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Duduku 01-02


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Duduku 01-02

  1. 1. žÁÅ™ÁōÁÅ ¥ÉÅžÁýà ¤ÂÁÏ contributed by manmadhamurthy@yahoo.comPDF conversion byƒ ÁŸÁ ŠÁ ±ÂœÁ ¥ÊÁüËþ÷ ¨ÍþÞÃ. ¥ÁþÁéŸÁ ¥ÁƧÃà Â§ÁŬÊÑþ÷ úʬà ¡ÁϡʧÁÅ.  ÁŸÁþÁÅ œÉ¨ÅÁÅ ¨Ã¡Ã ¨Í ¡Ã ™Ã ¢÷Â ¥ÄÁÅ €ÏžÃ¬ÁÅàþÂä¥ÁÅ.***********************************************…§ÃÃ ±Ì¨Ã¥Ê§Á¨Í  ±ÌžÁ§ÃÏýÍì ±ÌžÃÃþÁ ¥ÁÅœÂê¨ÂìÏýÀ¥Á Â馨ÅþÂä§ÁÅ. ©Â§ÁÅ þÁÏžÂþÄä ªÁ§Ä§ÂþÃ䀥ÁéýÂþÍà ¬ÃžÁãϏ „þÂä§ÁÅ. ¬Á§Á¬Áύ©¨þÁōÁÅþÁä©Â§ÁÅ€ÁљÍà ©É®ÁÅœÁÅþÂä§ÉÏžÁ§ÉÏžÁ§Í.§ÁÁ §ÁÂ¨ úħÁ¨Å ÁýÅۍÁÅþà ©ÃýŨþÁ§ÃïÏúÁ™ÂþÍÃþÄœÁŏ ¥ÁųÂࣦÁ Âê§ÁÅ €Áљà €œÃ©Á¨Å §Ê©ÁœÃ, ©ÁþÁü,¬ÁÅüÂœÁ, ÂÏúÁþÁ¨Å. ŠÁ§Ãþà ¥ÃÏúÃþÁ €ÏžÁϜͥÁ§ÌÁ§ÁÅþÂä§ÁÅ.©Ä®ÁÅò ÂÁ ¥Á§ÌÁ €§Á™ÁüþÁÅ €¥Á Â馨ÅþÂä§ÁÅ.©Â®ÁòϜ ‹ ¥É¬Áà§ÁÅ €ÏžÁ¥ËþÁ ©Â®ÁÅò. ÌÏžÁ§ÁÅ©ÃýŨþÁÅ ¥ÄžÉÃÑÏúÁōÁÅþà ±ÌžÁ§ÃÏýà ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ¡ÁúÃ֍Á¨Íì ±Ì§Âì™ÁÅœÁÅþÂä§ÁÅ. ¥Á§ÃÌÏžÁ§ÁÅ ©ÉþÉä¨Íì
  2. 2.œÂ¥ÁÅ ±ÌÏžÃþÁ €þÁŤ̜Ãþà ©ÃýŨÁÅ úɣŜÁÆ ©Â§ÃœÍ¬Á§Á³Â¨Å žÁÅœÁÅþÂä§ÁÅ. ‚ύ̞Á§ÁÅ §Á£Í¦Ê ©ÃýŨ Í¬ÁχžÁŧÁÅ úÁƬÁÅàþÂä§ÁÅ. ¡ÁúÃ֍Á¨Í ÌüÂبŠœÂϣƨϬʩìÁÆà œÍýà ¬Äàë¨œÍ £ÆœÁŨŠ¥Á ÂýÂì™ÁōÁÅÏýÅþÂä§ÁÅ.18 ˆ®Áò ©Ãü¦÷  ±ÂëÏœÂþÍà ©ÁúÂÖ™ÁÅ. ©Â™ÃÃ  ü¦Á¥ÁéÁÏ¡ÉþÄ ÌœÁà ÂžÁÅ. ÿÌý¨÷ £Â¦÷ Â ¡ÁþÃúʳÂà™ÁÅ ©Ãü¦÷.ŠÁ §ÍüÅ ©Â™ÃÃ ü¦Á¥Áé ÁÏ¡ÉþÄ ¨Í ŠÁ ÌüÂØ¡Á§ÃúÁ¦Á¥Á¦Á Âê™ÁÅ.  ÌüÂØ ¡Ê§ÁÅ ‡©Á§ÃÄ œÉ¨Ã¦ÁžÁÅ.¬ÃžÃâ¡Êý §Î™Ä €þà ¡Ã¨ÅúÁōÁÅÏýÆ „ÏýžÁÅ œÁþÁþÃ. ŠÁ§ÍüÅ ©Ãü¦÷ ÿÌýɨ÷ ¨Í £Âœ÷ §ÁÆÏ œÁ¨Å¡Áô ©Ê¦ÁÅÏ™ÂþÊ ÁœÁþÁ ¥ÉÅ™ÁÝþà úÊœÃœÍ ™ÃÏúÁōÁÅÏýÅÏýÊ  ÌüÂØ ©ÁúËÖ©Ãü¦÷ ¤ÁÅüÏ ¥ÄžÁ úʦ ©Ê³Â™ÁÅ.¡Ã¨ì Â©Â¨ÏýÊ þÂœÍ §Â. …§ÃÊ ÂžÁÅ ©ÁÏžÁ§ÁƱ¦Á¨œÍ €þÂä™Â ÌüÂØ.©Ãü¦÷ Ã ÿÌýɨ÷ ¨Í €žÉâÁÅÏ™Ê €¥Á Âé¦¨Æ €£Â禨Æýá÷𠂬ÁÅàÏý§ÁÅ. Â¨ÊüÄ €¥Á Âé¦¨Æ , Â¨÷ Á§÷ìð©ÁúÃÖþÁ¡Áôå™ÁÅ ©Â®ÁòÃ œÃþÁţϙ§¨Å, þç͞÷ ¨Å,¨Æ¡Áô¨Æ ™Ãëύ÷ð ¬Á¡Ëì úÊ¬Ê §Â¥ÁōÁÅ ³Â¦Áύ¨ÂþÍà ŠÁ50 §ÁƱ¦Á¨Å ¥ÃÁŨŜÁÅÏžÃ. ‚žÃ©Á§ÁËœÊ €ÏžÁŨÍ
