Research presentation task 1


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Research presentation task 1

  1. 1. Irn-Bru Advertisement (Billboard) (Print) This particular advertisement is effective due to the fact that it includes a simple image paired with a humorous piece of text that links back to the stated photograph. The design is minimalistic yet blatant in attempting to get the lighthearted tone across, as we focus on both the visual and written side of the advertisement, they are balanced out greatly. The photograph that is utilised within the product has been shot in black and white and utilises low-key lighting, which connotes professionalism and sophistication which contrasts with the text that accompanies the image, as it utilises a witty pun that will appeal to the teenage target market, whilst the image is serious. This is a clever marketing technique used by the beverage giant, as these are installing an ironic twist into their advertisement in order to catch the attention of the primary consumer. The orange background in conjunction with the blue text is relevant as they are the traditional colours of „Irn-Bru‟ and the audience will identify this unique scheme and immediately associate it with the company. Furthermore, logo is displayed below the text in the form of a can as opposed to it being the actual logo. However, the audience is drawn to this as it stands out from the background and almost appears three-dimensional. The content issued within the billboard appeals to the target audience as it is informal, as well as being highly comical and clever. The use of a subtle expletive adds a controversial edge onto the advertisement, which may be viewed as distasteful to some, however, it is only a mere joke. Also, the style of the poster is unique, as there is an established sense of juxtaposition embedded within the product, with a serious image being paired with an upbeat piece of text.
  2. 2. Irn-Bru 32 (Website Advertisement or Print Poster) This is a piece of promotional material for the launch of „Irn-Bru 32‟ and could be found on the advertising space section on existing websites. It is appropriate for this specific platform as it is a significantly eye-catching product, that would attract the attention of the consumer when they would be browsing through the internet. The design of the advertisement is effective as it utilises a bright colour scheme incorporated with elements of high-key lighting, which connotes happiness and is often utilised within comedy shows, which is relevant as „Irn Bru‟ are a company that are notorious for their humorous advertising material. The logo of the advertisement is presented on the can of the popular energy drink, as opposed to it being freestanding and we can identify that it is in fact related to „IrnBru‟ as a bold, sans-serif font is used as their primary form of presenting the text. It is notable that the colour scheme is appropriate for use due to the fact that both orange and blue are the statement colours of the soft drink corporation and the primary target audience of it (teenagers) will recognise the use of these colours and will therefore relate it back to „Irn-Bru‟. The advertisement itself is playing upon the popular saying, „the early bird catches the worm‟ and is trying to encourage young people to drink „Irn-Bru‟ to initally „awaken‟ them in the morning, hence the slogan “Wakey Wakey”. This established sense of satire is relevant to the lighthearted theme of the website advertisement itself, as we see an individual donning a bird costume, which is humorous and also links to the „early morning‟ theme. The text is in a bold font and is emphasized in order to make a sudden impact and to initially catch the attention of the intended viewer, with the orange lines also highlighting the importance of the stated text. The content is modern and comical, which will make it appeal specifically to the teenage audience as they can easily comprehend its witty message. Also, the overall look of the advertisement is vibrant, clear and amusing, which makes the product inevitably more appealing to the target audience.
  3. 3. Irn-Bru Official Webpage/ Advertisement (Present) The design of this webpage is highly eye-catching due to the main reason being that minimalistic amounts of text are utilised, with a high image:text ratio, which is suitable for the company‟s teenage target market, as they will want to view a visual aspect, as opposed to a large amount of text. It is clear that the signature „Irn-Bru‟ can stands out from the black background, as well as the white font, which is emphasised also by the dark background. The website includes an orange and blue banner, which is relevant as they are the signature colours of the energy drink giant. It is interesting that the company would choose such contrasting colours as orange, which connotes energy, which relates to the theme of the corporation, with blue, which connotes calmness and serenity. However, this ironic colour scheme works in unison and has now become rather iconic, as the consumer now associates it with „Irn-Bru‟. The style of the website is fairly formal, as the images utilised are high quality and are clearly Photoshopped to a professional standard, which makes the company seem more legitimate and respectable, which contrasts with how they present themselves through advertising means. The written content is effective in targeting the teenage market as it utilises alliteration “savoured in every sip” which is an effective linguistic device that is rather colloquial, but it attracts the attention of the consumer, which is the most important factor. It is notable that the overall look of the webpage is colourful, therefore, it attracts the consumer and they will feel more obliged to view the website in full, as opposed to solely focusing on the visual aspect of it. Furthermore, the logo of „Irn-Bru‟ is again presented upon the can, much like the previous advertisements, but this time, the slogan “Gets You Through” is included and uses the same font and colour scheme as the previous products which shows that „Irn-Bru‟ has a specific house-style which is mimicked throughout their promotional material.
