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Chakkilam Testing Services


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Chakkilam Testing Services

  1. 1. Software Quality. Assured. Chakkilam’s Software Testing services brings together an integrated approach to focus on the business requirements of your applications. Our approach to testing embraces different perspectives of Business and IT Systems to assure software quality. Chakkilam’s Testing Processes  Focus on Business Needs serving your customers  Technology Focus  Tool Partnerships  Manual and Automated Testing  Performance Testing  Meets Infrastructure Needs  Centre of Excellence model – Serve more with the same budget  Flexible Teaming and Pricing models
  2. 2. Chakkilam’s Testing Service Offerings Service Offering Business Driver Value Add  Test early in the development cycle – reduced defect rate in later stages Constantly changing requirements and Functional Testing  Thorough testing with functional focus – frequent production releases demand (Manual and Complete Test Coverage right from Requirement robust quality assurance processes in Automation Testing) stage shortest possible time frames.  Innovative test methods and models – agile testing, orthogonal testing, etc Check impact of software maintenance  Usage of suitable automation frameworks – Regression Testing on unchanged functionality. Explore the application & tool technology for (Manual and Repetitive verification that checks full effective testing Automation Testing) functionality even for small changes.  Re-usable test components/artifacts – reduce the Reduce the number of test cycles. test cycle time Variety of architectural frameworks, diverse technical components and  Focused integration test processes and Integration Testing usage of third party products in a methodologies system require thorough validation for  Tool evaluation and recommendation integration. End-to-end verification to confirm the  Certification after checking the completeness and System Testing system as a whole meets stated needs. correctness of the system Confirm that the performance of the  Rigorous performance testing processes help the system is not only fit for purpose but customers in identifying the deep rooted Performance Testing also meets the technically critical bottlenecks and performance tuning process. parameters for a successful  Expert Performance team to be part of the team implementation. Increasing flexibility of the systems in terms of multiple development as well  Systematic approach and methodologies coupled Deployment Testing as production platforms, browsers and with in depth technical capabilities provide the other factors mandate deployment required conformance testing.  Dedicated Test Labs Business Process Integration and  Readily available shared infrastructure increased infrastructure costs due to Test Center of  Flexible teaming and pricing models silo model of testing projects drive Excellence  Innovative testing and knowledge management towards centralization of testing solutions activities.  Tool Partnerships Chakkilam provides cutting edge Testing Services for your Quality Assurance Requirements
  3. 3. Differentiators  Dedicated Test Labs – with segregated network where needed  Assessment and recommendation of right tools and frameworks  Build custom harnesses if available tools do not support your needs  Re-usable component library to speed up automation efforts  Certified Testers who work independent of the development team  Tool Partnerships  Flexible Teaming and Pricing models