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Dassalami Soce PACA


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PACA Presentation

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Dassalami Soce PACA

  1. 1. Dassalami SocePACA Assessment Venchele Saint Dic 08.23.2012
  2. 2. Par t icipat or y Analysis f or Communit y Act ion (PACA)Pur poseThe main goal of PACA is t o lay t he gr oundwor k f ort he communit y t o det er mine it s own needs and what itwant s t o addr ess.The development wor ker est ablishes a par t ner ship t oassist t he communit y t o det er mine what it want s, notwhat is dict at ed f r om out side.The PACA met hodology aids t he development wor kerto f acilit at e r epr esent at ive gr oups wit hin t hecommunit y’s own assessment of t heir own needs.
  3. 3. HistoryFounder : OusmaneNdiayeYear : 1920Successor s:Mamadou Ndiaye,Sidy Ndiaye,Sekoun Diaye,Mamadou Ndiaye,Mar oudj i Ndiaye(cur r ent villagechief )
  4. 4. Demogr aphyDassalami Soce = 826 0-5yrs : 245 hbtshbt s 6-14yrs : 640 hbtsSar oudia = 276 hbt s 15-49yrs : 290 hbtsBout ilimit e = 138 hbt s 50yrs + : 65 hbtsTot al Populat ion = 1240hbt s
  5. 5. 1920-Pr esent• Act ivit ies f or men and women have st ayed t he same except f or t he mat er ials used at wor k• I ncr ease of populat ion – Division of populat ion in t wo separ at e villages• Educat ion level has augment ed among t he people in t he village – I ncr ease of t he number of par ent s who send t heir childr en t o school
  6. 6. Saate Baa
  7. 7. Priorities1. Case de Sant é2. Ar abic and Fr ench Schools3. Elect r icit y
  8. 8. Key Communit y Member s
  9. 9. Women & Men Associat ions
  10. 10. Healt h St at ist ics• The main illnesses in Dassalami ar e: – I RA (cough) – Diar r hea – Ot her s (f ièvr e, céphalus, plaie, conj onct ivit is, r ègles doulour euses, par ant osé, ut hér ie, var icelle, maux de vent r e et f at igue)
  11. 11. Healt h St at ist ics June 2012Age Malaria IRA Diarrhea Other Total0-5ans 00 07 06 11 246ans- 00 00 02 05 0714ans15ans+ 00 01 01 08 10 41 July 2012Age Malaria IRA Diarrhea Other Total0-5ans 00 21 08 21 506ans- 00 02 02 06 1014ans15ans+ 00 03 01 18 22 82
  12. 12. Gender Roles
  13. 13. Typical Day of Women Typical Day of Men•Dr aw wat er f or daily •Go t he mosque ear ly inact ivit ies t he mor ning•Clean & Cook •Go t o wor k•Take car e of childr en – Most men eit her wor k in t he f ields and sell t he•Talk wit h ot her women in cashcr opst he village OR – Most ly dur ing cer emonies They wor k in masonr y (bapt isms, Ramadan, naming cer emonies and •Dr ink t ea in t he af t er noon weddings) af t er t he pr ayer •Talk t o ot her men in t he village in t he evening
  14. 14. Cult ur al Nor ms 1• Women ar e consider ed t he backbone of t he f amily – t hey ar e r esponsible f or t he educat ion and t he well- being of t he ent ir e f amily – They ar e expect ed t o f ollow t he r ules of t he husband most ly in f inancial mat t er s – They depend on t heir husbands f or t heir needs and t he childr en• Men ar e t he pr ovider s and decision maker s of t he f amily – They ar e expect ed t o pr ovide f or t he f inancial well- being of t he f amilyNot e: I n villages, t he r ole of men can be mor e complicat ed when he is in a polygamous r elat ionship. Most of t he j obs t hey hold ar e seasonal. Ther ef or e, dur ing t he r ainy season, most f amilies do not have
  15. 15. Cult ur al Nor ms 2• Gr eet ings ar e ver y impor t ant• Men ar e t he init iat or s when gr eet ing women• Women ar e not allowed t o t alk back t o t heir husbands.Not e: The people in t he village r espect and consult t he I mam. He has t he highest aut hor it y and inf luence in t he village.
  16. 16. Meet ings1. Pr ayer bef or e and af t er meet ings2. Par t icipant s will t end t o f ocus on one subj ect at a t ime - To j ump t o anot her t opic while having not r eached a decision on t he pr ior t heme is consider ed disr espect f ul3. Mut ual agr eement on decision4. Follow-up
  17. 17. Agr icult ur e
  18. 18. Main Cashcr ops1. Cashew Nut s (C lo) assul2. Tomat oes (M entenjo)3. Sour Tomat oes (Jaato)4. Rice (M anno)5. Peanut s (Tio)6. Pepper s (C ano)7. Eggplant s (Patansé)8. Calalou (C anjo)
  19. 19. Village Act ivit ies1. Agr icult ur e (r ainy season only)2. Selling of cashew nut s (dr y season only)3. Mar aichage (r ainy season only)Not e: The f ield is a lar ge f ield compr ising of each f amily’s land. Each f amily owns t heir par cel of land in which t hey cult ivat e dif f er ent cashr ops.
  20. 20. Thank you f or your at t ent ion