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Daily sharer sapphire


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Daily sharer sapphire

  1. 1. Daily Sharer Schedule (4th Qtr.) SAPPHIRE1 AnigJunina Lim2 Hanz Kiefer Tan3 Irwin Kendrick Uy4 AndraeAlecxisSy5 Jose Eduardo Canon6 Jasmine Mariel Lam7 Paul Andrew Lim8 Charles MarckyDipad9 Karol Christian Maglaya10 DenzleMiralles11 DenzellChing12 VeaMariella Tan13 Michaela Gaw14 Angeline Tan15 KarliAng16 Alexis Vianca Tan17 David Christian Sy18 Marvin Chua19 Stephanie Yan20 Justine Balondo21 Jericho Cervantes22 JenelChanco23 Martin Obira24 Joan Kim25 Judy Ann Sing26 Sophia Lee27 Daryl Ang28 Eldridge Dee29 Meri Yee Liao30 Marrian Garcia31 Ivy Li32 Reina JaizzaUy33 JustminUy