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Joint firm 05


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Joint firm 05

  1. 1. joint firm 29 by¡ÃýÛ ÌÏúÉÏ ÁÆœÁ ÁþÁÏ €þÁäýÅì  ¡Ã¨ì ©Á¦Á¬ÁÅúÃþÁäžÁ¦þ §Ì¥ÁÅé¨Å ¥Á ÂœÁëÏ £Ì£Âç¬Ã Â¦Á¨ÏœÁ„þÂä¦.‚žÃ Swedish school day €þÊ ¬ÃþÃ¥Á ¨͞ÁϙĀþÂä™ÁÅ ÍžÁÏ™ÁÏ €ÁÑ™Á úÁžÁÅ©ÁôœÁÆ.€¨ÂÂ €þÁäýÅì œÁ¨ ¡ÁύÃÏúà ŠÁ³Â§Ã ¥Á®Âì £Ì¥Áé¨Ãä ¡Á§ÁÂ¦Ïúà úÁƬà ¡ÊüÄ œÃ§ÁÊ¬ÃϞϦÁœÃë. €ÁÑ™Á ¥Á§Í ÁþÁ ¬ÁàþÁ ¬ÁÅÏžÁ§Ã³Â¯ÂœÁѧÃÏúÃϞà ¥ÉÃ.¬ÁþÁäÂ þÁ©ÁôíœÁÆ ¥Á§Í ¬ÃÁ§ÉýÅÛ ¥ÁÅýÃÛÏú™ÁÅœÁþÁÅ.‚žÉÏžÁŨ͞Ä? €þÁäýÅÛ úÁƳ¦Á 崃 Á®ÁÅì.üÉýÅÛ ¨Í þɍ÷ ¨ÍÏúà ÁÅ¥ÁÅéÂ €ÁšìÁÅàþÁä ¥É¬ÁàþÁ ¬ÁÏ¡ÁžÁþÁÅ  ²ÌýÍ¨Í ÁþáÃÏúÊ ©ÂýÃœÍ £Ê§ÄüÅ
  2. 2.©Ê¬ÁÅàþÁä ÍžÁÏ™ÁÏ Á¥ÁÅéþÁ žÁÇ«ÃÛ ¥Á§Á¨Å֍ÁÅþãōÁÅÑ ¨ÍÃ úÁƬà the maaraders €þà €þÂä™ÁÅ. ¡Ê§ÁÅì œÁþÁÃ €§ÁãÏ ÂÁ ±Í¦þ öÁ €þÁäýÅÛœÁ¨Æ¡ÁôœÍϞ¥É. €ÏœÁ©Á§ÁÁÆ úÁÆ¡Áô¨œÍ ¬Á§Ã¡ÉýÅۍÁÅ ©Á¬ÁÅàþÁä ÍžÁÏ™ÂþÍà ÌÏúÉÏ €™Âíþ÷ð€©ÁôžÂ¥Áþà ¨ÍúÁþÁ Á¨ÃÃÏžÃ. žÂþÍà ¡Á루Â§Á›Ï €œÁþÁÅ úÁƬÁÅàþÂä™Áþà œÉ¨Ã¬Ã Áƙ ¥É¡Ëý ¬Á©Á§ÃÏúÁō͍Á ±Í©Á™Á¥Ê.¬ÁÆý÷ Ê¬ÁÅþÁÅ ¥É ¡ÁÁÑ Â ¨ÂÃ £ÅÁÅÑ žÄþà ¥ÄžÁ¡ÉýÅۍÁÅþà úÁÆ™ÁÏ™Ã.. þÁÆ ÁþáìÁÅàϞà €þÂä™ÁÅ.Â¦ÁœÃë œÁ¯Á›Ï  ¡Áþà úʬÃÏžÃ. ÂþÄ žÂþà ©Á¨þÁ¥É ÌÏúÉÏ €™ÁÝÏ œÃ§ÁÁ ©Á¨¬Ã ©ÁúÃÖÏžÃ.ÍžÁÏ™ÂþÍà Â©Á¨Ã¬ÃϞà Áƙ €žÊ. €ÏžÁÅúÊœÁÂ¦ÁœÃë ‚ýÅ œÃ§ÁŏÁÅœÁÆ ¡Ëý ¡Ë ÉÁ ¨ÂÁÅÑþÂäúÃÏœÃÏúÁ ¨ÊžÁÅ.¥É ¡ÊüĨŠœÃ¡ÁôåœÍÏžÃ. €œÁþÁÅ úÁžÃ©Ã ¬ÃþÃ¥Á ¡ʧÁÅ úɣŜÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ.