  3. 3.¬ÁÁÏ ‚ÏýÍì ‚úÃÖ ¥ÃÁœÂžÃ ¬ÃþÃ¥Á ¨ÁÆ úèì§ÁœÃÏ™ÁìÁÆ „¡Á¦ÉÃÏúÊ ©Â™ÁÅ.©Ãü¦÷  ÌüÂØœÍ œÁþÁÅ ÁþÉä¨ ©ÃŸÁ©Á¨ ¬Áϳ§ÁŨ ¬Á¨Åì¡ÁõÁÅ úÁƬÊþÁþÄ  §ÍüÊ ŠÁ €¥Á Âé¦ ¥ÁŏÁÅӧÜ͞ÉϏÃÏúÁōͩÁ™ÁÏ úÁƬÊþÁþÄ úɱÂå™ÁÅ.  ÌüÂØ‚žÃ©Á§ÁÁÆ ‡ÏžÁ§ÃþÍ  ÿÌýɨ÷ ÁÅ œÄ¬ÁōÁÅ §Â©Á™ÁύÁƙ œÂþÁÅ úÁƬÃþÁýÅì úɱÂå™ÁÅ ©Ãü¦÷ þÁ™ÁŬÁÆà. ÌüÂØ ü¦Á¥Áé ÁÏ¡Éþčà ©Ãü¦÷ þà œÄ¬ÁōÁÅ ©É®ÊòÂ ‹¥É¬Áà§ÁÅ €¥Á Âé¦þà úÁÆ¡ÃÏúà žÂþÃä žÉϏÁŜ© €þÀ™ÃÃϞà ü¦Á¥Áé ©ÁÏžÁ §ÁƱ¦Á¨Å œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþÃ. ¥Á Âý¨Å ‡ÏœÍ ¬ÃÁÅÓ ©Ê¬ÃϞà ©Ãü¦÷ Ã. €¦œÊ ©Â®Áò£ÆœÁÅ ¥Á Âý¨œÍ ©Â™Ã¨Í ¤Á¦ÁÏ ±Í¦ÏžÃ. ‚ÁÑ™Áü¦Á¥Áé ÁŧÃÏúà ÌÏœÁ úɱÂå¨Ã. Á¬ÁÛ¥Á§ÁìþÁŁÁ§ÃñÏúÁ™ÁÏ¨Í £ÂÂ þʧÁå§Ã. ©ÃýŨŠ©É®ÂòÂ œÁþÁÁÏ¡ÉþÄ¨Í €¥Á Â馨ϞÁ§ÃÄ ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ üÁëœÁàÂ‚Ïü¯ÁþÁÅì ‚¡Ãå¬ÁÅàϞà . ©ÁúÃÖþÁ ©Â™ÁÅ ÁÆ¨Ä €¦þÁţʧÁÅ™Á¦þ Š®ÁÅò žÂúÁō͍ÁÅϙ ¬ÁÅŽÂþÃä ‚¥ÁéþÀ¥Á Â馨ÁÅ úɣŜÁÅÏžÃ.
  4. 4.€¥Á Â馨Š‚«ÁÛ¡Á™Ã ‹©Á§÷ ýË¥ÁÅ úʬÃþ úÁÆ¬Ä úÁÆ™ÁþÁýÅì…§ÁōÁÅÏýÅÏžÃ. €ÏžÁÅÊ ü¦Á¥Áé ÁÏ¡ÉþÄ¨Í €¥Á Â馨Åü¦Á¥ÁéþÁÅ ©ÁžÁ¨§ÁÅ. ü¦Á¥Áé ÁÏ¡Éþčà  …§Ã¨Í ¥ÁÏúÃ¡Ê§Ê „ÏžÃ. ‡ÏžÁ§Ã §ÁÿÁ³Âê¨Í ¥É ÁÅ¡Éåý¨Í „þÂä¦.¡ÁýäÏ ¨Í ¡ÁþÁŨÁþà ©ÁúÃÖ „žÁ¦ÁÏ ¥ÉÅžÁ¨Å ³Â¦ÁÏœÁëÏ©Á§ÁÁÆ ¬ÁϱžÃÏúÊ ¡Á¨Éì ¡Á™ÁÅúÁŨŠ‡ÏžÁ§Í ¥ÉÁŜɨŬÁÅ. ©Â§Ã¨Í ©ÃŸÁ©Á¨Å, ©Ã©ÂÿÃœÁ¨Å, ¡É®Ãò Âþé§ÁÆ „þÂä§ÁÅ.¤Á§Áà¨Å ‚ÏýÍì ¨Êþà ¬Á¥Á¦ÁÏ¨Í Ê©Á¨Ï ªÂ§Ä§ÁÁ ¬ÁŎύͬÁÏ ©ÁúÊÖ ¬Áϳ§Á ÁÅýÅϣϨÍþà ³ÂþÁŨŠÁÆ™Âü¦Á¥Áé ÁÏ¡Éþčà ©Á¬ÁÆà „Ïý§ÁÅ. Á¨Ã £ÂŸÁ¨Å¤Á§ÃÏúÁ¨ÊÁ, ÁÅýÅÏ£ ¡Á§Ã¬ÃáœÁŨŠ¬Á§ÃÁÓ ¨ÊÁ ‚¨Åì©ÁžÃ¨Ã ©ÁúÃÖþÁ ©Â®ÁÆò „þÂä§ÁÅ ü¦Á¥Áé ÁÏ¡ÉþĨÍ.±Í¨Ä¬ÁŨÁÆ §Î™Ä¨ÁÆ ¥ÊœÁ ¡Á™Ê¬ÁÆà „ÏýÅÏžÃü¦Á¥Áé. ±Í¨Ä¬ÁŨ ¤Á¦ÁÏ ¨ÊþÁÏžÁÅþÁ ©ÃýŨŠ ÁÏ¡Éþčß˧ÁêÏ Â ©Á¬ÁÅàÏý§ÁÅ.¡Ã¨Íì™ÃÃ žÂ§Ã œÉ¨ÄžÁÅ. Â¬Áà úÁÆ¡ÃÏúÁÅ €þà ©Ãü¦÷ þÁÅ ‹¡Ã¨ìÁ¡ÁÃ¬ÁÆà €ÏžÃ.