  4. 4. Irn-Bru (Diet) Print Advertisement On this billboard advertisement, a specific design style has been utilised where a „spot the difference‟ theme has been installed, which is effective due to the fact that existing „Irn-Bru‟ advertisements are diverse to this particular one. However, this is „Diet Irn-Bru‟ and the company would have attempted to „re-brand‟ the popular drink in order to obtain a new clientele, as opposed to their adolescent audience, who may not care whether the drink is „sugar free‟ or not. However, the company are trying to appeal to a wider target market in order to gain more income and to rally against their competition in the energy drink market, such as „Relentless‟. The content posed by this specific advertisement is highly interesting, as it shows two pictures of an Eskimo, with the second one showing a plush toy attached to the spear held by the subject. However, this shows the humorous side of „Irn-Bru‟ again, much like the existing advertisements and may be viewed as offensive as it subtly represents hunting, although it is only meant in a lighthearted manner. The overall look of the advertisement is effective as a high image:text ratio has been utilised, which will attract the attention of the primary consumer (an adolescent audience), as they will relate specifically to visual means. The same colour scheme of orange and blue has been used, but on this advertisement it is not as blatant as its predecessors. It is still useful though, as the audience will be able to identify that this specific colour code is linked to the beverage giant. Furthermore, on this particular print product, a logo is included, but it is featured upon the „Irn-Bru‟ can, as opposed to being separate. This is effective as the consumer views both the logo as well as the product itself and they will able to locate it when they are in a store, as it will resonate with them. This is a clever marketing device, as they are promoting both the company, as well as the „new‟ type of „Irn-Bru‟ itself.
  5. 5. Irn-Bru TV Advertisement (2010) This is an advertisement that was broadcast on television in 2010. It received complaints for its „distasteful‟ content. However, it has been presented in the „traditional‟ way in which this specific company create their advertisements. Therefore, it may be viewed as „dark‟, but that is for the intended viewer (teenage audience) to decide. The style of the advertisement is designed to make an impact, much like every other form of promotional material that is issued by „Irn-Bru‟. It has a unique sense of juxtaposition, where it starts dreary, but then as soon as the subject of the product drinks a can of „Irn-Bru‟, the sun comes out and all is well. It seems to be jovial until the end of the advertisement, where the animated animals are trapped in the „Butcher Shop‟. This content abides by the guidelines set by the company, however, it may be viewed as offensive due to the plot twist, where the animals are represented as meat products at the end. It is clear that this content could be seen as abhorrent to those who support vegetarianism or animal rights. Although, it unmasks the reality of life, as this does in fact happen and „Irn-Bru‟ are satirising this event. Furthermore, the logo of the popular soft drink has been displayed upon the can in which the subject of the advertisement is drinking, which immediately shows the consumer of the product that they are in fact viewing an „Irn-Bru‟ advertisement and therefore, they may expect it to inhabit „dark undertones‟. There is a contrast of light in this particular broadcast piece, as it starts with low-key lighting, setting a solemn tone, which makes the consumer believe that it is going to have a grave plot. However, high-key lighting is then used once the subject drinks an „Irn-Bru‟. It is significant how this bright, cheery form of lighting is used towards the end, as at this point; the serious tone of the storyline returns once again and the fate of the cartoon animals has been presented in a comical way. However, this sort of humour is customary of „Irn-Bru‟. Therefore, it should be expected. It is clear that the target audience of the drink will find it amusing, as it has been manufactured in order to make them laugh, as well as being constructed to initially „shock‟ the viewer, who may not be the primary market. It is a clever marketing technique, as the content gets people talking and in turn, the awareness of „Irn-Bru‟ is increased.
