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Enhancing University Curricula via Adventure Learning


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An overview of Adventure Learning along with a case study of an implementation of a mini AL program.

Published in: Education
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Enhancing University Curricula via Adventure Learning

  1. 1. Enhancing University Curricula via Adventure Learning George Veletsianos, PhD University of Manchester Aaron Doering, PhD University of Minnesota
  2. 2. The learner experience Adventure Learning Overview Adventure Learning in Higher Education Institutions Adventure Learning in HEI Case Study
  3. 3. 1963 showing of "Saint George and the Dragon"
  4. 4. 2009 showing of “Intro to XYZ”
  5. 5. “ Strong pressures to produce mediocre instructional products based on templates and preexisting content.” Quote from Wilson, Parrish & Veletsianos (2008). See
  6. 6. Alternative? Focus on the Experience. Adventure Learning. Doering (2006, 2007) Doering, Miller, The LT Collaborative, Veletsianos
  7. 8. ADVENTURE LEARNING Module Question
  11. 14. ADVENTURE LEARNING Challenge: To bring this, to …
  12. 15. To this…
  13. 16. Define Identify Develop Explore Share Collaborate The Learning Technologies Collaborative (in press)
  14. 17. George’s experience
  15. 18. To understand how (and if) web technologies have “opened up learning to the point where anyone can learn anything from anyone else at any time.” Define
  16. 19. Identify
  17. 20. Develop
  18. 21. Explore
  19. 22. Share & Collaborate
  20. 23. Share & Collaborate
  21. 24. Students are interested in the world … not in your delivery of how the world is George Veletsianos veletsianos @