  5. 5. ¡Ã¨ì €¬Á¨Ê Á¬ÃÂ „ÏžÃ. þʧÁå©Á¨¬ÃþÁ ±Â˜Â¨þÄäªÁŤÁëÏ Â þʧÃåϞà ©Ãü¦÷ Ã. ¡Áþà §ÁÅúÏÂþÊ „ϞÀþÁōÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ ©Ãü¦÷. §ÁÅúà ¥Á§ÃÃþÁ œÁ§ÂíœÁ §ÍüÆ©Á³Âà™Áþà  ¡Ã¨ìÁÅ œÉ¨Å¬ÁÅ.§Ê¡Áô ©Á³Âà©Â ªÁÂ €™ÃÃϞà  ¡Ã¨ì.©Á³ÂàþÁþÁäýÅì œÁ¨Æ±Â™ÁÅ ©Ãü¦÷. þɨ §ÍüŨ ©Á§ÁÆ  Á¡Ã¨ìœÍýÊ Á™Ã±Â™ÁÅ. £Í§÷ ÌýÃÛϞà ©Â™ÃÃ. §ÁÁ§ÁÂ¨œÌ™Á¨þÁÅ ¡Á§ÃúÁ¦ÁÏ úʬÁōͩ¨þÁōÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ. €¨ÂúʬÁōÁÅÏýÅÏýÊ ©Â™ÁÅ Á¥ÁþÃÏúÃþÁ ©Ã«Á¦ÁÏ  ÁÏ¡ÉþĨ͜ÁþÁÅ €þÁŤÁ©ÃÏúÁþà ¥Á§Í §ÁÅ €¥Á Â馨ÅþÂä§ÁþÄ, ©Â®Áò§ÊýÅ ‡ÁÅÑ©ÁþÄ, ŠÁ³Â§Ã žÉϏÁ™ÂþÍà 1000 §ÁƱ¦Á¨Å‚©Âí¨þÄ œÉ¨Å¬ÁōÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ. ©Â™Ã üÄœÁÏ 2000§ÁƱ¦Á¨Å ¥Á ÂœÁë¥Ê. þÂ™Ê ©Â™ÃÃ üÄœÁÏ ©ÁúÃÖÏžÃ. ‚ÏýÍì ©Â™Ã €¥Áé ¥ÁÏúÁϥĞÁ „ÏžÃ.‚¡Áôå™Í €¡Áôå™Í €þÁäýÅÛÏžÁþà ©Â™ÃÃ œÉ¨Å¬ÁÅ.‰þ ©Â™Ã ¥ÁþÁ¬ÁÅ €¥Á Â馨þÁÅ žÉϏ¨þà „ÏžÃ.©ÁúÊÖý¡Áôå™ÁÅ ¥ÁÏžÁÅ œÄ¬ÁōÁÅ §Â§Â €ÏžÃ ©Ãü¦÷ €¥Áé.
  6. 6.©Â™Á¡ÁåýÍà œÁ¨Æ±Â™Á ¬Á§Ê €þÁäýÅàÂ. €¦œÊ €¥Áé Ã¥ÁÏžÁÅ ÁþÂä  Ž§ÄžËþÁ €¥Á Â馨œÍ ±ÌÏžÁÅ ¥ÄžÊ ©Â™Ã¥ÁþÁ¬ÁÅ ±ÍœÍÏžÃ.  ³Â¦ÁÏÂ¨Ï ü¦Á¥Áé ÁÏ¡ÉþčéɮÂò™ÁÅ.  Ž§ÄžËþÁ €¥Á Â馨Š€¦žÁŏÁŧÁÅ ‹ ¥ÁƨþèÅÖþÂä§ÁÅ. ©Â®ÁÅò ©Ãü¦÷ þà úÁƳ§ÁÅ.ü¦Á¥Áé ©Ãü¦÷ žÁÁӧÍÌúÃÖ ˆ¥ÃýÄ §ÍüÅ ‚ýÅ ©Ë¡Áô©ÁúÂÖ©Áô. §ÊýÅ ‡ÁÅѩͦ÷ €ÏžÃ.‰þ ¬Á§Ê €œÁà¦Á Âê ¬ÃþÃ¥Á  ÿħͦþ÷ ¨¨Â „þÂä§ÁÅ þčÁÆœÁÅ®ÁÅò €ÏýÆ ¡ÊÏý÷ üʣŨÍÏúà 1000 §ÁƱ¦Á¨ÅœÄ¬Ã ‚úÂÖ™ÁÅ ©Ãü¦÷ ü¦Á¥ÁéÃ.™Á£Åç ¨ÉÁÑ ¡ÉýÅۍÁÅþà þÁ©ÁôíœÁÆ ¬Á§Ã±Í¦Á ¦ €¨Åì™ÁÆ.ˆžÍ ŠÁ žÂþÃä Í§ÁōÁÅþà þÄ Í§ÉÑ œÄ§ÁÅÖÍ €ÏžÃü¦Á¥Áé.©Ãü¦÷ úèáà Á®ÁÅò  €¥Á Â馨 §Ì¥ÁÅé¨Ää žÁŬÁÅਥĞÁþÁÅÏúÊ Ì¨Å¬ÁÅàþ¦. ŠÁ§Ãä ¥ÃÏúÃþÁ €ÏžÁϜ͂ύ̍Á§ÁÅ ¥É§Ã¬Ã±ÍœÁÅþÂä§ÁÅ. €ÏžÁ§ÁÆ þÄýŏ ¥ÁųÂà£Ë€ÏžÁϏ Á§Áï›Ä¦ÁÏ Â „þÂä§ÁÅ. €ÏžÁ§Ã ÁŧÁŨ¨Í
  7. 7.¥Á¨Éì ¡Áõ¨Å ÁŤ¨ìÁÅàþÂä¦. €ÏžÁÅ¨Í ‡œÁÅàÂ ‡œÁÅàÁÅœÁÁÓ ¨Â©ÁôœÍ „þÁä ‹ €¥Á Âé¦þà úÁƬʙÁÅ. ¥É §Ê©ÁœÃ.§Ê©ÁœÃ úʦ ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ ©Ãü¦÷. ¥É Í¡ÁϏÂúÁƬÃÏžÃ. ©Â™Ã ©Á¦Á¬ÁōÁÅ §ÉýÃÛÏ¡Áô ©Á¦Á¬ÁÅ œÁþÁžÃ. §Ê©ÁœÃ©Á¦Á¬ÁÅ 36. œÁþÁ ©Á¦Á¬ÁÅœÍ ¬Á¥Á ÂþÁ¥ËþÁ ©Â§ÁÅ. ©Ãü¦÷ÃÏžÁ ¡Á™ÁōͩÁ™ÂþÍà §Ê©ÁœÃ Š¡ÁôåÍ¨ÊžÁÅ.‚ύ „ÏžÃ.
