Mobile & Local - How to Capitalize on Local Mobile Internet Usage


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How to capitalize on local mobile internet usage. Get more sales, get found more often, be among the first to take advantage of mobile.
Some eye-opening stats on mobile internet traffic and its influence on local businesses.

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Mobile & Local - How to Capitalize on Local Mobile Internet Usage

  1. 1. Call +1 (339) DOT-MOBIMobile & Local Mobile (phones) Local (businesses) (A match made in heaven)How to Capitalize on Local Mobile Internet UsageGet More Sales, Get Found More Often & Leave Competitors Behind
  2. 2. Here’s what you’ll find out in the next 10 minutesI. How Mobile Internet is Being UsedII. How It Affects Your BusinessIII. How To Take Advantage of ItIV. How You Can Put More Money In Your Pocket
  3. 3. I. How Mobile Internet is Being Used
  4. 4. In the past TodayHow People Use Internet
  5. 5. The feature phone of today... the smartphone of yesterday.
  6. 6. The number of people accessing the mobile Internet isgrowing fast and is expected to overtake the PC as the mostpopular way to get on the Web within five years years. Source: “Latest Mobile Stats 2011”, mobiThinking * * So it’s just a matter of when, not if. Will you be ready for it? By 2014 - mobile internet usage will have overtaken desktop internet usage. More websites will be viewed on mobile devices than on desktop computers! Source: Microsoft Tag, August 2011
  7. 7. 43% would give up beer if they would otherwise have to give up their smartphones. Source: Google Mobile Movement Study by Google and Ipsos OTX MediaCT, Apr 2011Other traffic sources would KILL for such loyalty.
  8. 8. Penetration of smartphones stands at38% in the U.S. andmore than 40% in Western Europe.Source: nielsen, “Smartphone Penetration Set to Boom” That’s A LOT of smartphones. And A LOT of potential customers.
  9. 9. Smartphone user behavior - 2011 statistics In one week 87% of US smartphone users browsed the internet 80% use mobile while waiting in line or for an appointment 77% of users used a search engine on their mobile Source: Google Mobile Movement Study by Google and Ipsos OTX MediaCT, Apr 2011
  10. 10. Popular Smartphone Uses89% use their mobile phone to stay connected(Email, Social networking sites, etc)82% use their mobile to research and read news75% use it to navigate and find directions tolocal destinations, shops and restaurants65% use it to keep entertained (listen to music,watch online videos, play online games)45% use it to manage and plan (financesand bills, dinner reservations, appointmentsand travel arrangements etc.) Source: Google Mobile Movement Study by Google and Ipsos OTX MediaCT, Apr 2011
  11. 11. What people search for on mobileSearching for online product reviewsLocal product and service informationDiscounts / coupons / comparing pricesSocial networking / peer influence
  12. 12. More and more customersare searching on mobile... FIRST!
  13. 13. Local Information Searchers are Ready to Buy!77% will contact a business61% will call after a Smartphone search59% will actually visit a physical store44% will make a purchase after searching for local information via their mobile device58% will use their smartphone to look up a business on a map to get directions54% will visit the business website after a smartphone search(i.e. Businesses must now have a mobile friendly website) Source: Google Mobile Movement Study by Google and Ipsos OTX MediaCT, Apr 2011
  14. 14. 49% of mobile searchersmade a mobile purchase in the past six months. Source: Performics ROI 2011 Mobile Search Insights Study
  15. 15. • 9 Out of 10 users will take action as a result of a mobile internet search• 68% will visit a business after searching• 54% will make a purchase as a result of a smartphone search - usually within a day! (88%)• Over 90% of local searches eventually yield a sale Source: Google Mobile Movement Study by Google and Ipsos OTX MediaCT, Apr 2011
  16. 16. To sum it all upThere are plenty of people using mobile internet And they’re looking for your business And they’re willing to buy BUT... Will they be able to find you? Will you be visible to them at all?
  17. 17. II. How This AffectsLocal Businesses
  18. 18. The Bottom Line The statistics speak for themselves!Businesses can no longer ignore these trends.
  19. 19. You Can’t Afford Not To Be Findable In Today’s Mobile Market
  20. 20. Businesses should understand that Mobile isreplacing the Yellow Pages.And just like the good old days of the YellowPages, when a customer starts searching theyare usually ready to buy.
  21. 21. Businesses who fail to implementan effective mobile web and localsearch strategy, WILL be left behind!Businesses will rapidly losecustomers to their competitionThey will be tied toexpensive advertisingand marketing methodsjust to surviveOr they will perish alongside the 99%of businesses who eventually faildue to a lack of proper marketing
  22. 22. Important: Google is penalizing sites that are notoptimized for mobile when users surf mobile net
  23. 23. The Choice Is SimpleEither you…Optimize your business for the mobile web Or… Continue doing what you’re doing, lose market share and risk going out of business altogether as smartphone usage continues to rise.
  24. 24. III. How to Take Advantage of This New Trend
  25. 25. SimpleBe the first in your market to catch this new wave and profit from it.
  26. 26. How does your site look like? Like this? Or like this? Actual screenshot of Sample of what your the site. Built in flash. site COULD and Not supported by SHOULD look like. Apple devices. Mobile optimized. Obviously not mobile Displays properly on optimized. all mobile devices.
  27. 27. IV. Contact us,we can put more money in your pocket
  28. 28. If you’re interested in finding out how toproperly optimize your business formobile and local traffic…
  29. 29. Do it today!Visit www.VelvetShark.mobiOr write an email at mail@velvetshark.mobiTell us your website URLWe’ll prepare a draft version of your mobile site within 48 hours!
  30. 30. Mobilize Your Business Today!Get Paid By Your New Customers Tomorrow.Visit www.VelvetShark.mobiOr just scan the QR code above with your phone