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Planning sheet

  1. 1. Planning Location: Home and college Date/Time: Time not specified at home 9-4:20 (Weds, Thurs and Fri at college) 1st Feb- 8th Feb 14 Equipment: Harris Camera App, iPhone, mixed media materials such as crepe paper and pens (provided by myself), Photoshop (at college), scanner (at college preferably). Experiment: For my final three products, (which include my scanography image, my Harris Shutter piece, as well as my mixed-media photograph) I am going to use the theme of ‘chance and the media’ to base my work on, which is a form of ‘discovery’ that surrounds us on a daily basis, as we hear on the news about the latest ‘discoveries’ in the world, (which may not always be scientific ore medical) where some have been found merely by chance. This could also apply to a Reality television show, where talent is initially ‘discovered’. I think that it is a very broad category that will initially enable me to create three final pieces that will suit and apply to the overall main theme of ‘discovery’ and it will allow me to explore different aspects using my three chosen photography style effects, which include the Harris Shutter App, scanography, as well as mixed media. I think that by using these photography techniques, my work will turn out to be the best possible standard that I can issue it at, as they all link to my theme perfectly and I think that they are effective camera techniques, which I enjoyed experimenting with in the previous tasks. There is no specific target audience for my three products, however, it would apply mostly to those who follow the news, or have an established understanding of the media itself. I will use my own equipment to create my final three products on the most part, as my mixed media piece will be composed of different art materials that I will provide, such as crepe paper and felt tip pens. Secondly, my scanography image will be either taken from my own scanner at home, or possibly one that I would have to resource from college. Thirdly, I will take my Harris Shutter image using my iPhone, due to the ‘Harris effect’ app being already installed onto the device already. Despite this, I am going to use Photoshop as a way of editing and altering my final three images, as it will add a professional edge onto the images and will enable me to add certain elements onto the images that could not be obtained otherwise, which will make them more interesting in general.