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Molecular medicine


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Venezia 31 marzo 2009 Venice Sessions 2 presso il Future Centre di Telecom Italia

Maria Luisa Lavitrano presenta:

Molecular medicine

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Molecular medicine

  1. 1. MOLECULAR MEDICINE …from bench to bedside Marialuisa Lavitrano, PhD Professor of Pathology and Immunology Head of Molecular Medicine Lab Department of Surgical Science University of Milano-Bicocca
  2. 2. Marialuisa Lavitrano - Molecular Medicine Lab MEDICINE - BIOTECHNOLOGY Research & Training Projecst Genomics B I Proteomics O I N Molecular & Cell biology cytogenetic, molecular imaging F O R Pre-clinical studies M A T I Novel Therapeutic C Applications S Links with Technology platforms European SME EC networks Trained researchers regulations University of Milano-Bicocca
  3. 3. Marialuisa Lavitrano - Molecular Medicine RESEARCH ACTIVITY Preclinical Development Data- Prevention/ Biological Experimental of disease mining Treatment validation Medicine model Inflammatory Diseases Ischemia/Riperfusion Injury Transplantation …from bench …to bedside Cardiovascular Diseases Neurological Disorders Cancer University of Milano-Bicocca
  4. 4. Production of Transgenic animals - SMGT technology in mice SMGT: 1989 Sperm cells as vectors for introducing foreign DNA into eggs: genetic transformation of mice. Lavitrano M. et al Cell; 57: 717-723. University of Milano-Bicocca
  5. 5. Production of Transgenic animals - SMGT technology in pigs SMGT: 2002 Efficient production by sperm-mediated gene transfer of human decay accelerating factor (hDAF) transgenic pigs for xenotransplantation. Lavitrano M. et al. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002 Oct 29;99 (22):14230-5 University of Milano-Bicocca
  6. 6. Animal models to study rejection in transplantation 2007 Reduction of hyperacute rejection and protection of metabolism and function in hearts of human decay accelerating factor (hDAF)-expressing pigs. Smolenski et al Cardiovasc. Res. 2007, 73(1):143-52 University of Milano-Bicocca
  7. 7. Production of Transgenic animals - SMGT technology in pigs SMGT: Multi-transgenic pigs 2003 Piglets add some colors to transgenic story. Nature, 424:624 2005 Multi-transgenic pigs expressing three fluorescent proteins produced with high efficiency by sperm mediated gene transfer. Webster et al. Mol Reprod Dev. 72: 68-76 Green filter Blue filter Red filter Wide range filter Light microscope University of Milano-Bicocca
  8. 8. Production of Transgenic animals - SMGT technology in pigs University of Milano-Bicocca
  9. 9. Production of Transgenic animals - SMGT technology in pigs SMGT: Transgenic pigs 2006 non-viral episomal Vector Manzini et al Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006, 21;103(47):17672-7 University of Milano-Bicocca
  10. 10. Production of Transgenic animals - Neurological disorders SMGT: 2007 Early glial dysfunction in absence of neurodegeneration in a Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 1 transgenic model Giovannoni et al Neuron Glia Biology 3, p335-351. Conditional Transgenesis Canzoniere et al., J Neuosci, 2004 al., Neuosci, University of Milano-Bicocca
  11. 11. Ischemia Reperfusion Injury: protective role of CO 2004 Carbon monoxide improves cardiac energetics and safeguards the heart during reperfusion after cardiopulmonary bypass in pigs. Lavitrano et al. FASEB J. 2004 Jul;18(10):1093-5. University of Milano-Bicocca
  12. 12. Atherosclerosis: plaque prevention 2006 Indication for carotid endarterectomy versus carotid stenting for the prevention of brain embolization from carotid artery plaques: in search of consensus. Biasi et al J Endovasc Ther. 2006 Oct;13(5):578-91 University of Milano-Bicocca
  13. 13. Aneurysm: gene expression profiling 2009 Gene Expression Profiling of Peripheral Blood in Patients with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. Giusti et al Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg. 2009 University of Milano-Bicocca
  14. 14. Molecular Medicine Lab - Milano Bicocca University of Milano-Bicocca
  15. 15. Animal Facilities & Surgical Theatre University of Milano-Bicocca