  6. 6. Irn-Bru 32 and Lucozade (Packaging) Compare and Contrast The packaging has the traditional colours of „IrnBru‟ (orange and blue). Therefore, the audience will be able to identify this signature colour scheme with that of the soft drink company. It is rather unique. The text is in bold and is a standard sans-serif font. It is eye-catching and has been put in capitals in order to emphasise its sheer importance, along with the “32” logo, which stands out from the blue background. The bright light that has been placed behind this piece of text highlights it and makes it the main focal point of the packaging on the can. Unlike „Irn-Bru‟, „Lucozade‟ has a red and yellow colour scheme, which both promote vibrancy. Also, the colour red is associated with a „warning‟ or being „alert‟, which is relevant, as this an energy drink. However, it does include the colour orange, much like the „Irn-Bru‟ packaging, which also connotes energy. The text utilised in this packaging is relevant as it is bold, much like the text featured on the „Irn-Bru‟ can and it is highly appropriate as they both target a teenage market, who will require a font that is bold so that it catches their attention. There are minimalistic amounts of text used on both products, as since it is targeted at a younger audience, they may become weary of reading an extended amount of text. The blue background helps the rest of the content to be emphasised greatly and is also relevant to the theme of the energy drink in contrast with the bright orange colour, which connotes energy and is therefore also relevant. The slogans “great lasting stimulation” and “giving you a physical edge” are relevant as both beverages initially boost your energy and these slogans relate back to that theme. It is notable that both slogans are abrupt, as opposed to being long-worded, which is also appropriate for the primary target audience. They both suggest that this particular type of beverage is suited mainly to a person who engages in extended amounts of exercise, such as an athlete, due to „active‟ language being used such as “physical” as well as the obvious term “energy”, which is featured on both pieces of packaging.
  7. 7. Monster (Print Advertisement) The design of the advert is rather interesting, as this particular energy drink „Monster‟, utilises a green colour scheme, however, in this poster, the colour blue is used solely. It is notable that this advertisement is „winter-based‟; therefore, this colour scheme is suitable for the stated season, as opposed to green. The company have tried to „re-brand‟ themselves by initiating a news style for their packaging, which makes the company seem more diverse. The font style utilised is rather bold and is also in capitals, which is effective, as it catches the attention of the audience as well as emphasising its sheer importance. The colour white links to winter as well, which attributes to the thematic side of the poster. Also, an image of the can packaging has been issued as the main focal point of the poster, which is a clever marketing technique, as the corporation have installed their „classic‟ can design into the poster so that the consumer can identify with it and will be able to immediately recognise the traditional elements of the energy drink giant. The colour blue connotes strength and importance, which is relevant to the theme, as this company want to initially be the most „important‟ and „strong‟ out of all of their energy drink company competitors, such as „Relentless‟. The logo presented by this corporation is unique, as it is an „M‟ which looks as though it has been scribed with claws and is also appropriate as it relates back to the title of the corporation. The target audience for this specific drink are young males, much like many existing energy drink brands. Also, they primarily target „active‟ individuals, hence the fact that an image of a snowboarder has been utilised to promote the „energetic‟ edge that is incorporated by the company.
  8. 8. Red Bull TV Advert This is a broadcast advertisement for „Red Bull‟ that was shown on television. The cartoon style of the advertisement suggests that it is rather light-hearted, as we associate it with a juvenile audience; however, the content posed by the advert contradicts this particular stereotype, initiating a sense of irony. The content posed by this product is humorous, including the traditional slogan of the energy drink “Red Bull gives you wings”, with the Titanic in the background. It inhabits a similar sense of hilarity to the „Irn Bru‟ products, which shows that they are trying to compete with „Irn Bru‟ by incorporating this element into their pieces of marketing material. It has a clever hook, with the slight addition of controversy, however, it is done in good humour, implying that the Titanic would not have sunk if the cart of Red Bull was allowed on board by the captain, as it „gives you wings‟. At the end of the broadcast piece, the slogan is presented along with a can of the popular energy drink, which is effective due to the fact that they are usually paired together and the consumer will pick up upon this and become familiar with this. The logo is presented in the form of a can, so that the consumer will come to be accustomed with the packaging. This is a clever marketing technique, as they are initially promoting their company in the form of their product, which will be purchased by the primary consumer (young males aged 16-29) because of the humorous appeal of the advertisement in conjunction with the fact that this particular drink has a youthful edge to it, promoting energy and strength. It is clear that the bright coloured packaging is eye-catching and vibrant, which makes it suitable for the target audience, who rely on a high visual aspect, as opposed to an extended amount of text, which is also why the slogan is relevant, due to the fact that it panders to the target market specifically.
