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Final plan blog

  1. 1. Final Idea Plan – Task 8 For my SASH project, I am going to create a poster that will specifically target the primary audience (16-24) of the charitable organisation. I chose to do a poster as from my research, I have discovered that posters can be the most effective, as they are displayed in public places and will therefore catch the attention of the audience whilst they are walking past it. The posters can be exhibited in youth centres, nightclubs and educational institutions as these are the places in which this specific target audience resides in most. I have decided for my final plan, that I am going to utilize the theme presented by my first moodboard, where I will include a colour scheme of grey, light blue and light green, as these colours suitable for the campaign, as they initially connote peace and serenity, as well as safety, which is relevant as the charity is trying to promote these elements within their work. I was going to use red, but then I thought that it would not be suitable, as it connotes danger, which is the opposite of what I want to convey to my primary target audience (16-24). I am going to use the font ‘Tahoma’ as it is legible and a standard san serif font that is universally used, so it will not only appeal to my audience, but also a secondary target audience aged 25+. The title of the poster will be in bold, as I want it to catch the attention of the audience, so that they will feel more obliged to finish reading the rest of the poster. Furthermore, I am going to include an image either relating to homelessness or centered around a homeless person themselves. I will source the image from the internet, but to avoid copyright issues I will edit it significantly utilizing Photoshop. I would take my own images, but because it is centered on homelessness, it is a sensitive issue and if I took a staged image, I do not think that it would be as effective as a stock/Google photograph which is professional and stylised. The layout of my poster has been established in my third flat plan, where the title, slogan and image are centralised. I believe that this will be effective in holding the attention of the target audience as it is a layout that is easy to follow and has a simplistic structure. The text/copy is going to be abrupt, as if too much text is used, the attention of the audience will be lost, which is the opposite of what I am trying to do. A rhetorical question will be used, which is likely to compliment the slogan. Alternatively, I am going to use an emotive title and slogan, which will attract the eye of the consumer and encourage them to view the entirety of the poster itself. Catherine Giggal