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There is an interesting NFL betting situation that takes place in Week 15. Rarely do NFL teams play three consecutive road games.

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Free nfl pick

  1. 2. There is an interesting NFL betting situation that takes place in Week 15. Rarely do NFL teams play three consecutive road games. In fact, it has happened only one previous time this year and that was last week as the Rams (who were 2-0 in the previous 2) got clobbered at New Orleans, losing to the Super Bowl champion Saints 31-13 as 9.5-point underdogs.
  2. 3. That all changes this week as there are THREE teams playing the third of three consecutive road games: Cleveland, Atlanta and Denver.
  3. 4. What's truly remarkable is that every team in the trio heads into this final road game in a different situation. The Browns have split their first two road contests, the Falcons are 2 for 2 while the Broncos are 0-2. For NFL betting purposes, we wanted to take a look at how previous teams had performed in these various roles.
  4. 5. To do this, we went back to the 2005 season and looked at all teams that happened to fall into this unusual scheduling spot. We then broke them down into three categories to see how they performed in that final game.
  5. 6. Of the 16 teams that have been forced to play three straight road games over the last six seasons, we were suprised to find that seven of them came into the final game having won the first two.
  6. 7. Unfortunately, our data provides little info for what to then expect in the third game as the combined ATS record is 3-3-1 ATS. It was interesting to note that of this group only two of the seven teams were favored in the third road game. Both covered. This week Atlanta is laying six points at Seattle.
  7. 8. There were five teams that went 1-1 in the first two of three consecutive road games. They went 3-2 ATS in game #3, so again little can be deduced from the overall results. This week, Cleveland is getting one point at Cincinnati. That means there were four teams that lost the first two of three road games.
  8. 9. These teams came back to go 3-1 ATS the next time out. Two of them were dogs that won outright and the one non-cover came by a point. Denver is catching nearly a full TD this week at Oakland.
  9. 10. Our free NFL pick for this week is to lay the six points with the Atlanta Falcons at the Seattle Seahawks.
  10. 11. Contact us @, Inc, Inc 7976 Broadview Road Cleveland, OH 44147 United States Phone: 1-888-881-8342 Email:
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