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  1. 1. Constraints Every project gives you opportunities to create but also constraints to work to. Use this hand out to consider the constraints which will affect your project. Constraints What timescale have you got for this project? How could this impact your work? The timescale for this project is three weeks, which means that I would have to initiate a contingency plan, so that if anything went awry, I would have an alternate route in which I could embark on. Even though the timescale is rather slim, I would make sure that all of my work is completed by the end of the three weeks so that I have achieved the goal of adhering to my deadline and completing my work to the best of my ability without the worry of the timescale. Are there any resources you will need for this project that you will not be provided with? How could this affect your project? What can you do about this? I will require Photoshop in order to create my ‘Irn Bru’ products, however, this particular device will be provided for me in college. Although, I do not have it at home, therefore, I would have to plan my time in college in a strict manner due to the fact that I lack the use of this specific programme at home which may affect my workflow slightly, however, I would parcel out my time where I would complete all of my Photoshopped in college, whilst the majority of my written content would be completed elsewhere in my own time. What constraints are in place regarding your approach to marketing? Do you think this will help of hinder your project and why? A restraint that is in place regarding my approach to marketing would be that I would have to monitor the written content posed by my three products being the print advertisement, web banner and can design, as it may not be deemed appropriate for use, if it has controversial elements embedded within it, as the consumer may not respond to it and possibly take offense to it. This would significantly hinder my chance of creating a successful project. However, even though ‘Irn-Bru’ are known to produce controversial content, I should still issue work that is lighthearted and humorous, but take into consideration that some material may be ‘off-limits’ from the project. What restraints could be imposed by an organisation such as the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)? How could this impact your project? Copyright could be an issue that the ASA may scold my content for, as this is a major subject that needs to be taken into consideration when creating a media product, as in reality, the content producer could face much legal peril when initiating a product that is deemed as an infringement of copyright. Also, ‘Harm and Offence’ the fourth CAP code should be reviewed, as I would not want my project content to offend anyone, however, ‘Irn Bru’ are known to produce advertisements that are deemed ‘inappropriate’ content-wise, so I might have to follow this tradition otherwise my content will not be true to the ethos of the energy drink giant. Both of these factors could hinder my chance of meeting the deadline, as they could hold me back from continuing with my production, but if that was the case, I would simply just follow the rules set out by my contingency plan.