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360 School Paper (Open House Edition 2010)

  1. 1. The Official Student Newsletter of the Philippine Institute of Quezon City www.piqc.edu.ph VOLUME VI NUMBER I JANUARY 2011 For many years weve been conquering Nature. Now were beating it to death. You can make a difference. Add your voice at expressionlane@yahoo.comMontage. December 17 marked the kindling season of amity and joy to the PIQC community. Here, the genial spark of Christmas spirit highlighted all the good activities.PIQC community beefs up spirit of Christmas; 5 seniors pass UPCAT FIVE SENIOR students ofFestivities, showcase of talents grace celebration Philippine Institute of Quezonby Jean Liao and Daniela Louise Ching City (PIQC) passed in the Uni- versity of the Philippines Col-Christ’s message of love on Christmas Day, we want it Various performances not only capped the celebra- lege Admission Test which wasin a permanent way. — Jessie Angelo Lee tion, but these also showcased talents that are truly administered on October, 2010. PIQC‘s. The nursery and kindergarten performed three The qualifiers were 360°THIS YEAR‘S Christmas program held Dec. 17, 2010 dance numbers that brought cheers to the whole crowd. staffers editor in chief, Sarahat the Big Auditorium and enthemed Share the Spirit of The Glee Club also gave their all as they sang in chorus Jessica Wong (who also quali-Christmas captured what Directress Lee Shu Hwei men- Feliz Navidad. The Wu Shu Club showed their moves fied for ADMU), associate edi-tioned in a speech that officially marked the celebration: as they perform to the music of I’ll Make A Man Out of tor Jean Liao (also passed―This is the time of the year when all of us could feel You. DLSU-CET), managing editorand experience the spirit of giving, charity, forgiveness, There were not only performances but also games Gillian Jeremie Pua (alsogenerosity and love above all else.‖ spearheaded by the energetic PIQC Scouts where lower ADMU passer), Michelin Ang And true to these words, the whole community has elementary and higher elementary students participated and Charles Aaron Tsoi whocome together in one spirit: to celebrate life and thank as the programs proceeds. both passed the DLSU-CET asGod for a bless-full and awesome year 2010. Spirit of Christmas … Page 2 well. Roughly 13,000 senior highSC shares donation for orphans; Proceeds from the Christmas Bazaar held a day school student passed the Uni- earlier were used to sponsor the expenses for the or- versity of the Philippines Col-proves selfless giving a true joy phanage visit. At around two o‘clock in the afternoon, lege Admission Test (UPCAT)by Jean Liao the crew arrived in the said orphanage. There was a for academic year 2011-2012, covered venue for the visitors to meet the children and based on results posted on theIT IS better to give than to receive. UP website. to get them to do different activities. When the children In line with this year‘s Christmas Program celebra- It is recognized as Philip- aged 2-5 saw their ‗achies‘ and ‗ahias‘, they were alltion, the Student Council (SC) together with some pine‘s number one tertiary level they were all very excited and sweet towards their visi-teachers and student volunteers visited Hospicio De San institution and number 63 tors. There were also nurses looking over them. A totalJose in Quiapo, Manila, December 17, 2010. among Asia‘s Top 200 Univer- of 30-32 kids were with the crew that day. Hospicio De San Jose is a Catholic institution with sities according to the Quacqua- It was impossible for the students to host games forwhich abandoned children are adopted and taken care of relli Symonds Ltd. (QS.com) for the children because they were all too ecstatic.by nuns. SC shares … Page 2 2009.Oh, Freshness! Have you killed myworld@ Sa may diNew Faces in PIQC your baby? facebook.com kalayuan...Behold! Meet and get to So commonplace in the Almost everyone caught its Hindi mo pansin ang akingknow PIQC’s new teachers news, inhumane but true sting, beneficial or not? damdamin, kelan ito ililihim?NEWS / Page 3 OPINION / Page 7 FEATURES / Page 11 PANITIKAN / Page 16
  2. 2. 2 NEWS MESSAGE Remember the Past, Live the Present, Look to the Future I DO not intend to share about wars or their heroes and villains, but such admon- ishing words above are still relevant for each one of us to think over, especially now that we bid good riddance to 2010 and welcome the New Year 2011. The passage of time is irredeemable and there is no way for us to backtrack orundo things that transpired in 2010 for these belong now in thehistory of our lives. But we often find ourselves wondering Ifonly I could turn back time apparently because there are badhappenings that we just do not want to happen or things wehave never intended to do that have either caused pain to our-selves or worse to other people we treasure most and love. Angels to the fatherless. SC officers, volunteers, and PIQC staff concerted their hearts to give love and joy to these kids. And yet, there are bittersweet memories and great thingsof the past we would love to keep and bring afresh to ourhearts. These are the joys of making new friends, performing inschool activities, winning recognition and awards from contestshere and abroad, getting high grades, or simply, realizing thatyou have overcome your fears and have achieved growth andpersonal value. This New Year marks a beginning for all of PIQC, and howwe start this year, fueled with the lessons of our life’s historyand encouraging faith from God, would determine what wouldbe ahead of us. Let us all remember the past for its invaluable contributionsto the betterment of our characters. May all our students con-tinue to strive for personal excellence and values that we havestarted since, and may all teachers together with all the schoolpersonnel and staff continue to work in solidarity and in har-mony in striving for PIQC’s greater heights now and in the fu-ture. Once again, Happy New Year 2011! Mrs. Lee Shu Hwei School Directress 360°’S YOU SHOULD BE WRITING LITERATURE It’s Showwwtime. Our well-loved Korean students staging their best performances before a lively and lusty PIQC crowd. CAMPAIGNTo our readers: Spirit of Christmas...from Page 1 SC shares … Page 2WE ARE so glad that we have successfully published this first Choral presentations from Grade 5, 2nd year and The students gave out donations in-issue after more than a year of 360°’s dormancy. Well, if we 3rd year students all of which won in the Choral stead. Most of these were toys andhave time and funds, we are hoping to have the second issue Contest organized by the Student Council per- clothes for the little people. Then therethat will feature our graduating seniors. formed as well. The winning batches were also were also goodie bags, with candies Publishing a student paper is an achievement to us. Seeing later on awarded with their prizes. and chips inside, given to the children.our teachers and fellow students read our works is such a great Korean students also took part in the program The students and teachers helpedfeeling. Creating this may sound easy but it’s not. It was a total the children finish up their food which giving out a hearty number that lifted up thebrain-draining task: sleeping late at night, working on holidays, crowd‘s spirit all the more. There was a dance consists of spaghetti, hotdog withand being reprimanded by the moderator to