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Levis Presentation, with all necessary information present

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Levis starrus presentation

  1. 1. Levi Strauss -Quality never goes out of lifeO Levi Strauss was a German-born American businessman who founded the first company to manufacture blue jeans.O His firm, Levi Strauss & Co., began in San Francisco, California
  2. 2. Levi StraussBORN : February 26, 1829Buttenheim, Bavaria, GermanConfederation.Died: September 26, 1902(aged 73)San Francisco, California, U.S.Known for: Founded the firstcompany to manufacture blue jeans,known as Levi Strauss & Co.
  3. 3. OriginsO Levi Strauss was born in Buttenheim, in the Franconian region of Bavaria, Germany, to an Ashkenazi Jewish family.O He was the son of Hirsch Strauss and his wife Rebecca (Haass) StraussO At the age of 18, Strauss, his mother and two sisters sailed for the United States to join his brothers Jonas and Louis, who had begun a wholesale dry goods business in New York City called J. Strauss Brother & Co.
  4. 4. Business CareerO The family decided to open a West Coast branch of the family dry goods business in San Francisco.O Levi was chosen to represent the family, and after becoming an American citizen.O He then caught another steamship for San Francisco, arriving in early March 1853.
  5. 5. O Strauss opened his dry goods wholesale business as Levi Strauss & Co.O He imported fine dry goods like :1) clothing,2) bedding,3) combs,4) purses,5) handkerchiefs
  6. 6. O He sold the goods to the small general stores and mens mercantiles of California and the West.O Levis sister Franny, her husband David Stern and their infant son Jacob moved from New York to San Francisco to join the business.
  7. 7. Levis jeans
  8. 8. O Jacob Davis, a Reno, Nevada tailor, started making mens work pants with metal points of strain for greater strength.O He wanted to patent the process but needed a business helper, so he turned to Levi Strauss, from whom he purchased some of his fabric.
  9. 9. Jcob Davis
  10. 10. O Strauss and Davis received United States patent for using copper rivets to strengthen the pockets of denim work pants.O Levi Strauss & Co. began manufacturing the famous Levis brand of jeans, using fabric from the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company in Manchester, New Hampshire.
  11. 11. O The "Arcuate", the double arch stitching on the back pocket, is a Levis trademark, which the company has repeatedly defended in court.
  12. 12. MILESTONES
  13. 13. Fashion ImageO Fashion Image is a pictorial representation of how the brand is looked upon in the market.O The Fashion Image mainly focuses on comparison of this products with its competitor and hence the term 4p’s comes into picture.O A fashion image and its graphical growth is directly proportional to the growth in 4p’s.
  14. 14. ProductO Red Tab jeans offers traditional cuts.O Silver Tab Jeans define fashion looks with a background of quality.O Levi’s jeans expanded its fashion designs not only in men and women apparels, but also in kids wear.
  15. 15. Market Position
  16. 16. SIGNATURE By Levis
  17. 17. O The Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. brand, demonstrates that distinctive products, with premium fabrics and finishes, can be available to people from every walk of life.O The brand offers high-quality, fashionable jeans at affordable prices to value-conscious consumers at stores like Wal-Mart, Kmart and Meijer.
  18. 18. O The Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. brand includes a collection of denim and non-denim pants, shirts, skirts and jackets for men, women and children.O “Superior Fit, Comfort and Style” are the words emblazoned on the patch of every pair of our Signature jeans.
  20. 20. O A new global brand, denizen from Levi’s was created.O Denizen is dressing the new generation with well- crafted and great fitting Jeanswear and other fashion essentials that are accessible to everyone.O When they fit out a pair of denizen jeans, they look good, stand tall, and feel confident to embrace life.
  21. 21. DOCKERSO The Dockers Brand has defined authentic khaki for 25 years.O The Dockers brand has been perfecting khakis — and the essential goods to go with them — for men and women all over the world. No compromises in quality. Just versatile, essential style.
  22. 22. O Dockers has embarked on a journey to reinvigorate the khaki categoryO With a new and improved Signature Khaki line and Soft Khakis collection in stores across the United States, as well as a global marketing campaign, “Wear the Pants.” More styles. New fits. Bold colors.
  23. 23. Levi’s Accessories
  24. 24. LEVI’S SHOES
  25. 25. LEVI’S BELTS
  26. 26. Levi’s CAPS
  27. 27. Levis purses
  28. 28. Levis BAGS
  29. 29. Etc…….
  30. 30. About Levis Strauss (INDIA)
  31. 31. O Established in 1994O Bangalore in jun 1995O Levi’s has become the largest and most iconic jeans wear brand in the country.O 210 exclusive stores, 500 other points of sale, across more than 200 towns across IndiaO “Most Admired Jeanswear brand of the year: for six years in a row..
  32. 32. LEVI’S Changes the World of Indian Youth!
  33. 33. O Priyanka Chopra to feature in new Levi’s music video.O Levis launches fellowships, music cards and a whole lot more. Customized chevy beats, iPhones, Mac Books and iPod shuffles up for grabs.O A first of its kind collaboration in India, between two iconic American brands, the Levi’s + chevy Beat custom-cut vehicles.O 2010 brand ambassador- Imran Khan.
  34. 34. What makes Levi’s a successful brand ?O Wide Range of jeans and Accessories.O Coming up with eco-friendly products.O Quality of fabrics.O Brand ambassadors .
  35. 35. Eco- Friendly.O Levi’s Brand launches 100% organic cotton jeans.O Red tab and, the recently launched, Levis capital E lines. The jeans will be identified as levis Eco.
  36. 36. PRINT ADS