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Task 4


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Task 4

  1. 1. Task 4 Catherine Giggal
  2. 2. DEFINITION DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES Mind-Map ¹ 1. The act or an instance of discovering. 2. Something discovered. 3. Law The compulsory disclosure of pertinent facts or documents to the opposing party in a civil action, usually before a trial begins. Observing things that go on in life. Daily discoveries/events. We may be unaware of the minute discoveries that we make. ¹ Theme of Discovery CHANCE= Discovery FINDING YOURSELF Discovering talents Discoverers ourselves, we don’t have to be Einstein or Newton. Yoga, healthy lifestyles, a change. CHANCE AND THE MEDIA Animals, new species Scientists= Experiments! Reality Television Holidays, travelling around the world. Documentaries Big Bang! Explorers = New worlds, lands etc. Exploring different parts of the world and experiencing new cultures. Christopher Columbus
  3. 3. Mind-Map of ideas (continued) How I could link them to experimental photography. FINDING YOURSELF This could be quite interesting to capture, as the image itself would have a deep, powerful meaning linked to it, which can be interpreted by the viewer in a variety of different ways. I could link it to the use of nature, as in many ‘travel’ types images, there is a sense of peace and serenity embedded within them. An example of this could be the use of photography that is featured in travel brochures, where the brightness is altered in order to catch the attention of the viewer, whilst making it more appealing in general. I would make sure to use a wide range of different materials if I embarked on this particular theme, which could include mixed-media, where I could initially ‘discover’ what different elements could potentially work together to create a unique piece of photography, where a print-based platform would link in with an e-media one, which would initially create a sense of diversity within the stated photograph. DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES Another theme would be ‘different perspectives’, which I could potentially use as my theme within my work, as I think that it would be interesting to view and could be achieved by using the Harris Camera app, which adds a sense of dimension on the image and makes it appear more bright and vibrant due to the use of colour that is presented by the filter itself. It captures movement, which is effective, as it shows that within a still image, there is a sense of energy included within it as well, which makes it rather unique. The different types of ‘perspectives’ that could be created using this camera app could be the use of a wide range of camera angle, which will initially alter the perspective of the image, with a high-angle shot connoting dominance and inferiority to the subject of the image, whilst in contrast, an eye-level shot that initially connotes equality between the viewer and the subject of the photograph. CHANCE AND THE MEDIA ‘Chance’ would be another theme that could link into one of my final pieces, as many discoveries have been found merely by chance itself, including the ‘apple falling from the tree story’ that caused Isaac Newton to initiate the idea of gravity, or with explorers travelling to different lands, finding new animal species, such as the recent discovery of the Mini-Chameleon, which was found in Madagascar. Chance enables people to discover things that could be deemed as interesting, or potentially ground-breaking with unexpected medical discoveries. In order to carry out this specific technique, I would utilise the element of scanography, as the images can turn out successful and interesting, even though they can be rather experimental and unplanned in a sense. However, they can be unique and powerful, capturing a sense of expression that could not be expressed utilising words. I think that this element could work well as part one of my final pieces. Furthermore, one of the most iconic themes linked to discovery could be the television aspect, not only linking to the actual ‘Discovery Channel’, but also other channels and shows that adhere to the theme of discovery, including talent shows, where individuals are initially ‘found’ and we are exposed to their talent in sense. The media is definitely associated to this theme, as it unearths new discoveries on a daily basis, usually through the news etc. I could use light writing as a way of presenting this theme into my work, as it looks as a piece of art in a way, as though the pattern of it has been drawn on, therefore it will link to the theme of ‘undiscovered talent’. It is a far stretch, but the end result of the product will display a highend visual aspect, with the ‘hand-drawn’ light strip that could possibly be classed as fine art, depending on what the outcome of the product.
  4. 4. The pressed flower effect on this image is effective as it makes the inanimate subject look threedimensional in a sense, making it look significantly more prominent. The yellow has been enhanced on the petals of the flower, which make it look vibrant and therefore more appealing to the viewer. The images used upon this mood-board are perfect examples of typical scanography images, where the subject is almost trapped within the frame, which I find to be effective as captures the whole of the subject. SCANOGRAPHY The bright colours used on this particular image are effective as they stand out clearly from the dark background and will catch the attention of the viewer.