beat the dead-lines. performance from the Chinese Dance Club only marshmallow in sticks, sandwiches On our part, the most precious reward is to see our read- this time they did a Spanish number. Last but not and juice. The food was also prepareders appreciate the product of our hard labour though we may the least was a dance performance from the Sen- by the students. Everybody had a greatnot please everyone. iors Batch Lynx. All of which won as Best in time. The crew was ready to go by five Nonetheless, we are inviting YOU readers to share your Costume in last Sports Fest 2010. o‘clock. The children had smilingexpressions be it in a form of a short story that INSPIRES, a The program has come to an end and every- faces as their guests were leaving.poem that REVEALS your feelings, an opinion article that one had a blast. There was a special lunch feast Surely, this is one memorableVOICES OUT your arguments, or department activities that prepared for the teachers, staff and administrators holiday not only to the children butINFORM the campus. after the Christmas Program. This marks the start also to all the students and teachers May this WRITING task serve as a bridge between us. of the holiday season for all of PIQC. that were able to join. This only shows Daniel Ratilla and Sarah Wong graced the that Christmas truly is a time for giv- - The 360° Editorial Staff celebration as masters of ceremony. ■ ing and sharing. ■
  3. 3. NEWS 3 GTKY: Meet and greet new faces in PIQC 11 juniors to attendWHEN SCHOOL year 2010 to 2011 officially began in June of last year and as every student was excited to see their UP engineeringold friends and share with them summer stories, the PIQC community was in celebration welcoming to its big family confab 2011new faces who would soon become the teachers most students have learned to love and respect. Brace yourselves aswe present to you the new faces in our school. ELEVEN THIRD year stu- dents from PIQC are among LINBERGH CRISOSTOMO CHING was born on August 20, 1987. He graduated from New the hundreds of students from Era University and had his on the job training at the same university and New Era High School. all over Metro Manila who will He chose to be a teacher, he said, because he is fortunate enough to have very good teachers participate at the annual UP back in high school. At first, he wanted to take up computer engineering, but because he hated Engineering Society Sym- Physics, he tumbled to English, and have never regretted his choice since. For him, effective poisum, held January 24, 2011 teaching is manifested when students apply what they have learned and use these knowledge to at the UP Diliman College of contribute to the betterment of the society. Engineering Theatre. There are 8 participants from III-Sapphire and 3 from MAYBELLE BELTRAN DEGALA was born on July 17, 1987. She graduated from the Philip- III-Emerald. They are Leonard pine Normal University - Manila. After graduation, she was immediately hired in a BPO as an Fabico, Kristopher Lee, Ken agent, and had not taught school for some time. Yet, her heart longs for teaching, so after a year Lim, Jeffrey Lui, Steven Mar- of having been an agent, she finally got the lump of faith to step out to her destiny. For her, zan, Jimzon Uy, Bernadette effective teaching is closely similar to mentoring: You help, support, and encourage students so Ong, Shirley Shi, Chrysander until they, too, could spread their wings and fly to greater heights of life. Ching, Jan Placido, and Ryan Villanueva, respectively. The Engineering Society‘s Symposium will have different MAY CABALLERO FRANCISCO was born on May 4, 1989 and graduated from Arellano Uni- speakers, specifically profes- versity - Manila. This is her first time ever to teach and she is learning to love and enjoy the sors and instructors from the vocation she willingly chose. She‘s an agent of change by nature, and hopes that by her profes- UP College of Engineering, sion, she could help touch lives that would eventually bring holistic growth to students and who will tackle about 12 engi- impact society. neering courses. These courses include: chemical eng., civil eng., computer science, com- MARIA NYLA BUMANLAG MANLANGIT was born on July 25 (we tried hard to get the year puter eng., electrical eng., elec- of her birth but she refused to reveal it, so sorry you won‘t be able to calculate her young age). tronics and communications She graduated from University of Santo Tomas and taught at Arellano University - Jose Abad eng., geodetic eng., industrial Santos Campus. She did not intend to be a teacher, but the hands of God prodded her all the eng., materials eng., mechani- more to become a true-blooded teacher. Had she become a doctor, high school students would cal eng., metallurgical eng., not have a super ‗kwela‘ mentor. For her, it does not suffice that a teacher is eloquent and good and mining eng. at her subject contents. More than ever, she gives high premium when it comes to inspiring The UP Engineering Soci- students and encouraging them to see through their goals. ety is the first college-wide organization for engineering VENJIE NERA OCLARET was born on October 15, 1988. He graduated from the Philippine students. For thirteen years now, the organization has fos- Normal University - Manila and had his teacher training at Good Shepherd Cathedral School. tered camaraderie among the Teaching is inscribed in his heart and soul, and he believes that he was meant for it since the various departments and has beginning of time. He has also been a volunteer teacher and a ‗Kuya‘ to young people of his produced engineers who have a community and campus. For him, effective teaching is serving as an instrument to reflect God‘s broader perspective of engi- love to the heartbroken and impossible people, that they would know his Jesus and see their neering as a profession and a worth and value for being here. form of dignified service. LIEZYL STA. ROMANA TAMAYO was born on August 11 (she pleaded us not to include the year of her birth, so here you go readers). She graduated from the Philippine Normal University 3 of 12 DLSU-CET and previously taught at Hope Christian Academy before the hands of fate brought her to our passers, Korean awesome school. To become a teacher was never part of her dreams, but God knew what is best for her before she learns about them. Eventually, she turned out to be a teacher that in MINJI SUNG, Seung Ho Woo, itself proved a true vocation for her. For her, application is the best definition of effective and Seul Ki were among the teaching, that teaching is effective when there is an application of the knowledge learned. twelve seniors of PIQC who passed the DLSU-CET which was administered October of GHIA RESURRECCION RELUCIO was born on November 20, 1989. She graduated from last year. The other 9 who Arellano University in Manila and like Mr. Ching and Mr. Oclaret, she only graduated last year passed were Michelin Ang, and immediately applied and got hired by the school. Nobody forced her to take up education Jeane Ayangco, Janelle de as a course, but she was the one who willingly chose to become a teacher. For her, effective Guzman, Gillano Lambengco, teaching is a long-term process that involves participation between the teacher and the students. Jean Liao, Sean Austin Lim, To see her students become successful one day is her only desire. Edward Sia, Charles Tsoi, and Hannah Vergara.
