁ ‚¨Åì.þÊþÁÅ ‡ÏœÍ Â§Â£ÏÂ ¡É§ÃÂþÁÅ. þÂ¨Í ‡ÁÑ™Á þÁÅϙéÁúÂ֦ɠœÉ¨ÄžÁÅ ÂþÄ ú¨ ¬ÊíúÂÖ ¤Â©Â¨Å „þÂä¦.ŠÁ§ÁÁϏ ¬Äàë©ÂžÃþÊ €þÁōͩ¨à ÂþÄ þ›ÂþÍà ŠÁ ©Ë¡ÁôúÁÆ¬Ê §ÁÁÏ ÂžÁÅ. Gender equity þÁ¥Ãé ±ÂýìÁÅàÏýÂþÁōÌÏœÁ ©Á§ÁÁÅ þ ÁŧÃÏúà ‡ÏžÁōÁÅ ‡ÁÅÑ©Á ³ÍžÃ. ™Ë§É÷ۏ ÁŸÁ¨Í Ã ©É®Áò©ÁúÁÅÖ ÁžÂ €þÁōÁÅÏýÅþÂä§Â. þÊþÁŪÁÇϏ§ÁÏ €ÏýÊ €žÃ üÄ©ÃœÁÏ þÁÅϙà ©Ê§ÁÅ ¥ÁþÁ¬ÁÅ þÁÅϙéʧÁÅ Â ü§ÃÊ ŠÁ ¡Áþà ÂžÁþà þÁ¥ÁÅéœÂþÁÅ. ¥ÁþÁ¬ÁÅ
  2. 2. ªÁ§Ä§ÁÏ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ ¡Áõ§ÃàÂ Í§ÁōͩÁýÏ ©Á¨ì ü§ÃÊžÃªÁÇϏ§ÁÏ €þà þÁ¥ÁÅéœÂþÁÅ. þ back ground œÉ¨Ã¬Êà¥Ä§ÁÅ þ ÁŸÁ¨Í £ÆœÁŨŠ€¬Á¨Å ¨Ê©Ê €þà €¬ÁÏœÁÅë¡Ãà Ã¨ÍþÁ©Áí§ÁÅ. þ culture, þ ÁÅýÅÏ£ ¬Á£êœÂ þÁþÁÅ䇡Áôå™ÁÆ €ýÅ©ÁÏýà ¥Á Âý¨Å …ÿÁ¨Íì Áƙ §ÂþéÁí©Áô.‚Á þ ÁŧÃÏúà ©Á§ÃßÏú¨ÏýÊ ŠÁýÊ ¥Á Âý. þÊþÁÅ ©Á¦Á¬ÁōéÁúÂ֍Á ¥Á  þÂþÁä …§Íì ©Â®Áò úÁÆ¡Áô¨þÁÅϙà þÁþÁÅäœÁ¡ÃåÏú¨þà žÁƧÁϏ ¬Ãü¦Á©Â™Á ¨Í hostel ¨Í¡ÉýÊ۳§ÁÅ. €žÊ þ üÄ©ÃœÂþÍà ¥Á¨Å¡Áô. ‡ÏžÁōÁÏýʀϜÁ©Á§ÁōÁÅ þÊþÁÅ ¡ÉžÁâÂ ‚¨Åì žÂýà ©É®ÃòϞà ¨ÊžÁÅ, €¥Á ÂéþÂþÁä, £ÏžÁÅ©Áô¨Å, €§ÁÅ› œÁ¡Áå ¢ÉëÏ™÷ð ¨Ê§ÁÅ.Hostel life þÁÅ ¡Áë¡ÁÏúÂþÃä úÁÆ¡ÃÏžÃ. €ÏœÊ ÂÁþ¨Íþà ¬ÊíúÂÖ ¤Â©Â¨Å ƒ €©ÁÂªÂþÃä „¡Á¦ÉÃÏúÁōÌþÇþÍä œÁ¡Áôå¨Å úʬÃ, œÉ¨Å¬ÁōÌþÃþÊþÁÅ ¥ÁþëχžÃÊÏžÁōÁÅ „¡Á¦ÉÁ¡Á™Âݦ.Ladies hostel Â©ÁýÂþÁ €žÃ ÁÆ™Á €ÏœÂ úÃþÁä ¡Ã¨ì¨Ï,intermediate, Sri caitanya €ÏýÊ úÁžÁÅ©Áô œÁ¡Áå ©Ê§Ê€¨ÍúÁþÁ §ÂþéÁíÁ úÁϡʳÂà§ÁÅ. ÂþÄ €ÏžÁÅ¨Í ÁÆ™Á Â¬ÁàªÁ§Ä§Á Í§ÃÁ¨ÁÅ œÁýÅۍͨÊþà ©Â®ÁÅò žÂþÍà €©ÁÂªÁύÁ¨ÃåÏúÁōÁÅþÂä§ÁÅ. ¬Áí¨ÃϏÁÏ Â©ÌúÁÅÖ security gaurdœÍ, supervisors œÍ, ÌÏžÁ§ÁÅ lecturers œÍ ÁÆ™Â
  3. 3. ¡Á™ÁōÁÅÏýÅþÂä§Áþà úÉ©Áô¨Å Ì§ÁōÍÑ©ÁýÏ žÂí§ÂœÉ¨Ã¬ÊžÃ. ¨ÍúìÊà ûÄ ‡ÏœÁ œÁ¡Áôå úʬÁÅàþÂä§ÁÅ €þÁōÁÅþÊžÂþÃä.Holidays Ã ‚ÏýÍà ©Á¬Êà ‚ÏýÍì ¡ÁÏ™ÁÁ ©ÁœÂ©Á§Á›Ï©ÁúÊÖžÃ. þÊþÁÅ ¡ÁôýÂۍÁ business Á¨¬Ã ©ÁúÃÖÏžÁþà €ÏžÁ§ÁÅþÁþÁÅä œÉÁ ‚«ÁÛ¡Á™Ê ©Â®ÁÅò. ‚ÏýÍì £¦Áý þÁÅ ‚úÊÖýÄëýÉéÏý÷ ©Á¨ì þÊþÁÅ ŠÁ©ÃŸÁ¥ËþÁ ¥ÉúÁÅê§Ãýà ¥É¦Ïýʦþ÷úɦÁ Âê¨Ãð ©ÁúÊÖžÃ. ‚Á þÁÅ €¥Áé ©Ë¡Áô, þÂþÁä ©Ë¡Áô€ÏžÁ§ÁÆ ¥ÊþÁ £Â©Á¨Å ‡ÁÅÑ©Á ¥ÁϞà þÁþÁÅä ¡É®ÃòúʬÁōͩ¨þà ú¨ ±Íýà „ϙʞÃ. ‡©Á§Ã ¬ËÛ¨Íì ©Â®ÁÅò þÁþÁÅäýËë úʬÁÅàÏ™Ê ©Â§ÁÅ. žÄþà ©Á¨ì þÁÅ ©Â®ÁòÏýÊþÊ €¬ÁÿÁêϩʬÁÅàϙʞÃ.ÂþÄ ©Á¦Á¬ÁÅ ©Áõ§ÁōÁÅÏýÅÏžÂ. Inter ¨Í žÁ¬Á§Â¬Á¨©Áô¨ÁÅ ©ÁúÃÖþÁ¡Áôå™ÁÅ ¥Á  ¡ÉžÁâ €œÁà Ž§Ã Ì™ÁōÁŧÁ¥Ê«÷ ¥Á  ‚ÏýÍà ©ÁúÂÖ™ÁÅ. §Á¥Ê«÷ €ÁÑ ¨œÁ ¥Á ÂúÃþÂäþÁä ÁÅ ¤Â§Áê. Â©ÁôþÁ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ úÁÅýۧͨÅ. €œÁà œÍþÁÅ ¥ÁÏúà €þÁŤÁÏžÁÏ ÂþÄ ¥É úÁþñͦ €¡ÁåýÃÊ 5¬ÁÏ©ÁœÁð§Â¨Å €¦êÏžÃ. §Á¥Ê«÷ œÍ úÃþÁä¡Áôå™ÁÅ þÁŇ¡Áôå™ÁÅ Ì™Á©ÁþÊ. þÊþÁÅ Â¬Áà ™Â¥ÃþÊýÃϏ÷ ÁžÂ,£Ì¥Áé¨þÄä ¨ÂÁÅÑþÊžÂþÃä. ±Â¡ÁÏ ˆ¥Ã €þʩ™ÁÅ ÂžÁÅ.œÁÁÅ©Áô ¡Á™Ê ©Â™ÁÅ ÂžÁÅ ú¨ Í¡ÁÏ ©ÁúÊÖžÃ. ¬Á§ÁžÂÂ