  3. 3. http://pictures.teluguliterature.netœÁþÁ ¥É¨Íà €œÁþà ¥É¨ŠœÁÁŨŜÁÅþÂä ¥É¡ÁýÃÛÏúÁōͨʞÁÅ.ÍžÁÏ™ÂþÍÞà ¥Á§Ä ‡ÏÁ§Êü÷ ¥ÉÏýÅ ‚úÃÖÏžÃ.€ÏœÁ¨ÍÊ ¥Á®Âì Â¦ÁœÃë ¡Ëý ü§ñͦϞÃ. ¬ÁÆý÷Ê¬ÁÅ ¥ÄžÁÃ ©ÁϏà úÁƬÁÆàþÁä  ¤ÁϏåÁ¨ÍƒÏžÂÁýà ÁÏýÊ ‚Ï¡ÁôÂ €©Áô¡ÃÏúÁ ³ÂÂ¦Á ¥ɳΫÁ۩¨Å.ÁþĬÁÏ ©ÂýÃþà ¡Ã¬ÁōÍÑ™ÂþÍÁ¦þ úÂþÃð¬Êà œÁþÁüþÁé œÁ§ÃÏúà ±Í¦þÁýÊì €þÁōÁÅþÂä™ÁœÁþÁÅ.¬ÃÁ§ÉýÅÛþÁÅ ‡™Á¥Á úʜà ©Ê®Áì ¥ÁŸÁêÃ ¥Á §ÁÅ֍ÁÅþÍÁÅ™ÃúÊœÃþà þÉ¥ÁéžÃ þÉ¥ÁéžÃÂ œÁþÁ Â¨Ã ¥ÄžÁ þÁÅÏúÁ¥É œÌ™Á ¥ÄžÃÃ þÁ™Ã¡ÃÏú™ÁÅ.œÁ¨ œÃ¡Ãå €œÁþà ¥ÁÅŽÏ ¨ÍÃ úÁƬÃϞà Â¦ÁœÃë.ÁÅ쪃 žÁ™ÁžÁ™Â ÌýÊÛ¬ÁōÁÅϞà ÍžÁÏ™ÂþÍÃ.¤Á¦ÁϏÂþÁÆ, £Ã™Ã¦ÁÏ Â úÁƬÁÆà  úÊœÃþÁ¨ÂÊ©ÉþÁÃÑ œÄ¬ÁōͣͦÁ ™ÁÅ.žÍ§ÁÂ þÁ©ÁôíœÁÆ, ü§ÃÃ ±Í¦þÁ ¡ËýþÁÅ ©Ã¨Â¬ÁϏ¤ÁÅüÏ ¥ÄžÁÃ ¨ÂÁÅÑϞ¥É. žÂÏœÍ œÃ§ÍÁ¥ÁþÁÏ
  4. 4.¨Í „þÁä €œÁþà úÉ¦ê ŠÁÑ ¯Á›Ï Ã ¥Á®Äì¡Áô§ÍÁ¥ÃÏúÃÏžÃ.Â¦ÁœÃë €™ÁÅÝ úÉ¡Áå¨ÊžÁÅ. €¤ÁêÏœÁ§ÁÏ ÁÆ™ÂúÉ¡Áå¨ÊžÁÅ. §É¡Áå ©Ê¦ÁÁÅϙ €¨ÂÊ úÁƳÍàÏžÃ. úÁÆ¡Ê €œÁþÍà ŸË§Áê¥ÃúÃÖÏžÃ. ©Ê®ÁÅì £ÂÂ ú¡ÃúħÁ ¥ÄžÁ þÁÅÏúà œÌ™Áþà ¬ÁÅþÃäœÁϏ þ̍ÂÑ™ÁÅ.œÁ¯Á›Ï Â¦ÁœÃë úɍÃѨÅì ‡§Áë £Â§Â¦. Á®Áì¨Íì ¬ÃÁÅÓœÌϏà úÁƬÃÏžÃ. ¡ÉžÂ¨Å €ÏžÁϏ ©Á›ÃÂ¦. €œÁþÃúʜà ¥ÄžÁ œÁþÁ úÉ¦ê ©Ê¬Ã ¥ÁÅëžÁÅ©ÁôÂ þåçÃÏžÃ.