  8. 8. žÁÅ™ÁōÁÅ §ÉÏ™Á©Á ¤ÂÁÏ contributed by manmadhamurthy@yahoo.comPDF conversion byƒ ÁŸÁ ŠÁ ±ÂœÁ ¥ÊÁüËþ÷ ¨ÍþÞÃ. ¥ÁþÁéŸÁ ¥ÁƧÃà Â§ÁŬÊÑþ÷ úʬà ¡ÁϡʧÁÅ.  ÁŸÁþÁÅ œÉ¨ÅÁÅ ¨Ã¡Ã ¨Í ¡Ã ™Ã ¢÷Â ¥ÄÁÅ €ÏžÃ¬ÁÅàþÂä¥ÁÅ.***********************************************Á¥ÁþÍÁ:- ƒ ¤ÂÁÏ¨Í €ÂÑ œÁ¥ÁÅé®Áò žÉϏÁŨÂý£ÆœÁŨŠ„Ïý¦. ‚«ÁÛÏ ¨Êþà ©Â§ÁÅ ƒ ¤ÂÁÏúÁžÁ©ÁÁÏ™Ã.***********************************************ü¦Á¥Áé ¥Á§Í ©ÃýÅþÃä öÁíþÃÏúÁ™ÁύͬÁÏ ¥ÁÅÏžÁōÁÅ©É®ÃòÏžÃ. ‚ÏœÁ¨Í  ÌüÂØ €ýÅ©Ë¡Áô ©ÁúÂÖ™ÁÅ.ˆ¦÷ ¥Á§ÂêžÁÂ úʦ ©ÁžÁŨŠ€ÏýÆ ©Ãü¦÷ úʜèÍþÁÅϙÜÁþÁ úÊœÃþà ¨ÂÁÅÑϞà §Ê©ÁœÃ.þÃþÁÅä ŠÁ³Â§Ã §ÁÅúà úÁÆ™ÁýÂþÍà ™Á£Åç ¡ÉýÃÛ ÌþÂäþÁŧÁ©ÁíÏœÁ Í¡ÁϏÂþÊ €þÂä™ÁÅ ©Ãü¦÷.
  9. 9.™Á£Åç ©Â¡Á¬ÁÅ œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþà ©ÁúÃÖþÁžÂ§ÃþÊ ©É®ÁÅò§ÁŬÁ§ÁŬÁ¨Â™ÁÅœÁÆ €ÏžÃ §Ê©ÁœÃ.žÂÏœÍ ˆ¥Ãýà þ žÁÁÓ§ÁÁÅ §Â©Í¦÷ œÃ¦ÁêÂ €™ÃÃϞÂύ̍Á €¥Á Âé¦.þÁÅ ƒ ¡Ã¨Êì Â©Â¨Ã žÁÇšÁϏ €þÂä™ÁÅ ©Ãü¦÷.þÊþÁÅ úÁ¬Êà þÄ ©ÁžÁâÁÅ §ÂþÁÅ €ÏžÃ §Ê©ÁœÃ ¥Á§ÃÏœÁÍ¡ÁϏÂ.¡ÁœÃ©ÁëœÁ¨Â ¥Á Âý™ÁÁÅ. ¡Ë¬Á¨Å ¡Á™Ê¬ÊÂ ¡ÁÁÑ ¡ËÃ ‡¨Â§Â©Í þÊþÁÆ úÁƳÂà €þÂä™ÁÅ ©Ãü¦÷ ¥Á§ÃÏœÁ Í¡ÁϏÂ. ÌüÂØ €ÁљÍà ©ÁúÂÖ™ÁÅ. €¬Á¨Å ©Ã«Á¦ÁÏ œÉ¨Å¬ÁōÁÅþçʩÁœÃ þà úÁƬÁÆà ‚¨Â €þÂä™ÁÅ.©Â™ÁÅ þÂê¦ÁϏÂþÊ €™ÁŏÁÅœÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ. ‚ÁÑ™Á ©Á¦É¡Á§Ã¥ÃœÃ ¨ÊžÁÅ. ¥ÁþÁÁÅ Â©Á¨ÃðϞà ™Á£Åç. ©Â®ÁòÁō©Á¨¬ÃϞà €¥Á Â馨Å. ©ÁúÃÖþÁ ©Â™ÁÅ úÃþÁä €¦þ ¡ÉžÁ…þ €¥ÁÅéÍ©Á™ÁÏ ¥ÁþÁ ©ÁÇœÃà €þÂä™ÁÅ  ÌüÂاʩÁœÃœÍ.
  10. 10.©Ãü¦÷ ÃÏžÁ ¡Á™ÁōÍþÁþà ¥ÉÅϙÍʬÃϞà §Ê©ÁœÃ.  ÌüÂ؁¥ÉÁÅ §ÁÁ§ÁÂ¨ÅÂ úÉ¡Ãå úÁƳ™ÁÅ. €¦þ ¡Áë¦ÉÂüþÁϪÁÆþÁêÏ. ü¦Á¥Áé Áƙ úɱÂå¨þÁōÁÅÏžÃ. ÂþÄ ¥É¥ÁþÁ¬ÁÅ ¥Á §ÁÅ֍ÁÅÏžÃ. §Ê©ÁœÃ ‡ÏœÁ žÃÁü§Ãþ ‚ύ€ϜÁ©Á§ÁÁÆ žÃÁü§Á¨ÊžÁþÁōÁÅþà ¥ÁþÁ¬ÁÅ¨Í §Á©ÁíÏœÁ£ÂŸÁ ¡Á™ÃÏžÃ. ©Ãü¦÷ ÁÅ ™Á£Åç¨Å œÃ§ÃÃ ‚©Áí£Í¦ÏžÃ.ü¦Á¥Áé žÁÁÓ§Á ™Á£Åç¨Å œÄ¬Áōͩ¨þà ¨ÊžÁÅ ©Ãü¦÷ Ã.€œÂà ‚ÏÍ ¡Ã¨ìþËþ ¡ÁÏ¡Áô €þà Í¥Áŏ €™ÃÂ™ÁÅ ©Ãü¦÷ü¦Á¥ÁéþÃ.þÄ ‚«ÁÛ¥ÉÅúÃÖþÁ ¡Ã¨ìþÁÅ Í§ÁÅÍ §Ê©ÁœÃþà œÁ¡Áå €ÏžÃü¦Á¥Áé.©Ãü¦÷ ŠÁ €¥Á Âé¦ úʦ ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà ¨Í¡Á¨ÃÃ©É®Ãò±Í¦Á  ¥ÃÁœÂ €¥Á Â馨Š‚ÏÍ ÁžÃ¨ÍÃ©É®Áò£ÍœÁÅÏ™ÁÂ ü¦Á¥Áé §Ê©ÁœÃþà ¡Ã¨ÃúÃÏžÃ.¥ÁþÁÏ Á«ÁÛ¥Á§ÁìþÁÅ Á«ÁÛ¡ÉýۍÁÆ™ÁžÁÅ. £Ì™ÁÅÝ™Áþà ©Â™ÁōÁƙ ¤ÍÁÏžÁÏýÊ¡Á§ÁŏɜÃà ©ÁúÊÖ §ÍüŨŠ‚©Ã. ©ÁúÊÖ