  4. 4. Ì™Á©Á ¡Á™Á™ÁÏ Áƙ §ÂžÊ €þÁōÁÅþÊ žÂþÃä. €ýÅ©ÁÏýçÁ¥Ê«÷ ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ ¥Á®Äò 3 ˆ®ÁÅò œÁ§ÁÅ©ÂœÁ ÁþáÃÏú™ÁÅ.€£Íç ¡ÉžÁâÂ €¦±Í¦Á Â™Ê €þÁōÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. ³ÂŸÂ§Á›ÏÂ þÊþÁŇ©Á§ÃœÍ ¡ÉžÁâÂ ¥Á ÂýÂì™ÊžÂþÃä ÂžÁÅ. €ÏžÁÅÊ ü¬÷Û ÿˍÁƙ úÉ¡Áå™ÂþÍà ¥ÉÅÿÁ¥Á Âý ¡Á™Ã …§ÁōÁÅþÂä. þÊþÁōÁþáìÊà œÁ¡ÃåÏúÁōÌþà œÃ§ÁŏÁÅœÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ. Í¡ÁÏ ©ÁúÃÖÏžÃ.‚ύ Â©Â¨þà ‡žÁŧÁÅ ©É¨ìýÏ ¥ÉÅžÁ¨Å ¡ÉýÂÛþÁÅ.ŠÁѳ§Ëþ œÁ¨ ‡œÃà úÁÆ™ÁþËþ úÁÆ™Á™Ê.‡ÁÑ™Á ©ÁôþÁä §Á¥Ê«÷ ÁŧÃÏúÉ €¨ÍúÁþÁ. €žÁâÏúÁƬÁōÁÅþÂä, ‡ÏœÁ €ÏžÁÏ.  €ÏžÁÏ ‡ÁÑ™Á ©ÁôϞà €ÏýÊúÉ¡ÁåýÏ Á«ÁÛÏ. ‚ÏýÍì Áƙ þ €ÏžÁÏ ‡ÏžÁÅ¨Í ©ÁôϞ€þà €¡Áôå™Á¡Áôå™ÁÅ úÁ§ÃÖ¬ÁÅàÏý§ÁÅ. ÌÏžÁ§ÁÅ Á®ÁÅò¥Ã¨¥Ã¨Â ¥É§ÁųÂঠ¥Á ÂýÂì™ÁœÂ¦ €Ïý§ÁÅ, ÂžÁÅ ¥ÁōÁÅÑúÁÆ™ÁÅ ¬Ã¬ÃÏžÃë ¨Â ±ÍýÂìýÃ ©Á¬ÁÅàþÁäýÅì §ÉúÁ֏ÌýÊۨ€Ïý§ÁÅ. ¢ÉëÏ™÷ð €Ïý§ÁÅ þÄ þÁ©Áôí €¬Á¨ËþÁ €ÏžÁÏ,‡ÏžÁōÁÏýÊ þÄ þÁ©Áôí ‡ÏœÁ ¬ÁíúÁÖϏ ©ÁôÏýÅÏžÁÏýÊ¥ÉÅœÁàÏ ±Â§÷Ûð €þÃä þÁ©ÁôíœÂ¦ €Ïý§ÁÅ. ‡©Á§ÁÅ ŸË§ÁêÏúɦÁê¨Ê§ÁÅ ÁžÂ, ÂþÄ þÁÅ œÉ¨Å¬ÁÅ þ £Í™Ã ¨Í ‡©Á§ÃÃÁþáÃÏúÁþà ±Â§÷Ûð ¨Í ¤Á§ÃÏúÁ¨Êþà €ÏžÁÏ ©ÁôÏžÁþÃ.¬ÁþÁäÂ ©ÁôþÂä ‡ÁÑ™Á ©Áôϙ¨ÃðþÁ ÁÏ™Á, ©ÌÏ¡Áô €ÁÑ™Á14 ˆ¨ìÊ úʧñͦÁ ¦. ‡Ï™Á ¡Á™Áþà ©Ì¨Åì €ÏœÂ ‚ύÂ
  5. 5. ¬ÁÅþÃäœÁϏ ©ÁôÏýÅÏžÃ. £ÆêýÄ ±Â§Íì§÷ Ã ©É¨Êà £ÅêýīæÁþ÷€™ÁŏÁÅœÁÅÏžÃ, ¥Ä§ÁÅ ©Â™Ê ³Í¡÷ ‡ÏýÄ €þÃ. ‡ÏžÁōÁÏýÊþÁÅ žÊ©Áô™ÁÅ ú¨ ¥ÁÏúà ¬ÃÑþ÷ ‚úÂÖ™ÁÅ. ‡ÏœÍ ¬ÁÆéœ÷ ÂžÍ§Á ¥Á ¥Ùà ¡ÁÏ™ÁÅ Á¨§÷ ¨Í ©ÁôÏýÂþÁÅ. ¡Ãύ÷, ¦É¨Íì¥Ã÷𠀦êþÁýÅì ©ÁôÏžÊ œÉ¨Å¡Áô. ‡ýËþ ÁÅϙɨÅ, úéÁ§ÁÅìþÊþÁÅ Áƙ ¬Á§ÃÂ úÁƬÁōÍþÁÅ ÂþÄ cadbory cocolateÁ¨§÷ ¨Í ©ÁôÏý¦. ‚Á þÁ™ÁÅÏ ¬ÁþÁäÂ ©ÁôþÂä, Â¬ÁàÃÏžÁÃ ¥ÁÏúà §ÎÏ™÷ «Ê¡÷ ©ÁúÃÖÏžÃ. Â®ÁÅò £¨ÏÂ©ÁôÏý¦.‚Á €¥Áé ‡¡Áôå™ÁÆ þÁþÁÅä ³Í¡÷ ©Á™ÁþĦÁ¨ÊžÁÅ ‡¡Áôå™ÁÅ €þÃä¥ÁƨÍÁ¨œÍ úʬÃþÁ þÁ¨ÅÁÅ ¡Ãϙà þͬÁÏ œÁ¦Á§ÁÅúʬÁÅàÏžÃ. ©Âýà ¬Áũ¬ÁþÁ ¬ÁÏ©ÁœÁð§Â¨ÅÂ þ ªÁ§Ä§ÁϨ͍Á¨¬Ã ±Í¦ÏžÃ. ¡Áõ§Ãà þÁ¨ìÂ ÂžÁÅ ÂþÄ, ÌÏúÉÏ þÁ¨ìÂú¨ ©ÁœÁÅàÂ ©ÁôÏ™Ê Á§Ãì ÿɦ§÷. úÃþÁä Á§ÃìϏ÷ð €¥Áé ©ÃþÁÅ ¥Á ÂœÁëÏ wavy hair ©ÁúÃÖÏžÃ. þÁÅžÁŧÁÅ ¥ÄžÁ¡Á™ÁÅœÁÅÏ™Ê ¨©÷ ¨Â÷ð (€¨Â €Ïý§ÁþÃ, PG ¨Í©ÁôþÁä¡Áôå™ÁÅ ŠÁ ¬ÄþæÁ§÷ ¨©÷ ¨Éý§Íì §Â¬Êà œÉ¨Ã¬ÃÏžÃ), ‚þÃä€ÏžÂ¨ÁÅ œÍ™ÁÅ ¥Á  ²Â¥Ã¨Ä ¨Í ‚ÏýÃÊ £ÅêýīæÁþ÷ ©ÁúÃÖ€¡Áôå™Á¡Áôå™ÁÅ ¥É§ÁŏÁŨŠžÃžÃ⠱ͩÁýÏ €¨©ÂýÅ. ‚Á ƒ€ÏžÁÏ¨Í ˆ¥Ã ¨ÍýÅÏžÁþà §Á¥Ê«÷ þÁþÁÅä úÁÆ™ÁýÏ ¨ÊžÁÅ.‰þ €ÏžÁÏ Â ©ÁôÏýÊ úÁƙ¨Â? ‡ÏžÁōÁÅ úÁÆ™Á§ÁÅ.