  9. 9. Relentless Webpage: This particular advertisement is effective in catching the attention of the target audience (young, athletic males) because it incorporates a high image:text ratio, which is suitable as they may become weary of a large amount of text and will therefore leave the website, which is the opposite of what the energy drink company wants. The design of the webpage is bright, vibrant and stylised. The background image includes an image of a storm, with waves and lightning, which is appropriate to the „energetic‟ theme of the website, as these are both very powerful forces of nature. The cool blue tone of the image is relevant as this particular colour connotes strength, which is the message that the company wants to promote to their target audience. The focal photograph that displays the „Berry‟ energy drink can incorporates high-key lighting, which adds a sense of professionalism onto the stated image and makes it appear more eye-catching. It is notable that this image displays the packaging of the can, which is useful, as the consumer will view this and will then be able to locate the product in their local supermarket etc. The purpose of this is to promote the new flavoured drink to the consumer. It is clear that the font is another vital part of the product, as the headings are in a standard, sans-serif font that is in bold, which emphasises its sheer importance in conjunction with the fact that is in white, which makes it stand out from the dark background and initiates a sense of contrast. Also, the logo of the energy drink is displayed in the top left-hand corner of the webpage, which is appropriate, as it acts as a header for the site. The extravagant nature of the logo is effective, as it draws in the eye of the viewer and also states a direct sense of sophistication, as it is a professional font style, which is unique to the company, which also makes it highly exclusive. Another marketing device utilised upon the website are the links to social networking sites such as Facebook, which is relevant due to the fact that this type of drink is primarily targeted towards a young audience, who responds to this form of communication as we reside in the digital era and teenagers are the main market for this particular piece of media. Also, it raises awareness of the company, therefore making them more popular so that they can compete with existing energy drink giants such as „Lucozade‟.
  10. 10. Compare and contrast an Irn Bru Advertisment with a Monster Advertisement (both Print) These two print advertisements are effective in promoting their energy drink products, as they are eye-catching for some similar reasons, as well as several contrasting ones. The „Irn Bru‟ advertisement utilises text, as opposed to the „Monster‟ product, which features an image only, which may be more suitable to the primary target audience (young males) who are likely to respond to a visual aspect as opposed to text. However, the text featured upon the „Irn Bru‟ piece is humorous and the audience will appreciate this comical pun-based gag, with the image of the baby chick relating significantly to the mild addition of innuendo laced within the informal linguistic device. The colour schemes used on both products differentiate greatly, with the „Irn-Bru‟ advertisement including an orange and blue tone to their product, which is rather simplistic in comparison to the „Monster‟ campaign, which incorporates its signature green colour into the poster to almost add a „toxic‟ edge, as an extremely bright, neon green has been utilised in order to draw in the attention of the viewer. It is clear that on the „Monster‟ poster, the logo has been in incorporated onto the face of the subject, which is subtle, but yet highly effective, as the audience will be able to pick up on this and immediately realise that this poster has been issued by the energy drink giant, „Monster‟ along with the use of their signature green colour scheme. The text on the „Irn Bru‟ is rather small, which makes it less effective in drawing in the attention of the audience in conjunction with the small logo, which makes the advertisement seem minimalistic in comparison to the „Monster‟ campaign.
  11. 11. Monster packaging The font is in capitals, which emphasises its importance whilst also making it more blatant. The target audience will pick up on this feature due to the fact that it has been highlighted by the significantly dark background. Also, the font is rather abstract, differentiating from the norm, which is appropriate because the title of the drink informs the audience that it is named after a mythical, powerful being. Therefore, it is supposed to be adverse. The primary target audience of the most popular energy drinks on the market are males aged 16-29, who engage in some form of sport/activity. This beverage fits into the niche market posed by other energy drink suppliers and specifically panders to its audience by utilising an eye-catching type of packaging that will encourage the primary consumer to purchase this product over the existing drinks that fall into the „energy‟ category. The colour green (utilised on two parts of the text) connotes the birth of new things, the regrowth of life so to speak, which is relevant to the energy drink theme. The colour initially restores „energy‟, which is ironic, as this is what the popular beverage supplies primarily. It is clear that a black background has been installed so that the green and white text can stand out and make a sudden impact and attract the attention of the intended viewer (young males). The logo is written in the shape of claw marks, which is relevant as the drink is titled „Monster‟.