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101 Reasons To Go Vegetarian


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Presentation about how your diet can change your life, improve your health, and help resolve the world's most challenging environmental problems.
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101 Reasons To Go Vegetarian

  1. Warning: This presentation could save your life and our planet.Why A Vegetarian Diet Matters
  2. Reason 1:Stay Healthy
  3. What is the #1Killer in America? Heart Disease 28.5% of all deaths Vegetarians? 24% reduction “Vegetarians have the best diet; they have the lowest rates of coronary heart disease of any group in the country.” William Castelli, M.D., Director, Framingham Health Study, the longest-running study of diet and heart disease in world medical history
  4. What is the #2Killer in America? Cancer22.8% of all deaths Vegetarians? 60% reduction “Some people scoff at Vegetarians, but they have only 40% of our cancer rate. They outlive us.” William Castelli, M.D., Director, Framingham Health Study, the longest-running study of diet and heart disease in world medical history
  5. How to Reduce HeartDisease and Cancer? More of These: Less of Those:
  6. Obesity US population overweight or obese; causing increased risks of premature death: 55% Obesity between General US and Vegetarian US populations: 3:1 Amount spent annually on weight loss programs in the US: $75 Billion
  7. Smart Lifestyle Are Vegetarians Healthier?Heart Disease: LessCancer: LessHigh Blood Pressure: LessObesity: LessHypertension: LessGall Stones: LessDiabetes: LessOsteoporosis: Less Are Vegetarians Healthier?Life Expectancy: More Years Added to Your Life If You Don’t…Immune System: More Smoke: 6 Eat Meat: 10
  8. Human? What Are WeDesigned to Eat?Did you notice how Body Part Herbivore Carnivore quickly we digest Facial Muscles Well-Developed Reduced vegetarian food incomparison to non- Good Side-to- Minimal Side-to- Jaw Motion Side Motion Side Motion vegetarian foods? Broad & Flat for Sharp & Pointed Teeth Grinding for Tearing Extensive Chewing Swallowing Chewing Saliva Alkaline Acidic 10-12 times 3-6 times Colon body length body length Fingers No claws Claws Perspiration Skin Pores Tongue
  9. I don’t have any Reason 2:spare ribs! Healthier for Animals Too! Jesus loves me too! I’m not a nugget!
  10. How we like toperceive farms...
  11. What Really Happens on Factory Farms What FactoryHappened Farming! To You?
  12. Fish Farm Facts:Foul Fish Farms Aquaculture is growing 3 times faster than land-based animal agriculture. Fish farms are rife with pollution, disease, and suffering. Aquafarms pollute the environment with of fish faeces, antibiotic-laden fish feed, and diseased fish carcasses. Fish on aquafarms spend their entire lives in cramped, filthy enclosures, and many suffer from parasitic infections, diseases, and debilitating injuries. Conditions on some farms are so horrendous that 40 percent of the fish may die before farmers can kill and package them for food.
  13. What about Wild Fish?Wild Fish have lost a lot of their nutritional value because of environmental pollution.They are commonly intoxicated withPCBs, DDT, dioxin, mercury, and other toxic chemicals. By 2050, there will be virtuallynothing left to fish from the sea. Today’s commercial fishing vessels use dragnets that aremiles long and devastate marine life and ocean beds. For 1 Kg of fish, 12.5 Kg ofmarine life is hauled up with the fish and discarded.
  14. What aboutFamily Farms? From 1967 to 2002, about 90% of farms in America shut down - unable to compete with mega factory farms. Today, just 4 companies produce 81% of cows, 73% of sheep, 57% of pigs and 50% of chickens.
  15. What’s inyour Meat? Antibiotics Steroids Pesticides HormonesMeat contains on average 13 times more pesticides than vegetables 80% of all antibiotics sold in USA go to farm animals
  16. Food Borne Illnesses Animals that have beenstanding in yards of faeces andurine for long periods of time, Primary source of E.Coli: Beef have a range of health issues such as cancerous growths, Primary source of Campylobacter: Chicken cysts, pustules, and are just Primary source of Salmonella: Eggs sick, miserable animals.
