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Aims and considerations sheet


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Aims and considerations sheet

  1. 1. Aims and Considerations sheet Existing Products: How many existing artefacts do you feel you will need to look at? I feel as though I need to review three articles due to the fact that it will give me scope on the different varieties of homeless charities that are based in the UK, without reviewing too many that may hinder the quality of the existing work. What kinds of artefacts are you expecting to look at? I will mainly look at homeless charity posters and websites, as I feel as though I will obtain an advanced sense of knowledge and information from them, as they are common marketing tools that are utilised to promote charities in general, therefore, their use is limitless. What elements will you be looking at to help you with your research? I will be looking at how homelessness affects young people in general, as well as the obvious elements that are specifically associated with it including poverty, health, welfare, as well as human rights to some extent. I will also be looking at the font colours and sizes, the way in which the message has been put across, the language, the use of imagery as well as the layout of the webpage/poster. Primary Research: How many people would you hope to question as part of your primary research? I would say to gather a good amount of feedback, I would ideally like to receive about twenty questionnaire sheets back, but realistically the number is likely to be significantly lower. At least with twenty, you can conduct an adequate evaluation from your findings. What age group would you like to target and why? I would specifically like to primarily target individuals aged between 16-24, as they are the initial target market for the homeless charity SASH, therefore, it would be highly relevant. On the other hand, the secondary target audience would be individuals aged between 28-55, as they are likely to be working adults, possibly parents, who would sympathise and be encourage to donate to the stated charity. What methods will you use? I will use a variety of different homeless charity websites and posters and compare them in order to engage the audience so that they can view the differences presented by each one for them. Also, I will use large font, with certain sections put in bold to attract the eye of the viewer and keep their attention fully on my presentation. How will you know if your research has been successful? I will know if my research has been successful depending on whether if I get positive feedback at the end of my presentation saying that it had served its purpose of informing the audience of existing homeless charities and how their campaigns are effective in attracting the attention of the
  2. 2. target audience and promoting the charity itself. Considerations: Why might you need to be sensitive when carrying out research during this project? I would need to refrain from using any words that would be deemed unethical or inappropriate, as they may upset people. Also, I would have to be careful about certain images that I may use, as some individuals may see them as offensive as the subject is of a sensitive nature. Could you face any problems when trying to do this research? If so, is there a way to overcome these? I could see images that may offend me, which is unlikely, but it is still an issue that needs to be addressed. Also, there is a chance that I may struggle to find sufficient information that links directly to the purpose of the presentation, which may hinder the quality of the work/research itself. Where would you expect your finished pieces to be displayed and distributed? I would expect my finished pieces to be displayed on posters in pubs, hospitals, bus stops and youth centres. I would want them to be possibly distributed as a leaflet either on stands in the stated places or posted through letterboxes in order to promote the charity and gain a sense of awareness for it in the process. The posters would be displayed primarily in urban areas, as that is where homelessness is most prominent, as opposed to a rural area. What funding issues might an organisation like SASH face? The charity may face financial hardship due to the fact that various amounts of people may not be aware of the organisation and therefore will not donate. Also, the charity would have to make an appeal to the secondary target audience (28-55) so that they could gain an income, as the primary target audience are students and may not be able to afford to give money to SASH themselves.