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Solution was a measure to optimize the sales cycle and improve forecasting accuracy. The client wanted an increase in the performance of the sales rep and have a monitoring function to notify the low performing sales rep as well.

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  1. 1. Case StudyOpportunity PortalClient Information:The client is an on-demand, hosted application service provider focusing on revenueenhancement. The client is also a leading provider of advanced pipeline management andforecasting systems to large, channel driven sales organizations.Client Situation & Challenges:The client has over 2,000 sales reps worldwide selling through 300+ value added resellersenhanced with a very strong and loyal network of channel partners. However, the topmanagement had difficulty getting any consistent visibility or roll-up of the opportunitypipeline from this large network of resellers. There was no common sales process and nocommon metrics to which all VARs and sales reps could be measured – OptimizingOpportunity Pipeline.This lack of pipeline visibility also created a huge uncertainty in their forecasting process atthe end of each month. Most sales reps and managers worldwide were using Excelspreadsheets to keep track of their opportunities and to submit their monthly requiredforecasts. Unfortunately, these tracking worksheets were individually developed, withminimal common formats, and there was no easy way to “roll-up” the opportunities into themultiple levels of the organization – Improve Forecasting Accuracy.Solution Required:The required solution was a measure to optimize the sales cycle and improve forecastingaccuracy. The client wanted an increase in the performance of the sales rep and have amonitoring function to notify the low performing sales rep as well.
  2. 2. Solution Offered:“Opportunity Portal” is a hosted, web-based application that uses the increasingly popularSaaS model of “Software as a Service”. It is a highly graphical, intuitive tool to providesales and marketing departments with a powerful, analytical way of maximizing revenue. Itprovides pipeline visibility at multiple levels of the organization, pipeline metrics, andautomatically generates rolling forecasts off the pipeline.The second unique service is an Upload Center created specifically for third party VARorganizations that may all have different CRM systems. This service allows the VARorganization to schedule daily, weekly or monthly uploads directly into one common CSVformat for all VARs with minimal time involvement on the clients server.Security being very important in sales business like any other application, user logins arebased on the 16-byte GUIDs (Security Tokens) which are used throughout the usersession. In the database, there are set of secured "views" over the base data, which areparametrized and require use of a security token. Every database access is processedthrough secured views which takes care of data security.Some of the other features of the system are :  Highly graphical Sales Funnels for sales reps and managers  Quickly configurable sales process and Model Funnels  Sales cycle time spent in each step  Tabular views of accounts, opportunities, rankings and forecast  Pipeline comparisons to Model Funnels required to meet quota  Pipeline "Grading" of opportunities  Pipeline trend analysis  Rank ordering of sales rep performance by key indicators  Multi-level roll-up of sales forecasts  Historical record of forecasting accuracyOver these 5 years, the solution has iterated through multiple sets of variationstransforming it into a dynamic application from the one which had been planned.
  3. 3. Agile Methodology Features:Security features – The pilot version was developed to be user centric and so the gravityof data visibility to others was estimated to be very less. But since application was going tobe a web application the vEmployee team suggested strict database codes to nip the futureproblem in the bud. It took a time of almost 2-3 months but the team developed a strongcode which still maintains the stability of the application even after future extensions.Browser Independence – The web application was exclusively IE compatible assuggested by the client based on the utility of his users. With the popularity of otherbrowsers like Firefox, Chrome, etc. it became critical for the client to make changes withevery new version of IE as it had multiple settings. The development team knew that thiswould pick up time for every new version. A single discussion with the client convinced himof the time and value benefit. Now the code is browser independent and just a singlesetting change makes it compatible with all the latest browser versions. The time savedwith this functionality has helped the client to generate revenue over different globalavenues.Sales force Integration – The extensive use of CRMs in sales required a strongapplication which would optimize the sales cycle, forecast the accuracy of the sales rep andassist in accurate data for sales. Client was looking for Sales force integration as it wasbeing extensively used by value added resellers. The data initially had to be exportedmanually from the Sales force engine into CSV files and then uploaded in the system.vEmployee team expertly engineered this integration enhancing the utility of theapplication two folds.Compatible with latest versions of Excel – Agile Methodology followed by vEmployeehas been the reason for many clients to optimize their returns and get more value for theirthe cost incurred on the project. The download functionality for any Microsoft Office basedapplication is now a common feature in most of the applications and so a feature of Excelbased Opportunity form in this application was not an exception. It was initially engineeredto be compatible with only MS Office 2007 but thanks to standardized coding by our teamof experts it is very easy now for making it compatible with latest versions as well.iPhone Integration – We say this is the mobile age and with iPhone applications leadingthe pack we suggested this integration with the help of our dedicated team of iPhonedevelopers. The client being a dynamic user sensed the ability of generating revenue andagreed immediately for this extension. The task completion is just round the corner with afew tweaks to be added to make it perfect along with the normal web application. The costeffectiveness of the integrations and value received till now has been incomparable.
  4. 4. Technology Specifications & Technology Flow Chart:The technologies used in the application were:ASP.NET 2.0, SQL Server 2005, Infragistics, Dundas Charts, Microsoft Excel VBA, Red GateSQL Compare.Benefits:  Significant increase in revenue performance  Shortens sales cycles.  Substantial improvement in forecasting accuracy.  Increase in the percentage of high performing sales reps.  Auto-generation of early warnings into the metrics of lower performing reps.  Reduction of ramp-up time to full effectiveness for new hires
  5. 5.  Consistent framework for better coaching of sales reps  Rapid implementation of new and improved sales process  Rapid payback and a very compelling value propositionAbout vEmployee:vEmployee is a leading IT Service provider based out of India. With services spanning overthe technology chain, vEmployee is a one stop chain for enterprise wide IT needs. Withover a decade long experience in the industry, vEmployee has established itself as a trustedpartner to various companies by providing timely project delivery coupled with high quality.Our parent organization Clarion Technologies is a SEI CMMi 3 level assessed companywhose singular focus is on client satisfaction.Start TodayFor more information on partnering with vEmployee, contact us at sales@vemployee.comor visit our website at: www.vemployee.com.