  17. Animal Lover? Are you really? Hey Mom, What’s for Dinner? Which do you pet?Fake Name Real Name Which do you eat? Beef Cow Steak Grilled Cow Veal Baby Cow Boeuf Cow cookedBourguignon with pork fatFillet Mignon Cow’s LoinTender Meat Slaughtered Why? Factory Cow Can you tell your kids the truth?
  18. Reason 3:Healthier forthe Planet!
  19. Water Depletion It took nature millions of years to form the great Ogallala aquifer. This is the largest body of fresh water on Earth, and it lies under the great American grain belt. It is one of the reasons the U.S. Has the world’s largest food supply. At present, more than 13 trillion gallons of water aretaken from Ogallala every year, with the vast majority used to produce beef. More water is taken from Ogallala for beef production that is used to grow all the fruits, and vegetables in the entire country. At current rates, it’s only a matter of time before wells go dry and the U.S. will lose its grain surplus and its ability to provide security for its people. The same pattern is taking place all over the world.As more water is diverted to raising cattle, millions of wells are going dry.John Robbins, The Food Revolution
  20. Gallons of Water Required Water Waste to Produce One Pound of... Lettuce 23 Tomatoes 23Water in the USA used Potatoes 24 to raise livestock: Wheat 25Half of all water used Carrots 33 Apples 49You save more water Gallons of Water Requiredby not eating 1 pound to Produce One Pound of... of meat than you do Chicken 815by not showering for Pork 1,630 6 months! Beef 5,214 A vegan diet requires only 300 gallons of water per day, while a typical meat-eating diet requires more than 4,000 gallons of water per day.John Robbins, The Food Revolution
  21. According to the EPA, hog, chicken & Water Pollution cattle waste has polluted 35,000 miles of rivers in the USA and contaminated groundwater. In the U.S., livestock produces 130 timesAnimal Waste Causes: Water Pollution more waste than people do. While there Water Oxygen Depletion are strict laws governing the disposal of Fish Kills human waste, laws are lax or Aquatic Dead Zones nonexistent for animal waste. Diseases Groundwater Contamination Nitrate Pollution Health Issues Respiratory Problems Physical and Emotional Illness Chemical Pollutants and Pathogens Fecal Bacteria Illness Outbreaks Air PollutantsJohn Robbins, The Food Revolution
  22. Land UseCattle grazing in the west has Livestock uses 1/3 of thepolluted more water, eroded more topsoil, killed more earth’s entire land surface, fish, displaced more mostly permanent pasture.wildlife, and destroyed more vegetation than any other land use.John Robbins, The Food Revolution
  23. 70% of former forests Deforestation in the Amazon were razed for grazing.Greenhouse-warming carbon gas released by clearing andburning enough rainforest to produce just 1 hamburger is equivalent to driving a typical American car for 25 days. John Robbins, The Food Revolution
  24. Animal ExtinctionLeading cause ofspecies in the US and in South American tropicalrainforests being threatened or eliminated: Livestock GrazingJohn Robbins, The Food Revolution
  25. Global Warming U.N. Report Warns: Rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars. The livestock sector accounts for 9% of CO2, 65% of nitrous oxide, and 37% methane produced from human-related activities. Methane is 23times and nitrous oxide 296 times more potent greenhouse gases than carbon dioxide.U.N. Report : “Livestock’s Long Shadow–Environmental Issues and Options”
  26. Acid Rain Livestock generates 64% of human-related ammonia, which contributes significantly to acid rain.U.N. Report : “Livestock’s Long Shadow–Environmental Issues and Options”
  27. Sustainability 2.5 Acres of Land can Feed:Cabbage 23 peoplePotatoes 22 peopleRice 19 peopleCorn 17 peopleWheat 15 people 2.5 Acres of Land can Feed:Chicken 2 peopleEggs 1 personBeef 1 personJohn Robbins, The Food Revolution
  28. Reason 4:Money Talks
  29. Where most Americans Advertizing learn about food: Advertizing Amount spent annually by McDonald’s on advertizing: $800 million Amount spent annually by the National Cancer Institute to promote fruits and vegetables: $1 million
  30. High Healthcare Annual US healthcare costs due to smoking: Pressure $65 BillionMost common problem forwhich people go to doctors Annual US healthcare in the USA: costs due to meat- High Blood Pressure centered diets: $90 Billion Incidence of high blood pressure in meat eaters compared to vegetarians: 300% Patients who are able to discontinue medication after adopting a high-fiber vegetarian diet: 58%Physicians Committee for Responsible MedicineJohn Robins, The Food Revolution
