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  1. 1. People Operations Reporting 18 August 2014
  2. 2. People Operations Reporting users Users Goal Deliverables (product) Concept Top management Global To support taking Global HR strategy decisions Tableau dashboard Key HR metrics coupled with other related business metrics like revenue, operational cost, total cost HR Global To support preparation Global HR strategy decisions A set of Tableau dashboards + weekly emailed PDF summary with detailed snapshot All HR metrics enabling advanced analysis and extended drill down capabilities HR Local To support preparation Local HR decisions and control various HR factors A set of Tableau dashboards local focused + weekly emailed PDF summary with detailed local snapshot Detailed local HR metrics from different angles to enable users to explore and control various cause- effect factors, with targets set by Global, basic drill down capabilities Top management Local To support monitoring Local HR activities. maybe shared with HR Local Tableau dashboard Local key HR metrics with other business metrics Departments level management To support department HR management Tableau dashboard + event- driven emailed alerts based on targets Extended drill down capabilities, targets set by local HR Each user group reporting kit includes training sessions, user manual and support including ad-hoc requests.
  3. 3. People Operations Reporting updates options 1. Subscription on Dashboard Snapshot by email:  daily, weekly, monthly etc.  be updated with little effort  analytical comments (HR team or BI team) 2. Tableau Dashboard (updated daily):  access to the latest data  drill down capability  mobile access
  4. 4. People Operations Metrics • Headcount by Location & Division • Headcount by Length of Service • Turnover • Voluntary vs involuntary turnover • Turnover by Division • Turnover by Location • Turnover by Length of Service • Turnover by reason for leaving • Turnover costs = total costs of separation + vacancy + replacement + training • Average days leave by Division • Vacation/Leave balances by Division and Location • Employee absence & cost of absence • Training days attended per employee • Open vacancies by location and division • New Hires agency v direct hires • Cost per hire (recruitment cost) • Time to fill • total days taken to fill a job / number hired • Yield ratio • percentage of applicants from a recruitment source • that make it to the next stage of the selection process • Utilization percent total # utilizing benefit / total # eligible • Benefit costs per employee total benefit cost / headcount • Total compensation (benefits + salary) cost per employee • Benefits as a percent of salary benefits cost / total salary • Salary as a percent of total compensation total salary / total compensation • Compensation revenue ratio • compensation or benefit cost / revenue • Human Capital Return on Investment • Pre-tax profit /Total compensation • Revenue per employee • Profit per FTE pre-tax profit / Full-Time Equivalent
  5. 5. Tableau Dashboard
  6. 6. People Operations OLAP Cube
  7. 7. People Operations OLAP Cube (MDX scripts)
  8. 8. People Operations OLAP Cube (Employee Dimension)
  9. 9. People Operations Dashboards
  10. 10. People Operations Dashboards
  11. 11. People Operations Dashboards
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