  4. 4. 42nd parents honored: PIQC celebrates Teacher’s DayBy Gillian Jeremie PuaSEPTEMBER 28 is the birthday of Confucius; it is also cele-brated as the Teachers Day. In this special day for teachers, thestudent council organized and well prepared a program to thankour teachers for the effort and sacrifices they‘d done for us. Dur-ing the Teacher‘s Day celebration, both teachers and studentsspent a warm and pleasant day. The entire program was wonderful, with nearly 30 shows,one followed by the other, was the most perfect gift given to theteachers during the event. After the program, the Board of Trustees hosted a banquetfor all the staffs and personnel of the school, incentives werealso given to the teachers for their sacrifices and efforts given tothe school. Generous gift were given to teachers who served theschool for, 10, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years, to indicate their hard TOP-LEVEL PERFORMANCE. Volunteer teachersclassroom and teaching. Later on we ing their other side when they are not in the from China are shown here showcas-work and to show the gratitude of the school towards them. found out that they are not only good Chinese teachers, but are also fitness gurus! Looking back at the struggles PIQC encountered for the past40 years, every step forward contains the hard work and effortsof the teachers. Particularly in recent years, wherein great suc-cesses have been achieved by the school and its students.PIQC bags top awards in most international Math tiltsBy Karen Grace ZhangPIQC STUDENT, Joshua Nathanael Balete, who represented thePhilippines at the Eleventh IMC in Seoul from July 25 to July29, won the championship in the group competition and abronze medal in the individual competition. His companion,Michelin Ang, also won a silver medal in the group competitionand a bronze medal in the individual competition. An article inthe Manila Bulletin and Inquirer was written for them for theglory they brought to the country. Karli Ang and Daniel Ratilla represented the Philippines inthe Sixth International Math Competition in Singapore, Aug. 6-10. They respectively won a bronze medal and an outstanding OVERJOYED. Mrs. Manlangit (center) is obviously reacting in fullest surprise in this fileaward out of the many contestants, bringing again good news to photo after the dice turned and instantly made her a thousand-peso richer than her group! The game was indeed fun and for a while gave our teachers pure joy.our school. And on August 12 to 15, our student, Joanna Yu , represent-ing the Philippines, won a bronze medal in the math competitionheld in Tianjin, China.PIQC reigns champion in English Debate confabBy Bernadette OngTHE DEBATE competition organized by Binondo Schools De-bate camp was held in De La Salle University in Manila. A totalof 11 Chinese schools, more than 30 teams and more than 100students joined the competition. Under the leadership of Mr.Harold Peñacerrada, two teams from our school joined the con-test, and our 4th year team won the championship. Our students, Charles Aaron Tsoi, Sarah Jessica Wong, andGillian Jeremie Pua, gave their best effort and fought all the waythrough the competition and won the championship round. The championship won this time is an evident result of thebest efforts of our teachers, administrative staff and the whole CREAM OF THE CROP. The administration and staff pay honour to (From left to right)school. This is the motivation that leads our school in achieving Joshua Balete, Joanna Yu, Michelin and Karli Ang, and Daniel Ratilla, are among the great number of students who brought home cheers and great pride to PIQC in 2010.greater progress today and in the future.
  5. 5. NEWS 5English week bolsters PIQC mind and talents TOP EDUCATION NEWS OF 2010By: Patricia Lee Osa BautistaFROM NOV. 22 to 26, PIQC held the English Week celebration. Basic plus twoDuring that week, a book fair took place, and so did tableau presen-tations. But the very highlight of this week was the English pro- PDI—ON WORLD Teacher‘s Day in October, DepEd announcedgram. The students practiced their buts off to be able to perform its plan to adopt the K+12 (Kindergarten plus 12) program for basicvery well for this program. They gathered all their strength, got education in the Philippines. The breakdown of the 12 years afterpulled out of class for practice (they most likely enjoyed that) and kindergarten is as follows: Six years elementary school (Grades 1 toprobably produced gallons of sweat in making their preparations to 6), four years junior high (Grades 7 to 10) and two years senior highgive everyone a fun time. Students also revealed their brain powers school (Grades 11 to 12).and steering confidence in the extemporaneous speaking, quiz bee, The program will include vocational courses in high school todeclamation and other contests that beef up the event. Here are the equip students with employable skills should they be unable to enterwinners in the different categories and events: university. BOOK PARADE 1 In effect, it is a program that aligns the present 10-year system with the universal 12-year basic education cycle. 3rd III-Emerald (The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare) DepEd said the program hoped to put education in the country t 2nd II-Jade (The Maguindanao Pearls by Isidro Reztizos) par with international standards, as well as graduate employable 18- st year-olds. 1 IV-Diamond (The Odyssey by Homer) DepEd officials are going to do it nice and slow, reportedly, and BOOK PARADE 2 will conduct consultations with all stakeholders. They plan to transi- 3rd Rapunzel (4-Olive) tion the system smoothly into the next administration in 2016 when 2nd Cinderella (4-Orange) the first batch of senior high school students is expected to be in the 1st Alice (2-Yellow) system. Critics of the program said the government should address EXTEMPORANEOUS school backlogs before embarking on such an ambitious plan. 3rd Alexis Vianca Tan (II-Jade) But Education Secretary Armin Luistro said the DepEd would 2nd Gillian Jeremie Pua (IV-Diamond) overhaul the curriculum and solve the shortages in teachers, class- 1st Daniel Ratilla (III-Sapphire) rooms and textbooks at the same time that it would be putting into ULTIMATE QUIZ BEE effect the K+12 program. 3rd Team 7 (Sharmaine Chanco, Cecille Dee, Alexis Tan, Joanna Yu) Those in favour of the 12-year system point to the public school 2nd Team 5 (Chester Chen, Marigold Sy, Karli Ang, Katrina Maniulit) students‘ dismal achievement test scores because the curriculum has 1st Team 3 (Sarah Wong, Bernadette Ong, Kiefer Tan, Joshua Balete) been too crammed. TABLEAU As a student, what is your opinion concerning this issue? 3rd III-Emerald (The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare) “Yay! Because if they were to do this, I believe that the system of 2nd IV-Opal (The First Beauty Pageant based on The Iliad by Homer) education in the schools would become messed up.” 1st IV-Diamond (The Judgment of Paris based on The Iliad) Colwin Tanhehco, III-Sapphire SPEECH CHOIR 3rd Grade 5 “I believe that having additional two years in school will not help 2nd Grade 4 much, but instead it would bring more problems to those studying 1st Grade 6 here in the Philippines. Let’s say for the public school, they are al- SPELLING 1 ready struggling with their financial crisis, and having to add two more years to their struggling status. Right now, even without the 3rd Elizabeth Ong (3-White) added two years, students are already having troubles. Even if hav- 2nd Althea Ty (2-Yellow) ing to do this would benefit us for more job opportunities or what- 1st Paolo Chua (3-Gold) ever it may be, those who are in charge of this issue should think SPELLING 2 about the effect and the affected people.” 3rd Mariah Yap (4-Orange) Elaine Caw, III-Emerald 2nd Nina Mendoza (6-Jupiter) 1st Paolo Tan (4-Olive) “You can learn more and have a better life in the future. It’s an in- DECLAMATION 1 vestment anyways, so why regret two years of excelling?” 3rd None Robert Lim, III-Emerald 2nd Elijah Jacinto (3-White) 1st Adrielle Kyla Peñacerrada (2-Yellow) “It is a complete waste of time.” Kiefer Tan, II-Jade DECLAMATION 2 3rd Jericka Tan (6-Saturn) “I think that adding two more years in college won’t hurt. This, in 2nd Mikkah Keh (5-Venus) fact, would be very beneficial to the students. Looking for jobs 1st Llamar Elijah Flores (4-Orange) would be easier not only here in the Philippines but in other coun- POSTERMAKING tries as well. This only shows that the country’s educational system 3rd Grade 3 White is in someway improving.” 2nd Grade 6 Jupiter Jean Liao, IV-Diamond 1st Grade 5 Mars