  6. 6. ¬ÁÆѨ÷ ¨Í ©ÁôþÁä¡Áôå™Ê ÌœÁàÂ ü¦þ÷ ‰þÁ ¥Á ³Âà§ÁÅ þÁþÁÅ䊍Áѳ§à Â úÁƬà úÉ¡ÁôàþÁä ±Â˜ÁÏ ¥Á§Ã úÉ¡Áå¨ÊÁ Ã±Í¦€ÏžÁ§ÃÃ §É™÷ ÿÊϙə÷ Â žÌ§ÃÃ±Í¦Á §ÁÅ. ¬ÁÆѨ÷ Êý÷žÁÁÓ§Á þÁÅϙà ¥Á  Â§÷ ‡ÊÑ ¨Í¡Áô ‡þÃä Á®ÁÅò þÁþÁÅäúÁƙ¨þà ©Ëý÷ úʬÁÅàϙʩÃ. ‡¡Áôå™ËþÁ ™Â£Â ¥ÄžÁÃ©Á³Âàþʥɠ€þà ©ÄŸÃ ¨Í ©ÁôþÁä ÁŧÂë®ÁòϜ ¥Á  ™Â£ÂÁþáÃÏúÊ ÃýÍĨþÄä occupy úʬʳÂà§ÁÅ. ‡ÂØÏ öÁ¨÷ ©Ê§ÊÂ¨Êüà ¨Í ©Á¬Éà ‡ÂØÏ §Â¦ÁýÏ ¥Á Âþʬà þÁþÁÅä úÁƬÁÆà‡ÏœÁ¥ÁϞà ÁƧÍ֨ʞÁÅ?¥Á§Ã ©Ä™ÃÃ ˆ¥Ë¦ÏžÃ? ‚¨Â €¨ÍúìÁÅàþÂäþÁÅ. ‚Á þÂ¨Í ¬ÄàëþÞÁë ¨ÊúÃϞà ¥ÉÅžÁýìÂÁ§Ã. ¡Áô§ÁÅ«ÁÅ™Ãþà Á§ÃïÏúÁ¨ÊþÀϞÁÏ ‡ÏžÁōÃύÁ €þÁōÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. €ÏžÁÅ¨Í ©Á§Á¬ËþÁ £Â©Á,‚Á €™ÊÝ¥ÁÅÏžÃ? ™ËþÃϏ÷ ýʣŨ÷ žÁÁÓ§Á ¨Ïú÷ úʬÁÅàþÂä™ÁÅ.þÁÅ ¤ÍüþÁÏ ¡ÉýÛ¥ÁþÂäþÁÅ ¡ÃþÃäþÃ, ‡žÁŧÁŏ ÁƧÁÅÖþÂä.Â¬Áà žÁƧÁ¥Ê ÂþÄ ™Ë§É÷Û Â Á®Áò¨ÍÃ úÁƬÊàÂ, €þÁäπϞÃÏúÁÅ, ÁƧÁ €ÏžÃÏúÁÅ €þà ¥Á ÂýÍà ˆžÍ ³ÂÁÅ œÍ þ©ˡÁô úÁÆ¬Ê ¨ úʬÁÅ ÁÅþÂä, úÁƬÁÅàÏýÊ €¨ì§ÃÂþÁ©ÁôíœÁÅþÂä. ŠÁ³Â§Ã ¬ÁÆýÏ úÁƬà bubbly Ã ‡¥ËϞÀþÁōÁÅþà ©É®Ãò±Í¦Á ™ÁÅ. ‚Á ‡¨Â €£Âç €þà €¨ÍúÃÏúÂ, ƒ¨Í¡Áô ¥Á  úÉ®Éò¨Åì, œÁ¥ÁÅé®ÁÅò ( I have 3 sisters, 1brother ©Â®ÁòÏœÁ ú¨ úÃþÁä ©Â®ÁÅò) €ÁÑ, üÂύ¦Á¨ÅÍžÂâÏ §Â €þà Ì™Á©Á úʬÁÅàþÂä§ÁÅ. €©Ã ¡ÁÁÑ ‚Ïýà üÂ¥ÁúÉýÅÛ©Ã. ‚ýÅ©ÁÏýà €¨ì§Ã ¡ÁþÁŨþÃäýÍà ¥ÁþÁ¥Ê ‡¡Áôå™ÁÅ
  7. 7. ¨Ä™Á§÷ ¥Á§Ã. ÂþÄ ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ ©Ã¬ÁōÁÅÑÏýÅþÂä ©Â®Áò ¥ÄžÁ.©Â®ÁòϜ þ ¥ÄžÁ €¨ÃÃ ©É®Ãò±Í¦Á §ÁÅ. Â¬Ê¡ÁýÍà þÁţŸÁ ©Ê¬ÃϞà úÃþÂä§Ã ¡Ã¨ì¨Å ©Â®Áò ¥ÁþÁ¬ÁÅ £ÂŸÁ ¡ÉýÂÛþÁþÃ.‚Á ™Â£Â ¡ËÃ ©É®ÂòþÁÅ.‚ύ „ÏžÃ.......
