Lesson plan kssr year 4


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Lesson plan kssr year 4

  1. 1. KSSR YEAR 4 LESON PLAN LISTENING AND SPEAKING Theme Topic Learning Standards Objectives : World of knowledge : Healthy Living : 1.1.4 Able to talk about the related topic with guidance. : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to talk about healthy and unhealthy food. Time : 60 minutes Teaching Aids : Pictures Cross Curricular Element: Creative and innovative Activities: 1. Questions and answers orally. 2. Name the food. 3. Differentiate healthy and unhealthy food. 4. A language game. Set Induction 1. Teacher displays a picture on the board. 2. Teacher leads pupils to talk about the picture. About the activities in the picture, food the people eat, does the food look tasty? Are they healthy food? Presentation 1. Teacher shows a series of pictures of food to the pupils. 2. Pupils name the food shown. 3. Teacher asks pupils to differentiate healthy and unhealthy food. 4. Pupils stick the pictures on the board according to the healthy and unhealthy food. Closure 1. Teacher conducts a language game with the pupils. Bingo Game : 1. Teacher distributes word cards to the pupils. 2. Pupils look at the cards at the same time and move to station A as Healthy Food and station B as Unhealthy Food. 3. The group who has finished first will shout “BINGO” and win the game. Reflection:
  2. 2. READING Theme Topic Learning Standard Objectives Time Teaching Aids Cce/Ee Activities : : : : World of Knowledge Healthy Living 2.2.2 b By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to read and understand sentences. : 60 minutes : Food pyramid poster, worksheets : Creative and innovative Set induction 1. Get pupils to list what food they eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 2. Get pupils to decide if they have healthy eating habits based on a food pyramid poster. Pre Reading 1. Teacher reads and discusses the text and the poster. 2. Teacher explains the new words. e.g. nutritious food, balanced meal While Reading 1. Pupils read the text. 2. Teacher asks questions on the text read to help the pupils understand more 3. Get pupils into groups and ask them to rearrange the sentence strips based on what they have read. 4. Pupils get into pairs and answer the comprehension questions. Post Reading 1. Pupils prepare a poster “My healthy Lunch” ( Breakfast/Dinner ) -Draw a big lunch plate -Stick pictures of food that they would consider to be a healthy lunch. Reflection :
  3. 3. WRITING Theme : World Of Knowledge Topic : Healthy Living Learning Standard : 3.2.1 Able to create simple text using a variety of media with guidance (b) Non-linear Learning Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to, create simple text using a variety of media with guidance. Cross Curricular Elements: Multiple Intelligences’ Teaching Aids : Pictures / flashcard Activities / Steps : Pre-writing Show picture of the previous lesson and talk about the activities. Ask a few pupils to write the activities on board. While-writing Teacher displays a picture of swimming and jogging. Elicit responses based on the pictures. Teacher writes key words on the board. (careful, smoke, alcohol, etc) Teacher models sentences based on the key words. Post-writing Pupils get into groups and choose one activity and create simple sentences. Closure Pupils do Jazz Chants of Healthy Living. Reflections :
  4. 4. Exercise to stay healthy and to keep fit.