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Open Data for Research

  1. 1. Why it is Important for Research OPEN DATA Velichka  Dimitrova,     Open  Economics  Project   Open  Knowledge  Founda>on    
  2. 2. Open Data for Research Open data is data that is available for others to access, use and reuse – subject only at most to the requirement of attribution or sharealike. See also:
  3. 3. Open Data Characteristics Availability and Access Reuse and Redistribution Universal Participation See also:
  4. 4. Replicable and Verifiable Research
  5. 5. Data Availability Policy Source: Example:
  6. 6. Making Data Available: Automated Game Datasets Source:
  7. 7. Validation Tools:
  8. 8. Benefits of Data Sharing •  Enables the Scrutiny of Research Findings •  Increases the Visibility of Research •  Promotes Innovation & New Uses of the Data •  Enhances Transparency and Accountability •  Avoids Unneeded Costs & Duplicate Research
  9. 9. Incentives for Researchers •  Award structure recognizing data citations, data publications, etc. •  Measuring the impact of data sharing •  More impact, more reputation, more research funding