  8. 8. ªË¨ü 2 ©Á ¤ÂÁÏ€¡ÁåýÃÊ  ÍœÁŨŠúÉýÅÛ Ì¥Áé¨Å ¡ÁýÅۍÌþèÁÅœÁÅþÂä§ÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ ©É®ÁòýÏ úÁƬà úÃþÁäÂ ¬ËÁ úʳ§ÁųÎÏ™÷ úʦÁÁÅÏ™Á ©É®Áò¨Ã ¥Á§Ã. þÊþÁÅ Í™Á ¥ÄžÁŏ úÉýÅÛ‡ÂÑþÁÅ. úʜÍà €ÏžÃþÁ Â¦Á¨þÄä Ì¬Ã ¥Á  ™Â£Â ¡ËÃ©Ã¬ÁŧÁÅœÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. úÉýÅÛ €ÏœÂ ‡ÁÅÑ©Á Á¨ Á¨ ¥ÁÏýÅÏžÃ.‚ÏœÁ¨Í úÉýÅÛ ŠþÁ§÷ ©Â®Áò ™Â£Â ¡ËÃ ©ÁúÃÖÏžÃ. €ÏœÊ ˆ¥ÃúɦÁ Âê¨Í œÍúÁÁ ÁϏ§ÁÅ ¡Á™ÁÅœÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. ¡Ã¨ì¨ÏœÂÁ¡ÁôÖ¡÷ Â œÁ¡ÁôåÁÅþÂä§ÁÅ. ƒ¨ÍÂ ‡©Á§Í þ úɦê¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà úÉýÅۥĞÁþÁÅϙà ÃÏžÁÁÅ þÂœÍ ±ÂýÅ žÁƍ§ÁÅ.þÊþÁÅ ÁýÃۏ Á®ÁÅò ¥ÁƬÁōÁÅþÊ ©ÁôþÂäþÁÅ. €ÏœÁ ‡œÁÅàþÁÅÏ™ÃüÂ¥ÁúÉýÅÛ ‹þÁ§÷ ‚ÏýÍì ¡Á™ÂÝ¥ÁÅ. Âþà þÁÊ¥Ã žÉ£ç¨ÅœÁÁ¨¨ÊžÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ ‡©Á§Ã ¥ÄžÁþÍ ¡Á™ÂÝþÁÅ.¡Á™Ä ¡ÁžÁý¥Ê þÁþÁÅä ¨É¡Ã þÁ úÉ¦ê ¨ÂÌÑþà ¥Éýì ÃÏžÁúÃþÁä Â®Ä ¬Áà¨Ï¨Í ŠÁ §ÁÆÏ ¨ ©ÁôÏýÊ €ÏžÁŨ͍èÌÑþà ©É®Âò§ÁÅ. účÁýà Â ©ÁôϞà €ÂÑ™Á ‚™ÁݧÍà ¬Áà¨Ï¨ÊžÁÅ. þÁþÁÅä ÁýÃۏ úÁÅýÅۍÌþà ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ. €žÃ ‚ύÁ‡©Á§Í ÂžÁÅ §Á¥Ê«÷. €¡Áôå™Ê œÁþÁþà úÁƳÂþÁÅ. €ÏœÁžÁÁÓ§ÁÂ ‡¡Áôå™ÁÆ ‡©Á§Ãþà ¡ÁýÅۍͨʞÁÅ ‡žÍ ¨Â©ÁôÏžÃ.
  9. 9. €¨Â þ Á®Áò¨ÍìÃ úÁƬÁÆà þÁ©ÁôíœÁÅÏýÊ ¬ÃÁÅӏ €þáÃÏúÍÁ®ÁÅò žÃÏúÁōÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. žÁƧÁÏ ü§ÁÂ¨þÏÃÏüōÁÅÏœÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. ¥Éýì¥ÄžÁ ‡©Á§Í žÃÁÅœÁÅþÁä ³ÎÏ™÷€¦êÏžÃ. €ÏœÊ ¥Á®Äò ‚ύ ÁýÃۏ ÎÃ¨Ã¨Í£ÏžÃÏúʳ™ÁÅ. œÁþÁ ©Ê™Ã …¡Ã§Ã þÁÅ ¥É™Á ¥ÄžÁœÁÁŨŜÁÆ ‡ÏœÍ öÁ¦ Â ©ÁôÏžÃ.ˆÏœÍ €¨ü™Ã, þ ÁÅ쪃 ÌýÅۍͩÁýÏ þÁÅ ú¨ ÁýÃۏ©ÃþáìÁÅàÏžÃ. ‚ÏœÁ ÁýÃۏ ÌýÅۍÁÅÏýÅϞʥÃýÃ, ƒ ³ÎÏ™÷‚Ïýà ‹þÁ§÷ Ã ©ÃþáìÁÅàϞʥÉ €þà ¤Á¦ÁÏ ©Ê¬ÃÏžÃ. þ±̜ÃàÁ™ÁÅ¡ÁôÃ §Á¥Ê«÷ ¡ÊÏýÍì þÁÅϙà ‡ÏýÍ ÁýÃÛ §Â™÷ ¨ÂÂœÁÁŨŜÁÅÏžÃ. ¡ÊÏýÍì ˆ¥Ã žÂú™Á£Âç? úɧÁōÁÅžÂúÁōÁÅþÂä™Â, £Êý÷ žÂú™ €þà €¨ÍúìÁÅàþÂä. ƒ¨ÍÂ‚Ïýà ŠþÁ§÷ £¦Áý ©ÄžÃ œÁ¨Å¡Áô ¨Â÷ úʬÁōÌþà ‡ÂљÍͩɮÃòÏžÃ. €¡Áôå™ÁÅ ‚žÁâ§ÁÏ £¦ÁýÃ ©ÁúÂÖ¥ÁÅ. ¥ÉýÉìÃÑ ©Â®Áò™Â£Â ¥ÄžÁ Í™Á ‡ÃÑ ¥Á  ™Â£Â ¥ÄžÁÃ ©ÁúÊֳ¥ÁÅ. þÁŧÁ¥Ê«÷ þà úÁƙ¨ÏýÊ ¬ÃÁÅӏ ©ÁôϞà ¥Á ÂýÂì™ÁÁÅϙÃÏžÁÁÅ ©É®Ãò±Í¦Á ÂþÁÅ.þÁÅ œÉ¨Å¬ÁÅ þ ÁŸÁ ¥ÄÁÅ £Í§÷ Ì™ÁÅœÁÅÏžÁþÃ. ‚žÃ ÁŸÁÂžÁÅ þÃüÏ. Â£ýÃÛ Â¬Áà ‚£çϞÏÂþÊ ©ÁôÏýÅÏžÃ. ÂþÄ ŠÁÁŸÁ¨Â ÂÁ ±ÍœÊ ¬Ä§Ã¦Á¨÷ Â ‰þ ¡ÁþÍà ©Á¬ÁÅàϞʥÉÂ.þ¨Á ªÁÇϏ§ÁÏ ÂÁ ªÁÇϏ§ÁÏ, §Ì¥Á ÂϬÁÅ ‚«ÁÛ¡Á™Ê©Â®ÁòÁÅ þ ÁŸÁ þÁúÁÅÖœÁÅÏžÁþÊ þÁ¥ÁéÁÏ œÍ §Á¬ÁÅàþÂäþÁÅ.