  5. 5. This image of a sign is an effective piece, as the iconic Harris colour wheel has been displayed upon this image and makes it look rather bright and vibrant, adding to its overall visual appeal. The duplicated subject in the image adds a unique sense of dimension onto the photograph and makes it look similar to that of an illusion. I think that the use of colour in this image is outstanding, as it displays the movement of the several subjects that are involved in the image perfectly and adds a form of ‘energy’ to the photograph and therefore makes it more appealing in general. HARRIS SHUTTER Out of all three of the images, I think that this is the most effective as it shows a sense of movement, which is ironic due to the fact that it is a still image. The faded image of the cars makes it appear more interesting, as it displays an ‘imprint’ in time, so to speak, which adds a historic dimension into the photograph itself.
  6. 6. The light forms on this image look very vibrant and are useful due to the fact that they make the dull subject of the image (the chair) stand out in full. There is a unique sense of contrast within this specific image, which makes it an outstanding piece overall. I think this particular image is interesting as it includes text in the form of light photography, with the corresponding image below accompanying it, which makes it highly relevant. Also, the brightness of the text stands out from the dark background, which makes it appear more eye-catching to the viewer. LIGHTOGRAPHY The final image of the light form with the Batman sign is effective, as it almost has a graffiti-style edge onto the image, which adds an urban tone to the image, which contrasts with that of the previous two ‘dreamy-like’ image. It is more gritty and the pink filter upon the photograph adds to the vibrancy posed by the image itself.
  7. 7. This mixed-media image is rather unique, as it inhabits a cut-out image composed of both handwritten or typed lettering, but still displays the facial expressions of the ‘figures’ in the image itself, which makes it appear more ‘lifelike’ in a sense. The background uses combined materials to create an effective backdrop for the main focuses of the image. MIXED-MEDIA On this mixed-media experiment, a variety of paint has been used in order to create an eye-catching, vibrant image that displays an imprint of a face that could have been a photograph that had been edited using other elements in order to initiate a final product that uses shading form the paint to ultimately define the face itself, so that it is still visible, even though it has been masked with a heavy amount of paint. This is a prime example of a ‘mixed-media’ image, where materials such as paint, buttons and paper have been combined together to create an effective image that is significantly bright and will therefore catch the attention of the intended viewer.
  8. 8. Proposal – The ‘discoveries’ that are presented to us in the media, which may have been found merely by chance. For my final three products, (which include my scanography image, my Harris Shutter piece, as well as my mixed-media photograph) I am going to use the theme of ‘chance and the media’ to base my work on, which is a form of ‘discovery’ that surrounds us on a daily basis, as we hear on the news about the latest ‘discoveries’ in the world, (which may not always be scientific ore medical) where some have been found merely by chance. This could also apply to a Reality television show, where talent is initially ‘discovered’. I think that it is a very broad category that will initially enable me to create three final pieces that will suit and apply to the overall main theme of ‘discovery’ and it will allow me to explore different aspects using my three chosen photography style effects, which include the Harris Shutter App, scanography, as well as mixed media. I think that by using these photography techniques, my work will turn out to be the best possible standard that I can issue it at, as they all link to my theme perfectly and I think that they are effective camera techniques, which I enjoyed experimenting with in the previous tasks. There is no specific target audience for my three products, however, it would apply mostly to those who follow the news, or have an established understanding of the media itself. I will use my own equipment to create my final three products on the most part, as my mixed media piece will be composed of different art materials that I will provide, such as crepe paper and felt tip pens. Secondly, my scanography image will be either taken from my own scanner at home, or possibly one that I would have to resource from college. Thirdly, I will take my Harris Shutter image using my iPhone, due to the ‘Harris effect’ app being already installed onto the device already. Despite this, I am going to use Photoshop as a way of editing and altering my final three images, as it will add a professional edge onto the images and will enable me to add certain elements onto the images that could not be obtained otherwise, which will make them more interesting in general.