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Portfolio Presentation

  1. 1. Fashion marketing and management!! [310] 869-5850!
  2. 2. Target Market! Demographics "! Psychographics!•  Women! •  Shops at Urban•  Ages 15- 24! Outfitters!•  Income of $25,000 •  “California Girl”! or below! •  Music!•  High school –  The Black Keys! education, with –  The XX! some college! –  Metric!•  Asian, Caucasian •  Loves vintage! ethnicity !
  3. 3. Trends and Concepts! Men’s Colored Suits! Calvin Kline Spring/Summer 2012!
  4. 4. Style Boards! STYLE DESCRIPTION!   V-Neck front zipStyle Number! VO34875JKT! Description! Jacket! Status!   In Production!Design/ Proto#!  ! Group! First Shipment !Base Size! M!Division! Men! Season! F/W 2012! Size range! S-L!Brand! VOW by Velvet O! Designer! VOW by Velvet O Date Created! ! 16-Dec!Product Class!  ! PM/Tech. Designer!  Velvet White! Date Revised! 19-Jan!  !  !  !  !  ! FRONT SKETCH! BACK SKETCH! 
  5. 5. 3D Visual Merchandising!
  6. 6. Inventory and Stock Control !AT COST!Opening Inventory! $39,500.00 !Gross Purchases! $69,000.00 !Returns to Vendors! $640.00 !Net Purchases! $68,360.00 !Transfers In!  !Transfers Out!  !Net Transfers! $- !Freight! $3,262.00 ! $3,260.00 !Total Merchandise Handled! $111,120.00 !AT RETAIL!Opening Inventory! $77,400.00 ! $77,400.00 !Gross Purchases! $136,000.00 !Return to Vendors! $1,200.00 !Net Purchases! $134,800.00 !Transfers In!  !Transfers Out!  !Net Transfers! $- !Additional Markup! $800.00 !Additional Markup Cancellation! $320.00 !Net Price Revisions! $480.00 !Total Merchandise Handled! $212,680.00 !COST PERCENT! 52.25%!CUMULATIVE MARKUP PERCENT! 47.75%!
  7. 7. Fashion Show Production! US RAGS Clothing Fall/Winter 2009 Fashion Show!
  8. 8. Sales Promotion!
  9. 9. Product Development!
  10. 10. Advertising and Sales Ratings!
  11. 11. Global Marketing!
  12. 12. Identity Design Package! ! ________________________________________________________________________________________________! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (December 8, 2011)- Epicenter Events is taking Los Angeles events to a whole new level. Epicenter Events will be offering their event planning expertiques to those within Los Angeles and Orange County, who want to throw the event or party of a lifetime. From five star chefs to their wide selection of themes, Epicenter Events has given event planning a new look. Founded in 2011 by Sasha Lopez, Velvet White, Bethany Vliem, and Vanessa Orellana after graduating from The Art Institute of California- Hollywood, they combined their creativity, marking skills, and their love of event planning to create Epicenter Events. Sasha Lopez has a drive for public relations and marketing that shows way beyond her years. As a 24-year old entrepreneur and social network guru Sasha has had the opportunity to work with many event companies in the U.S. and abroad such as In Da House Entertainment in Okinawa Japan and Art Institute of CA-Hollywood’s very own décor team for their 2011 Vintage After Dark annual student fashion show and after party. Providing time for job knowledge and experience is an importance that Sasha says will always have precedence. She has acquired two B.S degrees in Business Management and Fashion Marketing and Management that she brings to the table to this start up company in hopes of creating events across the globe and a staple in the event planning world. Sasha will be the Operations Director for Epicenter Events. Specializing in Marketing and PR, Velvet White has accomplished many feats in her short career. After graduating with her Bachelors of Science in Fashion Marketing and Management from The Art Institute of California- Hollywood in 2012, she has had the opportunity to work along side prestigious fashion design companies such as Vivienne Westwood, Cameron Hawaii, The Circle Group, and US RAGS Clothing. Prior to joining the Epicenter Events team, Velvet worked along side the event planning team at BOXeight Studios, located in Downtown Los Angeles for a number of Fashion Week events, held the Assistant Director of Marketing position at Bright Lights LA, and is currently the Social Media Director/PR for US RAGS Clothing. Velvet has been named Marketing Director for Epicenter Events. Bethany Vliem received her undergraduate degree in Fashion Marketing from the Art institute of California. Bethany has 10 years of work experience that is directly relevant to managing and operating a successful clothing boutique. The first 5 years of her professional work experience were spent in retail sale, and the last 5 years have been dedicated to a professional career in marketing. She has an understanding of what it takes to work in a retail environment, from stocking the sales floor, to ringing up a sale and visual merchandising, and most importantly, reading a customer. With a successful and award-winning career in corporate marketing for the last 5 years, Bethany understands how to create successful communications and marketing strategies. Much of this work involved developing and maintaining high profile campaigns that were structured around generating increased customer sales within the store environment and through sales associate training. Her current efforts toward opening an operating Epicenter Events have heavily depended on all the skills and abilities that she has developed in her past professional lives. Bethany is extremely dedicated and motivated to creating a thriving business and feels confident in succeeding based on her well-rounded experience, established sound vendor and customer relationships, and strong work ethic. Bethany will be serving as the Financial Director of Epicenter Events. Vanessa Orellana is a Fashion Marketing and Management graduate from The Art Institute of California-Hollywood where she received a B.S degree. After graduating she began perusing her dream career as an event planner. Vanessa has attained all the necessary skills to do any kind of job by her background experience. Vanessa has most recently taken on the role as Creative Director for Epicenter Events. Contact Information: 350 South Beverly Drive Beverly Hills, California 91212 Velvet White, Marketing Director 310-869-5850 ### ! !
  13. 13. Business Management!
  14. 14. Fashion marketing and management! About!
  15. 15. Education!
  16. 16. Work Experience!
  17. 17. Community Service!
  18. 18. Internships!
  19. 19. Where I See Myself!
  20. 20. Fashion marketing and management!! [310] 869-5850!