  10. 10. €ÏžÁ§Ã ¢Ä™÷ £Ê÷ œÄ¬ÁōͩÁ¨þÊ ©ÁôϞà Âþà þÁÅ ƒ ¬Ëý÷ÌœÁà. ÁþÁōÁ ³Â¬Ãàë Â§Ã ¥Ë¨÷ žÂí§Â ‡¨Â ¬Á¨öÁ ‚¬Êà €¨Â²Â¨Í €©ÁôœÂþÁÅ.‚Á ÃÏžÁ Ã ©ÁúÂ֍ þÁ™Á©Á™ÂþÍà Â®ÁÅò ¬ÁÿÁÁ§ÃÏúÁýϨʞÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ PG ©Á§ÁÁÅ ‡¡Áôå™ÁÅ ¥Ã™ÄÝ ¨ÊžÁ ÎϬÁũʬÁōÁÅþÊ žÂþÃä. Â¬Áà ±ÌýÃÛ Â ©ÁôÏýÂþÁÅ €ÏžÁōÁþÃúÃþÁä¡Ã¨ì¨ÂþÊ ©ÁôÏýÂþÁÅ. úÉýÅÛ ‡ÂÑ™ÁÏ¨Í þ ¥Ã™Ä݇¡Áôå™ÁÅ úçÏÃÏžÍ úÁƬÁōͨʞÁÅ, ¡ËþÁ ý¡÷ ÁÅϙɨžÁÁÓ§Á úçÏÃÏžÃ. ¨Í¡Á¨ ¬Ã¥Äü÷ ©Ê¬ÁōͩÁý¥Ê €¨©ÂýÅ,£Âë €¡ÁåýÍà €¨©ÂýÅ ¨ÊžÁÅ. ÁþÁōÁ þ «Ã¥Äé Áƙ úçÏÏÁÅϙɨŠÌÏúÉÏ œÉ¨ìÂ ÁþáìÁÅàþÂä¦. ‚ϞÁ §Á¥Ê«÷€¨Â ‡ÏžÁōÁÅ úÁÆ³Â™Í ‚¡ÁôåžÁÅ úÁƬà ¬ÃÁÅÓ €þáÃÏúÃÏžÃ.‚Á ¬Á¥Á¬Áê ¨ÊžÁÅ œÁþÁ ‡žÁŧÁÅ ¡Á™Á¨ÊþÁÅ. ÂþÄ €þÃä ¥ÁþÁÏ€þÁōÁÅþÁäýÊì €©ÁôœÂ¦Á? ¥Á  ‚žÁâ§Ã ¥ÁŸÁê ˆžÍ ¬Ã÷ðà ¬ÉϬÁŨʞ ‡©Í ©Ã£Êë«ÁϬÁÅ ¡Áþà úɬÁÅþÁäýÅì ‚žÁâ§ÁÏ ¥Á ÂýÃ¥Á ÂýÃÃ à‡žÁŧÁÅ ¡Á™ÁÅœÁÅþÂäÏ. €þÃä ‚¨ÂÏýà situationsü§ÁŏÁÅœÁÅþÂä¦. þ §ÁÆÏ ŠÂÑžÂþÞà ™Â£Â ¡ËþÁ. ¥ÃÃ¨ÃþÁ€ÏžÁ§ÃÃ ÃÏžÁ §ÁÆϬ÷ ©ÁôþÁä¦. ™Ê™÷ þ Í¬ÁÏ ¬Éå«Á¨÷ Â¡ÉžÁâ §ÁÆÏ ÁýÃÛÏú§ÁÅ, With special interior.¡Ã¨ì¨ÏœÂ þ §ÁÆÏ Â©Â¨þà Ì™Á©Á úʳÂà§ÁÅ. þÊþÁŨÊþÁ¡Áôå™ÁÅ €¥Áé §ÁÆÏ Ã ¨Â÷ úʬÁÅàϞà ÂþÄ þÊþÁÅ™ÁÅ¡ÃìÉý÷ Ä ¡Ã¨ì¨Ã ‚úÊ֬à ©É®ÂàþÁÅ. ©Â®ÁÅò þÊþÁÅ ©Ê§ÁÅ
  11. 11. ÂžÁÅ €þà þ €¤Ã±Âë¦ÁÏ. ©Â®ÁÅò Áƙ ™ÁōÌþà ¥Á®Äò þÄý÷Â ¬Á§Ãâ ©É®Ãò±ÍœÂ§ÁÅ. þ §ÁÆÏ £¦Áý úÃþÁä Â§ÉÝþ÷ ¨Â©ÁôÏýÅÏžÃ. €ÏžÁÅ¨Í ŠÁ ©Áô¦Á Âê¨ ©Ê¦Ïú§ÁÅ ™Ê™÷. þÁÅ©ÉþÉä¨Íì  ©Áô¦Áê¨Íì ¡Á™ÁōÌþà ©ÁõÁÅœÁÆ ¡Ã¨ì¨ÁÅ ÁŸÁ¨ÅúÉ¡ÁåýÏ, €¥Áé ©Ì®Íò þÞÁë ±Í©ÁýÏ, úÁōÁѨŨɍÁÑ¡É™ÁÅœÁÆ ¨ÉÁÑ ¥Á§ÃֱͩÁýÏ ú¨ ‚«ÁÛÏ. ƒ §ÍüÅ€¨ÂÊ þÞÁë ±ÍœÁÅþÂä. ÂþÄ ˆžÍ €¨ÃÃ™Ã €¦œÊ ¨ÊúÃúÁƳÂþÁÅ.€¡ÁåýÃÊ þËý÷ 12 €¦êÏžÃ. ¥Á ©à ¡ÁÂÑ ¡ÁÂÑþÊ 3 ‚®ÁÅò.‡ÁÅÑ©Á ¥ÁϞà üþ¤ ÁžÂ ¥Á§Ã. ÂþÄ ŠÁýÊ ©ÁÏý. þÞÁë±Ì¦Ê¡Áôå™ÁÅ ‡©Á§Ã ÁžÁŨŠ©Â®Áò©Ã. §Á¥Ê«÷ ¡ÁÁÑ ™Â£Â ¡ËþÁœÃ§ÁŏÁÅœÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ œÁþÁÃ ÁþáÃÏúÁþÁÅ Âþà þÁÅœÁþÁÅ ÁþáìÁÅàþÂä™ÁÅ. £¦Áý ³Í²Â ¡ËþÁ ¡Ã¨ÍìœÄ¬ÁōÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ.ÁÅϙɨÁÅ ÿÁœÁÅàÌþà ¥ÁÅžÁÅâ ¡ÉýÅۍÁÅÏýÅþÂä™ÁÅ. þÁÅ ¤Á¨Ê‚ÏýÉë¬÷Û Á¨ÃÃÏžÃ. ÃýÃÄ žÁÁÓ§ÁÂ ©É®Ãò úÁƳÂþÁÅ. ¥Á  3‚®Âò¨Íì þ ²Ìýͬ÷ ©É§ËýÄ styles ¨Í ¡ÉžÁâ©Ã ¡ÉýÃÛ ©ÁôÏú§ÁŇϞÁōÁÏýÊ ££Â¦¨ÁÆ €ÏžÁ§ÃÄ ¬ÉÏýÃ¥ÉÏý÷ £¦ÁýÁÅ©É®Êòý¡Áôå™ÁÅ þ ¢Ê¬ÁÅ úÁƬà ©É®Âò¨þÃ. §Á¥Ê«÷ ³Í²Â ‡ÃÑþ ²ÌýÍ œÄ³Â™ÁÅ. þ ÁÅ쪃 ¬ÁÆѨÌì ™Ãë¨÷ ¡Ã§Ä¦Á™÷ Ã ÌýÊÛ™ÁëϬÁÅ ¨ÂÂ ™Á£÷ ™Á£÷ ¥Áþà €žÃ§Ã±Í¦É¨Â ³ÎÏ™÷ úʬÁÅàÏžÃ.²ÌýÍ¨Í þ ¨Ã¡Áôð ¡ËþÁ §Á¥Ê«÷ œÁþÁ úÁÆ¡Áô™ÁÅ ©Ê¨ÅœÍ
