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Webinar Wednesday: Developing A Service Based Business


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So, what do you do, when the product is YOU? How do sell your time, should you write a book, do you need marketing materials, how do you describe of services, should you design my website differently? If you are struggling with developing the components of your service based business this webinar is for you. 

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Webinar Wednesday: Developing A Service Based Business

  1. 1. ! Developing A Service Based Business Live Session ! Date: Apr 16, 2014 ! Time: 11am PT/ 2pm ET Presenter: Stephanie Redcross
  2. 2. Defining Your Offer Understand Your Value! •Create A List Of Things You Do Well! •Qualifications or Certifications or Unique Skills! •Consider Combinations Of Skills! •Understand Current Marketing — Fill A Gap Reevaluate Your Offer Every 12 Months
  3. 3. Creating Value Create A Unique Experience with an Exceptional Service Time Time Time Time Results Materials Support Results Materials Option #1 Option #3 Option #2 Option #4 Support Results
  4. 4. Business Offer Structure Hourly! (Customized) Ongoing! (Group) Leverage! (Crowd) • One-On-One! • Teaching & Training! • Individualized Support • Books! • DVD Series! • Online Program! • Membership Sites • Event & Classes! • 30 Day Challenges! • Group Missions! Build Client Base Increase Impact Ongoing Income
  5. 5. • Understand Current Market Prices (High End & Low End)! • Who Are The Market Leaders and Why! • Test Your Way To Higher Price Points Setting Prices
  6. 6. • Develop A Transition Plan! • Use Current Position’s Income As A Cushion For Challenging Months! • Gather Experience While Working On Your Business Part-Time
  7. 7. • Offer Customer Multiple Ways To Pay You! • Set Up A System That Tracks Invoices & Payments! • Online Ticket Sales! • Allow For Checks (Get A P.O. Box) Easy Payment
  8. 8. Volunteers! • Start With Volunteer Group! • Ask Them To Keep A Diary! • Publish Results Of Group! Community Endorsement! • Ask Of Listing On Local Vegan Organizations! • Work with Local Blogger! Partner With Organizations! • Offer Your Service As An Add On Benefit Finding Customers GYM
  9. 9. Presenter: Stephanie Redcross Strategic Brainstorming and Tactical Planning – Design Your Own Agenda ✴ Analyze of the current market, future and current marketing trends, and your previous marketing campaigns.! ✴ Personalize our discussion to cover the current marketing roadblocks your business may be facing and also how to overcome them.! ✴ Brainstorm to the max and generate a new marketing plan for your business! ✴ Share a range of tools and tricks that seasoned marketers employ to make businesses thrive.! ✴ Develop a hands-on strategy for propelling your marketing plan to new levels.