  6. 6. 6 Opinion Cheating: is it really bad?―THAT‘S WHAT friends are for—camaraderie. All for one, one for all.‖ Well, these seem to be the favorite lines of students who are ―intellectualparasites‖ in short, CHEATERS! Cheating has become the easiest way to score in any examination unlessyou copied the wrong answers. There are two categories of cheating: legal and illegal. Cheating is legal aslong as the cheatee (term we will coin to the one who is being cheated) givespermission to the cheater to cheat from him. Sometimes, the cheatee can also bea cheater, which also falls under the legal category. But it is more appropriate tocall it mutualism, wherein both students benefited from each other. The result:your score is my score. Illegal cheating, on the one hand, happens when the cheatee doesn‘t giveany consent to anybody to share his answers. But because the cheater has mas- POINT OF ORDERtered the art and science of cheating (e.g. ―dead-ma‖ effect glancing on the Sarah Jessica Wongpaper), no matter how the cheatee hides his paper, he can still be cheated by the sarah.zombiehunter@gmail.comcrafty cheater. Confusing? Well, you know what that means! Another form of illegal cheating is the use of ―code‖. You surely know Breeding immaturitywhat it is! You might have used it when there is no one (or no cheatee) to turnto. They say it is the most ridiculous way of deception, a sure ―desperado‖!!! LAST YEAR, one of my teachers made me read an essay entitled Although this is already considered as a student‘s common habit, there are The Myth of Adolescence by a nineteen-year-old college studentstill honest students who prefer to be scoreless than to cheat. Their grades may named Alex Harris. He began the composition (originally a postnot be flying with colors, but at least they do their very own best and most im- from his blog, The Rebelution) with a metaphor about trained ele-portantly, their conscience is clear. On the part of the cheatee, there are times phants of India. Elephants, tamed and bred for their immensethat the one whom he allowed to copy his answers, scores higher than him. strength, can haul the most humongous boulders, uproot the tallestCheatees, most frequently, are averse in giving answers. It is just because of trees, and carry the heaviest loads on their shoulders. But whenwhat we might call as ―defective camaraderie‖ that they are forced to do it al- darkness reigns and the this proud and mighty beast must be keptthough they are reluctant. from wandering around in the night, the elephants keeper simply Clearly, cheating is a dangerous habit. Don‘t indulge yourself in it. Why ties one of the elephants legs to a twig in the ground with a little bitdon‘t you make your best efforts to get deserving grades without it? Spend time of twine. Logic and common sense would suggest that the elephantwith books. Learn NOT the art and science of cheating but of listening instead. could easily snap the twine and go about its business, but it doesnt.Be attentive during class discussions and take down important points from les- It remains exactly where it is until his keeper unties the twine thesons taught. Never be a crammer. Try to develop a good study habit to over- next morning.come this bad habit. And always remember ―Honesty is the best policy!‖ As one might expect, my reaction upon reading the elephant metaphor was the same as when Harris himself first heard of it. IVOLUME VI, NUMBER I THE 360° JANUARY 2011 found the idea that such a ruthless beast capable of great feats of strength could be subdued by a mere piece of twine completely STRAIGHT NEWS, absurd. The fact that the owner was confident that the elephant FAIR VIEWS would behave and stay in its place, ……. Immaturity, p. 8 Aurora Zosimo Mrs. Lee Shu Hwei Lai Chen Li Cheng ENGLISH SUPERVISOR DIRECTRESS CHINESE SUPERVISOR LONELY PLANET Sharmaine Eunice So shar_seas@yahoo.com.ph Sarah Jessica Wong EDITOR IN CHIEF Jean Liao ASSOCIATE EDITOR Gillian Jeremie Pua MANAGING EDITOR Janelle de Guzman MAIN CORRESPONDENT Saving Gaea Patricia Bautista Matthew Lim Daniel Ratilla ALL MOTHERS give everything they could give to their children NEWS EDITOR OPINION EDITOR FEATURES EDITOR the best that they could, even if it meant sacrificing, and when the time comes that they grow old and weak their children takes care of Bernadette Ong Joshua Balete Charlton Dy Sharmaine So them. But, I know a certain mother... who gives everything she can. LITERARY EDITOR SCIENCE & HEALTH SPORTS EDITOR CARTOONIST but, her children has forgotten about her... they ignore her every cry for help... listen carefully... our mother... Mother Earth is dying. Dont you hear her cry? Jannusz Curt Tan Chamile Ang Daniela Louise Ching PHOTOJOURNALISTS SAVE MOTHER EARTH Look at our mother‘s hair... theyve gone bald. For we, the childrenKaren Zhang, Colwin Tanhehco, Elaine Caw, Sharmaine Ong, Mary Ellen Lee, Jessie An- have been cutting it down for our furniture and wood works. Lis- gelo Lee, Alexis Vianca Tan, David Christian Sy, David Dan Tan, Joanna Nicole Yu, ImYoon Ji, Kim Yun Bin, Andrae Alecxis Tan, Steven Marzan, Rovin Andecson Zhang, Rose- ten, she doesnt stop coughing... all the smoke has been poisoning belle Harlan, Kuan-in Liao, Tsung Han Lu, Kent Paulus Uy her. ASSOCIATE WRITERS AND CONTRIBUTORS SAVE MOTHER EARTH Chen Lijing, Lu Xiaona, Jiang Xiaojing, Lindbergh Ching, Maybelle Degala Oh my... look at our mother‘s skin, it has deep scars from mining... CHINESE AND ENGLISH CONSULTANTS even her skin color is altering from too much land pollution. she doesnt have any water to drink for the fresh waters have Venjie Oclaret been polluted. ……. Mother Earth, p. 9 MODERATOR