  31. We Vote EachTime We Buy ?
  32. “In a world where an estimate 1 in every 6 people goes hungry every day, the politics of meat consumption are Food Crisis increasingly heated, since meat production is an inefficient use of grain – the grain is used more efficiently when consumed directly by humans. Continued growth in meat output is dependent on feeding grains to animals, creating 10 Kg of grain competition for grain between affluent meat eaters and the world’s poor.” produces… - Worldwatch Institute Only 1 Kg of Beef If meat consumption increases, then grain prices increase, putting at risk 2.5 billion people living on less than $2/day.1. John Robbins, The Food Revolution2. Worldwatch Institute
  33. Unsustainable ProductionU.S. farmland producing vegetables: 4 million acresU.S. farmland producing hay for livestock: 56 million acresU.S. grain and cereals fed to livestock: 70% 1. John Robbins, The Food Revolution 2.
  34. Who’s Eating Our Food? People Livestock 2% 77%1. John Robbins, The Food Revolution2.
  35. Inconsistent Policies Where do you go for Where do you go for abusing a puppy? abusing a cow? To Jail To Lunch
  36. Meat & Politics The USDA website,, shows many key staffers who once worked for the National Cattlemans Beef Association - the industrys most powerful lobbying group. Although the FDA’s food pyramid recommends eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables, meat is subsidized by the federal government about 30 times more than fruits and vegetables.John Robbins, The Food Revolution
  37. Reason 5:World Peace
  38. Evolution of ConsciousnessYear Human Animal Slavery Slavery1850 Common NoneToday Banned Common2050 Banned Banned ?
  39. Time Tested Wisdom  Ayurveda the most world’s most ancient and time proven medicinal system based largely on prevention of disease recommends a vegetarian diet.  Ahimsa or Non-Violence is one of the corner stones of Yoga, the world’s most ancient practice for union of the body, mind and soul.  Buddhist Monks commonly practice vegetarianism out of compassion and to benefit from deeper meditations and enhanced inner peace.  Early Christians still close to the direct teachings of Jesus and his disciples were vegetarian.
  40. Take Action You can be part of the solution!
  41. Top 3Vegetarian Myths
  42. Myth #1:Plants suffer too!You really can’t see thedifference? Honestly?
  43. Myth #2:I Need to Eat Meat tomake Muscles! Eats MeatReally?Strongest Mammals on Earth:Buffalos VegetarianBulls Vegetarian Eats GrassCamels VegetarianElephants VegetarianGiraffes VegetarianHippos VegetarianHorses VegetarianRhinoceros Vegetarian
  44. Myth #3:Vegetarians Lack ProteinProtein Facts:1. Too much protein is as harmful as too little, and is linked with shorter life expectancy, increased cancer and heart disease risk, widespread obesity and diabetes, osteoporosis, kidney stress, and bad digestion.2. High protein-diets bring about temporary weight-loss, at the expense of overall health, and 4. Complete animal protein is not superior to people quickly regain weight once complete protein from more than one plant they return to a normal diet. source – they give the same result in different ways.3. A varied vegetarian diet with a balance of protein, fats & 5. Protein from plant sources doesnt include carbohydrates, and adequate excess calories from fat, toxic residues, or an calorie intake provides more than overabundance of protein, which stresses the enough protein. kidneys .
  45. In Conclusion… Eat Less Meat
  46. OR…GO VEG !