ÍžÁÏ™ÁÏ ¥ÉÅÿÁÏ ©É¦ê ©Â¨ÅÛ¨ £¨Åç¨Â ©É¨ÃÃÏžÃ.¡ÁýÛ§Âþà ¬ÁÏ£§ÁÏ œÍ ú̧Á©ÁÂ ¥É ¤ÁÅüÏ ¥ÄžÁ¥ÁÅžÁÅâ ¡ÉýÅۍÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ.úÃþÁōÁŨŠ¥ÉÅžÁ¨ÉýÂÛ¦Á¥ÁéÌ§ÁÆ ©ÂþÁ ÁýÃۏÂþÊ¡Á™Ê¨Â „ϞÍÌÏ™ÁþÁä ÊÁœÍ ‚§ÁÅ©Áô§ÁÅ œÁÅë®Ãì¡Á™Ã žÁƧÁϏÂü§ÃÃ ÁƧÁÅÖþÂä§ÁÅ. Â¦ÁœÃë ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ œÉ§Á ¨Í
  5. 5. http://pictures.teluguliterature.netþÁÅÏúà ÍžÁÏ™ÁÏ ©ÉþÁÁ œÉ§Á¨Í þÁÅÏúà œÁ¡ÃåÏúã¦ÁýÁÅ œÌϏà úÁƳ§ÁÅ.¥ÊÁÏ ú¨ žÁýÛϏ ¡ÁýÊÛ¬ÃÏžÃ. ¡ÉžÁâ ©ÂþÊ¡Á™ÁÅœÁÅÏžÁþÁōÁÅÏý €ÏžÃ Â¦ÁœÃë ÌÏ™ÁþÁä œÍ.€©ÁôþÁ¥ÁéÂ§ÁÆ ¥Ä§ÁÅ œÁ™Ã¬Ã ±ÍœÂ§Í ˆÏýÍþ ÁŧÁÅÏúà þÁÅ©Éí¥Ä £ÉϏÁ ¡Á™ÁÁѧÊìžÁÅ. ¥Á§ÃύÁ‡žÁÅâ¨Ãä ¡Á§ÁŏɜÃàÏúÁÁ þÉ¥ÁéžÃÂ œÍ¨Å. §Í™ÁÅÝþÃϙ ÁœÁōÁŨÊ. ©ÂþÁ ¥ÉÅžÁ¨ÉýÃÛÏžÁÏýÊ §Í™ÁÅÝ ˆžÍÌ¦ÊêžÍ œÉ¨Ã¦ÁžÁÅ. Ž§Áé Â¨Ã ˆ ‡žÁÅâÁþÂä Â¨Å¥É¨ÃÁ ¡Á™ÃÏžÁÏýÊ ƒ þÁ™Ã žÂ§Ã¨Í ¥ÁþÁ ú©Áô ¥ÁþÁÏú©¨Ã. üÁëœÁàÂ ±Íþæ÷¤Á¨Ê ©Â§Ê €¥ÁéÂ§ÁÆ. œÁ¥Á§ÁÅ þ ¥Á ÂýúɱÂå¨Â? ƒ ‡™ÁìÃ úÃþÁä žÉ£ç œÁÃ¨ÃÏžÁÏýÊ ¥Á §˜ÁÅ þÁÅ §Ê©ÉýÉÛœÂà§ÁÅ.€ÏžÁÅÊ úɣŜÁÅÏý ¥Á§Ã €þà Â¦ÁœÃë ‚ÏÂ ˆžÍúÉ¡Áå £ÍœÁÅÏýÊ ©ÂþÁ ¨ÏÃÏúÁōÁÅÏžÃ.þÁÅ©Áôí ÌÏúÉÏ ¨Í¡Á¨ÃÃ ü§ÃÃ ÁƧÍ֧ €ÏžÂ¥É.