  12. 12. þÉ¥ÁéžÃÂ §Â¬ÁÅàþÂä™ÁÅ. ¡ÉžÁ©Áô¨¡Ë œÁþÁ þ¨ōÁ œÍþÉ¥ÁéžÃÂ §Â¬Ã ¥ÁÅžÁÅâ ¡ÉýÅۍÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ. ‚Á þÊþÁÁÑ™Á©ÁôÏ™Á¨ÊÁ ±Í¦Á ÂþÁÅ ‡ÏžÁōÁÏýÊ þ ÁÅ쪃 ³ÎÏ™÷ Í™ÁžÂýà œÁþÁÃ ©ÃþáìÁÅàϞʥÉ €þÁääÏœÁ ÁýÃۏ ©ÁôÏžÃ.‡ÂÑ™Í ©ÁôþÁä ÍžÂ©Á§Ã ÁýÛ œÉÃþÁýÅì …ÿÁ Á¨ÃÃÏžÃ.ÁžÃ¨ÌÃ ©É®Ãò þÞÁë±Í¦Á ÂþÁÅ (Á¨œÁ þÞÁë).¥Á §ÃäϏ÷ ¨Êúà ¨Ê©ÁÂþÊ ¢Á¬÷Û §Á¥Ê«÷ ÁŧÌàúÂÖ™ÁÅ. Á£Á£Â §É™Ä €¦±Í¦ ¥Á§Ä ÃÏžÁÁÅ ©É®ÂòþÁÅ. §Á¥Ê«÷ ÃÏžÁ¥Á  úÃþÁä úɨÉì¨ÅœÍ ™ÁÅœÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ. €žÃ §Á¥Ê«÷ Ã €ÁэÁÆœÁŧÁÅ ÁþÁÁ ¥Á Â¥Á ¥Á Â¥Á €ÏýÆ ™ÁÅœÌÏžÃ.þÊþÁÅ ©É®ÁòÂþÊ ÂϏ €¦±Í¦Á ™ÁÅ. þÁÅ úèáà …ÿÁ©ÁúÃÖϞà ©É®Ãò §Á¥Ê«÷ úÊœÃþÁÅϙà ±Â¡Áþà œÄ¬ÁōÌþÊ þÉ¡ÁϜ͜ÁþÁ úÊœÁŨŠœÂÂ¨þÁōÁÅþÂä Âþà …ÿÃÏúÂ™Í ˆ¥ÉÂ¥ÁÅÏžÁŏÂþÊ ±Â¡Áþà ÃÏžÁÁÅ žÃÏúʳ™ÁÅ. ±Í§Â €þÁōÁÅÏý́ ±Â¡Áþà ‡œÁÅàÁÅþÂä. €žÃ þÁþÁÅä úÁƬà €ÂÑ €ÂÑ€ÏýÅÏžÃ. ©ÉÏýþÊ §Á¥Ê«÷ þà úÁƬà €ÁÑ ÂžÁ¥Á Âé, €œÁà€þ¨à €þÂäþÁÅ. €žÃ €¦ÉÂ¥Á¦ÁϏ úÁƬà €œÁà €œÁà €ÏýÅÏýʧÁ¥Ê«÷ ¢Ê³Ìì ªÁÖ§ÁêÏ úÁƬà þÁ©ÁôíÁÅÏý ©ÁúÊÖ³ÂþÁÅ.Breakfast žÁÁÓ§Á ©ÁúÃÖ þ ‡žÁŧÁŏ œÁþÊ ÁƧÁÅÖþÂä™ÁÅ.þÊþÁÅ ˆ¥Ã úÁÆ™ÁÁÅϙ œÃþʬà ©É®Ãò±Í¦Á  ÁÏ¢Áõêü÷úÊžÂâ¥ÁþÃ. ™Ê™÷ ©ÁúÃÖ ££Äì §Á¥Ê«÷ ©ÁúÂÖ™ÁÅ ÁžÂ, ‚ÏýÍì ©ÁôþÁä
  13. 13. ¨Æþ œÄ¬ÁōÌþà œÁþÁ žÁÁÓ§Á þʧÁÅ֍Í, þčÁÅ kineticÌþóÂàþÁÅ €þÂä§ÁÅ. ™Ê™÷ ‡¡Áôå™ÁÆ þÁÆ ˆžÃ €©Á¬Á§Á¥ÉÂ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ œÁþÊ …ÿÃÏúà úʳÂà§ÁÅ. ‡ÏœÁ ¥ÁÏúà ™Ê™÷ ÁžÂ€þÁōÁÅþÂä. ‚Á ‚žÃ 2 ©Áô¡Á¦É¨Å. ŠÁ©Ë¡Áô §Á¥Ê«÷ œÍÁƙ ™ÁōͩÁúÁÅÖ €þÁōÁÅþÂä. §Á¥Ê«÷ Áƙ ™Ê™÷¥Á Âý¨Å ©ÃþÂä™ÁÅ ÁþÁōÁ ©ÉÏýþÊ ¨Æþ Ä¬÷ œÄ¬Ã §Á¥Ê«÷‡žÁŧÁŏ ©ÁúÂÖþÁÅ. ¡ËÃ ÃÏžÁÃ úÁƬà ƒ ™Éë¬ÁÅð¨Í ‰œÊþÊþÁÅ þʧÃåÏúÁþÁÅ €þÂä™ÁÅ. €©ÁôþÁÅ þÃü¥Ê ¥Ã™ÄÝ ¨Í Â¨ÃÃþ ™Éë¬ÁÅ𠇏çñ͜ÁÅϞà €þÁōÁÅþÂä. œÁí§ÁÂ ¡ÊÏý÷ «Á§÷ۨ̍à ¥Á §ñͦÁ Â. Âþà §Á¥Ê«÷ ‡ÏœÁ £ÂÂ þÁŧÃÏúÀ¨ÍúÃÏú™ÁÅ €þà œÁ¨ÅúÁōÌþà œÁþÁÏýÊ ŠÁ©ÃŸÁ¥ËþÁ ¥ÁÏúÀ¤Ã±Âë¦ÁÏ Á¨ÃÃÏžÃ.¨Æþ ¡ËþÁ œÁþÁ ©ÉþÁÁ ÁƧÁÅÖþà ©É¨ÅàþÂä. ¥Á ÁÅ …§Ã£¦Áý 5 km žÁƧÁÏ ¨Ì 20 acres ¤Áƥà „ÏžÃ. €ÁÑ™ÁþʧÃåÏúÃœÊ ±Íë£ìÏ ©ÁôÏ™ÁžÁþà €ÂÑ™ÁÁÅ ©É¨ÅàþÂäÏ. ©É®ÂòÁþÁþÁÅä ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ÁƧÌÖþà ™Ëë©÷ úɦÁê¥ÁþÂä™ÁÅ.‚ύ „ÏžÃ.......
