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Blogger Outreach Techniques



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Blogger Outreach Techniques

  1. 1. Blogger Outreach
  3. 3. @venchito14 AS FEATURED IN
  4. 4. Content Creation
  5. 5. @venchito14 Query-based content Seek for unanswered questions in Faqfox and make them as topics for your blog (long tail content proves to work these days).
  6. 6. @venchito14 Content that gets to the top Look for seasoned content in Buzzsumo, and analyze why these posts perform well.
  7. 7. @venchito14 Content targeted to linkable audiences If you’re selling curtains/blinds, you might create a content on “Sun Safety Guide for Parents”.
  8. 8. @venchito14 Linkable Content Formats Choose any of the above content format for your blog.
  9. 9. @venchito14 Invest in Design “Design doesn't just matter, it's 50% of the battle.” - Rand Fishkin.
  10. 10. @venchito14 Back up your content with credible sources Grab data and information from open data resources.
  11. 11. @venchito14 Collaborate with industry influencers Initial links are easy to acquire with this type of content, since there’s a value proposition that can be carried in your outreach.
  12. 12. @venchito14 Collaborate with industry influencers Set metrics for each content piece(for me, the average links per post should be 20 and above).
  13. 13. @venchito14 Scale branded content creation using People Per Hour
  14. 14. @venchito14 Scale branded content creation using People Per Hour The process 1. Write up a Wikipedia page for your brand. 2. Make sure that you follow Wikipedia’s formatting guidelines. 3. Hire an experience editor to submit your entry.
  15. 15. @venchito14 Prospecting
  16. 16. @venchito14 Narrowed Link Prospecting Leaves out several targeted linkers, who are willing to link to a “garden shed” resource. See this resource for advanced search operators:
  17. 17. @venchito14 Recency Bloggers are more receptive to immediate resource inclusion when reached out within one day after content publication.
  18. 18. @venchito14@venchito14 Link building survey results Competitors’ Top Pages Discover linkable topics from competitors’ top pages (use Ahrefs/OSE).
  19. 19. @venchito14@venchito14 Prospecting Competitors’ Top Pages Don’t stop there. Check if their top pages are broken (404), list if there’s any - you’ll use them later in content creation).
  20. 20. @venchito14@venchito14 Prospecting Competitors’ Top PagesTangent Industries Don’t just stick to the site’s primary industry, for legal niche, you’ll only find legal competitor sites who might not be willing to link to you.
  21. 21. @venchito14 Tangent Industries For personal injury lawyer, “safety” related blogs are good link opps (might be a source of interested clients/customers).
  22. 22. @venchito14 Faster Targeted Prospecting See page 3 or 4 first, you can find more targeted and medium partners that can potentially link to your page/site. Use related searches as your phrases when searching for link opportunities (e.g. home safety tips for kids inurl:links.html)
  23. 23. @venchito14 Social Metrics Matter Setting social standards to link prospects helps a lot in maintaining quality for each link acquired from a blog.
  24. 24. @venchito14 More prospecting tools Resource:
  25. 25. Outreach
  26. 26. @venchito14 Label conversations Label conversations according to their status. Settings – Labs – Canned Responses - Enable
  27. 27. @venchito14 Label conversations Ongoing Conversations (OC) – label the conversation until you got the link. Live Links (LL) - when the link from a page/domain is given to you. Red Flag (RF) – if the potential linker is asking for payment (link buying), doesn’t’ want to link to your brand (irrelevant) and/or didn’t get the link. Labels
  28. 28. @venchito14 A/B Testing Test your subject lines and message with two variations (e.g. one with a link; one without). Always include Site Name and First name of the linker in your email – this works pretty well.
  29. 29. @venchito14 Clean up irrelevant messages using Unsubscribe
  30. 30. @venchito14 Document results Replies / No replies Conversion rate (links / email sent)
  31. 31. @venchito14 Outreach Tools
  32. 32. Case Study
  33. 33. @venchito14 Giving Assistants Coupon website
  34. 34. @venchito14 Examples of links we’ve acquired A contextual (dofollow) link from an authority website (dating niche) with solid Facebook community (see the FB shares above)
  35. 35. @venchito14 Examples of links we’ve acquired An authority link from a parenting blog during a Bullying Prevention month (seasoned day)
  36. 36. @venchito14 Examples of links that we’ve acquired Another contextual link from a reputable domain (parenting niche).