  6. 6.¡Á§Âí¨ÊžÁ¥ÁéÂ§ÁÆ. ¥Ä§ÉþÁÉÑ®Ãì ÁƍÍÏ™Ã.¥ÁþÁÃ¨Â œÁ™Á©ÁýÏ €¨©ÂýÊ ¨Éϙà €þÂä™ÁōÌÏ™ÁþÁä.¥É ©ÉþÁÃÑ ü§ÁÁýÏ úÁƬà ¬ÃÁ§ÉýÅÛ Ž§ÃžÁ¥ÁÅé ¨ÂÃ ¡Á™Ê¬Ã ‚ýÅ œÃ§ÃÂ™ÁÅ ÍžÁÏ™ÁÏ. ÌžÃâ ¯Á›Â¨ÍìþÊ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ œÉ§Á¨Æ œÁ™Ãúà ±Í¦Á ¦.Â¨Ã ©Â¨Åþà £ýÃÛ ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ©Ê¡Áô œÉ§Á ¨ÍÏúà ü¨Åì©Ã¬Á§Á™ÁÏœÍ Â¦ÁœÃë £ýۨŠÁƙ ‹ ¡ÁÁÑ œÁ™Ã¬Ã±Í¦Á ¦.þÊþÁýÅ ÁƧÁÅÖÏýÂþÁÅ. ¥Ä§ÃýÅ ©ÁúÉÖ¦Áêϙà €þÂä™Áō͞ÁÏ™ÁÏ.¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ¥Ä§Ä £ÅÁÅÑþà ¨Í¡Á¨ ¡ÉýÊÛ¬ÁōÍϙà €þÁäžÃ £ÅÁÅÑþà ¥ÁƬʬà €ÏžÃ¬ÁÆà.žÄþà ¥Á ÂýÊÏ ÂþÄÏ™Ã, ¥Ä§ÁÅ žÊ©ÁœÁ¨Â žÁōÁÅþà ƒ£Ï™Ã¨Í ‡ÁÑþéÁíÁ ±ÍœÊ ƒ ©ÂþÁ¨Ì ˆ¥Á¦±Í¦Ê©Â™ÃþÍ. £ÅÁÅÑþà ¡ÉýÊ۬à ¬ÁÆý÷ Ê¬ÁÅ œÂ®ÁÏ ©Ê¬ÁÆà€þÂä™ÁœÁþÁÅ.
  7. 7. http://pictures.teluguliterature.netƒ ¥Á ÂœÂëþÃÊ þÁþÁÅä žÊ©ÁœÁþà úʬɦÁêÁѧÁ¨ÊžÁŨÉÏ™Ã.€§Ê. ¥Ä§ÁÅ £ÂÂ œÁ™Ã¬Ã ±ÍœÁÅþÂä§ÁÅ. ‚ýÅ©ÁúÉÖ¦Á Âϙà ú̧Á©ÁÂ úÉ¦ê ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþÂä™Áō͞ÁÏ™ÁÏ.¥ÁŬåÁŬÏ þÁ©ÁôíœÁÆ Â¦ÁœÃë ‚ýÅ §Â©Á™ÁÏ œÍþʁ¥É ŽÂ®Ä úʬÃþÁ ü ¨ÍÃ ¬Á§ÁÅâÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ.‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ ¥Ä§ÁÅ œÁ™Ã¬Ã ±ÍœÂ§ÁÅ ¥Á§Ã €ÏžÂ¥ÉÌÏýɏ úÁƬÁÆà. ¥Á Âý €œÁþà úɩÍɍÁÑ ¨ÊžÁÅ. ú¨ ©Á§ÁÁÆœÁ™Ã¬Ã ±Í¦þ ¥É üÉýÅÛ ¨ÍþÁÅÏúà €©Áô¡Ã¬ÁÅàþÁä£Âë¬Á§Ä ¬ËüÅþÁÅ €ÏúÁþ ©É¦Áê™ÁÏ¨Í þÃ¥ÁÁä¥Á¦±Í¦Á ™ÁÅ.…. ˆ¥Ãý úÁÆ¡Áô œÁþÁ ¥ÉÂÂ¨ÃœÍ €œÁþà ¥É¨ÃþÃšÄ ÌýÃÛ¬ÁÆà £ÅÂ¦Ï¡ÁôÂ €™ÃÃÏžÃ.
  8. 8.¬ÃÁÅӏ þÁ©Ãí ¥Á®Âì ¥É œÌ™Á ¥ÄžÁÃ úʦþñÍþÃúÂÖ™ÁÅ. úÊœÃþà œÁþÁ úʜè͍à œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþà ¬ÁÅþÃäœÁϏÂþ̍ÃÑϞà ¥É.„žÊëÁÏ „œÂðÿÁϏ „±ÌåϏÃÏžÃ.£¦Áý ÿͧÁÅþÁ ©ÂþÁ. Â¨ÃœÍ ±ÂýÅ úà œÁÆúè͡Á¨ÁÅ ©Ã¬ÁŧÁÅœÍþÁä ü¨Åì. þÁÏžÁϏ ©Á®ÁÅìü¨Åì¥ÁþáìÍÌàÏžÃ. Â¦ÁœÃë Á®ÁÅì ªÁÂúÁƬÁÅàþÂä¦.„¡Ê¯ÃÏúÁ ¨ÊÁ ±Í¦Á ™ÍÁ.¥É úʜà ¨ÍÏúà œÁþÁ úʦþà œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþà ¬ÁÅþÃäœÁϏÂúɍÃѨà þåç™ÁÅ.‚ύ „ÏžÃ.
