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Building & Launching An Exceptional Promotion/Contest


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Are you planning a product launch or book promotion this year? Do you need to sell tickets to an event or drive awareness of your services? This webinar will explore the key elements of planning a promotion and how to execute without draining your resources.

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Building & Launching An Exceptional Promotion/Contest

  1. 1. ! Building & Launching An Exceptional Promotion/Contest Live Session ! Date: Mar 19, 2014 ! Time: 11am PT/ 2pm ET Presenter: Stephanie Redcross
  2. 2. Mindset Shift ❖ Promotion Helps Existing Campaigns or Products! ❖ Promotion Should Solve A Problem or Achieve A Goal
  3. 3. Strategic vs. Tactical Goals Product/Service Email Marketing Public Speaking Customer Service Giveaway Biz/Brand Goals Goals Goals Goals Co-Sponsor Partnership Deal Of The Day Host Events How Does This Campaign Help Me Achieve My Business Goals? 1 1 2 3
  4. 4. Start With Biz Logic • If I increase my web traffic by X%, then I could generate $X More Revenue • Because 20% Of Sales Come From Facebook, I want to increase my exposure on Facebook By X% What To Track! •Document Your Pre- Promotion Numbers! •Determine What Tools You Will Use To Track Results! •Create A Process To Monitor Results During The Promotion
  5. 5. Start and End With Your Goal In Mind • # Of Shares or Likes • # Of PeopleTalking About • # Of Comments • # Of Post or Repins • # Retweets orTags • # Of Email Subscribers • # OfTickets Sold In Advance • # Of Website Hits • # Of Conversations • % Of New Customers • # Of Pre-Orders • # OfViewers
  6. 6. The Process Pre-Launch! (3-6 Weeks) Launch! (3-21 Days) Post-Launch! (3-10 Days) • Build Community! • Ask For Favors! • Find Advocates! • Identify Reviewers! • Secure Exposure! • Create A Plan • Analyze Campaigns! • Redo “What Worked”! • Communication & Updates! • Return Favors! • Stay Active Member! • Seize Related Opp’ty • Implement Plan! • Tracking Links! • Landing Pages! • Scheduling & Monitoring! • Follow Up On Favors! • Thank For Support Build Connections Leverage Connections Maintain Connections Planning & Testing Execution Measuring & Redo
  7. 7. • Always Have A Pre-Promo Phase With Key Objectives! • Leverage Multiple Channels! • Capture Pre-Promotion Metrics and Numbers Get Organized
  8. 8. • Daily Activities! • Major Milestones! • Owners For Each Task! • Balance With Other Biz Activities! • Be Mindful Of Holidays Calendar/ Timeline
  9. 9. Common Pitfalls Easy To Share Additional Reach Integration Continue To Promo Find A Partner! Co-Host Campaigns! Social Share Buttons! Thank You Page! Reward For Sharing! An Amazing Graphic! Multiple Platforms! Capture Contact Info Promote Daily! Engage Participants! Republish Results!
  10. 10. • Don’t Limit Promotions To Giveaways Great Ideas
  11. 11. Presenter: Stephanie Redcross