  7. 7. OPINION 7 REALITY CHECK every college student and upcoming college student. RITE OF PASSAGE Charlton Paul Dy We must realize that as we choose our college by Anne Michelle Paderon charlton.paul.dy@yahoo.com course, we must make sure that we have the passion to go through it and that there will be a career ahead On growing up Education brouhaha of us. Choosing a college course is a very important thing. It is a part of you building your future and this YOUNG PEOPLE in the past yearsLAST SEPTEMBER 30, 2010, CHEd (Commission will serve as a very strong foundation our lives. were different from the young peopleon Higher Education) released CHEd Memorandum Decline in the number of students passing licen- now. The youth of today for instance,Order (CMO)No. 32 which concerns the moratorium sure exams may mean that: (1) The college educa- is more advanced in technology thanof five of the most popular courses at present today tion given to them was not enough that to be able to the youth of many years ago. Studentsnamely: Business Administration, Nursing, Teacher support them through the exam; (2) They never did before used to go to the library to do aEducation, Hotel and Restaurant Management and understand what they studied for they didn‘t have research. But now, students just openInformation Technology in schools planning to ac- passion for it at first. their computers, copy-paste from thequire such courses. Schools already having these I would like to emphasize on the second point. I internet and sometimes ending up notcourses may still continue teaching the course but believe that this is true to most of the students who understanding what they googled.will be again put into a thorough check-up from the failed. Obviously if we don‘t have a passion for Today, there are more gadgets thatCHEd. something we will never fight for it; we‘ll not take can be used for fun, for relaxation, Some of the grounds CHEd used were: (1) things seriously. We don‘t put all the blame on the learning and communication. Tech-There is already a rapid growth of schools acquiring poor system of the said department. We must also be nology may make our lives easier andthese courses and they believe that this growth able to see to it that all students we are seeing are all does our work faster, but there arewould also mean a decline in the quality of these passionate ones. But I guess we will never be able to still disadvantages. Because of com-courses.; (2) There is a huge decline in the passing see this at this time, as most students nowadays don‘t puters and other techful gadgets, werate of graduates from these courses in licensure see a college course as something that will build our always enjoy playing these that weexams; (3) There are few job openings for graduates future. Most decide and choose a course just for the only stay indoors. We forget how funof these courses. plain reason that it is a passable course and that it it is to play sports outside. Because of Reading the memorandum, I agreed upon will be a sure diploma for them. We must change gadgets, the youth of today are torpid.CHEd‘s decision to put a stop to the growing num- this system of choosing that we always use. It is This is not just the only thing that isber of schools acquiring such courses. Though it about time that we open our eyes to reality that there different in the past youth. Youngmay seem wrong at first, when understood deeply, will always be a part of our lives that will serve as a people before were more conservativeyou will gradually see the good of this memoran- very big roadblock and though we may be able to and were not wild like what mostdum. I believe that this memorandum serves as a escape the burden that others are receiving from their young people of today are.reality check not only to students going through courses, there is no assurance that life will also be Being a youth, there are a lot ofthese courses and those planning to do so but for- this easy. experiences but with no heavy prob-estttt lems. But some teenagers take theseA WOMAN is busy living her day when suddenly POINT-BLANK things for granted. The ―heavy‖ prob-her head spins and she throws up (hopefully in a Daniel Chen Ratilla lems some youth have are freedomdecent sink). Well, congratulations, in most cases I dcratilla@gmail.com and no limitations. That‘s why theredub thee with child. Most women would be tickled are teenagers who rebel or hurt them-pink and gleaming with joy when they see Have you killed your baby? selves for not getting what they want.―positive‖ on the pregnancy test, so let‘s leave those This is just an example of a juvenilewomen to their personal happiness. But what about nancy. But won‘t that lump one day turn into a liv- delinquency. All of us make mistakesthose who are devastated? What horrors play ing system with complex systems we know simply but at some points, it is also the faultthrough her mind? toady as a child? True, that mound is not a life, well, of the parents because it‘s their re- Spelled in all-caps on that haggard woman‘s not yet, but isn‘t that the point of pregnancy? To sponsibility. They tend to feel ne-head is ABORTION. The damned word for which nurture something that will one day live and breathe glected so they rebel. They disrespectspells the end to the life of a fetus in gestation pe- in this world? Abortion is not only killing a child, their parents and do things that areriod. Unfortunately, these murders occur almost 42 but probably the future. My best example – Presi- inappropriate like drinking and smok-million times a year, so much for mother dear‘s dent Obama; a little-known fact about the iconic man ing. But our parents limit us to teachtender loving-care. is that his mom almost had him aborted. Imagine us and it is for our sake so we could Abortion has had a long history, with methods what the United States of America would be without grow more independent and knowand beliefs varying from culture to culture. Up to her first black president. that living in this world is not just allthe present date, abortion is basically accidental or In the wise words of Mother Theresa of Calcutta, about enjoying that we are born ininduced; there are, of course, the poor innocent ―If we accept that a mother can kill even her own this world for a reason. Since we aremothers who had miscarriages, and your average, child, how can we tell other people to not kill each young, we experience, make mistakesordinary, drunkard wench who just wants to get rid other? Any country that accepts abortion is not and learn lessons. In life, it is normalof her prospective kid. teaching its people to love, but to use violence to get that we get delinquent but not always. Well my dear readers, before you step into a what they want.‖ True to her words, a society The youth, they say is our hopewhole lot of trouble, at least think of this: That lump should be pro-life, the life of the unborn child. If for a greater future. That‘s why adultsin the womb is a child. And with every child that is you can see the world, why can‘t that child? But should teach the youth because notmurdered while in the womb, you kill your own contrary to that, it is shocking to believe that so only adults but the youth too, can helpflesh and blood. Someone who would have proba- many countries we adore as first-world and paradise in making the world a better place.bly held your hand while crossing the street, some- declare abortion as legal. The Philippines is a coun- Young people should learn and haveone who would wake you up on lazy weekends with try that accepts it as ―Illegal with exception for ma- youth leadership. Even how juvenilea cheerful tone, someone who would make cards for ternal life, health, and/or mental health‖, but who we are, we can still learn. We shouldyou on Mothers‘ Day, and someone who would knows when that will change? be a good example for everyone. Westand by you and take care of you when you are old You can call it what you want, but no matter can influence people by the way weand tired. how you look at it, the cards only spell out one thing. do things. We should not be a bad Okay, sure, let‘s say that that lump is only a Abortion is wrong, and we need to take a stand influence for others, else we will onlymound of tissue during the early period of preg- against abortion, before it takes a stand on us. misled others become nuisance.