  9. 9. joint firm 30 by¬ÃÁÅӏ úÁƬÁÆà ÌÏúÉÏ žÁÁÓ§ÁÃ ü§ÃÃÏžÃ. úÊœÃþà ¤ÁÅüÏ ¥ÄžÃÃ ü§ÃÖ ¡Ëý ¨ÂÊ³Â™ÁÅ. ¤ÄœÁÿÁ§Ã›Ã ¨Â ŠÁ³Â§Ã ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ œÉ§Á ©Ê¡Áô úÁƬÃϞ¥É.öÁ¦÷.. .. ‡™Áìþà €žÃ¨ÃÏúÁÅœÁÅþÁä ÌÏ™ÁþÁä ÁϘÁÏ£ÌϏÁŧÁŏ ©ÃþáÃÏúÁÅœÍÏžÃ.üÉý÷ £ÂÂ œÁ™Ã¬Ã ±Í¦ÏžÁÏ™Ä..úÉ©Ã¨Í þͧÁÅ ¡ÉýÃÛ ³ÂþÁŤÁƜà Â Ì›ÅÁÅœÁÆ¥ÁÅÏžÁŨ ¡Á§Ã¥Á ›ÂþÃä ¥ÁśéʮÁìœÍ Ì¨Å¬ÁÅàþÁ䀜Áþà úÁ§ÁꨍÁÅ þÁ§Â¨Å üéÁôí¥ÁþÂä¦Á ¥ɍÃ.„ÿÁÆ.. Í¥Áŏ úÁƬÃÏžÃ.€žÃ €¤ÁêÏœÁ§ÁÏ ÂžÁÅ. ‚ύ ˆžÍ Â©Â¨þÁä œÁ¡ÁþÁþÁÅ ©ÁêÁáÏ úÊ¬Ê €¤Áê§ÁáþÁ.ŠÁýà Š™ÁÅ¡ÁôÂ ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà ¬ÁŜ§ÁϏ þ̍ÂÑ™ÁÅ.œÁþÁ úÊœÁŨÃ ¥ÃÏúÃþÁ ¬ËüžÃ. ¥Á§Ä €ÏœÁ ÁýÃۏÂ
  10. 10.¨ÊÁ ±Í¦þ £ÃÃ ¬Á™Á¨Ã ü§ñͦþÁ ¬Á§ÁōÁÅ ¥Á ÂœÁëύžÁÅ.  úʜà ¥ÄžÁ œÁþÁ úʦ €žÃ¥Ã úèáÏÂþÁ©ÃíϞ¥É. ‚ύ ÁýÃۏ €þÁäýÅì.€¥Áé Â§ÁÆ...ÌÏ™ÁþÁä ÊÁ ¥Á§Í³Â§Ã ©Â®ÃìžÁâ§Ää ©Ã™ÁžÄ¬ÃÏžÃ.ˆÏýÂë... ¡Ëý ¬Á§ÁÅâÁÅÏýÆ €™ÃÃþÁ  ¡ÁëªÁä¨Í úÃþÁäúçÁÅ ŸÁíþÃÏúÃÏžÃ.ÍžÁÏ™ÁÏ þçÁÅœÂðÿÁϏ ¬ÃÁ§ÉýÅÛ¥ÁÅýÃÛÏúÁōÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ.ƒ ©ÂþÁ œÁÊÓ žÂÂ œÂ®Áì¡Á¨Ãì ¨Í ÁŞ¥Á ÂÏ™Ä?€ÁÑ™ÃþÁÅÏúà ¥Á§Ä ‡žÁŧÁÅ ü¨ì¦ ±ÍžÃâ. ƒ ¡ËþÁ§Í™ÁÅÝ Áƙ £ÂÂ ÌœÁŨ¦±Í¦ „Ϟà €þÁ§Ãú™ÁÅ.‹ ¯Á›Ï ¨ÍúÃÏúà ‡ÁљÁŞ ¥ÁÏý©Âë?€þÁ™ÃÃϞà Â¦ÁœÃë €¦«ÁÛϏÂ.œÂ®Áì¡Á¨Ãì £™Ã žÁÁÓ§ÁÏ™Ã.
