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White Hat Link Building Techniques I'm Focusing This Year


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A list of actionable white hat link building techniques that I'm focusing this year for my link building blog and for my offshore clients.

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White Hat Link Building Techniques I'm Focusing This Year

  1. 1. Link Building Techniques I’m Focusing This Year @venchito14
  2. 2. Link Building and Content Marketing Techniques I’m Focusing This Year @venchito14 WHO’S THIS GUY? Venchito Tampon Jr. Lead Link Building Specialist, Digital Philippines • 1 ½ year experience in the search industry • Worked for Hyperlynx Media, headed by Jon Cooper • SEO, Link building background • Owns • Passion for actionable link building techniques
  3. 3. Link Building and Content Marketing Techniques I’m Focusing This Year @venchito14 AS SEEN ON:
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION Link building is not dead. It’s just becoming more difficult, time consuming and costly.
  5. 5. @venchito14 LINKS THAT MATTERS THESE DAYS Relevant-oriented links. Authority links. Contextual links (editorially-driven). more difficult, time consuming and costly.
  6. 6. LINK BUILDING TECHNIQUES Should depend on: • Client’s unique selling points (products/services) • Available resources • Current link profile
  7. 7. @venchito14 BROKEN LINK BUILDING Tools needed: Ahrefs/OSE Check My Links (chrome extension) Link prospecting queries Gmail or any outreach tools (Buzzstream) A good offer
  8. 8. @venchito14 BROKEN LINK BUILDING Search queries: inurl:links OR inurl:resources “selling point” Link query tools:
  9. 9. @venchito14 BROKEN LINK BUILDING Search query: intitle: links OR intitle:resources “quit smoking”
  10. 10. @venchito14 BROKEN LINK BUILDING Check red highlighted links if they’re really broken.
  11. 11. @venchito14 BROKEN LINK BUILDING Find their contact details (Name, email address, Twitter profile) See the website’s:  Profile pages (About me, Our Team)  Blog/content manager  Use the combination of Gmail and Rapportive (name + domain)
  12. 12. @venchito14 BROKEN LINK BUILDING Validate the email using the rapportive feature in the right side of screen.
  13. 13. @venchito14 BROKEN LINK BUILDING Create at least 2 email templates for the outreach phase, then do testing for the first 20% of your link targets.
  14. 14. @venchito14 BROKEN LINK BUILDING
  16. 16. @venchito14 GUEST BLOGGING Guest blogging is not dead. You just need diversity and a good strategy to do it.  Vary the link acquisition methods you use.  Vary your anchor texts (anchor text is still important these days).
  17. 17. @venchito14 GUEST BLOGGING Find guest blog targets using the following:  Author footprints (use Followerwonk, Twitter and Google search)  Use search queries (e.g. “contribute” “your industry”
  18. 18. @venchito14 GUEST BLOGGING Qualify your guest blog targets using the following quality indicators:  Relevancy  Domain Authority  Organic search traffic (use SEMRush)  Engagement (blog comments, social shares)  Alexa traffic (optional)
  19. 19. @venchito14 GUEST BLOGGING
  20. 20. @venchito14 GUEST BLOGGING When writing a guest post:  Always think of your users. Remember that your guest post should drive referral traffic to your website (not only giving you links).  Apply co-occurrence to your post (use industry terms to describe and surround your links).  Always be reminded by the guest blogging guidelines.
  21. 21. @venchito14 GUEST BLOGGING Tip: Combine low, medium and highly competitive keywords to come up with a powerful long tail keyword that you can target for your guest posts.
  22. 22. @venchito14 GUEST BLOGGING
  23. 23. @venchito14 GUEST BLOGGING If you do that, you’ll have chances of ranking your guest posts for desired keywords.
  24. 24. @venchito14 GUEST BLOGGING Outreach tips:  Do not submit completed articles unless the guest blogging guidelines say so.  Offer 2-3 topic suggestions to the content manager.  Take time to customized your guest blogging pitch (name, blog title).  Be honest.  Add proofs of work (use linked titles rather than URLs)  Ask first if he/she is still accepting guest contributions (this can be included in your first paragraph).
  25. 25. @venchito14 OTHER LINK OPPORTUNITIES  Product reviews  Interviews
  26. 26. @venchito14 PRODUCT REVIEWS Instead of asking for a product review from a blogger, why not publish a product review on your blog. Then ask the product content manager if he/she can link back to you.
  27. 27. @venchito14 PRODUCT REVIEWS You can just mention the product/tool in one of your posts.
  28. 28. @venchito14 PRODUCT REVIEWS Get links from tools/products you’ve mentioned in your post.
  29. 29. @venchito14 PRODUCT REVIEWS
  30. 30. @venchito14 PRODUCT REVIEWS Get featured on the review/testimonial page of the product site.
  31. 31. @venchito14 PRODUCT REVIEWS Get featured on the review/testimonial page of the product site.
  32. 32. @venchito14 PRODUCT REVIEWS Identify tools/products in your industry that are not your direct competitors but are related to your business. Mention them in your blog posts or write a review about the product. Then simply ask for a link (chances are they will give it to you).
  33. 33. @venchito14 INTERVIEWS To maximize your interviews, here are a few actionable tips:  Target influential people in your field (those that have blogs so they can link to you, know the industry really well and those that are easy to reach out). Use Followerwonk and Google search to find them.  Find a topic that is actionable and has not been covered on other blogs (use Quora, Twitter, forum boards to find commonly asked questions).  If you’re doing a group interview, then ask your participants only one question.  Reach out to them and ask your question(s).  Combine all their contributions into one big post and share it.
  34. 34. @venchito14 INTERVIEWS
  35. 35. @venchito14 INTERVIEWS Get links from round-ups and resource pages.
  36. 36. @venchito14 INTERVIEWS Because you have built relationships with contributors, you can get links from their about pages.
  37. 37. Questions? @venchito14 Visit me at