  11. 11.©Â§ÃÃ ‚žÃ ¬Áí§ÁÓÏ Â „ϙ¨þÊ þ ¡Áë¦ÁœÁäÏ. ¬Á§Ê þÄ‚«ÁÛÏ €ÏýÆ ©É®ÃòÏžÃ.§Ê©ÁœÃÃ ÌüÂØ ŠÁ 60 ˆ®Áò ©Á¦Á¬Áũ™Ãþà úÁÆ¡ÃÏú™ÁÅ . ¥ÁŬÁ¨Ã ©Â™ÁÅ ‚Ã¨ÃÏú™ÁÅ. €œÁþÍà §Ê©ÁœÃ œÁÏ™Ãë©Á¦Á¬ÁÅÏýÅÏžÃ. ‚£çϞÏ €œÁ™Ãþà úÁƬÃÏžÃ. €œÁþÁÅþÁ©ÁôíœÁÆ ©Á›ÅÁÅœÁÆ §Ê©ÁœÃ ¥ÉœÁàþà ¤ÁÅüÂþÃä úÊœÍàúÁÅýÊ۬à ‹ ÁžÃÃ þÁ™Ã¡ÃÏúÁōÁűͦÁ ™ÁÅ. ÁžÃ¨Í ŠÁ Ìë©ÌíœÃà ©É¨ÅÁÅœÍÏžÃ. œÁ¨Å¡Áô¨Å¥ÁƬÃÏžÃ. ÃýÍĨÍÏúà Â¨Ã §Ã¦÷ þÁ ©Ä³ÍàÏžÃ. Â¨ÃÃÌ©ÌíœÃà §ÁÁÅϙ ‹ ¥Áƨ žÂúÃÏžÃ. ÁžÃ ¥ÁŸÁêÂ ŠÁ¥ÁÏúÁÏ „ÏžÃ. žÂþÃ¡Ë ©É¨ìÃ¨Â ¡Á™ÁōÁÅÏžÃ. úħÁþÁŜ̙Á¨ ¡Ë©Á§ÁÌ ü§Ã¡Ã Â®ÁòþÁÅ ©ÃªÂ¨Ï úʬÃÏžÃ. ¥ÁŬÁ¨Â™Ã¨Íþà úÁ¨Ã ¥Á¦Á¥Á¦ÏžÃ. ©ÁÏýà ¥ÄžÁþÁƨű͏Ëþ ¨ÊÁÅϙ ¥É ¥ÁÅÏžÁōÌúÂÖ™ÁÅ. ¥ÉúʦÁÏžÁōÁÅþà œÁþÁ ¥ÉÅ™ÁÝ¡Ë ©Ê¬ÁōÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ. ±Â¨ÅœÂÊ©Â™ÁÅ ¥ÉÅ™Á¨Å ÂýÍà ÂúÁōÁÅþÁä©Â™Ã ©Á§ÁÁƀϞÁ§ÃÄ ƒ §Ê©ÁœÊ Â©Â¨Ã €þÁōÁÅϞà ¥ÁþÁ¬ÁŨÍ. ‰žÁÅþÃ¥ÁŴ¨Š ¥ÁŬÁ¨Â™Ã ¥ÉÅ™ÁÝþÁÅ ¬Á©Á§ÁžÄ¬ÃÏžÃ. €žÃ§Á©ÁíÏœÁ Áƙ ¨Ê©Á¨ÊžÁÅ.
  12. 12.§Ê©ÁœÃÃ ¥Á§ÃÏœÁ Í¡ÁÏ ©ÁúÃÖžÉϏÁ¨Êþé™éÉÏžÁōÌúÂÖ©÷, ¡ÁõÁÅ þÁ™ÂþÍ €ÏžÃ.þÊþÁÅ ©ÁúÃÖϞà €ÏžÁōÊþÊ ¥Á§ÁžÁ¨Â €ÏýÆ  ¥ÁŬÁ¨Â™ÁÅœÁþÁ ¡ÉžÂ¨Å §Ê©ÁœÃ ¡ÁõÁÅ¡Ë þÃÏú™ÁÅ.üéÁôí¥ÁþÂä¦Á 崃 þÁ§Â¨Å. ¥ÁœÁŏ ¥ÁƨÏÃÏžÃ. Â®ÁÅò à¥Á§ÃÏœÁ ©ÃªÂ¨Ï úʬÃÏžÃ. €œÁ™ÁÅ ¥É ¡ÁõÁÅ¨Í þ¨ōÁ„Ïú™ÁÅ. öÁ¦Â „Ϟ¥ɍÁÅ. €¡Áë¦ÁœÁäÏ Â €œÁþÃþ¨ōÁ ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅÄ ©ÉþÁÄÑ ÁžÁŨŜÍÏžÃ. œÂ®Á¨ÊÁœÁþÁé¦ÁœÁíÏœÍ Â®ÁÅò €œÁþà ¤ÁÅü¨¡Ë ©Ê¬ÃÏžÃ. €œÁþÃœÁ¨þÁÅ ¥Á§ÃÏœÁÂ œÁþÁ ¡ÁõÁōʬà €žÁÅ¥ÁōÁÅÏžÃ. ¥ÁŬÁ¨Â™Ã¨Í ‹¡ÃÁ „þÁäÏœÁ©Á§ÁÁÆ þ¨ōÁœÍ þà ¡ËÃ¨Êú™ÁÅ.¥Á®Äò §Ê±Ì³Âà ¥Á§ÁžÁ¨Â €ÏýÆ ©É®Ãò±Í¦Á ™ÁÅ ¥ÁŬÁ¨Â™ÁÅ.§Ê©ÁœÃÃ ¥ÁöÁ Á¬ÃÂ „ÏžÃ.  ¥ÁŬÁ¨Â™ÁÅ ©Ê™ÉÃÑÏúéɮÃò¡ÍÁ¦Á ™ÁÅ. úħÁþÁÅ ¬Á§ÃúʬÁōÁÅþà £¦ÁýÁÅ ©ÁúÃÖϞçʩÁœÃ.