  11. 11.¥Á§Ã £Ï™Ã ‡™ÁÅì ‡ÁÑ™Á ¡É™ÁœÂ©÷? £™Á©ÁœÁ¨ ¬ÁÏœÁ «É™ÁÅìþÂä¦ ÁžÁÏ™Ä?€Í§ÃÏúÃþÁýÊì „ÏžÃ. ƒ ©ÂþÁ ‡¡ÁåýÍà œÁÁÅÓœÁÅϞ͈¥ÉÂ? ‚žÃ ©Á§ÁÍ³Â§Ã ¥Á¥Áé¨Ãä¨ÂÊ  £™Ã¨ÍžÃϡʬà þÁÅ©Áôí £Ï™Ã œÍ¨ÅÁÅþà ³Â§Â Í¬ÁÏ ±Í¦§ÉÏ™ÁÅ ÁÏý¨ œÁ§ÂíœÁ ©ÁúÂÖ©÷?€žÂÏ™Ã. €¡Áôå™ÁÅ ¬ÁϏÁœÃ ˆ§ÉìÏ™Ã. ‚ÏœÁÄ £Ï™Ã¡Á¥ÁÏý§ÂÏ™Ä?Â¦ÁœÃë ¬ÁÏžÊÿÁÏ Â ÍžÁÏ™ÁÏ ¥ÁÅŽÏ ¨ÍÃúÁƬÃÏžÃ.‚ÏœÁ ©ÂþÁ¨Í ©É®ÊìÁÏýÊ Â¬Êð¡ÉÁÑ™Í Á™Á¥Ê¥ÁÏúÞÃ. ÂþÄ ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ ¬ÁÆѨ÷ Ã ¬É¨©Áô¨Ê¥ÉÁžÁ쪀 €þÂä™ÁœÁþÁÅ.€œÁþà ¬ÁϞʪÂþÃä €§ÁãÏ úʬÁōÁÅþà žÂþÍà œÁ¨Å¡Áô¨ÅœÂ®Â¨Æ „Ï™Á©Áô ¨ÉÏ™Ã. ÿÉ™Âé´ÂÛ§ÁÅÏ™Ê žÌÁýÊ¡ÁÂÑ £Ã¨ÃÝϏÁÅ. ¥ÃÃ¨ÃþÁ ©ÁþÄä œÂýÁÅ ±ÂÁ¨Ê€ÏžÃ þÁ©ÁôíœÁÆ.
  12. 12. http://pictures.teluguliterature.netƒ ¨ÍÂ ¥Á®Äì €©ÁœÁ¨þÁÅÏúà ÌÏ™ÁþÁä ÊÊ³Â™ÁÅ.¡Á¥ÁÏý§ €¥Áé Â§ÁÆ €ÏýÆ... £Ï™Ã žÃÃ ¨Í¡Á¨ÃÃ ©É®Êì ¨ÍÂ ¥ÊÏ œÁ™Ã¬Ã±ÍÁÅϙ £ÂÂ žÁÁӧÍà œÄ¬ÁōÁÅ ©É®Ãì þè£ÉýÅÛ €þÃÿÁōÁÅÏ ü夀 úʬÃϞ¥É.€¦žÁÅ þåô¨ œÁ§ÁÅ©ÂœÁ £Ï™Ã ÃÏžÃ.¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ¥Ä§ÁÅ žÃÃœÊ ƒ ¡ÉýÉÛ, £ÂêÁÅ €ÏžÃ³ÂàþÁÅ. ‚©Ã¥ÁþÁœÍ „ÏúÁōͩÁ™Á¥Ê ¥ÁÏúÞÃ. ƒ ©ÁύÁþÁ ©ÉŸÁ©Á³Â§Â ÌýÅۍÁÅ ±ÍÁÅϙ §Â™ÁÅ €ÏžÃ Â¦ÁœÃë. ¡ÁëÂ§Á¥Ê €œÁþÁÅ žÃÃ  §ÉÏ™ÁÆ ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà ±ÂÁ¨ÍÃ žÁƧÁ™ÁÏ œÍþÊ ¥É Áƙ £Ï™Ã žÃÃÏžÃ.€£Âç¦ Í§ÁÆ £Ï™Ã ¥ÄžÁ þÁÅÏúà €§Ãú™ÁōÌÏ™ÁþÁä.... €þÂä™ÁÅ œÁþÁÅ ±ÂÁ ¨ÍÏúÃ.
