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Aligning business goals in US SME


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Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) try to adopt IT to support their business. Due to their limited resources, SMEs IT adoption is different from larger business. As the information backbone of the business, IT plays a critical role in helping the business gain a competitive advantage. Use of IT reduces risk and ensures growth and longevity. This white paper suggests various methods and strategies through which SMEs in U.S. can achieve I.T. operational excellence in sync with their business goals.

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Aligning business goals in US SME

  1. 1. Aligning Business Goals to IT Excellence - US SME Perspective
  2. 2. ● IT in SME's / SMB's ● IT Adoption different from larger business ● Various methods & strategies through which US SME's can achieve IT Operational excellence in sync with their goals Summary 1
  3. 3. Flow of SME 2
  4. 4. Operational IT & Business Objectives – The Sync 3
  5. 5. ● Restaurant owners use electronic dashboards to track inventories, orders ● 1-800-Got-Junk achieve huge volumes by using a software which pin points customer location after a call for collection of junk ● Copugen – med size systems integrator implemented e-procurement to link its inventory management systems to that of suppliers to achieve operational efficiency ● Soapstone artists launched its own website to offer popular carvings online to high end customers Successful SME IT Implementations 4
  6. 6. Organization's IT Maturity Assessment 5
  7. 7. Methodology and Strategy 6
  8. 8. IDB's and EDB's Internal drivers and barriers (IDB) ● Owner and Manager ● Resources ● Employees External drivers and barriers (IDB) ● Competitors ● Suppliers and Customers ● Government ● External Consultants 7
  9. 9. Solutions ● Propose and budget IT investments to support business unit requirements ● Outsource to experts ● Must have solutions: ERP, Event scheduling, Infrastructure management services, Logistics, MRP, POS, PSA & Security ● Increased connectivity & adoption of e-commerce supporting technologies ● Implement customized OTC packages & JIT production 8
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