  13. 13.ƒ ¡Ã¨ì ¬ÃþÃ¥Á  œÂ§Á ü¦Á¡ÁëžÁ¨Â „ÏžÁœÂà, þÊþÁŜĬÁōÁű͜ €þÂä™ÁÅ ‹ ¦ÁÅ©ÁÁÅ™ÁÅ ü¦Á¥ÁéœÍ €¡Áôå™Ê£¦ÁýÁÅ ©ÁúÃÖþÁ §Ê©ÁœÃþà úÁƬÃ.¡ÁžÃ žÂÂþ §ÂœÁëÏœÂþ €™ÃÃϞà ü¦Á¥Áé.§ÂœÁëϜ €þÂä™ÁœÁÂ™ÁÅ.©É¦ê §ÁƱ¦Á¨Å ‚©Áôí €ÏžÃ ü¦Á¥Áé.€œÁþÁÅ œÁ™ÁÅ¥Áō͍ÁÅϙ ©É¦ê §ÁƱ¦Á¨Å ü¦Á¥ÁéúÊœÃ¨Í ¡ÉýÃÛ §Ê©ÁœÃþà ÁýÃۏ ÎÁ¨ÃÏúÁōÁÅþà ¥ÁÅžÁÅâ¡ÉýÅۍÁÅÏýÅÏýÊ §Ê©ÁœÃ Á¨ÊÁ±Í¦ÏžÃ.‚ÁÑ™ÉÏžÁōÁÆ, ¨Â™ÃØϏ÷ Í ‚ÏýÃÍ ©É®ÁžÂÏ ¡ÁžÁϙÀÁÑ™Á £ÂÂ úʬÁōÁÅÏžÂÏ €ÏžÃ §Ê©ÁœÃ.€œÁþÁÅ þÁ©ÁôíœÁÆ §Ê©ÁœÃþà §Ã¯Â¨Í ÁƧÍÖ¥ÁþÂä™ÁÅ.‚žÁâ§ÁÆ ÁƧÁÅÖþÂäÂ §Ã¯Â ¥ÁÅÏžÁōÁÅ ÁžÃ¨ÃÏžÃ.úħÁ ©Ã¡ÁôåœÂþÁÅ, œÌÏžÁ§ÁÂ þ ¥ÄžÁÉÁÑϙà €ÏžÃ§Ê©ÁœÃ .
  14. 14.£ýÛ¨þÄä ©Ã¡Êå¬Ã žÃªÁ¥ÉŨÂ „ϙà ¡ÁϏÁþÁÅ ©ÃªÂ¨ÏúʬÃÏžÃ. §É¥Áé¨Ãä úÊœÍà ©Ã™ÁžÄ¬ÃÏžÃ.£ÌÁÑ¨Í úÁÁя ÁÅÏ™ÁÅ ¬Ã±Â¦þà úɍÁÑϙà €ÏžÃË¡ÁôÂ §Ê©ÁœÃ.§Ê©ÁœÃ ¡ÁõÁÅ €§ÁýáÁÏ™ÁÏœÁ ¥ÁÏžÁÏœÍ ±ÌϏÃÏžÃ.žÂþÃ¡Ë œÁŨŠ§ÂÃ¡ÄúÁŨÂì ¥É¨ÃœÃ§ÃÃ „þÂä¦. ¦ÁÅ©ÁÁÅ™Â¥É ¡ÁõÁŨ͍à œÁþÁ ¥ÉÅ™ÁÝ žÃÏ¡Ê™ÁÅ.€£Âç ÁÆýÏ ÁÅþÁ¡ÁÏ ¨Â „Ϟà £Â£Æ, þÃÏ™Áŏ€ÏúÁŨŠ£ÃÃÏúÁōÁÅþʨ öÁ¦Â „ÏžÃ.  €£Âç €¨ÂÊžÉϏÁÅ. úÁϡʬÁÅàþÂä©÷. £Ì™ÁÅÝ žÂÂ žÃÃϞà þÄ ¥ÉÅ™ÁÝ.‚ÏžÁ þ úÁ¨ìþÁÅ ¡Ã¬ÁōÁÅœÁÆ účÁÅœÁÆ Ì§ÁōÁÅœÁÆþÁ¨Ã¡Ê¬ÁÆà þÁþÁÅä žÉϏÁÅ. .... €¨Â..... €¨ÂÊ....€ÏžÃ¥ÁœÁÅàÂ §Ê©ÁœÃ.ÌÏžÁ§ÁÅ ™Á£Åç ±Â§Ê¬Ãþ ¬ÁÅŽÂþÃä©Áí§ÁÅ. þÁÅ©Áôí þÁÅþÁúÊÖ©Áô ¡Ã¨Âì. þÃþÉä¡Áôå™ÁÆ....€þÂä™Â ¦ÁÅ©ÁÁÅ™ÁÅ.
  15. 15.‚ÏœÁ¨Í £¦Áý œÁ¨Å¡Áô úÁ¡Áôå™Á¦ÏžÃ. €œÁþà ¥Á Âý ¡Áõ§ÃàÂ¨ÊžÁÅ. ©ÉþÁÃÑ œÃ§ÃÃ úÁƳ™ÁÅ. ¥Á®Äò œÁ¨Å¡ÁôœÁýÂÛ§ÁÅ.±Í¨Ä¬ÁŨŠ§Ë™÷ úʬʧʥÉ €þà €œÁþÃä ¡ÁÁэÁÅ œÍ¬Ã œÁþÁÅúħ §Á©ÃÂ £Âë¨þÁÅ œÁí§Á œÁí§ÁÂ ©Ê¬ÁōÁÅÏžÃ. ¦ÁÅ©ÁÁřÍà ¤Á¦ÁÏ Â „ÏžÃ. ¤Á¦ÁÏ ÂþÊ œÁ¨Å¡Áô œÄ³Â™ÁÅ.‡žÁŧÁŏ ÿÌýɨ÷ ¥ÊþÊü§÷. ÿÌýɨ÷ ¥ÊþÊü§÷ Â£§ÂÂ ‡ÁљÍËþ ©É®ÃòžÂÌÑÏ™Ã. ±Í¨Ä¬ÁŨŠ§Ë™÷ úʬʧÁÅ Ãí÷ €þà €§ÃúÊ™ÁÅ.¬Á§ÃÂÓ ÿÁō÷ð ÁÅϙĨŠÁÆ™Á ¡ÉýÅàÍÁÅϙ §Ê©ÁœÄ ¦ÁÅ©ÁÁÅ™ÁÅ ¡Á§ÃÉýÂÛ§ÁÅ. ¡Á§ÁŏɜÊà ÌÏžÁ§Ãþà €¡ÁåýÍʱͨĬÁŨŠ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþÂä§ÁÅ. ‡©Á§ÃÃ©Â§Ê úɨÂìúÉžÁŧÁŏ¡Á§ÁŏÁŨŠœÄ³Â§ÁÅ. §Ê©ÁœÃ ŠÁ ±ÂÁ¨ÌÃ žÁƧÃÏžÃ.¨Í¡Á¨ ÁÅ™ÃÝ žÄ¡ÁÏ ©É¨ÅÁÅœÁÆÏžÃ. €ÁÑžÁ ©Ãü¦÷ þÃúÁƬÃÏžÃ. €žÃ ©Â™Ã ±ÂÊ. ©Ãü¦÷ œÁ¨Ãì, úɨÃì œÍ Á¨Ã¬Ã™ÂÁÛ§÷ žÁÁÓ§ÁÁÅ ©É®Êò§ÁÅ. ‚žÊ €©ÁÂªÁ¥ÁþÁäýÅìÂ ©Ãü¦÷§Ê©ÁœÃþà úÁƳ™ÁÅ. §Ê©ÁœÃ ©Â™Ã úÁÆ¡Áô¨ÁÅ ¤Á¦Á¡Á™ÃÁÅýÁ¨Å ¥ÃϏÃÏžÃ. ©Â™ÁÅ Á¨Âý úʬÊà £¦Áý±Í¨Ä¬ÁŨÅ.