  13. 13.¥Ä§ÁÅþÂä§ÁþÁä ŸË§ÁêÏ œÍþÊ €¥ÁéÂ§ÃþÞÏÁ¥ÁþÂäþÁÅ. ¤ÁžÁë¥ÁÏ™Ä.. ©ÂþÁ œÁÁӏÂþÊ ‡¨Ãì±ÍžÂÏ€¨ÂÊ...¥Á§Á¦œÊ ©ÁœÂàþÁ¥Áé Í§ÁÆ... €þà Â¦ÁœÃëÃ ÁÆ™ÂúÉ¡Ãå ¥É þÁÅϞà ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁÏ ©ÁúÊ֨͏ £Ï™ÃœÍ¨ÅÁÅ ±Í¦Á ™ÁÅ ÌÏ™ÁþÁä.ŠÁ ³Â§Ã úÁÅýÆÛ Á¨Ã¦Á üƳ™ÁÅ ÍžÁÏ™ÁÏ.¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ¡ÉύÁÆ ¬Ã¥ÉÏýÅ §ÊÁŨƩʦÏú¨þÁä žÁÇ«ÃÛ œÍ ÁýÃÛÏúÃþÁ Âì¬ÁÅ §ÁÆ¥ÁÅ ¨©Ã.Í™Á¨©Ä ¡ÁÂяÂþÊ „þÂä¦. žÂí§Á£ÏŸÂ¨Æ,œÁ¨Å¡Áô¨Æ ¨ÊÁ ±Í¦þ £¨ì¨Æ, £ÉÏúÄ¨Æ ©ÁÁ¦§Â¤ÁžÁëϏÂþÊ „Ï™ÁýÏ ©ÃªÊ«ÁÏ.žÌϏÁ ¬ÁúÃÖþÍ™ÁÅ... ¥ÁþÁ¨Ää üɦ¨Íì ±Â§Ê¬Ã ±Í¦Á ™ÁŀϞà Â¦ÁœÃë €ÁÑ™Á €œÁþÃœÍ ˆÂÏœÁϏ„ϙÁ©Á¨¬Ã ©ÁúÃÖþÁÏžÁōÁÅ Á¨ÅÁÅœÍþÁä ¬ÃÁÅÓþÁÅžÂúÁōͩÁ™ÂþÍà ¡Áë¦ÁœÃä¬ÁÆà.
  14. 14.ÍžÁÏ™ÁÏ ¥Á Âý¨Â™Á ¨ÊžÁÅ. ¬ÁÁÏ ¬ÁÁÏ œÁ™Ã¬ÃþÁ£ýÛ¨ ¨ÍÏúà €ÏžÁϏ €©Áô¡Ã³ÍàþÁä ¥É©ÁÏ¡Áô³ÌÏ¡Áô¨Ãä œÃ¨Ã¬ÁÆà þÉ¥ÁéžÃÂ žÁÁÓ§ÁÃþÁ™Ãú™ÁÅ. ÌÏúÉÏ Â¨Å ±Ì™ÁŏÁÅ ¥ÁþëʥÉ‚ÏúÁÅ¥ÃÏúÁÅ œÁþÁÏœÁ ÿÁ¦ýÅϞ¥É. ¬ÃÁÅӏÂþÁ©ÁôíœÁÆ úÁƳÍàþÁä  úÁÆ¡Áô¨Å ‚ϞÁ ¥ÁŸÁê¨Í©ÁžÃ¨Ã ¡ÉýÊÛ¬ÃþÁ ©Áê©ÁöÁ§ÂþÃä ¡Áõ§Ãà úɦÁê¥ÁþÁžÊªÃ¬ÁÅàþÂä¦.ŠÁ ³Â§Ã £¦ÁýÁÅ úÁƳ™ÁÅ.©ÂþÁ ÁÅÏ™Á±ÍœÁÂ ±Í¬Ê³ÍàÏžÃ. úÁÅýÅÛ ¡ÁÁѨ¥ÁþÁÅ«ÁŨŠ¥Á¬ÁŨŜÁÅþÁä ü™Á ÂþÄ €¨ÃÃ™Ã ÂþĨʞÁÅ.ƒ üË¨Å¨Í ¥ÄœÍ ±ÂýÅ Á™Ã¡Ê €žÁÇ«ÁÛύÁ¨ÃÃþÁÏžÁōÁÅ Ì¡Áå þÁÏžÁÏ Â „Ϟà þÁÅ.€¬Á¨Å ƒ ©ÂþÁ þ Í¬Á¥Ê ©ÁúÃÖϞʥÉ €þÃþÁ©ÁôíœÁÆ ¤ÁÅüÏ ¥ÄžÁ úÉ¦ê ©Ê³Â™ÁÅ.þÊþÁÆ €žÊ €þÁōÁÅÏýÅþÂäþÁÅ žÍ§ÁÂ þÁ©ÃíϞ¥É.