  8. 8. 8 OPINIONImmaturity...from p. 6 STUDENT’S DESKI found equally unbelievable. Before I could rack my brains on the Why do students cheat?relation of all this nonsense to the blogposts title, Harris went right by Ellen Marie Leeahead of me and elaborated: the elephant represents todays youth;the twine is the modern concept of adolescence; and the small twig I AM sure that the word, cheating is very familiar to all and it happens mostly atsymbolizes societys expectations of teenagers. Harris claims that the school. Honestly, in our school, so many people are cheaters, and I admitthe bothersome twine and twig are ideas of the present, seeing as that I also once cheated when I was in grade 1. I bet that everybody cheats, eventhe youth of the past were free to grasp responsibility early in life. the most intelligent ones in class but most students who cheat are those not good When Isabella I of Castile was around 16, her brother, Enrique in academics. Cheating is an act of dishonesty which one does to take advantage.IV of Castile, a weak king in his forties, made plans for her be- I think the reasons why students cheat are (1) they don‘t want to be scolded bytrothal to several politically influential men: the vile 43-year-old their parents for getting low grades orDon Pedro Giron, Maestre de Calatrava; lewd and greedy Afonso (2) they just want to get high grades in Whatever the gravity,V of Portugal, the brother of Enriques wife, Juana; and the heavily- the blink of an eye, and (3) they want other people to acknowledge them as cheating is and will alwayspowdered, heavily-rouged Charles de Valois, Duc de Berry andbrother of Louis XI of France. When Isabella found out about her intelligent students. be a sin.brothers schemes, she vowed she would have none of it. She nego- Cheating is not only a blunder but atiated with Juan II of Aragon in secret a wedding to Juans son, form of crime. When you are cheating, you are just fooling yourself and you areFerdinand, whom she felt was the best match for her. She escaped being dishonest to God. Whatever the gravity, cheating is and will always be athe all-seeing eyes of Enriques court with the excuse of visiting her sin.younger brother Alfonsos tomb in Ávila. Because their plans to I heard a story about a student who always cheated but had never beenmarry against Enriques decrees would be considered treason if caught by teachers, and so s/he has never failed to be in the honor roll, then hethey were caught, the young Ferdinand secretly embarked on a long became the class valedictorian. But when s/he stepped to college, all he hadand arduous journey from Aragon to Castile disguised as a mer- were failing grades. When you cheat, you will not learn anything.chant and finally married Isabella in Valladolid. From then on, Since I became member of the student council, I want to do something toFerdinand, 18, and Isabella, 17, now known to history as los Reyes eradicate this problem. Cheating has become the main obstacle in our school forCatólicos (or the Catholic Monarchs), ruled the joint kingdoms of many years. I think the school policy is very lenient in resolving this issue. I canCastile and Aragon, one of the most powerful empires in Christen- understand why students cheat but once they do, they will be determined to do dom. They risked that like a habit. If you want to get a higher grade, why don‘t you study hard ...we are teenagers, “unfortunate life and limb to rather than cheat? [creatures] who [have] all the yearnings fight for the future and capabilities of an adult, but none of they envisioned Speaking good English together. by Joshua Nathaniel Balete the freedoms or responsibilities”... We read about the lives and early ENGLISH IS the third most-spoken language in the world but as the globalachievements of these outstanding figures in history with raised language, many know it. It is one reliable language, with an easy grammar struc-eyebrows because we have one additional stage, the ture and wide vocabulary. Its roots are from Latin, the language that was used―adolescent‖ (coined by G. Stanley Hall), in life, a stage that during the Renaissance, expressing advancement and civilization in the 1700s.would have been nonexistent centuries ago. Were not ―kids‖ at age Most of the people in the world are taught English as a primary language, but15, nor are we ―adults‖–we are teenagers, ―unfortunate [creatures] one could wonder, ―Why do many speak English without fluency?‖ Why is thiswho [have] all the yearnings and capabilities of an adult, but none happening, having less and less facile speakers?of the freedoms or responsibilities‖, as Harris puts it. Harris blames There are many reasons. One, not every ones mother tongue is English.society for preventing the budding Ferdinands and Isabellas from That is, English is a primary tongue, but not the first acquired. In the case of themaking their marks while in their youth, and that we are permitted Filipinos, Baybayin and Spanish were already known long ago. Filipino, our(and sometimes, even encouraged) to remain as we are, mere mother tongue, was derived from these languages. The Filipino language haspseudo-children in the worlds eyes. different pronunciation and syntax rules, and Filipinos speak English as to how But is society entirely at fault for this modern crisis? No, I they speak Filipino; usually leading to wrong articulation and accent. For exam-think not. We place the fault in society as a scapegoat for our own ple, ―ceremony‖. Filipinos pronounce it as /sěr-ə-mō‘nē/ but it is properly pro-failings. Before we go around pointing fingers all will-nilly, we nounced as /sěr‘ə-mō-nē/.must ask ourselves first: Do low expectations breed immaturity? Or Another reason is wrong guidance. Some parents or teachers might not beis it the other way around? While Harris argument may be valid, I able to speak straightforward, fluent English in conversations and this will affectdont entirely agree with it. No one can deny that there are adoles- the child‘s fluency, especially if at a young age, where rapid brain developmentcents who are genuinely indolent. Neither can anyone deny that is underway and and morethere are parents who would kill to have their children take a little English is a global language. No and more synapses are beingresponsibility more often. But what started this mess? Were we refined. This will be veryneer-do-wells from square one, causing societys rock-solid opin- English? No future. Acquiring hard to correct in the future.ion of us? Or did societys expectations condition us to uncon- good English will be an advantage Right grammatical usagesciously fall in with their description? Therein lies the rub. For this must be exercised by stu-scenario, the whole ―What came first? The chicken or the egg?‖ in all aspects of life. dents always. Mind youridea applies. tittles and capitalize ―I‖. Regardless of who is at fault, teenagers today must see the Words must be used with its proper definition and usage.absolute necessity of taking responsibility. I am not asking every As said earlier, English is a global language. No English? No future. Acquir-young adult (as it is implied in Harris essay) to get married or rule ing good English will be an advantage in all aspects of life.an empire. The only responsibility I ask of all the members of my All things have pros and cons. The English is no exception. Many foreigngeneration to fulfill is to do what you can to ease the already hectic dialects keep on disappearing because native speakers don‘t use it anymore butlives of your parents, be it by studying diligently, calling or texting use English instead. One such language is the Ter Sami dialect in Russia, nowthem when you have to stay at school for a late practice, or helping with only two native speakers.out at your familys sari-sari store from time to time. Itll make all Let us all practice speaking good English for the benefit of our success inthe difference. life, all for the glory of God.