  14. 14. ªË¨ü 3 ©Á ¤ÂÁÏœÁþÁÅ ©ÉþÁÁ ÁƧÁÅÖþÂä™ÁÅ. ¬ÁÛ§÷Û úʬà ÿÊϙè÷ €ýÅÃýÆ…¡Ê¬ÁÅàÏýÊ, Â£§Â¡Á™Ã±Í¦Á Â. ©ÉÏýþÊ œÁþÁ úÊœÁŨÅÿÊϙè÷ ¥ÄžÁ „þÂä þ úÊœÁŨ ¡Ë ©Ê¬Ã ÁýÃۏ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ.  üͧÁÅ ¨Í œÁþÁ ¡ÉžÁ©Áô¨Å þ ¥É™Á ¥ÄžÁ¥ÁÅžÁÅâ¡ÉýÅۍÁÅþÂÃä. þÁÅ ŠÏýÍì •Á¨Åì ¥ÁÏžÃ. œÁ§Áũœ þÊþʥà þʧÁÅ֍ÁÅþÂäþÍ þÁÅ ÁŧÁÅà ¨ÊžÁÅ ÂþħÁ¥Ê«÷ ¬Áå§Áî þÂ¨Í ‡žÍ œÉ¨Ã¦Áþà öÁ¦þà Á¨ÃÃ¬ÁÅàÏ™ÁýϜɨųÍàÏžÃ. ‚ύ ÁýÃۏ ¡ÁýÅۍͩÁúÁÅ֍ÁžÂ€þáìÁÅàÏžÃ. €¨ÂÊ þÁþÁÅä £Ë÷ ¥ÄžÁ ¡Á™ÁōͣÉýÃÛ œÁþÁ¡ÉžÁ©Áô¨œÍ þ ²ÍœÍ Ã ¡ÉýÃÛþÁýÅì ¥ÁÅžÁÅ⠡əÜʣÁÅÏýÅÏžÁþáÃÏúÃÏžÃ.‡¨ÂÍ €¦ÏžÁþáÃÏúà ‚ÏýÍà ¨Ïú÷ ýËÏ ÃúʧñͦÁ Â¥ÁÅ. ƒ¨Â ‡Ï™Á¨Í ©ÁžÁÅâ þčÁÅ ‡Ï™Á ¡Á™ÁžÁų¦ÁÏœÁëÏ Â¬Áà œÌÏžÁ§ÁÂ ©É¨Ââ¥ÁÅ þčÁÅ ‚ÏÍ 5§ÍüŨÍì ©ÁúÊÖ¬ÁÅàϞà €þà ‡žÍ úÉ¡ÁôàþÂä™ÁÅ. ÂþÄ þÁ©Ê¥Ã©ÃþáÃÏúÁýÊìžÁÅ. ¤ÍüþÁÏ úʬÁÅàþÂä œÁþÁ úʜà ©Ê®ÁòþÁÅ
  15. 15. úÁƬÁÅà ÁƧÁÅÖþÂäþÁÅ. ‡ÏžÁÅÍ ¥ÁŸÁê¨Í þ Á®Áò¨ÍìÃ¬ÁÆýÏ úÁƬà þÁýìþáÃÏúÃÏžÃ. ‚Á  §ÂœÃë ¥Á®Äò œÁþÁÅþ ²ÌýÌþà ¥ÉÅœÁàÏ ¥ÁÅžÁÅâ¨œÍ ¥ÁÅÏúʦÁýÏ úÁƬà þÁŇ¨ÂÍ €¦±Í¦ÏžÃ. ‡©Á§ÃœÍ ¬Á§ÃÂ ¥Á ÂýÂì™Á¨ÊÁ±ÍœÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. §Á¥Ê«÷ ¥ÄžÁþÊ ŸÁê¬Á €ÏœÂ. §Á¥Ê«÷ €úÁÏœÁ¥Ã®÷ ÿħ͡ÁëªÁÏœ÷ ¨Â ©ÁôÏý™ÁÅ. €¡ÁåýÍì úÂ¥ÁÏœÃúÃœÁëÏ ©ÁúÃÖÏžÃ. ‚Á þ ÿÄ§Í ©Ä™Ê €þáìÁÅàϙʞÃ. ÂþÃþÊþÉÏœÁ œÉ¨Ã©Ã ¨Êþà ¡Ã¨ìþÍ €¬Á¨Å ¨ÍÁÂäþÁÏ ÂžÁōÁžÂ ÁþĬÁÏ ªÁ§Ä§Á ÂäþÁÏ Áƙ ¨Êþà žÂþÁäþà þÁÅ¥Á§ÁÅþ™ÁÅ ü§ÃÃþÁ ¬ÁϐÁýþÁ œÉ¨Ã¡ÃÏžÃ. „žÁêÏ Â¬Áà¨Êý÷ Â þÞÁë ¨ÊúÂþÁÅ. 10 €¦ê±Í¦ÏžÃ. ‡ÏžÁōͣžÁâÁϏ ©ÁôϞà 11 ©Á§ÁÁÅ. ¥Á®Äò ÃÏžÁÁÅ ©É®ÃòþÞÁë±Í¦Á ÂþÁÅ. €¥Áé ¨Êúà ¥ÉÅÿÁÏ Á™ÁōÍÑ ˆ¥Ëþ œÃþÃ¥Á®Äò Â©Â¨ÏýÊ þÞÁë±Í €ÏýÊ ¬Á§Ê¨Ê €þà £ÂœÁÆëÏ ÁÅ©É®Ãò ™Í§÷ Š¡Éþ÷ úʳÂ.¥Á ÁÅ ©Á§ÁŬÁÂ 4 £ÂœÁÆëϬ÷ ©ÁôÏý¦. €þÃä £Âœ÷,¨ÉýÃëþ÷ Á¨Ã¡ÃþÁ©Ê. ˆÁÅÑ©Á¥ÁϞà €þà €žÄ ‚ÏýÍì©ÁôÏ™ÁÁÆ™ÁžÁþà €©Ê ŠÁ ¡ÉžÁâ ‚¨Åì¨Â ÁýÃÛÏú§ÁÅ. ¥Ëþ÷™Í§÷ ‡©Á§Ëþ œÄ¬Êà œÉ¨Å¬ÁÅàϞà ‡©Á§Í £ÂœÁÆëÏ Ã©Á¬ÁÅàþÂä§ÁþÃ. €¡Áôå™ÁÅ ³ÂŸÂ§Á›ÏÂ €©Á¬Á§Á¥ËœÊ ¥Á ¡Á§ÃۍÁÅꨧ÷ £ÂœÁÆëÏ ™Í§÷ Íìü÷ úʬÁōÁÅþÊ ©Â®ÁòÏ.