  15. 15.‚ÁљɩÁ§ÁÆ „þÁäýÅÛ ÁþáÃÏúÁ™ÁÏ ¨ÊžÁÅ ¥ÉþÁޏÁ§ÁÁÅ œÄ¬ÁōÁÅÏýÆ þÁ¬ÃÂ™ÁÅ.…§ÁÅ ‚ύ ¥ÁÅÏžÁōÁÅÏžÃ. ƒ úÁÅýÅÛ ¡ÁÁѨ …®ÁìÃÁƙ ÌÏúÉÏ žÁÁÓ§ÁÂ „ÏýÅÏžÁþà ‚žÃ±Ì¨Ã¥Ê§Á¨Íì ÁýÂÛ§ÁÅ.. €ÏžÂ¥É.ÍžÁÏ™ÁÏ §ÉÏ™Í úÉ¦ê ¥É þÁ™ÁÅ¥ÁÅþà úÁÅýÊÛ¬ÃÏžÃ.€œÁþà €ŸÁ§Â¨Å ¥É úɍÃѨà þà úÁÅÏ£ÃÏú¦.„ÿÁÆ... €ÏžÂ¥É Í¥Áŏ ©Ã™Ã¡ÃÏúÁōͣ͜ÁÆ.¡ÁýÅÛ ¬Á™Á¨þéÁí¨ÊžÁœÁþÁÅ. §ÉÏ™Í úɍÃѨà þà Áƙ¥ÁÅžÂâ™Ã ¤ÁÅüÏ ¥ÄžÁ þÁÅϙà ¡Ëý œÁ¡ÃåÏúʳ™ÁÅ.¥Á§Ä ‡žÁŧÁŏ „þÂäÏ.. ¬ÁþÁäÂ þÁ¬ÃÃϞ¥É.œÃþÁäÂ úéÁ§Ã £ÉÏúÄ ¥ÄžÁÃ œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþà ±Í¦Á ™Áō͞ÁÏ™ÁÏ. ¥ÉþÁÅ ÁƧÍÖ£ÉýÃÛ œÁþÁƍÁƧÁÅÖþÂä™ÁÅ. ¥Á§ÁŏÁŏ ¥ÁÏúà ¬ÁžÁű¦ÁϏ„ϞÃ. ¥É üÉýÅÛ ©Ã¡Êå³Â™ÁÅ. úÉ¦ê ©ÉþÁÃÑ œÃ¡Ãå£Âë¬Á§Ä ¨ÃύÁÅ Áƙ œÁ¡ÃåÏú™ÁÅ. úáÁå¨Ãä ¡ËÃü§ÁÅ¡ÁôœÁÅþÁä¡Áôå™ÁÅ ¥É Í¥Áŏ Ì›ÃÃÏžÃ.
  16. 16.¥Áśà ©Ê®ÁìœÍ ¥ÁÇžÁÅ©ÁôÂ œÁ™ÁÅ¥ÁÅœÁÆ ¥É §Ì¥ÁÅ騬ÁÏžÁÅ¨Í ¥ÁÅžÁÅâ ¡ÉýÅۍÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ. úèáÏ úÁƬÁÆà¥ÄžÁÃ ü§ÃϏÃϞ¥É.¥Ä©Ã ú¨ ¡ÉžÁâ©Ã. £Â©ÁôþÂä¦ ¬ÁþÁäÂ þÁ©ÁôíœÁơìÍà ©ÁžÃ¨Â™ÁÅ.œÊ§ÁÂ žÌ§ÃÃœÊ ‡ÏžÁōÁÅ £Â©ÁôÏ™Á©Áô? ‚¨ÂÏýáÊúĨþÄä „Ïý¦ÁþÊ ¥Á  ÌÏ™ÁþÁä ¥Ã¥Áé¨Ã䇍ÃÑÏúÁōÍþÁþÁ™ÁÏ ©ÉýÂ§ÁϏ þÁ©ÁôíœÁÆ £Í§Á©Ã™ÃúÃϞà Â¦ÁœÃë.þÃüÂþÍà ¡ÊúÄ Í§ÁÅ ¥ÁþëÃþà ÂþÁþÁōÍÏ™Ã. ÂþÄ¥Ä €ÏžÁÏ þ þÃü¦ÁœÄþà žÉ£ç œÄ¬ÃϞà €ÏýÆ ¡÷Ö€þà ¥ÁÅžÁÅâ ¡ÉýÅۍÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ €œÁþÁÅ.‚ύ „ÏžÃ.