  9. 9. OPINION 9MY GOD-SHAPED HEART ON EXPERIENTAL LEARNING AND DEFINITIONSby David Dan Tan Thank God, I’m wrong! Sharing a serious joke by Alexis Vianca TanWHEN I was still a very young Christian, I thought EMBARASSMENT. A term used when you are humiliated in front of people. When we arethat Christianity is only about being saved by con- embarrassed, we often wish that somehow, we could rewind time to correct the mistake wevefessing and accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. Yet, made. When people are humiliated, some would cry or get teary eyed; while some would justI can still do ―some sins‖ for I always have the ex- laugh about it. When people bring up embarrassing moments of you, its better to just go withcuse ―tao lang naman ako ah‖ (I‘m only human). the flow and laugh with them instead of being angry of annoyed.Then every night I would pray for forgiveness, so I joined a study camp in Xiamen, China last summer. One of the many funny and embar-that I will still go to heaven. Thats my perspective rassing moments was during the time I tripped in front of the bus stop because I was hurryingbefore. to catch the bus. Ann helped me pick up my stuff which was scattered all over the floor, and But thank God I am wrong. For when I started to my slipper that flew to a faraway place. People stared and laughed at me. I wanted to cry be-grow maturely as a Christian, and have started read- cause I has a bruise on my knee and people were laughing at me, but instead I just laugheding the word deeply, I realized the truest meaning of about it. The moment we got into the bus, Ann started laughing. My roommates asked why,confessing Jesus as my Lord and Savior: He is not and when she told them about what happened to me, they all started laughing at me.only my savior, but most importantly he is my Lord. Another moment I couldnt forget was during our graduation practice. We were practicingAnd Lord means master or someone who controls at the auditorium and was practicing on how to properly get the diploma. When I was goingyour life and actions, so you have to follow every- down the stage, my foot slipped and I fell off the steps. People who witnessed that momentthing he says. And He told us to live a holy and started laughing loudly. Mrs. So had a very shocked and worried look on her face as sheblameless life. helped me stand up. Very embarrassing, really. Then I also realized that the reason why he All of us have embarrassing moments. Its normal. Its normal. It may also serve as a goodwants us to live an obedient life to Him, the Master, story to share to our family or to our future children. Theres nothing wrong with that, trust me.is not because he is a ―KJ God‖ or a ―korney God‖but because he has a perfect plan in our life. Yes!going to heaven is the greatest gift we could ever Anger and forgiveness by David Christian Syhope for, but while we live, he also wants us to be ANGER IS a bad emotion. It is a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence. The commonblessed, be source of blessings and to experience an cause of anger is jealousy. Jealousy happens when a person is resentful and envious of some-abundant life. Thats why he called us to be holy, so one‘s success. When you get jealous about someone, you get angry with him/her. Other causesthat sin wont hinder us from his promises. So dear of anger are misunderstandings, blaming, when someone does a bad thing to you, when youbrothers and sisters let us continue to read his words get scolded by your parents, when you are irritated about something. Some effects of anger areand heartily do what it says, so that we could live a hatred, saying of bad words, seeking for revenge and fighting.holy life, and so that we could fully receive and fully When I was in grade 5, I had a fight with my friend. It was because of some misunder-cherish his perfect plans and promises in this life standings. He was teasing me and I was really short-tempered back then. Our fight lasted for 1and the next. month. But I realized that I needed to apologize to him because I was so short-tempered. When I apologized to him, he accepted my apology and he also apologized to me. After that day, we The Greatest Musician became friends again. Forgiveness is really needed when we have anger in our hearts.GOD REVEALED a story to me about a musician As I said, we need forgiveness when we have anger in our hearts. What is forgivenesswho is in a search for a new instrument. anyway? For me, forgiveness is when you forgive someone who has done something bad toThere is a man who is known to be the greatest mu- you and forgetting it. But according to my dictionary, it is to grant pardon; to cease to feelsician ever, and indeed he was. He wants to buy a resentment against. Importance of forgiveness is if you forgive someone you hated, you willguitar, then he went to a guitar store. Passing by, he feel better after you have done it. Forgiveness will remove the anger in your heart.saw latest guitar models made with high qualitystrings and expensive materials. When one of them Mother Earth...from p. 6notice the musician looking at him, he bragged atonce and said ―I‘m pretty sure that he would pick SAVE MOTHER EARTH. Let us save our mother, its not too late... show her that her childrenme.‘ But the musician has another thing in mind, so cares. We dont need tragedies to wake up. Our mother is crying with the pain and its floodinghe just passed by it. ―You are already good enough us, why cant her children see how much she sacrifices and suffers... She cant even sleep withon your own. I dont need to use you, hence‖ said all the garbage surrounding her bed. listen to her cries... listen to your mother.the musician. Soon the musician passed by the storeroom, and SAVE MOTHER EARTH, Save Me. By saving mother earth you save the future children,behold he saw a dirty old guitar with broken strings would you be able to accept the day that the children in the future your grand children wouldntas the door was left ajar. At once, he went there and have any nature to see or enjoy? Save the earth save your mother. weve been abusing her.picked it up and said that he like this one. The bro- Little hands can help.ken guitar spoke ―Please, dont choose me. I am notworthy to be used by you, I am worthless. Can‘t yousee I‘m so broken?‖ ―I know, thats why I‘m here tofix you, and I‘m going to use you that you mighthave a value and relive your purpose‖ the musicianreplied. When the salesman saw that he was goingto buy the disgusting old guitar, he asked him ―Aresure about that? He will not surely qualify for you.‖ The musician still bought it. He didn‘t mind,anyways. He fixed it and played it right then andthere. All the people were awe-astounded becausethe guitar produced a beautiful harmony that isunlike any other, not because he is good, but be-cause the one who used him is Great!