  16. 16.ÁÅ¡Éåý …¡ÁôœÁÆ þÄ žÂÏýÍì þžà ¡ÉýÅۍÁÅÏý©±ͨĬÁŨþà ¡Ã¨©Áþ €þÂä™ÁÅ ©Ãü¦÷.«÷ €§Á©ÁÁÅ œÌÏžÁ§ÁÂ §Â €ÏžÃ §Ê©ÁœÃ .¡ÁÁÑþÊ „þÁä ÁōÃÑ ¥ÁÏúÁÏ¨Í ¡Á™ÁōÁÅþà úħÁþÁÅ œÌ™Á¨¥ÄžÁÃ ¨ÂÁÅÑÏžÃ. ‚ύ œÌ¥ÃéžÃ Â¨ÊžÁÅ. ©Â™Ã €¥Á ÂéúɨÃì §Â©Á™ÂþÍà ‚ύ ÁÏý ¡Á™ÁÅœÁÅÏžÃ. ©Ãü¦÷ ªÁÂ§Ê©ÁœÃ œÌ™Á¨ ¥ÁŸÁêÁÅ ©ÁúÂÖ™ÁÅ. žÃ¥ÁéþÁÅ Á¬ÃžÄ§ÂúÁƳ™ÁÅ. ¥ÁÅžÁÅâ ¡ÉýÂÛ™ÁÅ.Á¨ÊÁ §Ê©ÁœÃ œÁí§ÁÂ Âþæ÷ €ÏžÃ.©Ãü¦÷ §Ê©ÁœÃ ¥ÄžÁ ¡Á™ÁōÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ. ¥É €œÁþà þÏÙÃþÁ¥ÉÅ™ÁÝþÁÅ ¬Á§ÃúÁƬÁōÁÅþà œÁþÁ ¡ÁõÁÅ¨Í ¡ÉýÅۍÁÅÏžÃ.Á¬ÃÂ žÉϏÁ³ÂÂ™ÁÅ ©Ãü¦÷ §Ê©ÁœÃþÃ, ŠÁ úÊœÍà §Ê©ÁœÃÁřà §Ì¥ÁÅé ¡Ã¬ÁōÁÅœÁÆ ¥Á§ÌÁ §Ì¥ÁÅéþà účÁÅœÁÆ.§Ê©ÁœÃ¨Í Áƙ ‚ϞÁ úɨ§ÊÃþÁ ©Ê™Ã ‚ύ §Á¨ÊžÁÅ.
  17. 17.žÉϏÁÅ...€¨ÂÊ....£ÂÂ ¨Í¡Á¨ÃÃ œÍ¬Ã...œÍ¬ÃžÉϏÁÅ....€ÏýÆ Ë¡ÁôÂ €§ÁŬÁÆà œÁþéà œÄ§ÂžÉϏÃÏúÁōÁÅÏžÃ. ©ÉÏý ©ÉÏýþÊ ¥ÁÆ™ÁÅ ³Â§ÁÅìÂ§ÁÅ֍ÁÅÏžÃ. ÁœÁ 14 ˆ®ÁÅòÂ ‡ÏžÁ§Ãúʜ͞ÉϏÃÏúÁōÁÅþÂä ‚¨Â ©ÉÏý ©ÉÏýþÊ Â§Ã±Í¨ÊžÁÅ œÁþÁÃ.€£Âç ±ÍýÅÂ™Ê €þÁōÁÅϞà œÁÇ¡ÃàÂ §Ê©ÁœÃ. ©Ãü¦÷ ÁƙœÁþéà œÄ§Â §Ê©ÁœÃþà žÉϏ™ÁÅ. §Ê©ÁœÃ œÁǡÏ ©Ãü¦÷ þà à¥ÁÅžÂâ™ÃÏžÃ. ¨Êúà úħÁ üÉý÷ ¬Á§Ã úʬÁōÁÅÏžÃ. ‚ÏœÁ¨Í©Ãü¦÷ €¥Á Âé úɨÃì ©ÁúÂÖ§ÁÅ. ©ÂÃ¨Ã œÉ§Ãú™ÁÅ ©Ãü¦÷¤Á¦ÁÏ Â.©Ãü¦÷ €¥Áé §Ê©ÁœÃþà úÁƬÁÆàþÊ §Ê©ÁœÄ þÁÅ©Éí¡Áôå™ÌúÂÖ©÷€ÏžÃ ªÁÖ§ÁêϏÂ.‚¡Áôå™Ê €ÏžÃ §Ê©ÁœÃ œÁ™ÁÅ¥Áō͍ÁÅÏ™Â.‡ÏžÁōÁÅ þÄ Â¡Áô§ÂþÁä¨Â úÊüÊœÁŨ þªÁþÁÏúʬÁōÁÅþÂä©÷ €ÏžÃ £ÂŸÁÂ ©Ãü¦÷ œÁ¨Ãì.
