Peer Feedback 2 - Recipe Cards


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Peer Feedback 2 - Recipe Cards

  1. 1. How does the card appeal to its audience?The cards themselves are suited to the primary target audience, as they have aprofessional and sophisticated style, which makes them more appealing to the eye too, asa good, bright colour scheme has been used.What is the best aspect of the fonts used?The fonts are very clear, which makes them easier to view and therefore a lot moreappealing to the target audience, as they will not be put off by any text that would beclassed as unreadable.What areas of font use could be improved?The font could be slightly smaller, as in some parts it is quite large, so it could be reducedin size so that it does not consume the whole of the text box.Is the copy clear and easy to read?The text on the card, as well as the blog is quite clear and since it is bold, it makes the textstand out, along with the readable font.Are there any errors?An error would be that one of the images on the card does not fully fit into its box, there isa small bit of white space, but other than that I can’t find many faults, just keep onupdating the blog.What is the best aspect of the images used?The images are crisp and clear, which means that the eye of the audience will be grabbed,as the images are of a high quality standard and look sophisticated, which reflects theprofessional nature of the cards themselves.What areas of the images could be improved?Possibly to brighten some of the images even more, so that they are the main focus of therecipe cards.What is the best aspect of the layout used?The best aspect of the layout is that each recipe card has the exact same template, whichshows that all of the cards are intended as a set, which links them together in a sense.Peer Feedback 2 – Recipe Cards
  2. 2. What areas of the layout could be improved?The headers of the recipe cards could be enlarged as they are quite small, but otherwise, Ican’t think of anything.Do the cards work as a set?The cards do work together as a set as the layout is the same for all of them, as well as thehouse style being identical for each of the cards, which makes them all look as a set. Thecolour scheme matches to each of the cards too.What changes could be made to improve the cards?Possibly the font could be made smaller, but, not many changes could be included, apartfrom maybe a few of the images being made brighter.Do you feel it meets the brief? If so why/why not?The recipe cards meet the brief, as they look professional and therefore meet therequirements, as the ‘brief’ itself is based upon professionalism, as a consumer will notbuy a product that does not look sophisticated, especially if the audience is older.Do the cards make the recipe appealing?The bright colour scheme that has been used on each of the cards makes the recipes lookappealing and the audience will be drawn in by this. Also, the bright images also make thecards look more appealing too and they will also attract the eye of the audience as theyare clear as well as professional.Do the cards look professional? If so why/why not?The cards look professional, as the images used look very sophisticated and of a highquality standard. The layout also looks professional, as the same template is used for alleight of the cards, which makes them look as a set.Do you feel this work is better or worse than your own and why?I do not think that the cards are better or worse than mine, as the layout which has beenused for all of the cards looks professional, as well as the imagery, which shows that allaspects of the card have been thought through well.