  10. 10. 10 FeaturesThe Wisdom of Feng Shui SNAKE. The focus of 2011 for the Snake MONKEY. For Monkeys involved in creative work such as writing or art, this will be a par- ticularly inspirational year and their work will will be to make sure he is doing be highly regarded. The Chinese Rabbit Yearon Rabbit Year something he likes, something that allows him to express his creativity and talents and something that he excels at. Finan- will offer some brilliant promotion opportunities and by being proactive and alert, the Monkey will reap cially, things are looking much brighter the benefits.RAT. An important aspect of 2011 for the for the Snake and with planningRat is time for personal growth, and saving, this will be an ROOSTER. The Roosterhobbies and developing skills will have to curb histhat bring happiness. For any natural exuberance andRats that like to write, this enthusiasm just a bityear will see their creativity in 2011 and practiceheightened and whether for some patience andpleasure or profit, writing is common sense. Thehighlighted in a most posi- Rooster should also con-tive way. sider any opportunities he may have to study orOX. Friendship for training. Thiswill be impor- would gotant during 2011. extremel yWhether the Ox is well for himlooking for new friends or and againdrawing on friendships he benefit himalready has, it‘s important greatly later on inthat he stays socially active. the year. A word ofRest and relaxation will warning though – thebe vital for all Oxen Rooster must takeduring the Year of care to temperthe Rabbit. his words with friends and notTIGER. Finan- be too harsh.cially, the Tiger willmost likely see an DOG. Increasedincrease in income, either confidence anddue to a pay rise or an un- self-respect willexpected windfall. Hobbies garner the respect ofand outdoor pursuits will also work colleagues. Ininterest the Tiger this year and the Year of the Rabbit,will provide relaxation and a so- the Dogs must guard against lost, de-cial setting, both of which will suit him excellent year. layed or incorrect documentation. Make doublyjust fine. sure that everything is as it should be on all pa- HORSE. He should watch events care- perwork this year. If he can leave the past cou-RABBIT. This will be a stunning and fully, for when an opening occurs he will ple of challenging years behind him, 2011 willmost favourable year for him, especially in need to act fast and be alert. Health and be a most gratifying and happy year.regard to work and career. His ability to well-being will be on the minds of manyinteract with others will put him in the Horses in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit PIG. The Pig parties hard and works hard and inlead for any promotions at work. Finances and it‘s a perfect time to re-think fitness the Year of the Rabbit he will be bringing in theduring the Rabbit‘s own year are buzzing, routines and diet. The Horse is an adven- rewards for all his hard work. The Pig will bewith his luck running high! He must also turous soul by nature and may do some feeling good in 2011 and would like all mannerremember to call on friends and loved travelling to far-flung places in the Year of of wonderful things to happen – all at once! Heones for support and advice during any Rabbit. must learn to pace himself and go along with thechallenging times. more leisurely speed of the Rabbit year. Other- GOAT. The past couple of years have wise, he may burn himself out.DRAGON. This will be a positive and been challenging for the Goat and 2011happy year for Dragons. The monetary will be much more upbeat, positive and One Solid Thought for 2011situation will improve and their eye for a happy. There will be many chances overbargain will be particularly keen. Travel is "These are the times in which a genius would wish to live. It is the year to make new friends and attend not in the still calm of life, or the repose of a pacific station, thatalso highlighted during the year and time social outings – just what the Goat needs. great characters are formed. The habits of a vigorous mind arespent with friends and loved ones will be The support and friendship of others will formed in contending with difficulties. Great necessities call out great virtues. When a mind is raised, and animated by scenesespecially valued. Hobbies and talents be very important to him this year and that engage the heart, then those qualities which would other-should be pursued as they will provide give him the encouragement and confi- wise lay dormant, wake into life and form the character of thegreat pleasure and relaxation. dence he needs. hero and the statesman." — Abigail Adams
  11. 11. Trends &Hazards 11 my_world@facebook.com Caught by facebook mania by Joanna Nicole Yu ON MAY 2009, one of my friends started convincing me to try Facebook. At first, I thought it was as boring as Friendster because by that time the users were not that many, so I didn‘t have a lot of friends that time on Facebook, but now I got more than 700 friends on Facebook. So every night when I‘m done with my home works, it was it was my hobby to read anecdotal posts made by my friends. The things that fascinate me about Facebook is that you can have an update what people are doing and some even made this as their diary. But sometimes cutting-edge situations come, when someone whom I didn‘t know add me and I just ignore their request. Facebook is the cynosure to people today. Using it can have some advan- tages and disadvantages. Some of these advantages are: being connected to relatives living in distant places, being able to express yourself and many more. But these advantages may bring some disadvantages too. Some of these are: it may be use by criminals when they want to know more about their victims, some use Facebook to badly influence young peo- ple and many more. We all know that Facebook is now being use by billions of people around the world. As its number users increase, lets keep in mind to check ourprivacy settings. Because whenever stalkers or unknown people open our account, our life might be at risk.‘cos Facebook’s just soooooo good!!! by Jannusz Curt TanFACEBOOK IS somewhat a combination of Tumblr, Photobucket and Yahoo Messenger. Inshort, it‘s like an all-in-one package. Since Facebook is very popular nowadays, you can com-municate with whoever you want in just a click of a button. That is, unless the person you wantto talk to doesn‘t have a Facebook account. Facebook also allows users to connect with other users through networks and groups oflike-minded individuals. Users can communicate by posting a comment on another users―wall‖, sending a private message or using an instant messenger feature. Not only that, but youcan also post pictures, which is a good thing for keeping memories active. When it comes to entertainment, Facebook will always be the most trendy. How, you ask?Well, many of the newer ―applications‖ feature games and quizzes that are entertaining andprovide a fun way to keep in touch with friends. Writing Facebook ―Notes‖ and posting linksenables users to express their thoughts and ideas that is somewhat similar to blogging. But take caution, please by Sharmaine Eunice So YES INDEED, Facebook can be very useful and fun at the same time. But what most people fail to see is that, there are also dangers in the use of it. Most use Facebook almost everyday to check for new notifications, play games, comment on people‘s pictures, add news friends and many more. Little by little it eats our time, bringing us into addiction, and addiction is never good. Students nowadays often open their Facebook first before caring for their homeworks and other important things they have to do. And sometime soon they are to realize how much time they have wasted in being addicted, than doing meaningful things. After all they can‘t turn back time. All networking sites has their dangers, especially if you communicate with strangers. Many of us fail to see how dangerous one can be, they could check out your pictures and all your personal stuff if you add them without fixing your privacy setting, which most users often ignore. Strangers can be friendly sometimes but we have to be careful because not all of them appear the same in person. I heard a news about a person killed and har- assed for meeting up with a Facebook friend. If you dont want to end up like her, you better have to be careful. People you know in real life could also be dangerous if you dont know them that well. They might use your personal information for kidnapping purposes, or they could use it for blackmailing, or even robbing your house. The dangers of this networking site could lead to your death. But there are always privacy settings that you could use to protect yourself. Just dont be too much addicted and youll be fine.