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Benefits from offshore development centres


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Offshore Software Development has emerged as one of the most successful business strategies in today’s world. Offshore Software Development, being a significant part of Offshore IT Outsourcing market facilitates the companies to focus on their core activities while at the same time providing them with a means of fulfilling their business requirements and that too in a cost effective manner. It has thus, become a necessary strategic tool for companies to gain the competitive advantage by staying ahead in their own market in ways different than their competitors.
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Benefits from offshore development centres

  1. 1. Benefits from Offshore Development Centers
  2. 2. ● Most successful business strategies in today's world ● Offshore software development – Significant part of Offshore IT Outsourcing market ● Cost effective, necessary strategic tool to gain competitive advantage ● Typical global sourcing – 45 % to 55 % cost savings ● Global sourcing with focus on business transformation – Add another 15 % to 22 % Reap Maximum Benefits from ODC's 1
  3. 3. ● ODC – Dedicated development center ● Setup your own or mandate to setup from experienced offshore service provider Reap Maximum Benefits from ODC's ODC MODEL 2
  4. 4. ● On site Model ● Offsite Model ● Offshore Model ODC Models 3 ● Onsite / Offshore Model ● Offsite / Offshore Model ● Global Delivery Model
  5. 5. ● A coordinated effort ● Access talent of workforce ● Timing is everything ● Technical issues ● Infrastructure problems ● Plan for a long term engagement in form of ODC How to reap more benefits 4
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