  16. 16. ÁþÁōÁ €žÊ ©ÃŸÁϏ §Á¥Ê«÷ œÁþÁ £ÂœÁÆëÏ ™Í§÷ Íìü÷úʬÁōͨʞÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ ©É®Ãò Á§É÷Û Â €žÊ ™Í§÷ œÄ³ÂþÁÅ.ƒÏÊ¥ÁÅϞà œÁþÁÅ þÁÁäϏ ©ÁôþÂä™ÁÅ. Âþà €ÏžÁ§Ã ¨ÂÂÁÅϙ œÁþÁÃ ú¨ ±Ì™ÁŏËþÁ, ¨Â©ÁôÂ ©ÁôþÂä ÁÏý£¨ÏÂ £Îëþ÷ Á¨§÷ ¨Í ©ÁôϞà (þÁÅ œÉ¨Ã¬ÃþÁ¥ÁÁ¡Ã¨ì¨Ã úÃþÁä ÁÏý ©ÁôϞà ¥Á§Ã). ¬Á§Ëåëü÷ œÍ €¨ÂúÁƬÁÆà þèÅÖϙà ±Í¦Á ÂþÁÅ. §Á¥Ê«÷ Ã ˆ¥Ã úɦÁ Âê¨ÍœÍúÁÁ €¨Â ©ÁôϙñͦÁ ™ÁÅ. 5 þåô¨Íì þÊþÊ œÊ§ÁōÌþáÁ§ÃÉýÃÛ ©ÁúÊÖ³Â.ÂþÄ ‡žÍ €¬ÁÿÁêÏ, ©ÃÏœÁ, ˆþÃýà €¨Â ©ÁôÏžÃ. €ÏœÁ¡ÉžÁâÂ ©ÁôÏžÊÏýÃ. ¥Á  £Ïýď™Íà (úÃþÂä§Ã œÁ¥ÁÅé™ÁÅ)‚ύ þÁÅ œÉ¨Ã¬ÃþÁ ¥ÁÁ ¡Ã¨ì¨É©Á§ÃÃ €¨Â ¨ÊžÊ€þÁōÁÅþÂä. ¤Á¦ÁÏ ©Ê¬ÃÏžÃ. ŠÿÍ €žÊþ þÁÅ ¥ÉÅžÁý§ÍüÅ œÁÃ¨ÃþÁ úɧÁōÁÅ Á™Á / £Êý÷ €þà €¨ÍúìÁÅàþÂä.‡ÏžÁÅÍ þÁúÁ֨ʞÁÅ. ÂþÄ ŠÁ§ÁÁ¥ËþÁ anxiety. €ÏœÁ¡ÉžÁâÂ ©ÁôÏýÊ ‡¨Â ±Â¡ÁÏ. €žÃ ‡¥Ëþ ü£Âç? ¨ÊÁ žÉ£çœÁÃ¨Ã ©ÁúÃÖÏžÂ? ‚¨Â ‡ÏýÊÏýÍ €¨ÍúìÁÅàþÂä.§Á¥Ê«÷, þÊþÁÅ ‚žÁâ§ÁÏ ŠÁ§ÃÃ ŠÁ§ÁÅ ‡žÁŧÁÅ ¡Á™ÁÁÅÏ™ÂüÁëœÁà ¡Á™ÂÝÏ. €¨Â 2 §ÍüŨŠ€¦êÏžÃ. þ ¢ÉëÏ™÷€§ÁÅ› Ã úɱÂåþÁÅ ‡¥Ëþ €þÁōÁÅÏýÅϞʥÉ €þÁōÁÅþÂä
  17. 17. ÂþÄ. ±Â¡ÁÏ, §Á¥Ê«÷ Ã €ÁÑ™Á žÉ£ç œÁÃ¨ÃϞà ‡©Á§ÃœÍúÉ¡ÁåÁÅϙ £ŸÁ±Â™ÁÅœÁÅþÂä™Ê¥É €þà ¡ÉžÁ⠁§ÃϞ¨€§ÁÅ› œÍ úɱÂåþÁÅ. €§ÁÅ› €ÏœÂ ©ÃþÂääÂ ÃÏžÁ ¡Á™ÃžÌ§Ãì žÌ§Ãì þÁ©ÁôíœÍÏžÃ. þÁÅ €¦ÉÂ¥Á¦ÁϏ€þáÃÏúÃÏžÃ.€§ÁÅ› þÁþÁÅä £ÂÂ €¨ì§Ã ¡ÉýÃÛ €¡Áôå™ÁÅ þÁÅ ¬ÄÉëý÷ ÂŠÁ £Æ÷ œÄ¬Ã úÁÆ¡ÃÏúÃÏžÃ. þÁÅ Á®ÁÅòœÃ§ÃÃþÁýì¦ÏžÃ. ûÄ.... ûÄ.... €þà ¥ÁƬʳÂþÁÅ. ÂþÄ£¨©ÁÏœÁÏ Â úÁÆ¡ÃÏúÃÏžÃ. ûà ÂžÁÅ œÉ¨Å¬ÁōͬÁÅۡÙ÷. þÂœÍ €þÂäýÅì §Ê¡Áô ‚ύɩÁ§ÃœÍ ‰þ €ÏýÊþÁ©Áí¨ÊÁ ˆ™ÁųÂà§ÁÅ €þà úÁÆ¡ÃÏúÃÏžÃ. úÃþÁä¡Áôå™ÁÅþÂäýÅ쁙Á¡Ã¨ì¨Ã ªÁ§Ä§ÁÏ ‡¨Â ©ÁôÏ™ÁžÍ €¨ÂÊ €£ç¦¨ÁōÁƙ ¥Á §ÁÅœÁÅÏžÃ. þčÁÅ 8©Á Âì¬÷ ¨Í úɱÂå§Áŏ¥Á§ÃֱͦÁ © €þà male, female bodies ‡¨Â¥Á §ÁÅå¨Å úÉÏžÁŜ¦É ©Ã©Á§ÃÏúÃÏžÃ. €ÏžÁŨͬÁÇϏ§ÁÏ ‡¨ÂúʬÁÅÍ©Â¨Í Áƙ ©ÁôϞà úÁƳÂà©Â€ÏžÃ. ©ÁžÁÅâ þÁÅ œÉ¨Å¬ÁÅ¨Ê €þà ©ÁúÊÖ³ÂþÁÅ.þ úÉ¦ê ¡ÁýÅۍÌþà ¡Ã ‡ÏœÁ ¡ÉžÁâÂ ©ÁôÏžÊ ¥Ä £Â©ÁžÃ€þà €™ÃÃÏžÃ? ûÄ ‡ÏýÊ. ûÄ ÁžÊ, ‡ÏœÁ ¡ÉžÁâÂ ©ÁôÏýʁ™ÁžÂþÃä €ÏœÁ ¬ÁÅŽ¡É™ÁœÂ§ÁÅ €ÏžÃ. öÁ.....
  18. 18. €þÁōÁÅÏýÆ ©ÁúÊÖ³ÂþÁÅ. Á®Áò ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ œÁþÁ 9 €ÏÁ٨ÁÏý …ÿìÁÆà, žÂþÃœÍ ˆ¥Ã ¬ÁÅŽ¡É™ÁœÂ§Á£Âç€þÁōÁÅÏœÁÅþÂä.(±Â˜ÁÁŨÃ ¥ÁþÁ©Ã : ¥ÁþÁÏ ¡Ã¨ì¨Ã €þÃä €©ÊœÉ¨Å³Âà¦¨Ê €þÁōÁÅÏýÂ¥ÁÅ. ÂþÄ ‡¨ œÉ¨Å³Âà¦. §ÍüÅþ ¢ÉëÏ™÷ €§ÁÅ› ¥ÁÏúÞà Â£ýÃÛ Á§ÉŽ÷Û ¥Á §ÁÓÏ ¨ÍúÉ¡ÃåÏžÃ. ÌÏžÁ§ÃÃ ¥Á ÂœÁëÏ ¬ÁÇϏ§ÁÏ educationÁƙ ©ÁôϙžÁÅ. žÄ ÂÁ ¥Á  ¨ÂÏýà ¢Ê¥Ã¨Äbackground ¨Í ©ÁôÏýÊ €ÏœÁÂ ‡Íðåü§÷ ©ÁôϙžÁÅ.ŽþÁōÁ ú¨ ©Ã«Á¦Á ¨ŠœÉ¨Ã¦ÁÁ ¨Ë¢÷ ¨Í ú¨‚£çÏžÁŨŠ¡Á™ÁœÂ§ÁÅ. €ÏžÁōÁÅ þÊþÊ ¡ÉžÁâ „žÂÿÁ§Á›.‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ internet ©ÁÏýà ‡þÍä ³ÎÁ§Âê¨ÅþÂä ÂþéëÁ¦ÁÏ œÉ¨Ã¦Á ¨ÃðþÁ ýËÏ ¨Í œÉ¨Ã¦Á¨ÃðþÁ ¡ÁžÁâœÃ¨Í œÉ¨Ã¬Êà€žÃ ¥ÁÏúÞà ¨ÊÁ±ÍœÊ üÄ©ÃœÁÏ¨Í ‡þÍä ¥Ã¬÷ €©ÁôœÂÏ)