  18. 18.€žÃ ¬Á§Ê §ÂüÊ«÷ þÃþÁÅä £ÂÂ úÁƬÁōÁÅÏýÅþÂä™Â. þÄ¥ÉŏÁÅ™ÁÅ §Â¥ÁÏ þÁÅ©Áôí §ÂüÊ«÷ œÍ ¨Êúà ±Í¦Á ©Áþà œÉ¨Ã¬Ã€©Á¥Á ÂþÁÏ ¤Á§ÃÏúÁ¨ÊÁ ©Ê§Ê …§ÁÅ ©É®Ãò±Í¦Á ™ÁÅ. §ÂüÊ«÷ œÁþÁþà ©ÁžÃ¨Ã ™Á£Æç žÁ¬ÁÑÏ œÍ ±Â§Ã±Í¦Á ™ÁþÄœÁþÁÅ ÂÏœÁÏ ÁÏ¡ÉþÄ¨Í úʧÊþÁþÄ úÉ¡ÃåϞà §Ê©ÁœÃ.©Ãü¦÷ þÄ©Áô ©É®Ãò €¥ÁéÁÅ ¤ÍüþÁÏ œÄ¬ÁōÁÅ §Â €þÍÌϏÁŨÍÏúà ™Á£Åç¨Å œÄ¬Ã ‚úÃÖϞà §Ê©ÁœÃ.©Ãü¦÷ œÁ¨ ÍÁÅÑÏýÆ £¦ÁýÁÅ ©É®Âò™ÁÅ.§Ê©ÁœÃ þà ÁýäÏ œÁÁÅÑ©Áþà ©Á¦Á¬ÁÅ ¥Á®ÃòþÁ §Â¥Á ÂþÍÂúÃÖ ¡É®Ãò úʬʧÁÅ œÁ¨Ãì žÁÏ™ÁÅë¨Å. ©Á¦Á¬ÁÅ ±Í§ÁŤÁ§ÃÏúÁ¨ÊÁ €žÉâÁÅ žÃÃþÁ §ÂüÊ«÷ œÍ ¨Êúà ±Í¦ÏžÃ. §ÂüÊ«÷ §Ê©ÁœÃþà ¥É¬ÁÏ úʬà ™Á£Æç žÁ¬ÁÑÏ œÍ±Â§Ã±Í¦Á žÁÅ. €¡ÁåýÍà ¥É ©Á¦Á¬ÁÅ 24 ˆ®Êò. ‚žÃ ü§ÃÃ12 ˆ®ÁÅò €©ÁôœÁÆÏžÃ.þÄ©Áô ©É®ÂòÂ €ÏžÁ§ÁÆ þÂþ ¥Á Âý¨Å €ÏýÅÏýÊ ¥ÄþÂþÁä ‚¨Åì ©ÁžÃ¨Ã ¬ÁþÂê¬ÁŨÍì Á¨Ã¬Ã±Í¦Á ™ÁÅ. €¡Áå™ÁÅ þÄœÁ¥ÁÅé™ÃÃ 6 ˆ®ÁÅò, þÄ úɨÂ즍à ŠÁ ˆ™ÂžÃ ÁžÂ. ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ
  19. 19.£¦ÁýÁÅ ©É®Âò™Ê ©Ãü¦÷ ©Â™ÁÅ þÄ œÁ¥ÁÅé™Ê. ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ 18ˆ®ÁÅò, ÿÌýɨ÷ ¨Í ¡Áþà úʬÁÅàþÂä™ÁÅ. þÄ úɨÉì¨Å Ã ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ13 ˆ®ÁÅò €ÏžÃ ©Ãü¦÷ Ä §Ê©ÁœÄ Ä €¥Áé €¦þÁ ¬Á§ÃœÁ¥Áé.ŠÁÑ ¯Á›Ï §Ê©ÁœÃÃ ¥ÁœÃ±Í¦ÏžÃ. ©ÃÿÁ¦÷ œÁþÁ §ÁÁàÏ¡ÁôúÁÅ֍ÁÅþÁä œÁ¥ÁÅé™Â. €ÏžÁōÊþ ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ©Â™ÃœÍ üœÁÁ¨©Â¨þáÃÏúÁþÞÃ.  œÁ§Á©ÂœÁ  ¥ÁŬÁ¨Â™ÁÅ œÁþÁÃ©Ê™ÉÃÑÏúà ©É®Ãò±Í©Á™ÁÏ, §ÉÏ™Í ©ÃýÅ™ÁÅ žÉϏÁŨÂý¥ÉÅžÁ¨©ÁíÂþÊ ±Í¨Ä¬ÁŨŠ§Â©Á™ÁÏ, œÂþÁÅ ±Â§Ã±Í¦œÁ¥ÁÅé™ÁÅ „þÁä ±ÂÁ Ä §Â©Á™ÁÏ, œÁ¥ÁÅé™ÁÅ £ÉžÃ§Ã¬ÊàžÉϏÃÏúÁōͩÁ™ÁÏ €þÄä ÁŧÁÅàÁÅ ©ÁúÂÖ¦. ûÁ ˆ¥ÃýèÂü§ÃÃϞà €þÁōÌÏžÃ. ¥Á®Äò œÂþÁÅ œÁ¥ÁÅé™ÃœÍ ±ÌÏžÃþÁ¬ÁÅŽÏ ÁŧÁÅàÁÅ ©ÁúÃÖÏžÃ. ©ÊªÂê ©ÁÇœÃà¨Í „þÁä œÁþÁÃ©Â©Ã ©Á§ÁŬÁ¨ÅÏý¦Á  €þÁōÁÅÏžÃ. ‡ýÆ ±Â¨Å±Í¨ÊžÁŧʩÁœÃÃ.£¦Áý þèÅÖþÁä ©Ãü¦÷ ¡Á§Ã¬ÃáœÄ €ÏœÊ. œÂþÁÅ €ÏœÁ¬Ê¡Áô¬Áí§ÁÓ ¬ÁŎ¨þÁŤÁ©ÃÏúÃϞà ³ÌÏœÁ €ÁÑœÍþÂ. ‡ÏœÁ Á¬ÃÂ žÉϏÃÏúÁōÁÅÏžÃ. ¥Á§Áúñ͞¥ÁþÂä ¥Á§ÁÅ©ÁÁ¨™Â €ÁÑ ¬Á¨Åì, ¡ÁõÁÅ, œÌ™Á¨Æ....€¦þ €ÁÑ ³Âþà Â„ϙà €™ÁÝ¥ËþÁ ©Â™ÃœÍ ¡Á™Áō͏ ¨ÊþÞà þÊþÁÅ žÉϏÁŜʈ¥Ã œÁ¡Áôå €þÁōÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ.
  20. 20.€ÂÑ €ÏýÆ ¨Í¡Á¨ÁÅ ©ÁúÂÖ™ÁÅ. ‚ÁÑ™Ê ¥Á ÂœÍ „ϙñ̀ÂÑ €þÂä™ÁÅ ©Ãü¦÷.œÁ¥ÁÅé™ÁÆ ©Ãü¦÷ €ÏýÆ žÁÁӧÍà œÄ¬ÁōÁÅϞà §Ê©ÁœÃ.€¦±Í¦ÏžÃ.